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Implementing AntSnes with Qt part 2: Creating Settings View

I’m using the Qt now, so I wanted to make a new fresh clean look to the UI.  Therefore I dumped the old S60 UI style, which really wasn’t good design for touch devices.
You can see my settings view in the picture below. The empty space on top of the view is for the Main/settings widget. The main widget which is empty in the picture will have a  AntSnes logo, and maybe a screencapture from the currently selected saved state, which could be shown on top of the savestate box.  When user click some settings button such as controls/video/audio the main widget will change to show  selected settings.

AntSnes settings view

AtnSnes Settings view

On upper panel there’s obious selections for “Load ROM”, reset, and continue. On application startup, you can just press continue to continue playing the previous game you were playing on last time.

Implementing the settings view is really straightforward, all you have to do is to connect all the clicked signals from buttons to proper slots in you implementation class, and ask the view manager to change to the emulation view, if it’s required.
Saving settings:
Saving the settings is really easy in the Qt. You can save all settings as value pairs to the QSettings class. See the example below.

//set version to settings
QSettings settings;
 settings.setValue("version", KAntSettingsVersion );
//read the string back
int version = settings.value("version").toInt();


  1. Jordane BR says:

    Congratulations! This being perfect!!

  2. zaca11 says:

    this version of the emulator will work on nokia n95?

  3. zaca11 says:

    another question, the antsnes someday will run with acceptable speed on nokia n95? and the psx4all will run it playable?

  4. Thomas says:

    Great work. 😉

  5. cansual says:

    wow summeli this looks very nice and whats now with a meamo 5 release???

    • Summeli says:

      Maemo 5 already has a good snes emulator, so I’m not going to releas antsnes to maemo5. My goal is to create a good UI for emulators, that I can use with Symbian, and also with Maemo.

  6. zaca11 says:

    emulators playstation, snes and gba will run playable on nokia n95? when will version psx4all to test?

  7. lpratas says:

    Then, and psx4ll on 3rd editon phones with 600MHz cpu? Is it possible? Remember that on the WM Samsung Omnia i900 device the FPSECE runs smooth. And it’s a arm9 Xscale Pxa 312 at 624MHz, probably with less performance for psx emulation than for example Nokia 5630 XpressMusic or E72 that have arm11 cpu.

  8. zaca11 says:

    another question, the antsnes gpsp and will run playable with sound on nokia n95?

  9. lpratas says:

    In future will be possible the psx emulation for 3rd edition symbian smartpho ones, with 600MHz arm11 cpu? Is that like i already referrerd, if on a Omnia i900 with FPSECE it’s possible i think it’s also possible on this processor. What do you think, Summeli?

  10. lpratas says:

    My apologies for my insestence, Summeli, i would like that you give to us one hope of this happen one day in the future.

  11. ban says:

    can we use cheats?? x.x

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