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Archive of posts filed under the Azure category.

Preventing your site from idling out with Cloudflare workers

Azure might just put your app into idle state if it’s inactive for too long. The always on feature is available only for higher app plans. However the same functionality can be achieved by just making http calls with cloudflare workers. Let’s just create a simple listener: Ant then we just add a cron trigger […]

Hardening poorly configured services with Cloudflare workers

It seems that Azure is sending x-powered-by header from, and also the php version. Removing the header is easy with web.config changes, but the php is tricker. I decided to remove these unwanted header with cloudflare worker-script. Here’s a simple workes which will remove the x-powered-by headers from your responses.

Configuring Mime types for Azure and WordPress

My blog has been not working so well for quite some time. The Symbian sis file downloads were broken due to broken theme and plugins. After I got the blog working again I wanted to move it into cloud. I chose Azure, since I haven’t been using that before. Configuring MIME types in Azure First […]