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Archive of posts filed under the BlackBerry10 Development category.

Fixing games for the BlackBerry AppWorld

I have fixed the games I submitted to the BlackBerry Game-Port-A-Thon. I had many bugs reported by the AppWorld team that occurred only on the BlackBerry DevAlpha device, but not on the simulator. It seems that the DevAlpha is very important tool, if you want to develop for the upcoming BB10 phones. FreeJeweled This one was […]

BlackBerry Got Game Port-a-Thon

Last weekend I participated to the BlackBerry’s Got Game Port-a-Thon even. It was a 36 hour event,  and the goal was to submit as much games as possible to the BlackBerry’s app world. The new BB10 OS has a tool to repack Android and HTML5 applications, so I expected that most of the participants will do just […]