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Archive of posts filed under the Meego Development category.

iControlPad supported by AntSnes for Meego

I just got iControlPad and it seems to be without any problems on my N950 🙂 Here’s short instructions how to use it: Start the iControlPad in keyboard mode (press A in startup) Run the bluetooth pairing from the phone Settings/Bluetooth/Bluetooth devices/ and then select the iControlPad and set it as trusted device Run the keyConfig […]

Disabling Swipe from a Fullscreen Game

The swipe is really annoying feature in fullscreen gaming (antsnes for example). Instead of controlling the game you might end up swiping the game into the background, which is not cool. Luckily the swipe can be disabled quite easily from QWidget based classes. Here’s how you can disable the swipe: And here’s an example of […]

Compiling with QtSDK, Madde and MinGW Makefiles

I received N950 from Nokia this monday, and I started porting the antsnes to Meego right away. I decided to compile my emulators for Meego in the same way as I did for Symbian. I’m creating a static lib from the emulator core, and then I’m linking into that static lib from my UI code. […]