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Lumia 800 is in da house

After feb11 when Nokia killed both Symbian and Meego I have been thinking what should be my next platform. I have been casual Android user, and I have to admit that I don’t like it much, plus it already has all of my favorite emulators ported into it, so I couldn’t figure out anything that […]

Powerful S60 phones and Maemo tablet coming to markets this year

The new Samsung i8910 is coming to stores at summer.  You can see a review at allaboutsymbian. Samsung i8910 will be S60 5.0 based device with capacitive touch screen and OMAP3 chipset. The OMAP3 chipset is very powerful platform with OpenGL ES 2.0 and ARM cortex processor. It will probably be a lot faster than […]

Welcome to my blog

Hi there, I finaly got my blog up and running. Currently I’m planning to release Snes9x port on N95. I have the source code from notaz UIQ version and I’m using that as baseline. At first I thought that I only need to port everything into EKA2 model plus write my own launcher for the […]