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Archive of posts filed under the Symbian Development category.

Qt installers for S60 5th edition

I found out that the do not host the Qt installer sis files anymore, so I decided to try to find them and host them in here. Here are the installers Qt 4.6.3 (gpsp needs these): Nokia S60  5th edition devices:   Sony Ericsson Satio devices:  Samsung i8910, try the same package as for Satio. […]

Configuring GCCE 4.6.3 for Symbian with Nokia Qt SDK

PPSSPP is using the GCCE version 4.6.3 for builds, and I wanted to see if there’s anything that I could do to help, so I ended up setting up the development environment. Here’s short instructions how you can configure the GCCE 4.6.3 for Nokia QT SDK. Download the GCCE 4.6.3 Download the  GCCE 4.6. 3 from Mentor Graphics. […]

Changes in Symbian Memory Management in Belle FP1 and Belle Refresh

A while a go I made gpsp update for the Symbian Belle and Belle Refresh. I learned that for some reason Nokia has changed the memory management a bit, so the new Symbian version will fail when I’m creating my own heaps with RHeap API’s.  It seems that the new Symbian is unable to increase […]

QGLWidget in Symbian Belle(leaked version)

Warning: This post is made only with leaked Symbian Belle. The official Nokia release might not have the problem described in this post. Here’s the problem:  I implemented the blit in QGLWidget’s paintEvent(QPaintEvent *) method. The idea was that the Qt would be using OpenGL ES for the blit, when I’m using the QGLWidget. Currently I’m […]

Compiling sources with different optimization flags with GCC

I had some strange problems with some GCC bugs with AntSnes and gpsp. For some reason some source files did not compile correctly with “-O2” optimization flags. A quick way to fix this problem was to compile the objects with problems without optimizations. My quick “hacky” solution was to compile these few files with “-O0” […]

Removing the checklib from QtSDK

I think that I said enough about the checklib.exe in my earlier post. I just noticed that the checklib.exe is still fighting against my development in QtSDK 1.1 inside the Symbian^3 SDK. This time I decided to get rid of the checklib for good. I just created an empty textfile and renamed that into checklib.exe […]

Generic Makefile Build Chain for Symbian OS v. 1.1

The build chain was originally made by Harry Li. I just continued the project and added support for staticlibrary linking, debugging etc. What’s new: Support for QtCreator and Nokia QtSDK. GCCE was updated into 4.x in QtSDK, and that’s now being used in new build scripts. MOTIVATION The C preprocessor can be used much better […]

Building Symbian Projects with QtSDK

All new Symbian SDKs are now distributed inside the new QtSDK, so that should be my primary build environment. The new QtSDK also includes an updated version of GCCE (4.x), and new sbsv2 build, which is a lot better than the old symbian abld-build. With this tutorial you can still build your old symbian projects […]

Removing the checklib from Symbian^3 SBSv1 build chain

According to the Symbian documentation the checklib.exe is a static analysis tool for checking the consistent use of operator new in static libraries linked into dll or exe. This means that you should use the symbian way of operator new with (ELeave), or you should use the standard C++ way of operator new. In Qt […]

What’s currently working on Symbian^3

I’m still waiting for Nokia to release new Qt libs to get the QGLWidget working on Symbian^3. The QGLWidget is required to the the OpenGL ES based blit working with Qt and Symbian. Nokia already released the sis-files with QGLWidget support , but they still haven’t released the libs, so I can not link […]