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Archive of entries posted on September 2008

Studying Opengl ES

I have purchased two books about OpenGL ES. The one on the right “OpenGL ES game development” I bought several years ago. Its primary focused for an average developer, who wants to learn OpenGL ES and has OpenGL background. The book has chapter about fixed point math and other limitations to deal with mobile devices. […]

Using the Snes9x frame as opengl texture

The Opengl ES framework requires that the texture size must be powers of two. My current version outputs 320×208 pixels frames, so they can not be used as textures. I looked at the porting instructions and it says that GFX.Pitch should point how many bytes there as per frame. With this I should be able […]

Snes9x core ported to symbian

I managed to port the Snes9x c-core into Symbian. It was a lot easier than fighting with the ASM-core. The image is not blitted into whole screen as you can see and it’s really slow. It’s slow because the CDirectScreen access in Symbian doesn’t allow user to write directly into the screen buffer. So currently […]

Welcome to my blog

Hi there, I finaly got my blog up and running. Currently I’m planning to release Snes9x port on N95. I have the source code from notaz UIQ version and I’m using that as baseline. At first I thought that I only need to port everything into EKA2 model plus write my own launcher for the […]