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Archive of entries posted on December 2008

Compiling assembly sources in S60 project

Compiling assembly sources with different build options is not easy with Symbian OS MMP-files. You can add assembly files as normal sources, but then they will be compiled with same rules as all other files in the project, which can cause problems. My solution was to make a separate build for assembly sources. I’m building […]

AntSnes alpha version ready

My Snes9x port to S60 is somewhat working and the alpha-version is ready for download. I have been testing AntSnes with N95 and N96, but I assume that it will run on other 3.1 and 3.2 S60 phones as well. Please send a comment if you are using it with some other phone. Please also […]

Christmas present for Nokia 3rd party developers: Carbide 2.0 and Maemo 5.0

Nokia just released Carbide 2.0. And the big news is that it’s free, even the OEM edition, which was about $1200 in the past. I know that 3rd party developers don’t require the OEM edition features, but it’s still nice to receive that for free. I was able to start my own snes9x port, because […]

Starting Maemo and QT4 development

I have been working with Maemo platform for couple of weeks, and I wanted to share few tips for starting the development. It’s not as easy to start with as S60 😉 But it’s an open platform and you can find a lot of source( and binary) for it, so developing you own applications are […]