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Archive of entries posted on April 2009

Powerful S60 phones and Maemo tablet coming to markets this year

The new Samsung i8910 is coming to stores at summer.  You can see a review at allaboutsymbian. Samsung i8910 will be S60 5.0 based device with capacitive touch screen and OMAP3 chipset. The OMAP3 chipset is very powerful platform with OpenGL ES 2.0 and ARM cortex processor. It will probably be a lot faster than […]

MinGW Symbian Build Chain

I saw harry Li’s blog post about generic symbian makefile, and I found it very interesting. The makefile seems to be a very good tool for porting software from other platforms into Symbian OS. The MinGW in also nice build solution, since it doesn’t modifiy existing environment, so it can be used in parallel with […]

AntSnes release 0.5 : It’s still silent

AntSnes is taking small steps to improve quality and get the audio working. I really have no idea why the audio isn’t working with current version, but it already has some nice updated, so I decided to make another small step. The 0.5 release is ready 🙂 The audio isn’t working in 0.5 release ( […]