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Archive of entries posted on July 2009

MinGW Symbian OS Build Chain: Debugging

I have been developing the MinGW build chain to make the embedded open source porting easier since last spring. Now after my holidays I had some time to develop it even further. I added debugging with Carbide and TRK to the build system. At first we have are going to need to symbol files for […]

Symbian Debuggin: memory & register fump from exception

I made my own Exception handler to make the memory dump into a file. The memory dumps can be used for debugging purposes. See what to do with the memory dump from NewLC article aobut tracking down the Hardware exceptions.

Fixing self-signed certificate related problems

Currently there isn’t any freeware signing process in the Symbian signed, and I really don’t want to pay for the signing process, so that leaves only self-signing for me. The AntSnes is signed with self-signed certificate, so the user must grant the capabilities for the application (it requires none). This should all work very well […]