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Archive of entries posted on August 2009

gpSP4Symbian Teaser

I have been porting the gpPS to Symbian for a while now and it’s finally running! There is still a lot to do. For example UI, audio and some config stuff, but the actual core is now working. You can get a pretty good estimate about the speed from the video. It’s really not as […]

PSX4All running on Symbian

I’m currently porting gpSP to the Symbian. Psx4all uses pretty much same SDL stuff and same ARM assembly emitter as gpSP. I just took my porting tricks from gpSP and compiled them with psx4all and here is the result. It’s really not fully optimized yet, but you’ll get the idea that it’s not going to […]

Symbian patched Makekeys, now we can have self-signed certificates valid for 10 years

I don’t know how this got past me.¬† Luckily I found out that Symbian has patched the makekeys.exe. The new one allows you to create self-signed certificates which can be valid for 10 years. I know that there are a lot of people like me whe are still using the old S60 3.0 MR SDK […]

Generic Makefile Build Chain for Symbian OS With GCCE and MinGW

The build chain was originally made by Harry Li. I just continued the project and added support for static library linking, debugging etc. MOTIVATION The generic makefile¬† gives you a better control of the build. You can define your own rules for each file, if you like. Therefore it’s also easier to fight against the […]

Degugging gpSP

The porting process of gpSP has been going forward quite well until this came up. The code behavior in debug session seems to be very strange. The following code should branch into the address located in register r0.¬† The address 0x9cc00080 is marked as code in Symbian OS, and IMB_Range() has been called in prior […]