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Archive of entries posted on September 2009

Generic Makefile Build Chain for Symbian OS v. 1.0

The build chain was originally made by Harry Li. I just continued the project and added support for static library linking, debugging etc. The 1.0 version can also build static libs, which can easily be linked from Symbian .mmp files,or Qt’s .pro files. Now we should be able to use the old already ported symbian […]

Fast image scaling with multiplier between 1-2

I made a simple scaling function for gpsp4symbian to stretch the frames into full screen. The algorithm seems to be working quite well with scaling factors between 1-2. Thanks to AnotherGuest for tips. In this example 1.3 scaling factor is used for vertical scaling and 1.5 for horizontal scaling. Fist let’s make the scaling tables. […]

Why Symbian is so slow compared to Linux

Symbian phones are really slow compared to Linux based devices like gp2x etc. You really don’t get even near to the same performance (in frames per second) with Symbian phone compared to an open Linux device with similar ARM processor. Here’s couple of reason’s affecting my emulator ports. 1. No direct access to the frame […]

gpSP4Symbian: S60 3rd edition preview

This is just an initial release to gain some feedback how the port is currently working. I would like to know if you get any games running at correct speed. The first number in the fps-counter is telling how fast the emulator is running( it should be 60). If you do get something running at […]

gpSP: Building A Memory Trampoline

Thanks to the original gpSP creator Exophase for tips. I was really confused with BL instructions and the fact that the memory address was pointing into wrong memory area. The problem was in Symbian OS memory mappings. It’s a very common problem with dynarec and Symbian. I had pr In Symbian you can create memory […]