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Archive of entries posted on December 2009

I’ll be using Qt with gpsp and psx4all ports

Currently I have the dynamic recompilation running without the trampoline pattern (thanks to hinkka’s tips), so there’s no deoptimizations in the dynarec side anymore. However the speed is not nearly as good as it should be. It seems that the main issue is somewhere in the Symbian SDL port. Therefore I decided to dump the […]

S60 5th editition doesn’t have Multi-touch, you must wait untill Symbian^3

I fixed the touch keys on the recent AntSnes 0.71 release. I though that I could support multi-touch in my application. I mean that there’s nothing preventing it to happen 🙂 It should just work. Well, the thing is that there’s no multi-touch in S60 5.0! So there’s also no multi-touch on Samsung i8910. Therefore […]