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Archive of entries posted on April 2010

gpsp running on Symbian

I have the gpsp port already running on my N97, and it looks really promising. Take a look at the video 🙂 The dynarec isn’t stable yet. I can run one track with mario kart, and then it freezes.  It’s same with all other games too. I hope to solve this freeze/crash issue soon, so […]

Memory Mapping solution for Dynamic Recompilation in Symbian OS

The gpsp was my first emulator port with dynamic recompilation. The problem in memory mapping and dynarec is  that local data in Symbian OS is too far away from the user area, where we the new memory chunk for the dynamic area was created. My first solution was the memory trampoline pattern. However I got […]

AntSnesQt 0.5 : first beta

The AntSnes Qt is ready for first testing round. The whole UI is now working on top of Qt, so I expect there to be some new bugs compared to the older AntSnes version. The good news is that this installation won’t overwrite the older AntSnes. I also heard the the D-pad doesn’t suck anymore, […]

Running the AntSnesQt

I have been working with the new Qt UI that I’m going to use with my all emus in the future. The AntSnes Qt is quite close to be ready for first beta release, and the gpsp emu is on pretty good shape too. Here’s a short video of the new AntSnesQt running on my […]

Implementing AntSnes with Qt part 6: Final touch, using stylesheets

The Qt’s default style tries to look as much your original S60 theme as possible. The big problem is that each phone can have very different theme, and then your application might look really bad. The good news is that you can write your own style, and use it in your own application. Here’s a […]

What’s up with the releases

This blog has been pretty quiet  lately, and maybe you’re wondering why there has been no releases lateley 🙂 Well, I have been snowboarding the last month, so I really haven’t made any progress. I still have a lot of photo’s and videos to edit, which will keep me away from my emulator projects for a […]