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Archive of entries posted on September 2011

gpSP 0.7.1 for Symbian Belle

the gpSP is a gameboy advance emulator originally written by Exophase. And now it’s ported to the Symbian OS! This version supports only Symbian^3 phones with Symbian Belle update installed (N8, E7 etc.). The old Symbian Anna users should still use the older gpSP 0.7.  The S60 5th edition users should use the gpsp 0.6.5 for […]

AntSnes 0.8.7 for Symbian Belle

AtnSnes is Snes9x emulator for Symbian. It is actually based on DrPocketSNES version 6.4.4, which in turn is based on snes9x 1.39 The new AntSnes comes with multitouch and with new transparent keys. You’ll need a Symbian^3 based phone with Symbian Belle update to run this (N8, C7, E7 etc..). The Symbian Anna users should […]

QGLWidget in Symbian Belle(leaked version)

Warning: This post is made only with leaked Symbian Belle. The official Nokia release might not have the problem described in this post. Here’s the problem:  I implemented the blit in QGLWidget’s paintEvent(QPaintEvent *) method. The idea was that the Qt would be using OpenGL ES for the blit, when I’m using the QGLWidget. Currently I’m […]

Pokemon Platinum On gpSP

You’ll need Platinum ROM (GBA Converted) and VBA (Visual boy advance for windows) for this hack Here’s short description how to do it: Step 1 : Drag the Pokemon Platinum game ROM, To VBA (visualboy advanced) the emulator should open starting the game Step 2 : Click Options on the top left corner, hover you’re mouse […]

iControlPad support libarary for Qt

The iControlPad didn’t work in keyboard mode with Symbian devices, so I decided to make my own support library for it. The iControlPad is working on SPP mode as default, and that mode support also the analog nubs, so I decided to write support for it. You can get the support library from GitHub: Integrating […]