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Archive of entries posted on May 2012

Creating a SOCKS5 proxy for Diablo III

Here’s a simple tutorial how to create SSH Tunnel and Socks proxy to play Diablo III behind a firewall, or just to avoid 3007 errors. You’ll only need a SSH server where you can connect to. Creating the SOCKS5  SSH tunnel with Putty Step 1: Open Putty and go to the Tunnels menu. Set source port to […]

Solving the 3007 error in Diablo III

I had pretty much same problem that’s described in this forum post: Most of the 3007 error pages are just full of trolling, but this one seems quite informative, so I keep that as a reference. At fist I started the WireShark to see what’s going on. The log was full of TCP Retransmission packets telling […]

My thoughts about Tizen

After the Meego was dumped by Nokia,  Intel and Samsung created an alliance to create new a Linux based mobile OS called Tizen. The Tizen is pretty close to the old WebOS with HTML5 application framework, and Linux kernel.  The Tizen SDK was published a while ago and it really doesn’t impress me at all. The […]