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QrScanner for Nokia Asha

QrScan is a QrScanner application for Nokia Asha phones phones. The cameras in current Asha phones are not good enough to read qr-codes from magazines etc.  However you can scan bigger Qr codes with those phones really well. Download it from Opera Appstore: Source code: As usual you can grab the source code from my github-repository […]

MeBoy 1.0, a GameBoy / GameBoy Color emulator for Nokia Asha

MeBoy is a gameboy / gameboy color emulator for Nokia S40 full touch and Asha phones. The MeBoy is based on JavaBoy developed by Neil Millstone. I just made a simple UI for it for the Nokia Asha phones. It has been a quite some time from my previous emulator port for mobile phones, and I […]

Bubblet a Jawbreaker Clone For S40 Full Touch and Nokia Asha

Bubblet is a jawbreaker clone for Nokia S40 FullTouch and Asha phones. Bubblet was originally developed by: Juan Antonio Agudo for phones with keyboards and small screens. I just modernized the application for new Asha phones with touch controls. Bubblet running on S40 full touch: Download You can download the Bubblet from Opera App store: Source code […]

Developing for Nokia Asha

Nokia started a Premium Developer Program for Nokia Asha phones Where you can get a free Asha phone, if you publish at least one app at Nokia store for Asha in the next 6 moths. I was curious about Asha development, and since they offered a free phone for it I couldn’t resist the offer. […]