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Archive of posts tagged N95

gpSP4Symbian: S60 3rd edition preview

This is just an initial release to gain some feedback how the port is currently working. I would like to know if you get any games running at correct speed. The first number in the fps-counter is telling how fast the emulator is running( it should be 60). If you do get something running at […]

gpSP: Building A Memory Trampoline

Thanks to the original gpSP creator Exophase for tips. I was really confused with BL instructions and the fact that the memory address was pointing into wrong memory area. The problem was in Symbian OS memory mappings. It’s a very common problem with dynarec and Symbian. I had pr In Symbian you can create memory […]

gpSP4Symbian Teaser

I have been porting the gpPS to Symbian for a while now and it’s finally running! There is still a lot to do. For example UI, audio and some config stuff, but the actual core is now working. You can get a pretty good estimate about the speed from the video. It’s really not as […]

PSX4All running on Symbian

I’m currently porting gpSP to the Symbian. Psx4all uses pretty much same SDL stuff and same ARM assembly emitter as gpSP. I just took my porting tricks from gpSP and compiled them with psx4all and here is the result. It’s really not fully optimized yet, but you’ll get the idea that it’s not going to […]

AntSnes 0.63 – Probably the best AntSnes release ever

AntSnes is a Snes9x port to S60 3.x. This is the best release since 04. Thanks to Mirek for testing 😉 Changed in 0.63 vs. 0.61 The “remember last ROM directory” feature was removed, since it seems to be causing serious issues in some phones. If the “last rom directory” feature worked in your phone […]

AntSnes 0.62

AntSnes is a Snes9x port to S60 3.x. This should be the best release since 0.4 😉  I want to make a good baseline, since the next release will be for S60 5th edition (I still don’t have the phone). Whats new: Battery saves New fancy icon savestate bug fixed. 0.5 users see known issues! […]

AntSnes 0.61

AntSnes is a Snes9x port to S60 3.x. Bugs Fixed in 6.1 from 6.0 OpenGL ES Support Whats new: Battery saves New fancy icon savestate bug fixed. 0.5 users see known issues! Modified key config. All 0.5 version users must update the key config after this Release. After settings the screen to the N-gage mode […]

AntSnes release 0.2 : Support for all 3rd edition phones

The new AntSnes release 0.2 is ready. The current release 0.2 supports most S60 3rd edition phones. It’s currently tested with N73(3.0), N95(3.1) and N96(3.2). The new package also adds new settings view, which can be used for configuring the emulator for different devices. Antsnes 0.2: Download the sis: antsnes_v02 source:

AntSnes going to Beta: speed optimizations

The new version is optimized for speed, which gives a huge performance boost for N96 (it’s nice for N95 too). I expect this binary to work with S60 3.1 and 3.2 phones, but I’m planning to add support for 3.0-> phones in the future. Currenlty there is only the landscape mode, but I will make […]

AntSnes alpha version ready

My Snes9x port to S60 is somewhat working and the alpha-version is ready for download. I have been testing AntSnes with N95 and N96, but I assume that it will run on other 3.1 and 3.2 S60 phones as well. Please send a comment if you are using it with some other phone. Please also […]