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AntSnes v. 0.71: Fixed the touch keys

It’s really hard to test the touch with N97, but at least the d-pad seems to be working better and start/select seem to be responding too 🙂 The project has now a wikipage at github. See the FAQ before asking any questions 🙂 know issues: Audio doesn’t quite yet work AntSnes for the 5th edition

AntSnes 0.7: Support for S60 5th edition

The 5th edition version is finally ready. I had N97 to test it with, and it runs really well with it 🙂 The keypad works really well! Unfortunately I didn’t have a Samsung’s I8910 to test the capacitive touch so I really can’t tell if it works, so feedback is welcome. The project has now […]

Porting The AntSnes to the S60 5th edition

I have been porting the AntSnes to the 5th edition. The reason I have been a bit lazy is that I can’t get the TRK debugger working with N97. So I have been working only with filelogger. That sucks! Here’s some video of the current state of the AntSnes to the 5th edition. I’m running […]