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Archive of posts tagged Qt4

Fast blit with OpenGl ES and Qt

In my previous post I wrote about blit with opengl es 2.0 texture upload. However I noticed that using just Qt’s QGLWidget and implementing only the paintEvent is as fast as the texture upload with pure OpenGL ES API. I guess that QGLWidget is making the drawing via OpenGL, since the performance seems to be […]

Fast Blit with OpenGL ES 2.0 and texture uploading

OpenGL ES 2.0 is fully shader based, which means you can’t draw any geometry without having the appropriate shaders loaded and bound. This means there is more setup code required to render than there was in OpenGL ES 1.1 with fixed pipeline. Setting up the OpenGL ES 2.0 pipeline. The actual drawing is done in […]

QT Mobile UI design

I have been lately prototyping new SW with QT4 and I have some thoughts about mobile UIs. The QT was originally developed for desktops, so it doesn’t yet have all features required for mobile UI’s. The current literature about QT4 is not very well suitable for mobile development, since the books mainly focus on desktop […]

Starting Maemo and QT4 development

I have been working with Maemo platform for couple of weeks, and I wanted to share few tips for starting the development. It’s not as easy to start with as S60 😉 But it’s an open platform and you can find a lot of source( and binary) for it, so developing you own applications are […]