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Fast blit with OpenGl ES and Qt

In my previous post I wrote about blit with opengl es 2.0 texture upload. However I noticed that using just Qt’s QGLWidget and implementing only the paintEvent is as fast as the texture upload with pure OpenGL ES API. I guess that QGLWidget is making the drawing via OpenGL, since the performance seems to be […]

Fast Blit with OpenGL ES 2.0 and texture uploading

OpenGL ES 2.0 is fully shader based, which means you can’t draw any geometry without having the appropriate shaders loaded and bound. This means there is more setup code required to render than there was in OpenGL ES 1.1 with fixed pipeline. Setting up the OpenGL ES 2.0 pipeline. The actual drawing is done in […]

Fixing the blit for Samsung i8910

I got lot’s of complaints about the broken blit in gpsp4Symbian with Samsung i8910. The root cause for this problem is that the following code doesn’t set the ScreenBuffer in samsung into Landscape orientation, while it does work just fine on Nokia’s phones. I heard that there are some other Qt applications ( at least […]

Fast image scaling with multiplier between 1-2

I made a simple scaling function for gpsp4symbian to stretch the frames into full screen. The algorithm seems to be working quite well with scaling factors between 1-2. Thanks to AnotherGuest for tips. In this example 1.3 scaling factor is used for vertical scaling and 1.5 for horizontal scaling. Fist let’s make the scaling tables. […]