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Archive of posts tagged tizen

Porting JamendoFM to Tizen

At First I created a new jQueryMobile based UI with Tizen SDK. then I simply addecd the source-code from my JamendoFM project into the Tizen project, and voilà, I got JamendoFM running on Tizen Emulator. The method above got the application running only on Tizen emulator. Running it on the device itself requires correct access […]

Developing a mobile client for Jamendo Radio with jQueryMobile

In this article I’m going to create a jQueryMobile based client for Jamendo Radio. The JQuery Mobile based UIs can be run on almost every smartphone platform; iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry10, Tizen, Firefox OS etc. The development of JQuery Mobile based UIs is very nice, since you can develop them with HTML and JavaScript […]

My thoughts about Tizen

After the Meego was dumped by Nokia,  Intel and Samsung created an alliance to create new a Linux based mobile OS called Tizen. The Tizen is pretty close to the old WebOS with HTML5 application framework, and Linux kernel.  The Tizen SDK was published a while ago and it really doesn’t impress me at all. The […]