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The Myth of GPL Being Banned in Microsoft Marketplace

There has been a lot of talk about GPL being incompatible with Microsoft market place (as with Apple’s appstore). For example this Arstechnica post from 2011.¬† I think that this is pretty important topic now with WP8, since we could use so much GPLv2 licensed C++ libraries with our app, that it really hurts to […]

How did my native code experiment go with wp7

I have been pretty much spending all my free time during the winter for snowboarding and ice climbing. Now that the winter is nearly over at northern Europe, I got some time to come back to my hacking hobby. This is also to remind me how did my wp7 experiments go, if I want to […]

Compiling with Microsoft’s ARM compiler for Windows Mobile with Visual Studio

I have played with Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Mobile SDK to build some native code for windows phone. This is pretty much a LOG for myself, since I tend to forget things. Currently I have the Snes9x sources compiled inside a native COM DLL, which I can use from the managed wp7 code. Don’t […]

Lumia 800 is in da house

After feb11 when Nokia killed both Symbian and Meego I have been thinking what should be my next platform. I have been casual Android user, and I have to admit that I don’t like it much, plus it already has all of my favorite emulators ported into it, so I couldn’t figure out anything that […]