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Welcome to my blog

Hi there, I finaly got my blog up and running. Currently I’m planning to release Snes9x port on N95. I have the source code from notaz UIQ version and I’m using that as baseline.
At first I thought that I only need to port everything into EKA2 model plus write my own launcher for the emulator. Currently it seems, that there is a lot more work to be done. The audio and video renderers must be rewritten for N95.
I also encounttered some nasty problems during porting the assembly code into the N95. I thought that the ARM11 in N95 would run that code without problems, but I keep encouttering these “Signal Exception 0 received: A data abort exception has occurred ” errors after a while.
Therefore I did what I had to: I backported the original C-core instead of the ASM-core. Currently I should be able to run the emulator and worry only about the rendering (sound and video) part.

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