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Updated the LAN routing machine

My old esxi was intalled on single USB dongle, which died (I failed). So I upgraded everything. Changed old HDD’s into SSD and upgraded all software too

Everything is not hosted on Proxmox instead of Esxi.
Steamcache is not upgraded into lancache (
pfsense is just newer version

Here’s the upgraded network diagram:

At times like these is pretty nice to have a blog to keep track of things to be done. My old multirouting post still seems to be a good example how to do this.
The new version is being run by docker-compose.

 $ git clone lancache
~ $ cd lancache
~/lancache $ nano .env
~/lancache $ sudo docker-compose up -d
# => Configure your router to serve ONLY lancache-dns

Reading the caches:
tail -100f lancache/logs/access.log

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