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Removing the checklib from Symbian^3 SBSv1 build chain

According to the Symbian documentation the checklib.exe is a static analysis tool for checking the consistent use of operator new in static libraries linked into dll or exe. This means that you should use the symbian way of operator new with (ELeave), or you should use the standard C++ way of operator new. In Qt apps you are in standard c++ world, and in Avkon apps you’re in Symbian c++ world.
The idea of checklib is pretty good. You might run into some troubles with the inconsistent use of new operator in out of memory situations, and debugging these errors can be time consuming. So getting a warning about them feels like a nice feature from the SDK.
The problem is that the checklib errors will fail your whole build, if an inconsistency is found (it’s not just a warning).Failing the build doesn’t really make any sense, since it’s a static code analysis tool. I think that I would like the checklib, if it would only give me a warning like “the way you’re using operator new is not consistent, see for more info”
But unfortunately the checklib will just fail the whole build. The worst part is that the tool itself doesn’t give you any hints what symbol to look at (where the problem is).
Here are some common error codes from checklib:

checklib error: "foo is incompatible with standard C++"
checklib: error: not a COFF object: bad magic.
checklib: error: file can not be found.

These errors just don’t help me even a bit, and I really don’t care that much about the OOM situations. I’m using a lot of my own memory hacks anyway, so I’m pretty much screwed in OOM anyway.
Here’s how you can remove this stupid tool from the SBSv1 build chain

Open files and under \epoc32\tools
and modify the lines with:

$run_checklib = 1;


$run_checklib = 0;

If you already have a project in carbide, and you just found this page by googling the checklib related problems remember also to do the regular

abld really clean
bld clean

Double check also that you don’t have anything related to to your project under \epoc32\build directory. If you can find a directory with your project name on it, delete it. You should get a working makefile under the build directory after recreating the project.


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  2. chrisblade says:

    @summeli, EQ has already released his psx emulator.. Please post it here and post the instructions on how to start the roms for everybody’s sake.. Thanks

  3. angel says:

    you could add the PAD to this emulator NES?
    pd:sorry, not speaking english xD

  4. JohnnyS says:

    Hey, summeli, could you get us a F.A.Q. or something into porting from DOS to Symbian or to symbian?
    I have a huge, HUGE interest in such, but info on the internet is nowhere to be found, I just can’t find any info about BASIC symbian programming, and this is a huge let down.
    Thanks, Johnny.

  5. kevin says:

    holle , i“m a chinese , i english is not so well
    i want to know can we use gbsp on our nokia n8 ( Symbian^3) ??

  6. Ngoanrazor says:

    Can you develop emulator negeo Qt s60v5 ( it can save game, mamexm can not save game)? 🙂
    sorry my bad english

  7. question says:

    try this

  8. question says:
    remember to pres the turn of buton 4 scren probs

  9. Yunus says:

    sorry but i think nokia is dead… It was the biggest mistake of nokia to work together with microsoft! they had to release the nokia n9. But now… no chance. nokias game is over. (Sorry my english isnt very good)

  10. Salvo says:

    Summeli the work on gpsp is finished?
    is my dream!

  11. yener90 says:

    Summeli, what about your progress??
    Now i did buy an Android and its much better….
    My point is to tell you something:
    I’ve got desire hd and its 1 ghz CPU is not enough for playing psx games on it, using psx4droid.
    it lags all the time.
    Now i’m using Fpse and it works perfect.
    Maybe you should also port Fpse instead of psx4symbian ???
    heard that is also ran on 400 mhz winmo and needs 25 MB Ram.
    So S60v5 Users could also use it.

  12. ngoan says:

    Hi summeli!
    I want build project that and i used Qt creator do build but it had fail (liblary not found). Can you help me build ? :), i had used source code for my project.
    Thank you for read!

  13. ngoan says:
    Hi summeli!
    I want build project that and i used Qt creator do build but it had fail (liblary not found). Can you help me build ? :), i had used source code for my project.
    Thank you for read!
    Sorry i had repost because i had miss link

  14. Tam says:

    Very sad that you have not so much Time…

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