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What’s currently working on Symbian^3

I’m still waiting for Nokia to release new Qt libs to get the QGLWidget working on Symbian^3. The QGLWidget is required to the the OpenGL ES based blit working with Qt and Symbian. Nokia already released the sis-files with QGLWidget support , but they still haven’t released the libs, so I can not link to the QGLWidget πŸ™
While waiting for better Symbian^3 support for my stuff you can play with AntSnes 0.72 and with Numpty Physics. You can see the slowness of DirectScreenAccess on them both. I think that even my N97 has faster blit with DSA than N8.
I also added a category for Symbian^3 compatible releases.


  1. Arvis says:

    What new can we expect along with OGL in QT? πŸ˜›

  2. Ernesto says:

    Will it still work on emulators for symbian 60 5th edition?
    PS: please keep working, I have a nokia 5230

  3. Mr. Anderson says:

    While Qt is not released for Symbian^3, please provide sound in the other emulators S60v5.

  4. implol says:

    I hope you will continue to support the N95 (8GB).
    I hope that it will release at Christmas πŸ˜‰ .

  5. Matoking says:

    I was kinda surprised to see the old AntSnes to work pretty well on N8. Now, imagine what it would be like with working sound and proper OpenGL support…

  6. mtilli says:

    So is it possible to get those OpenGL-libs by compiling Qt SDK by hand? I tried to do it but it seems like a massive task because you need RVCT2.2 etc.

  7. Ron says:

    Hi Summeli, I just have a quick question regarding GPsp port for s60v3? Is it discontinued cuz the last entry I saw, was on sept last year

  8. elpuri says:

    I guess the slowness of direct screen access on Symbian^3 NGA is the result of the chosen hardware architecture on Nokia’s S^3 devices. The GPU isn’t sharing memory with the CPU and the bus between the CPU and the GPU is slow, so uploading each frame to the GPU memory takes time. Sucks for porting emulators πŸ™

    • Summeli says:

      yeah, that’s pretty much the reason. I hope that uploading the frame by opengl texture is faster than this (that’s far from optimal, I know). At least the texture blit on N95 is faster than DSA on S^3. At least I don’t have to interpolate the image with CPU in this case.

  9. Mike says:

    Summeli, super thanks for your awesome job! Keep it up mate! Just wondering hows it going with developing? Is there going to version psx emu and gpsp for symbian3? I just bought n8 and these emulator would make it killer! Thanks in advantage!

    • Matoking says:

      Summeli recently got OpenGL ES working for Nokia N8, which was needed in order to make the the emulator work with S^3 since the older method used for rendering was slower. (or so I have heard)

  10. Ace says:

    your forgot the n in working> What’s currently workig on Symbian^3

  11. Great Work says:

    I upgraded from my 5800 to the c6-01, im really missing your emulators. Any idea when they will release the stuff you need?

  12. Pat says:

    If iPhone is anything to go by, texture uploads are going to be extremely slow.
    Summeli: Have you tried writing your own pixel converter to convert between the emulator’s bitmap and the device’s native buffer format? I can get a solid 24 fps (the limit of our app) with 80% full screen blits, but only after I wrote my own bit depth and format converter to go from our app’s 565 to the native 666 or 888 format. When I was relying on Symbian’s code to do the conversion, I couldn’t get higher than 7 fps. If interested (it’s been a while – hope memory works): I have the raw bitmap data from our app at 565, I create a CFbsBitmap in the native device format and get a handle to the raw pixel data with CFbsBitmap::DataAddress(). I then use my own SIMD routine to convert from 565 to native in the CFbsBitmap buffer and blit it to the screen with CDirectScreenAccess. Looking at the comments I wrote in my code: “…It appears (luckily) both 18 and 24-bit displays use 24-bit pixels stored in 32-bit longs. My guess is that they use xRGB.” (Guess was correct it looks like)

  13. ngoan says:

    sorry recomment πŸ™‚
    hi summeli!
    I had download source antsnes qt and sdk Qt.
    But i cant build it. Can you help me? Can you
    guide me build antsnes Qt? Please sent mail to me!please!
    Thank you for read comment

  14. cansual says:

    Summeli when you will start to create a symbian^3 version of antsnes with multitouch gesture ????
    I think the time is come, nokia release the new qt kit.
    We hope to see new stuff from you

  15. illbeanz says:

    hi summeli, are you still waiting on nokia to release the Required qt libraries?

  16. juan2010 says:

    Sorry but Symbian is dead, Nokia CEO said so, and WP7 is not really alive. M$ even abandons Zune, Windows Phone base plateform.
    Bye Bye Nokia ! Samsung Galaxy S2 will replace my N8. Good phone though but no support, no future, no social recognition. I look retarded with my N8. The winners buy Android if they are geeks or iPhone if they aren’t geeks and have big wages to spend on gadgets. And future Galaxy S2 has 4.3 inch top of the notch screen, low energy dual core, 1650Mah battery weighs 115 gr, N8 has low tech 3.5 inch screen but is barely smaller than the SGS2, CPU is 6 times slower, has 4 times less RAM, 1200 Mah battery fixed in the mobile, and both will cost the same, has super-advanced Android OS with Chrome browser. No way I stay with a Nokia.
    And WP7 is not on par with Android, hasn’t copy/paste feature and no multitasking. Even if M$ puts those inside it won’t work as on Android, because M$ adds them afterwards.

  17. illbeanz says:

    super-rant! Thanks for that. Good luck with your social recognition.

  18. fmzown says:

    is gpsp going to be possible to port to the n8? and do you have any idea when you’ll do it if it is possible? i know you’re probably busy but i want it so bad

  19. SummeliFan says:

    Hey Summeli, just wanted to ask if you could post what the current situation is with psx4all/GPSP/Antsnes etc. Have you given up on S^3 because it’s apparently “dead” or are you sticking with it?
    Don’t so much want to know how far along the projects are, just if you gonna continue developing them or not? You have many fans and you’ve not let us know whats up in a while. My N8 is dying without your awesome emu’s…
    Just want to know whether or not to keep faith πŸ™‚
    Many thanks, SF.

  20. optios40 says:
    It seem it have some thing related to QGLWidget. Hope this help.

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