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What’s currently working on Symbian^3

I’m still waiting for Nokia to release new Qt libs to get the QGLWidget working on Symbian^3. The QGLWidget is required to the the OpenGL ES based blit working with Qt and Symbian. Nokia already released the sis-files with QGLWidget support http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Qt_4.7_for_Symbian%5E3_-_developer_version , but they still haven’t released the libs, so I can not link to the QGLWidget 🙁

While waiting for better Symbian^3 support for my stuff you can play with AntSnes 0.72 and with Numpty Physics. You can see the slowness of DirectScreenAccess on them both. I think that even my N97 has faster blit with DSA than N8.

I also added a category for Symbian^3 compatible releases.

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