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The purpose of this FAQ is to gather all the questions about my emulator ports. I can see pretty much all of these questions asked on weekly basis, so I made a post for them 🙂
Q: rom xx isn’t working, can you fix it?
A: My emulators are just ports from other famous emulators, for example gpsp. At very best I could get into the same compatibility list, as the original emulator. On S60 5th edition phones there are also some limitations due to the limited amount of RAM. This might change with Symbian^3 devices since they should have more RAM available. After I have reached to similar compatibility list with the original emulator project, I might try to improve the original emulator too. So far I haven’t got this far with any of my emulator ports 😉
Q: All  words are written in “WWWW”, and I can not use the emulator
A: this problem is caused by the incompatibility between Qt and custom fonts. You can resolve this issue by removing the custom font.
Q: I’m using C6 firmware on 5800, and it the buttons won’t work. can you help?
A: This is a know issue with C6 firmware. The emulator is listening to the key events from the phone, and the C6 firmware just does not deliver the key events to the emulator. There’s really nothing that I can do about it.
Q: What about the sound?
A: I’m working on it. The sound is much more important than the compatibility list.

Q: When it’s ready?
A: Most of my bug fixes are result of one/two evenings of coding. Usually I don’t work more then few hours for a release (which you can probably guess by looking at the list of updates :). I do these updates whenever I feel like it, not when you want it.
Q: Where do I get ROMs / bios
A: Do NOT ask it in here. Requesting ROMs / Bios files will just get you banned and ignored.
Q: Why gpSP, not visual boy advance, vbagx etc?
A: I chose the gpSP because it’s the fastest one with ARM, so it was a logical chose. I also wanted to learn few things about the dynamic recompilation.
Q: Is a Nintendo DS emulator possible?
A: Short answer is no. Even my 1.8Ghz PC laptop has problems with NDS emulator, so it’s really far, far away.
Q: Can you port this xxx software, please?
A: You can always ask, but I like to choose my own projects, so the answer is usually NO. Why don’t you port it by yourself?
Q: Do you have your N8?
A: Yes, I do have my N8, so stop asking 🙂 There’s pretty much to do before the current emulators will be working with Symbian^3.  See also the question about when it’s ready.


  1. Goshko says:

    is there any new emulator coming out??

  2. SoWErA says:

    good to hear that you are working hard on the audio. Thanks 🙂

  3. Samdash says:

    You’re working on the sound, great! Thanks, Summeli.

  4. SpeedFire says:

    Great! Thanks! All my stupid questions are answered now ))))

  5. RiKI says:

    Why you don’t make porting lessons on your blog?

  6. Picolo says:

    the emulator vba is it less bug compare to gpsp?
    y dont you write out the symbian gpsp base on emulator vba?
    sorry, i just dun understand, can u explain a bit?

  7. TheOtherAlex says:

    *And Now for Something Completely Different*
    What about a Battle for Wesnoth port?
    (…I know you won’t answer to porting requests, it’s just my two cents and then I’ll shut up)

  8. Turi says:

    Why in the vbag of the s60 v3 there isn’t the problemo of ram for the Rom of 32mb?
    mean the problem with the unsupported rom

    • Summeli says:

      In original gpsp some games were running if you started them up in .zip file (while they didn’t run unzipped). In S60 5th edition there’s new problems because the RAM might go out, when dealing with these zip files. I changed that sentence into more generic form 🙂 There will be some problems when using all of dynarec-hacks etc. with very limited amount of RAM 🙂

  9. Mr. Anderson says:

    When will you release the first version of SNES9X?

  10. ® says:

    can you teach us how port console emulator to S60v5? or share book or article that me & other people can learn? thank you 🙂

  11. zerstoren1990 says:

    Hey man can you port a NES emulator? :S hehe i want to play Nes games in my s60v5
    your job is impresive thank you very much

  12. i8910user says:

    do you think you can improve the sound in gpsp?

  13. Tamstyler says:

    He will not improve the Sound, he is working on it.
    And it´s more important than the compatibility list.

  14. i8910user says:

    i was talking about the sound of the gpsp, because there are some issues about… e.g. you play pokemon with sound, the emu crushs…

  15. Great Work says:

    Could you make a doom or quake 2 port please? Iv had both running on my 5800 but the controls are bad. Both run at a good speed, it would be great to see what you could do with them. Thanks.

  16. Tam says:

    That´s a good Idea!
    On the Screen are the Keys for walking, jump…
    But Summeli says that he will not work more then a few hours…

  17. adhenovan says:

    hey summeli there is new news about gpsp and psx4all symbian….?

  18. ed says:

    Hey Summeli,
    What about having a look on OpenTTD?
    It already does work on s60v5, but without networking, with serious scrolling issues, no S^3 support and the currently ported build is really ancient.
    Just imagine how cool it would be if it really worked!
    Please, have a look at it 🙂

  19. JOBIN says:

    hey why does these games show… screen while playing it on gpsp

  20. EAA575 says:

    What version of gpsp do you use for your port?

  21. EAA575 says:

    The zelda bugs are annoying me (before it was fixed in gpsp 0.9). Even though gpspSymbian is based on 0.91 and I have the authentic bios, the bugs are still there. Do you know the cause of this?

  22. neo_chip says:

    Any hope on porting an Nes emulator?

  23. Morph says:

    Any news about the sound on GBA and Snes emu? I’m waiting for sound and then i can start playing my fav games. Thanks for the hard work.

  24. navismol says:

    Tell me whether fixed bug with color emulator gpsp4? Graphics some Rom’s is displayed in blue, how can this be?

  25. Tamstyler says:

    I don´t understand why are on the vBag all Games working (or?) and not on the GPSP.
    At the GPSP it´s because the ROM, but why are all Games playable at vBag?

  26. Tamstyler says:

    I use Google Chrome but i understand it ^^

  27. Matoking says:

    Any progress with any of the S^3 emulators? Just saying since I can’t wait. 😛

  28. Suhrvivor says:

    I`m glad to know that you’re working on the sound. Keep it up, Love your emulators.

  29. Johnny says:

    I know, I know, I shouldn’t ask, just thank you like you deserve, but I’ll still try asking! (And gladly ask you for all the effort put into this), but, could you add some minor support for touchscreen phones on Quake? (Olli Hinkka’s port:
    It’s awesome, it’s fast, it’s working great, but no touchscreen. :/
    And THANKS ALOT for all the effort put into those ports, having them on our phones…. is just awesome, and I wish you the best of luck in anything you try in your life.

  30. Womanizer says:

    thanks summeli, you are too brilliant, in vampent are egoistic. TO BUY THE EMULATOR. wow is the maximum summeli summeli summeli

  31. Angelina says:

    Hello summeli =)
    I thought it was very good .. thank you very much ELN FAQ.
    Possibly, I wanted to ask you if you make a version of GPSP but with the keys on screen, which will not have to use the physical as in the Anqtnes.
    Thank you very much greetings.

  32. L-Sky says:

    Nice job!GPSP is very useful,thanks! We also like it very mush in China.Look forward to your updates.

  33. LORD MADA says:

    hello mate nice gpsp emulator really for s60v5 , but i dream for more features like:
    1 – Activate accelerometer and touch in the game itself (Like vgba Maemo 3.6)
    2 – fix sound cuz it’s 3 sec. late
    3 – more roms compatibility
    thanx really

  34. Tamstyler says:

    Where are the Updates? 🙁
    For me are the Roms-Compatibility more important than the Sound.

  35. Hugo says:

    Hi, what you do is excellent, i only have a quiestion, what about the nintendo (nes no Snes)?

  36. mgproductions says:

    I’m still very intrested to see you port your SNES app to i8910!! 🙂

  37. mgproductions says:

    I’m still very intrested to see you port your SNES app to i8910!! 🙂 🙂

  38. Oscar says:

    when wiil you release the next update? I am waiting for my emulator…
    PD: i think the new d-pad is worse than gpsp.. please change it.
    Nice work 🙂

  39. Luis says:

    Hi mate.
    I have an N900, and we actually have a started port of gpsp to my device.
    I am not the orginal guy who started porting it, and I will only have time to study it
    better next week, so for now I can’t give you much details, but we still have some issues with
    our ” beta ” release of it, like savestate and savegame not working.
    I do not ask you to finish porting it yourself, but if you could give some help on
    at least this save issue, because the rest just needs some general polishing, and packaging,
    and that I can do for now.
    Oh, and as I could not give a deep look into the files, I am unsure if they are
    under python or Qt.
    Thanks in advance.

  40. Martin says:

    nice project antsnes! Sound would be very very nice.
    I would also donate if you can implement sound.

  41. ngoan says:

    can u port emulator cps1,cps2 ?

  42. elad says:

    how can i import the save state (sst files) to my PC ?
    i mean, there is emulator that can let my continue the game on my PC ?

  43. Tamstyler says:

    I don´t know if this will work, but maybe it will.
    1. Go to the Folder where is the Game.
    2. There should be the Game, another File and a File with the Extension .sav
    3. I think the File with the Extension .sav is the File where is the Save State, try it^^

  44. lpratas says:

    Summeli, you didn’t wanted to develop the snes and gameboy advance emulators for symbian 3rd edition phones but vampet vbagx gameboy advance emulator works great on phones with 600MHz cpus and with graphic acceleration. Now there is a new snes emulator with emulated sound from the brazilian daarklord, the Snes4Sym based in snes9x, what is fenomenal. Already the 3d games with super fx and fx2, like starfox 2 beta, are emulated. Why you didn’t developed at least a snes emulator, at least for the most powerful 3rd edition phones, because daarklord is geting this emulation even with all the problems you mentioned.

    • Summeli says:

      I’m using N8, and before that I used N97, so I really don’t care about S60 3rd edition (I don’t care about S60 5th edition anymore). I also haven’t been working with snes9x for a loong time. Currently I’m working with psx-emulation, so I really don’t have any time for snes9x stuff. And when I do, it’s going to be for Symbian^3.
      If you like daarklord’s and vampent’s releases, then just use them. I don’t see why I should even bother if there’s already stuff that works.
      About my prolems: Part of the problems are probably somehow related to the asm-core that I used for performance reasons. I would probably get rid of them, if I would just use the vanilla c-core (which is used in daarlord’s release I suppose), and I’m probably going to test this out with Symbian^3 and N8 🙂
      I could as well ask, why you didn’t develop the snes or gba-emulator for s60 3rd edition, if you care about it so much?

  45. lpratas says:

    You don’t need to get upset. Sorry, Summeli. I understand. My apologies.

    • Summeli says:

      no problem I’m not upset. I just explained why I’m not interested about S60 3rd edition 😀 Getting stuff working with Symbian^3 & Qt is my primary target, since I’m using N8.
      The Meego will also have Qt & OpenGL ES, so pushing all my stuff on top of these interfaces will make the transition to Meego pretty smooth (hopefully).

  46. Tamstyler says:

    Summeli will work now only on Symbian^3.

  47. n64 lover says:

    Hi, Summeli, so u’re going to make psx for symbian^3. but what about a nintendo 64 emulator?

  48. Arvis says:

    Really can’t wait until some stuff for S^3! Good luck with that. 😉

  49. Nekrid says:

    Hello Summeli,
    from previous messages I’ve understood that You don’t work with s60v5. It’s a pity, many people from russian, belorussian and other servers (like me) would like to play more games with Your emulator. It’s comfortable and simple for using.
    I’ve tried more than 200 ROMs and there are some problems. Some of the ROMs didn’t work, many of them has “blue screen” at the beginning. I would like to ask some things:
    1) Is it possible to correct “blue screen”?
    2) Which program did you use for making this emulator?
    I’ll try to find the person who maybe can continue Your work.
    Thank You.

  50. Marukosu says:

    I can’t compile in qt because my internet is dial-up, i downloaded QT creator, but i can’t compile because i don’t have qmake! can somebody please post a link to qmake or to other compiler(<=20mb)?
    Thanks Marukosu.

  51. Tamstyler says:

    I know you won´t make a new Emulator, i only want to know that a N64-Emulator could be possible for S60V5?

  52. adrian482 says:

    Nice Work so far!
    Can you please fix the sound for s60v5? It’s nearly perfect for Pokemon – just a few bugs.
    plsssssssssss 🙂
    love ya.

  53. Maldini says:

    I’d really like learning how to port, how did you learn it?

    • Summeli says:

      You really want to learn to code. Porting is just compiling stuff that other people has made and using you own code to integrate it with the platform.
      You should start at c/c++ programming tutorials.

  54. Cesar says:

    could you change the direction keys down, because it is very difficult to control game characters Ex) Mario, zelda, yoshi….

  55. anton says:

    nice job dude.. cool, this what i search for a long time
    btw, about
    Q: I’m using C6 firmware on 5800, and it the buttons won’t work. can you help?
    A: This is a know issue with C6 firmware. The emulator is listening to the key events from the phone, and the C6 firmware just does not deliver the key events to the emulator. There’s really nothing that I can do about it.
    i have own solution, i am using c6 firmware in 5800 too
    the up, down, left, right, start and optiom button is work well
    and i assign manually for L, R, A, B with volume up/down, call/reject/menu button, or camera button
    its work for me

  56. Ryoni says:

    Will you be able to port your incoming snes emulators for the old Symbian s60v3? vSun doesn’t share any love anymore.

  57. ram hd5 says:

    this emulator not bad 😀

  58. Anderson says:

    You abandoned your work? No have more updates.

  59. spk says:

    i cant see keys lik A,B lik that….please anyone help me what to do……

  60. lucian says:

    Summeli,I have one idea to you make the PicoDrive(sega mega drive,sega genesis,sega cd emulator),because dont exist one version for s60v5,the latest version for is the PicoDrive 1.51,this emulator have audio and video pretty good,like playng in the real console,so I think you only have to do is a new keypad like AntSnesQt or Gpsp Symbian,man 100% of your fans will like it a lot.Your work is very,very well,I have all of your emus AntSnesQt,Gpsp,Gnugoy.If you dont have time for this,please make the keypad,I will realy,realy appreciate.

  61. Naridar says:

    Hi! Is it possible to port the 0.9 version of GPSP? Because some games have wierd graphic issues (e.g. in Super Monkey ball, the entire screen is blueish, in Advance Wars the same happens but only on the title screen) and yet other games (Zelda Link to the past, SMT: DemiKids, Riviera – the promised land) freeze just past the title screen or before actual gameplay begins. Or if there’s a fix for these issues, can you tell? Thanks in advance.

  62. Din Al says:


  63. taoybb says:

    Hi! Summeli. Why didn’t you try to make some NDS Emulator?? I know you had problem with it but main problem with NDS Emulator on pc is about stable!! It see it unstable that it drain a lot of spec… I try to tear down my nds to find it cpu and get some data about hardware and i found that NDS are base on. 66MHz cpu to run nds game and 33MHz to run gba! Today S^3 or other has got a GPU and faster cpu… hope this post inspiring you to made/develop one
    From your fan in thailand

  64. Banjo says:

    Have you ever noticed that DS has 2 screens?:p So its technically possible but as a design not possible

    • taoybb says:

      Yes it has i know i had 3DS Too! (But think it better to had a emulator that i don’t had to carry two of these thing)Screen size are not problem for me…

      • Banjo says:

        Check the n900 ds emulator and see the screen size of emulator ,its really small . Anyway good luck finding a developer for this emulator!

        • taoybb says:

          OK! I see and i had change!Now I waiting for PSX because i bought a new NDS last week and for PSX i will never change until it release because i can’t carry PS1 to anywhere and i hate to carry a lot of stuff outdoor

  65. Thesinz says:

    i upgraded my qt to 4.7.3 then i installed antsnes 7.1 on my 5230 but it messed up my gpsp 6.5!! when i try to open it, it just loads and doesnt open even after the loading stops i have now uninstalled the ansnes but still not working please help me……..

  66. sharvyn says:

    I have a NOkia 5800. Gpsp 0.6.5 does not work with the provided link for the QT installer, i downloaded and installed the latest one and then it worked.. I loaded the ROM and the BIOS. In this case, i am going to play POKEMON Emerald. It all works fine, I bind “A” button to volume key.
    When i need to exit the game, I save the game. I encounter no problem. But next time when I try to load the game, GPSP crashes (closes instantly)..
    i want to know why this happens and a possible solution for this..
    And also, I can’t minimize GPSP ingame, the game screen stays on TOP and i can’t see other applications. I can’t view the walkthrough for POKEMON emerald because of this. The games crashes afterwards or when i rotate my mobile, it restarts the mobile.

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