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gpsp v. 0.6.5 Better Audio

the gpSP is a gameboy advance emulator originally written by Exophase. And now it’s ported to the Symbian OS! This version is only for S60 5th edition. Symbian^3 users should use gpsp 0.7 for Symbian^3
What’s new:

  • Better Audio!
  • save/load states is now working

gpSP mainview

know issues:

  • not working on Symbian^3 based devices such as N8
  • It’s a gpsp port, so see the gpsp compatibility list before complaining about non-working ROMs
  • the emulator crashes if you try to load a ROM without setting the BIOS
  • there are some limitations in the ZIP file support, so maybe you have to upzipt the ROMs
  • The ZIP files seem to be eating quite a lot of RAM, so If ROM doesn’t work, try extracting it.
  • Samsung blit fails when “keep aspect ratio” is ticked off
  • N97 CFW: You can not use touch + call buttons at the same time with this firmware.

ZIP limitations

  • WinZip
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Maximum (PPMd) format WILL NOT work.
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Maximum (bzip2) format WILL NOT work
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Maximum (Enhanced Deflate) format WILL NOT run
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Normal format WILL run
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Fast format WILL run.
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Super Fast format WILL run.
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip None format WILL run.

Same process as with the AntSnes:
1. First Install Qt 4.6.3 binaries into your phone

2. Download the gpsp4symbian.sis
3. gpsp4Symbian requires the SWEvent capability. The SwEvent is required for key mapping: Now you can map call/end call etc. buttons for the gpsp usage. Therefore the following step is required to install the SW.
Go to SymbianSigned and sign the AntSnesQt sis for your own phone IMEI.
Step 1. Register to symbian signed  Gmail / Hotmail email adresses are banned from the symbian signed site, so you must use some other email service provider.
Step 2. Sign the sis-file by yourself with the symbian signed web UI.

  • Your Phone IMEI (you can obtain it digiting *#06# on your phone)
  • Your EMAIL Address (Nokia’s email address is working)
  • gpsp4Symbian SIS Package

And then the symbiansigned should email you the signed gpsp4Symbianfor your phone. This package will be installable ONLY on your phone. This procedure works for all Symbian S60V5 Phones. I had also to change to date on the phone into yesterday to get it working..
The alternative method is to hack your phone! You can find pretty good instructions from MameXM download site. (scroll to the bottom of page: Signing & Installing).
Download the gpsp4Symbian: gpsp_v065 (56806 downloads)
Sources are available on Github:
The Bios:
Remember to set the correct bios before loading ROMs. Make sure to get an authentic one , it’ll be exactly 16384 bytes large and should have the following md5sum “a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6”. The Bios extension should be .bin
Project Wiki page:
Compatibility list:
Compatibility list for S60 5th edition can be found at:
Read this before posting comments:

  • Do NOT Ask where to find ROMs / Bios. Asking about these will just get you banned!


  1. Anderson says:

    The sound is perfect! The audio quality is great, and the games runs very well, sometimes hangs, but is normal.
    The only bug that gives is when open a second rom, the emulator closes.
    Congratulations on the great work and support!
    Thank you!

  2. Max says:

    Yay, this works very well!
    The audio improvements are really worthy.
    Thank you for developing this emulator, your work is impressive!
    By the way, I’m using a C6-00.

  3. Janis says:

    Yee yu gi oh is working finaly, you are the best!

  4. Bobby says:

    Hey, is anyone else having problems with the new symbiansigned site?
    I cant get it to work now 🙁

  5. alexmaximo06 says:

    Excellent work now, the sound is now great.
    Keep working as nice as this! 😀

  6. Lucian says:

    You are great Summeli!!!Because of this we are your fans!!!

  7. Lucian says:

    Summeli how about do add support for 3D graphics?Some games with 3D graphics the screen stay blue,anyway thanks to your great work 😉

  8. ngoanrazor says:

    yeah,final, Gpsp had run game kirby.Thanks summeli 🙂

  9. Mori says:

    I install QT 4.6.3 and gpsp 0.6.5 , but it won’t start when i click on it, do i need something other to install? pls someone help me. Thanks!!!

  10. Banjo says:

    Great thanks . One question are the games riviera the promised land and golden sun 2 working ??

  11. PAUL says:

    you are GOD summeli, thnks!
    finally, I play kirby and luigi!
    this is not ”better audio” is PERFECT AUDIO!

  12. Raithwall says:

    Golden Sun 2 don’t working((

  13. Banjo says:

    How about riviera ?

  14. treim fei says:

    No Zelda again!!!! (The dash)

  15. EAA575 says:

    Yay, and update for s60v5! Wasn’t sure if you were still going to update it or not. You’re the best! ^_^

  16. huy says:

    my phone is 5233 using CFW C6 v40, i play pokemon emerald, when i try tu press B button and then press right button it not work, i cant run , do you know what error ? , but when i using fw 5233 , i can run fine, sorry for my english

    • Gia says:

      my phone is 5233, too 😀
      I think you specify the node B is induced, 5233 is not multi-touch so when you press both buttons at the same time it will not work
      – you should assign B button for all other keys outside screen
      “but when i using fw 5233 , i can run fine”
      which FW ?
      im learning english, so forgive for my english, hope you’ll understand XD
      Nghe tên thì có vẻ bạn là người việt
      nếu thế thì bạn thử gán nút b thành các nút như chụp ảnh hoặc tăng giảm âm lượng, vì 5233 k phải đa chạm nên khi ấn 2 nút 1 lúc nó sẽ k đc
      chúc thành công

    • isra3003 says:

      With cfw c6 you can press the screen and a buton (except camera button) at the same time.
      P.D. Thanks sumelli kirby, mario and luigi and metroid are now working sorry for my bad english 😀

  17. huy says:

    waitng for your answer soon !

  18. Slayer says:

    I use custom firmware N204 on my omnia HD i8910 and I get this error ‘Requested application access not granted’ could you please make a version compatible with i8910

  19. Gia says:

    i love u so much summeli :X :X
    by the way, i have a quenstion for u:
    can u make the emulator play more games ?
    /* sorry for my bad english

  20. Giuseppe says:

    Good work 😀 now we want gnuboy with audiooooooooooo 😀 but, can you create a nes emulator too???? 😀

  21. Mickey says:

    This is truly amazing. Thank you, well done and I wish you to get a million dollars. xD 🙂

  22. magico says:

    guys, why Pokemon Emerald don’t run? 🙁

  23. luer says:

    must we sign using symbian signed, or can we sign using other websites or tools?

  24. 321 says:

    i am buy psp and gaming with full 60 fps on gba

  25. Sandy says:

    Can’t play yugioh gx,
    Can’t save pokemon mystery dungeon, it say “save failed”
    In gpsp v6.1 can save

  26. This is the best applications, wish you make a linker version just like the GBA(used for trading, fighting, teaming) 🙂

  27. diba says:

    hey when i want to install this in my nokia 5230 it says update error. what should i do now?

  28. luer says:

    just one question, can u press two buttons at once?
    Eg. running on pokemon emerald

  29. janis says:

    Please add 3d because it show blue screen

  30. Gerry96 says:

    Hello. I wanted to ask a favor. if you could try to get Super Mario Advance 1 and Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga and luigi superstar saga.Mario struggles are in a fight but crashes.

  31. Gerry96 says:

    Super Mario Advance 4 hours from now on corrupted.mentre save in 0.6.1 did not give this error. 0.6.5 use the save but the 128 KB Flash?

  32. Alex says:

    Thanks Summeli, great sound, great work!!
    Can anyone using a i8910 press 2 hardware-buttons at the same time???? I can’t, same with antsnes. How about other devices???

  33. ajay0ajay0 says:

    upset with this, due controller.
    plz put in it v0.7 game controller.
    that is best.
    plz create this controller in sis packege like ‘virtual keyboard’ so we can also use it for operating phone.

    • Summeli says:

      That controller would never work on S60v5.
      1. S60v5 doesn’t have multitouch, you wouldn’t gain anything from that contorller
      2. S60v5 doesn’t have same graphics architecture as S^3. Drawing the controller on top of each frame would me less fps.

  34. mgproductions says:

    thank you so much for all your work.. you are a hero to me!

  35. Jack says:

    Help me! The bloody symbian signed keeps telling me to register to sign gpsp. When i try to register, they say my email acc is blacklisted although i didnt do anything. Is this some kind of joke?!!

  36. 666 says:

    Hi summeli! Thanks for all the work! You are Great!!!
    I have a question: Why when i open gpsp emu it tkaes me 25MB of ram only for opening the emu,without loading a single rom? It dousent happen only to me, it not depends on my phone, this hapen to all.
    After loading a rom the ram taked is 25MB for gpsp + the ram neaded to open a normal rom.
    I use both gpsp6.5 and vbag, the vbag takes me only 1MB of ram for the emu + the ram neaded to open a rom, like it would be normal.
    It might be that the 25MB of ram taked by gpsp only to open, is a big bug, or not??????
    Tt mey be the reason of the crash of some roms?

  37. Lucian says:

    Summeli,how about to add invisible directional keys for s60v5?So we can have more screen to play games on gpsp and antsnes,please add options for 4 and 8 directional button would be great.Hope you considere this 😉

  38. zero says:

    on my 5530 6.5 dont work realy good
    my batery saves of emerald also dont work (i use then for trade on pc whith my fred) and the audio isnt good and make some crashes
    but i downgrade for 6.0 again and everthing working now
    anyway thanks for the great emulator the version 6.0 is the best for me

  39. killerjr033 says:

    Summeli you are a hero of the symbian users .
    I think theres no more update to this because its working fine.
    the only thing that i think that you need to update is the more compatible roms . .
    but it depends on you i hope you will still update this version . . Thanks Summeli 😀

    • spumoni says:

      I got super mario advance 4 and mario & luigi superstar saga to work on my 5800 with the program EZ4! Google for the program, when you have the it, be sure to use these setting under save size: Flash_type and 64kb rom size.
      I think this program can make nearly all roms compatible, others than those demanding too much of the phone’s hardware (didn’t get mario vs donkey kong to work, crashed when trying to start lvl 1).
      Great work Summeli! Don’t think you have to continue developing gpsp for s60v5 anymore 🙂

  40. Daniel says:

    Great work this is the gratest emulator i ever see tanks

  41. Gerry96 says:

    hours you will make a nds emulator? N900 To have done so. If you convert to touch (like that for Android)

  42. Gerry96 says:

    hours you will make a nds emulator? N900 To have done so. If you convert to touch (like that for Android)
    lo stesso per quello del n64 emulator :)it would be nice :))))

  43. Gerry96 says:

    hours you will make a nds emulator? N900 To have done so. If you convert to touch (like that for Android)
    the same for that of n64 emulator :)it would be nice :))))

  44. Jack says:

    Can someone give me a gd website or program to sign sis files i have tried signsis. Its bullshit.

  45. luer says:

    There is some guides on youtube tht can help u

  46. link says:

    First thankyou verymuch,gpspv0.65’sound is great!
    But there is some bug in “zelda mincap”,in the game ,link can’t roll by press button “R”.when he is waking,the R button can’t turn into “roll”button. but when he is standing,the R button canbe used.the rom is no problem, my phone is 5230.
    I’am from china,so my english isn’t verywell,at last,thankyou again,hope in the next gpsp the bug willbe fixed.

  47. Racie says:

    Thanks you!!! I can’t tell you how awesome this is. 🙂

  48. Isyaku says:

    Summeli great work but can you please make a list of games that are compatible with your gpsp

  49. Ngoanrazor says:

    Hi summeli!
    How to resize screen from 480×320 to 440×320 on gpsp s60v5. I had edit code in QBlitterWidget but it is crash screen when draw. Hope you can help me 🙂

  50. Huy says:

    Summeli , have a new update for this emulator ? After, sorry for my english ^^

  51. Lepiz says:

    Hi! I like this emulator and i see that more rom is compitable 😀 mario and luigi superstar saga is working PERFECT now on my nokia 5228 🙂 i dont know is it that i updated my firmfare or is it this updated emulator 🙂 But Thanks for awesome work ;D

  52. ney says:

    tried this out on c7
    playing harvest moon more friens of mineral town… there’s no image showing.
    audio is fine.
    controls are doing fine also.
    BTW your qt installation package has an error when installed
    .i downloaded other qt version.

    • Summeli says:

      1. You should use the gpSP 0.7 for Symbian^3. This one is only for S60 5th edition.
      2. The Qt installation package is also for S60 5th edition, so the error is valid for you.

      • ney says:

        thank you for your very fast reply.
        sorry to say this but you see still no image on c7. i tried v0.5 and v0.7 needed internet connection but doesn’t download. maybe some experimenting should be done on this i’ve know.. c7 is a s^3 phone but can handle s^5 format. even on games i’ve been playing on s60v5 format. im sorry for being pushy i’m really greatful that you made this available and for free it just that i can’t play it on my phone and i’m so eager to play gba on phone.
        thank you very much a thousand times. ^_^ hehe

        • Summeli says:

          Yes, usually S60 5th edition sw works with Symbian^3.
          However, the graphics architecture is different between S60 5th edition and Symbian^3 –> there will be no image. The only way for you to get emulator working is to install the version build for Symbian^3.

          • ney says:

            hey.just wanna say thanks 😉
            for those dude who has c7. ( gpsp 0.7 )
            i got no prob. and perfectly working on any rom.
            +no lag
            +no freeze
            +audio fine
            +save and load state properly working
            very smooth~
            & installed the latest qt.

    • ney says:

      i take back “playing on any rom”

  53. Gerry96 says:

    However, for Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga (E) and only playable using the save often and when you crash, or to mute sound. To enter the village where FAGIOLANDIA enter on PC emulator and then you can go when you want. I wanted to ask if there was a way to start Super Mario Advance 1?

  54. faris says:

    gpsp doesn’t work in my nokia 5233. When i installed it, it said app not granted

  55. Bonfi96 says:

    Summeli, simbiansigned site doesn’t work, how we can sign your apps?

  56. carlos says:

    i’ve tried to play Pokemon Emerald whit this version 6.5 but doesnt work, the screen only show a white color.. I have played this game on the previous version 6.o but whit this 6.5 i cant 🙁

    • Felipe Stall says:

      i’ve tried the pokemon emerald too. the same thing happens with pokemon ruby and pokemon sapphire… please heelp!!

      • 5230 says:

        exactly the same issue… I had the old version and games worked like a charm. I’ve seen that there was an update so I uninstalled the old one and put this one instead. and now the games that worked are giving me a white screen. I remember having those issues on visual boy advance, and I just had to switch something to 128k and the white screen was gone. Does anybody knows how to switch to this 128k stuff, or a way to fix this or even somewhere I can get the old version meanwhile? Thanks in advance!
        Things I’ve tried: updated the Qt, uninstall/install the emulator again, updated phone’s firmware.

  57. Shoutaro says:

    Hey, my battery saves won’t work for Pokemon FireRed, or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Could I get some help on this? 😀

  58. averac says:

    Can this version work with qt 4.7.3???
    i already have that instaled on my x6…
    the version for the s3 is awesome….
    i really hope u can do something like that to s60v5….
    gollllllllllllllllllllll Chileeeee rigt nowwww
    sorry summeli…my apologize…..

  59. carlos says:

    Hi summeli i’ve discovered the problem of your emulator and is: automatic detection of save tipe does not work. Please fix it please please

  60. Ricky says:

    hey summeli , this stuff is good but there’s some error like i can’t play Yu-gi-oh GX duel academy , and i can’t play pokemon fire red 🙁
    sorry for my bad english

  61. Daniel says:

    Damn. How do u guys sign this file?

  62. Kinsei says:

    hi,why i can’t save my game progress ?
    when i choose save , this application always crashed 🙁

  63. Eliecer says:

    mario and luigi superstar saga is working
    metroid zero mision is working
    metroid fusio doesnt work
    and golden sun 2 doesnt work :S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S
    for my english

  64. carlos says:

    summeli where i can sign your aplication because symbainsigned doesnt work

  65. Celo Hyuga says:

    summeli where i can sign your aplication because symbainsigned doesnt work [2]

    • Summeli says:

      There’s really nothing that I can do, if the symbian signed “doesn’t work”. Maybe you should contact Nokia, if their symbian signed doesn’t work.

      • Xenogen says:

        Hi Summeli,
        I think what he means is that it won’t sign because it already has a certificate.
        This is the email I keep getting when I try to upload the file on the Symbian Signed website:
        You uploaded a SIS file to be signed with a Development Certificate.
        This failed because of Your submission has too many certificates within.
        Found: 1, allowed: 0.
        Your submission is not signed with a valid publisher id, SigningOption:
        Please correct the problem and try again.
        The Symbian Signed Team”
        I hope this helps.
        Thanks for your continual development and hard work on this app! 🙂

        • Summeli says:

          Thanks for the info. The old certificate didn’t cause problems with the previous verison of symbian signed. but after the update it seems to be causing some problems.
          I’ll make an update without the devcert.

  66. Duffman says:

    Nice work on the audio. All my favourate GBA games work with sound except for yugioh ultimate masters 2006 (static sound). I have a question. What’s the use of the game_config.txt file and how come some games, like ultimate masters for example, are not listed?

  67. Jack says:

    Can someone tell me how to sign this file without hackin my phone pls.

  68. Xenogen says:

    Here’s an unsigned version of the file to save you trouble 🙂
    Works great so far, audio is much much better but still far from fixed.
    Does it work any better if it renders it in mono?

  69. Porc's says:

    nice work on site!! Summeli!

    so… why nobody talks where we can sign the emulator..?
    i think a lot of people can´t test, or play or any other thing because of that..

  70. Spumoni says:

    For everybody having trouble signing the sis file, I used this program and it worked like a charm:
    Just follow the instructions (you can get a DevCert, developer’s certificate, when you have created an account on the symbiansigned site, which is needed for signing the application).

  71. willy nilly says:

    for some reason whenever i try to go to symbian signed and create an email it says my email address is black listed, no matter what i do, i’ve even tried creating a new email adress and using a friends and a different computer

  72. Porc's says:

    i have the same problem..

  73. Xenogen says:

    For those stuck for public emails, just try

  74. Banjo says:

    anybody got mario and lugi to work perfectly?it sometimes freeze during battles so its getting annoying ! Plz help

  75. Leonardo says:

    Now the only thing that is missing is a cheats support and we are done

  76. Kakashigna says:

    The sound is really good now !!!!
    Thank thanks thanks !!!!
    This is a super emulator…
    i love play games with this emulator with my bluetooth ketboard 😀
    bye 😀

  77. Jack says:

    U cant use gmail, yahoo or hotmail! What else is there dammit.

  78. Gustav says:

    What does it mean when symbian signed emails me telling me that they couldn’t sign my file and there this message: found:1 allowed:0 what do i do help me

  79. lucian says:

    Tutorial hacking the phone ( tested and approved).First download the xstevedore at: then install and run the application,go to the icon with the name sisx,select the name cert and make a certicate then go to the name key and make a key.Now download the freesigner at: install and run the application press options and select settings,go to the self sign cert and select the cert wich you made from xstevedore then select self sign key and select the key wich you made from xstevedore after doing this close the application.Now the last one download the just hack it at: now open the zip file and sign the certhack_installer.sis (do not install it now!!!)install the certupdater.sisx then install the certhack_installer.sis,after this will appear an app on aplications installed named just hack run the aplication and it’s done your phone is hacked works on s60 3rd,s60v5 S^3.Now guys no more symbian signed 😉

  80. Kakashigna says:

    why the symbian^3 version has alpha channel only?????????

  81. matteo says:

    hi sumeli, the rom pokemon red fire version ITA don’t working on the new version 0.6.5, but on the 0.6.1 version the rom working… How is it possible?

  82. Jack says:

    What does it mean when symbian signed says sis file is required information when i try to sign it.

  83. Renholder says:

    Thanks a lot, it works perfect in Nokia c5-03. Just a question, there is some way to import the savegames from visualboyadvance? I hope you can find out a way to do it, greetings!

  84. Renholder says:

    Does this work for nokia 5800XM? I installed SNES/G-Boy but when i click the icon on application it doesnt open?

  85. Johanoeman Ketek Putih says:

    Hai summeli, i play with your GpSp,, it work fully on my c5-03. But when i play in 3D gba game like kill switch, GTA Advance, Banjo Kazoe , and other it doesn’t workly with perfect andw sometime crash. Have you new version of GpSp for s60v5 touch? Great job summeli,

  86. cyclone says:

    hi,this emulator is very good,thank you.but the picture quality isnot so good. i recommend that “original size” to be added to the options,just like vbag.thx!

  87. Bato says:

    Does kingdom hearts work?

  88. NOKIA C6 says:

    Hey, the emulator works perfectly on my nokia c6, but is there anyway to make the green pick up, red hang up and the middle menu key working? because i use the qwerty keyboard for controls, and i would like to be able to minimize gpsp with the use of the buttons ive mentioned.. thanks!

    • Summeli says:

      The are working! The gpsp is capturing those keys for the users without the qwerty (that’s a killer feature too)

      • NOKIA C6 says:

        nah man im sorry i havent explained my situation correctly 😀 i meant that i want to use those buttons for minimizing gpsp(when i press the middle menu button), or closing gpsp(obviously by pressing the red hang up button). you know, like on other s60v5 applications, for example opera. i hope you understand what i was trying to say now 😀

        • Summeli says:

          as I said, it’s a feature. Most user’s don’t want to use those buttons to minimize / kill the application. Instead they want to be able to control the game with those buttons.

  89. Anderson says:

    I’m having problems with the Save, in Pokemon Fire Red in the gPSP earlier version, I could load the save in the game normally, but now in that version when starting the game, the game appears a warning that I can play normally, but not I can save.
    And I wanted to give a suggestion if it is can use a button for 2 commands, for example: map a button to jump and go forward at the same time, or walk forward fast (arrow + B).
    Thanks in advance for your attention!

  90. swaps says:

    hey summeli, im getting error like ‘requested application acess not granted’ i have installed 4.7 by mistake previously but im unable to install any of older versions due to these errors
    I have nokia 5235
    Plz plz plz help me i want to experience these gba games plz help as fast as u can……..

  91. rabi says:

    emulators works….but displaying press a to start….no a key in emulator….for nokia 5233…..unable to play…..any comment

  92. seremoon says:

    summeli,you are my god! The game all of my love can run by this system .no word to express my excite heart!

  93. swaps says:

    i have nokia 5235
    Gpsp4.7 doesnt works ooy phone i have got its qt package
    does qt package for gpsp4.7 works for gpsp 4.6.5? Or do i need to download it again for gpsp4.6.5 through its link?

  94. Emilio says:

    Dosen´t work in cfw in my nokia 5230 any way to do this work in a cfw
    sorry my bad english i am Mexican

  95. Lucian says:

    Summeli how about to port Pico Drive for s60v5?It’s a good idea for a new emulator 😉

  96. Christian says:

    is it compatible with android i really want a emulator on my android pls reply!!!!!!!!!

  97. ward says:

    hi there. Thank you for this magnificent work i played zelda minish cap on my n97 mini. but the only problem is the sound was a liitle bit delayed about 2 seconds. How can i fix it?thank you

    • Lucian says:

      That’s “normal” some games have delays on sound but later back to normal quality,and about Zelda the minish cap:the emulator will crash after you got all elements and go back to Hyrule Castle,sorry for this bad new

  98. justposted says:

    Thank you so much for this. Got Advance Wars working happily on my Nokia 5800 now. Amazing!
    Just to clarify for anyone struggling to install: the instructions tell you to “sign the AntSnesQt sis for your own phone”. This just means the gpsp4Symbian.sis file (which is just under the instructions).
    Thanks again. It is rare to find such well written instructions for something like this.

  99. Isyaku says:

    Hey did you guys know that you can use Sorcerer to cheat in gpsp, I’ve used it and discovered a few cheats that i’ll share. Now after you’ve loaded the game and have started playing, pause the game by pressing menu and call sorcerer (by using the assigned button of your choice preferrably vol up or vol down), then go to options~data control~input address and input the following address and data type depending on the game you’ve loaded. after the address has been found you’ll notice that the value matches that of the game, now all you have to do is go to options~data control~modify value and input the desired value. (note: this only works with the latest version of gpsp for s60v5).
    Castlevania – Aria of Sorrow:
    *Experience points: 00599248 (data type – DWORD)
    *Max HP: 0059923A (data type – WORD)
    *Max MP: 0059923C (data type -WORD)
    Sonic Advance:
    *Rings: 0064BBDC (data type – WORD)
    Sonic Advance 2:
    *Rings: 0064BFE0 (data type – WORD
    *Lives: 006854B0 (data type – BYTE)
    Sonic Advance 3:
    *Rings: 0064753C (data type – WORD)
    *Lives: 00647544 (data type – BYTE)

  100. Lobiguar says:

    Yugioh gx duel academy it´s crash wen start the duels there is a way to solve it? i have the v0.6.5 please help me, i must to say that a dont speak perfecly the english, please help me because i realy want to play this game in my 5800 🙂 thanks to everyone nice app

  101. daniel94 says:

    can any1 help me sign please?
    my imei is 351503042090165

  102. magicsonny says:

    hello summeli….
    is it possible to import touch A and B buttons in this emulator? like that for symbian 3…
    thanks in advance!

  103. Banjo says:

    Does pokemon hacks work on this emu ?

    • Nicl Ca'el says:

      It won’t work to me!! I has Pokemon which is hack by my self using tools… While i’m trying to play with this gpsp new version, it show white screen. Then, I installing back my old gpsp version 06.1 it work fine with pokemon hack.. 🙂

  104. langel says:

    summeli is the first time I dare to write but I have a doubt going to launch a new version of this emulator, which at least ask the QT 4.7.3 I figured I could do something better or not? this in itself is very good but if you have some details, thanks for your work and good luck!

  105. Lobiguar says:

    please i need the answer to my question, how can i play the mentioned games? or i need whait for the actualization? please sumelli or anybody help me with my problem 🙂

  106. windy says:

    qt package instalai please why I do not bakerja well. errors occur at installations

  107. xionez says:

    pls, im a noob when it comes to these things. What is the use of bios. i have d ROM but dat bios has me confused. And whats the essence and how do we use the bios.

    • Nicl Ca'el says:

      Just download that bios… Google for it!! The bios should look like this.. GPSP_bIOS.bin ….. Then, run gpsp and click ‘file’.. After that, set your bios.. As example, E:/others/gpsp/GPSP_BIOS.bin

  108. windy says:

    please help me…………..
    why my gpsp_V065 not working ???
    please help me summeli

  109. exile23 says:

    i cant signed my gpsp.sis on symbiansigned they change the process on signing sis files.. but i do hack my phone already .. my question now is .. how can i install the gpsp using my hack phone .. my phone is nokia 5230 .. thx

  110. Kane says:

    How to solve the problem with blue screen in 3D games?

  111. kelve says:

    I also had a problem with some games they get the blue screen

  112. Dave says:

    I have a Nokia 5230, firmware v50
    The Qt libs are installed and the bios file matches
    But when I start a ROM (Pokmemon FireRed), I just get a white screen where the game should be, the fps counter is running though.
    When I select Options->Reset the screen turns grey.
    Hope someone can help.
    Thx in Advance, Dave

  113. Cortland says:

    I try uploading the sis file and it keeps saying file restricted. what did i do wrong?

  114. nokia says:

    I have got a problem with the emulator in my nokia c7 i havent got any cwf and i firm the aplication.
    The problem is when i emulate the rom pokemon esmerald the screens stay in black but i see the D-Pad.
    I emulate the same rom in nokia 5530 with CWF and i can emulate i havent got any problem.

  115. Hey Swaps says:

    hey swaps I will make a certificate for you,just reply this comment for confirmation (leave your imei again).

  116. Johanoeman Ketek Putih says:

    Hey Mr. Summeli and for all, i play this emulator on my c5-03 then i tried to play Harvest moon, my problem is when i want to use this key L A and L A this combination doesn’t work anymore. I want to change tool and item but it doesn’t work. Can you help me Sir? Sorry for my English.

  117. Johanoeman Ketek Putih says:

    Sorry i mean L+A and L+B button combination is not work,

  118. exile23 says:

    guys .. just wanna ask how did u run ur gpsp without using hack tools..
    coz im having a hard time..
    i already have a symbiansign account but still i cannot sign the gpsp sis file .. because they need to verify my account which is i cannot solved .. geez .. so confusing .. !!

    • Johanoeman Ketek Putih says:

      Hai Exile23, why you not to try request cert and key in I have request in this website too, just write u’r phone model and u’r imei in coment box. Don’t worried about not solved your account, it’s no need regristation. The cert and key is same from symbian signed. Try this u will get u’r devcert. ^_^ sorry my english i’m Javan.

      • exile23 says:

        thx for the info .. its ok now .. i already hacked my phone thru flashing it .. its easy though you just need to read comprehensively .. hehehe .. by the way the problem now i have is i cant run any .gba games .. can u pls help me ? thanks ..

  119. Canc says:

    help i can’t register on symbian signed. i tried using yahoo mail and hotmail but it says it’s black listed.

  120. Hoop says:

    Hi, can someone make the certificate for me?
    Nokia model 5233
    Thanks in advance.

  121. tam says:

    Summeli i wanted to say that Symbiansigned are not working anymore. Since there Change of the Website there wont give any Certificate anymore (also on others side liike S60Certkey or Opda).
    But if you need a Certifcate go here:
    There you can request. Write your IMEI and the Admin request on a italian forum the Certificate for you. And it’s working i’ve tested!
    Since the Changes of Symbiansigned you can’t sign every App, there are Limitations now. As Example i couldn’t sign Virtualkeyboard (still Certificate Problem after signing).

    • Summeli says:

      The new symbian signed worked for gpsp when I tested it.
      The most common problem with the new symbian signed is that if there’s an old certificate in the sis file, it won’t just overwrite it (as it used to). You’ll have to remove the certificate manually, before submitting the app to symbian signed.

  122. Kane says:

    When will be an update for s60v5? Many good games aren’t working on this version!

  123. David says:

    Thanks, you’re the best

  124. exile23 says:

    all rom games are working on my phone .. but when i download Kingdon Hearts rom it didn’t work .. why is that ?

  125. vamsy_sid says:

    hey summeli
    Is it possible to port that transparemt keys of
    antsnes of meego to gpsp of s60v5

    • Summeli says:

      The current code is heavily dependent on Symbian^3 new graphics architecture + GPU. ReImplementing that stuff to the S60 5th edition would take quite a lot of time, and it would be really slow. The emulators would go dead slow after this, so I’m really going to do it.

      • Lucian says:

        With transparent keys for s60v5 the emu would be too slow?If you make keys with the size of gpsp for antsnes will be awesome .the problem with antsnes is that big key his eat all the screen.later I will post a layout of key for you see if is good.

        • Summeli says:

          Thanks, but no thanks. I’m not going to change the layouts for S60 5th edition stuff anymore.
          I’m spending my time to develop for Meego & Symbian^3. I don’t have time for S60 5th edition.The only thing that I might to is to add bugfixes from Symbian^3 / Meego versions.

  126. Gurjit says:

    halo my emulator not play gba roms pls halp

  127. sano says:

    hi summeli i write you because i have a problem whit gpsp 6.5 … if you can helpme plz.. well i used gpsp v 5 and now i chage the version to this but the problem is in the oldest version i can save normalay in the case of pokemon i save whit start and save but now the emulador said that the bateri is low, is
    normaly this? i have a nokia 5530
    pd:sry for mi inglish is bad ….

  128. cyclone says:

    the simulator does n’t support well for Super Robot Taisen J,it shut off automatically on the battle scene.

  129. Peter says:

    hello, install Gpsp on my nokia 5800 xm and sing it ,but when i open the application all the words are WWWWWWWWWW and does work, l’ve done wrong? Help me.

  130. Peter says:

    Tranks! That was the problem.

  131. adda98 says:

    why i can’t press 2 physical key at the same time? sorry for my bad english but i’m italian

  132. kurosaki_death says:

    anyone know if metroid fusion with EZ4 patching tool
    will work with the GPSP v 0.65

  133. exile23 says:

    just wanna know if it is ok to replace the qt 4.6 to 4.7 ? is it possible to tun the gpsp v5 even though i hange the qt ? thx

  134. Lucas says:

    Hey Summeli , i am a great fan of your work , thanks a lot for posting this , now i can play my favourite roms in my celphone ! Thanks alot !
    Maybe you could add some resource like fastskipping , i don’t know how to explain …
    Let me try to explain :
    My nokia 5530XM do not have multi-touch screen , so i cannot walk and run at the same time …
    It would be great if you could implement a resource which we could run the game at a faster speed , if you know what i mean !
    Thanks again. I’m really happy with your work and hope i could had help you with your great work ! 🙂
    Cya ~ :*

  135. Lucas says:

    Oh and some other thing is that when you are at the menu and you need to change the slot that you’re going to save , the number doesn’t shows up , is this happenning only here ? :S
    Thanks and sorry for the trouble hehe :/

  136. Joshua says:

    Is there any way we can get game boy colour or game boy games to play through GPSP? I’m keen on Pokemon Red, Yellow, and Blue but I can only get GBA ROMs like pokemon fire red and emerald etc. to work.

  137. Gerry says:

    There Goomba / Goomba Color

  138. dusanl says:

    Hi Summeli.Your work is great. But why I cant press 2 buttons at the same time … (like right arrow and green button)? Is it on me or it is lack of gPSP for symbian? I have nokia 5800.

  139. pradeep says:

    im using gpsp 0.6.5 and my qt 4.7.3 boktai 2 crashes when i try to load it and demikids won’t run either.

  140. Sebi says:

    Really nice work works good on n5800xm only bug I could find is that I can’t save/load files ?! Or did I something wrong? The Program itself is crashing when I try to do this. Only program not my phone.

  141. L3FT says:

    really good emulator =)
    but can author make such programm for NES (Dendy)????

  142. Joker says:

    Hey i have this emulator on my nokia works great but dont work with roms “Bomberman 1/2/3/4/5 all ” 🙁 please help-me.. all button dont work only “menu button”

  143. Marty says:

    Summeli, you’re so awesome.
    Thanks to you I can play gba and snes on my cheap shitty Nokia 5228.
    Thanks. :p

  144. Lepiz says:

    Hi! Like i have said, this emulator is like heaven for me 😉 but i was thinking is there any way to speed up my phone or emulator? Because when i’m playing Final Fantasy advance VI with sounds on, it lags a littlebit when battle starts or when someone speaks. But it doesn’t matter if there is not fix it’s perfect anyway 🙂

  145. Javier says:

    Pokemon emerald it doesn’t work in nokia X6… white screen =/

  146. Jc Yk says:

    hmm, cant seem to get game running.
    followed all the steps,
    1. Install qt libraries
    2. Install gpsp
    3. Unzip and copy the extracted gba_bios.bin to a folder on your phone.
    4.Open GPSP and go File-> Set Bios and navigate to where you have put gba_bios.bin and select it. You only need to do this once.
    1. Found and installed the QT libraries for my vivaz pro
    2. gpsp installed. signed also
    3. Found several bios files and extracted to memory card
    4 . BIOS can set, no problem. Can select some games, but when i choose to “Continue”, the app crashed to the App menu

  147. lucas says:

    summeli is to solve the problem of blue screen in some games

  148. itockz says:

    sir summeli why some games can run but in blue screen
    i am using C6-00

    • supemariox says:

      how did u installed the gpsp , my phone simillar to u , but cant installed the gpsp , i already sign it with freesigner … Can u help me ? Give me instructions … Pls help me :'(

  149. CeloHyuga says:

    I’m trying to install QT on my Nokia 5230, but only the latter giving the “error 10256”. What do I do to fix this?

    • armanovarendi says:

      get another installation package of QT. see in forums over the internet, you’ll get one fits on your device.
      anyway, it gives me the same error while i was installing the package from this site of a QT installer, but luckily i’ve already got a backup another QT installer that works on my device. it says a repacked version which can be installed on E:. search it, then you’ll got it too somewhere, buddy 🙂

  150. Andy says:

    want to know when you update the software, I like this software, I am a Chinese, with 5233, could you please make some other skins for gpsp?

  151. armanovarendi says:

    why pokemon emerald won’t run in this newest build? 😮
    it leaves a blank white screen when i opened the rom.. 🙁
    i remebered that the 0.6.1 version run that rom..
    anyway, thanks for this update, great audio fixes. 😀 (*although it still not perfect:)
    keep working summeli

    • zumasebi says:

      This problem also occured to me. There is a simple solution for that prob. Install gpsp4symbian 0.6.1 on your phone. Now use X-Plore (or else file-manager application) to go to E:/Private/E0D278F3/game_config.txt save this file somewhere for example on E:/game_config.txt. You should find it after the next step…
      Now install gpsp4symbian 0.6.5 on your phone and copy the “old(the file which you have saved beforehand!)” to E:/Private/E0D278F3/ it will ask you whether to overwrite it and you answer with yes.
      Now you should play pokemon emerald on gpsp4symbian 0.6.5 with better sound (yeah!!!!)

  152. Thesinz says:

    this wont work when i install qt 4.7.3

  153. Mr. Vu says:

    incredible work really. I never thought that s60v5 devices could emulate gba so smoothly. Even without sound it’s still amazing.
    I’ve been able to play pokemon leaf green on nokia 5530 with gpsp 0.6.1 and 0.5.1 and the game runs perfectly, though without sound. However, on gpsp 0.6.5 the game freezes on startup in a white screen. Perhaps because of some error generated by the audio part.
    But nice job nonetheless. Keep it up please ^^!

  154. Dave says:

    when i start gpsp nothing happened, help please (Nokia 5530) sorry for my english

  155. CeloHyuga says:

    All right! I did it! I’m playing! \o/ \o/ \o/

  156. zjn says:

    Please add hidden A、B button areas for S60 5th edition,thanks。

  157. Joshua says:

    Mate, I’m using Pokemon Fire Red. Works perfectly, saves states. But it won’t save in game, saying there’s already a save file, then “saving..” then save error, please exchange the backup memory.
    Works perfectly on Pokemon Leaf Green, I looked in the main folder and it has the .GBA file, a .cfg file, .svs file and a .sav file… Whereas the Fire Red doesn’t, it only has the .GBA file and .svs files which i’ve saved states onto…
    How can I get it to work?

  158. cooldude says:

    mine dstnt instal…it says “certificate error contact d supplier”…wat shud i do???,….:(

  159. cooldude says:

    hey nybody pls could u pst a link to dwnload evrythng and nythng to use dis sftware on my nokia 5233…..i’m really bad at dis pls pls pls…….:)

  160. cooldude says:

    umm….i tried bt trst me m seriously bad at dis cudnt undstnd a thng….

  161. cooldude says:

    wtf…pls cnt u hlp me in sm way??

  162. cooldude says:

    hey if i gv u my emie no. Wud u try certifying d app???

  163. cooldude says:

    hey dude i tried registring bt it asks fr cmpny dtail……wat wud i write….i dnt hv a cmpny…..huh…

  164. Dizzy says:

    i dont know whats wrong, i got nokia x6, and whatev i do it wont work. i have the emulater but i cant get the games to work ad i got them from dope roms. i even xtracted them. i uploaded the file but i cant find the bios i have wontwork and it crashes without them. where is the best site to download gpsp4 from and what is latest version that wont crash?i tried so many but they crash and they dont work. this really means alot to me and please can some one help? btw. my old symbiansigned accout got suspended. idk why i only had it for a day and now it wont let sign in to a new one i made. b/c it says it needs a user

  165. Dizzy says:

    do you have to sign the roms on symbian signed?

  166. Pajaro says:

    Thanks a lot for all your work!! I’ts a great app.
    I have only 2 issues: with pokemon esmerald only show a white screen and can’t see the A – B Buttons, What I should to do?
    I have hide and unhide those buttons and can’t resets in the config.
    I Have a Nokia 5530 (S60^5) and use gpsp v.0.6.5.

  167. Xplosio says:

    hey can i sign it with my phone or do i need to use a pc?

  168. default says:

    emu crashes when a I boot a game? Tried everything. Boot without bios, changing audio and video options, no luck 🙁

  169. AsHly R says:

    It’a a great app indeed. But I got a little problem here.
    When i emu SRWOG2 with gpSP the game would got lags time to time. And then i found if i move my ROM file into phone’s RAM disk it will work better.
    But if i do so ,i had to move my saved games out of RAM after played everytimes.
    So I think it is a good idea to and a new option which can choose load full ROM file into RAM or not.

  170. nokia 5530 Owner says:

    it says ”restriction on the certificate” can you help?

  171. chidimez says:

    great app but when i installed qt 4.7.3 gpsp does not open had to go back to 4.6.Does it work on only 4.6?

  172. Thesinz says:

    Super Robot Taisen Judgement crashes right on the spot i hope you fix this in your next release anyways great job on the emulator!

  173. john says:

    what other email i can use for? =( please help

  174. Microstar301 says:

    QT ERROR : error -10256
    and when i install gpsp its installed but it does not start…
    pls help me ! tnx

    • ombenk says:

      pleas summeli answer my question ?? In my nokia c5-03 qt installer not work .. Pips : eror 10256 ,
      Pleas help me and old friends …
      Sorry my englis langue is bad , hehehehe
      Pleas answer

  175. DDKPlayer says:

    Super Mario Adventure: Super Mario Bros 3 not work.
    Your Saved data is corrupted. why?

  176. morph says:

    why i cant switch between apps when emulator gpsp is running? When i hold menu button on my n97m and emu is running it does nothing, i cant switch to other apps or return to homescreen. Will you fix this soon? Its really annoying…
    Also compatibility is crap, every second game either crash after while or is full in blue color.

  177. Gerry says:

    Super mario advance 4 use save file 128 kb patch with ez4 with option Flash 64 kb 😉

  178. zumasebi says:

    need help with sonic battle: mainmenu works perfect, story mode also perfect until you enter the first battle vs. shadow…
    Grafic gets a 3D look then “ready” and “Go” appears and directly after that game crashes 🙁
    Also setting to 64Kb savefile did not work and setting a frameskip also did not work…

  179. Vezon says:

    Summeli, i’ve a big problem. When i install the qt_installer, at momment he will install the PIPs, an error – 10256 appear. However, i installed another version of QT, but the gpsp doesn’t open. I’m brazilian and my english isn’t so good.

  180. To discuss says:

    I hope you to update bug
    5800 or more cards, running around 8M game files even turn off the sound also will appear brief picture pause, for example EX KOF 2
    Waiting to be solved in …

  181. xNS says:

    Can’t install qt …shows error! Is there any solution?

  182. kpkpkp says:

    is to solve the problem of blue screen in gpsp?

  183. ombenk says:

    pleas every one help me .. How to instal qt installer in my nokia c5-03 , the pips installer is eror (upgrade failed) , pleas how to upgrade pips installer in nokia c5-03 ?? Pleas every one

  184. kero says:

    i want that hodden keyboard in n8 i want to see it on my 5800 please make it

  185. supemariox says:

    can someone help me ? Where can i download/find the SWEven capability ?
    I’m using Nokia C6-00 …
    Pls help me …

  186. Norman.raizer says:

    It took me 2 weeks to figure dis thing out. Frm certificate n key download to software signing to different emulators. Here is a quick list of wat u shud hv to make it work.
    1. Qt library( latest if possible)
    2. Antsnes qt
    3. Gpsp according to ur mobile os
    4. Gba bios
    5. Gba rom
    well symbian signing n certification is a f**kin mess so here is my advice. hack ur phone…! Dis link shud provide u wid all dat u need about hacking.
    Use the second method if possible coz it workd for me. U will require x-plore wich is nt given in the link to extract the archive. Googdwnld it. Enjoy ur gpsp. Yippppeee…

  187. Sunil says:

    Thanks sumelli u make my phone really like gpsp and snes luv u uummaaaah….

  188. YamenX says:

    Wow It Works!! Awesome But Just One Lil Prop The Audio Does’t Work I’m Using C6-00

  189. zelgadis says:

    hello I wanted to inform you that there is a critical flaw in the aplication.
    when the Nokia 5230 has Symbian operating Systema Anna
    screen and keyboard in the GPSP will not work when pressing the touch screen and keyboard at the same time.
    there will be a solicion to this problem?

  190. GabO!!! says:

    Please make an add-on or patch that can use cheats on GPSP Symbian 😀

  191. 123letsgo.. says:

    First, i wanna give a big applause and congrate to the Mr. Developer, you and your guys are totally rOcK maN !! ! 😀 thank you too much for your projects especialy the gpSP for symbian. Second, i wanna ask just one question about gpSP , as far as i know, there is one more application for playng GBA games in symbian ,named Vbag, here we can put the .gba files in MMC mmory and bla bla , and also if there is the already saved gba or …gba.sav file, we can put it in one same folder as we put the .gba files, aftr that with pushing the Load option, we can directly play the saved games , now for my question , i have tested the gpSP in my phone, is there any certain folder to put the .gba files and …gba.sav files ? Can we load the saved gba files ? Please explain and show me the way to get off it… I hope my questions are valued among us . 😀

  192. Catanese98 says:

    hello all guys know by chance that I can use email for registered users of

  193. taiana says:

    your emulator and very good. is to make a new version to fix this error the blue screen??

  194. Babyface says:

    Hi summelli, when I want to play Pokemon Fire Red, it said “The 1M sub-circuit board is not installed”, which will troubled me to save the game using the in-game. Please help me mate. 🙁

  195. Clau0922 says:

    hi summelli
    first about i want to thank you for this awesome emulator
    i have a little problem, i have a Nokia 5235 with a port C6 CFW and i cant use the emulator, i ve install everything but when i play i cant touch the screen and the buttons at the same time (necesary for the legend of zelda and a lot of games), but, when i have the original firm everything works awesome
    this have a solution? please reply
    sry 4 my bad english ^^, thank you from Argentina 🙂

  196. sm says:

    summeli you would like the door of the emumaster Meego for symbian ^ 3. ^ 1. d-pad control. waiting for reply.

  197. Tam says:

    do you know a way to sign apps?
    symbian signed doesn´t work anymore

  198. Reapered says:

    why can’t i open gpsp? i have installed both qt and gpsp, but when i open gpsp, nothing happened.

  199. blaze says:

    dude u gotta download bios for the gpsp……just search it….

  200. Liz says:

    gud day summeli,
    is there any hope for 5800xm users with c6 cfw?
    cause gpsp got some control issues :C
    pressing arrows and the call keys doesnt work well :C
    thank you 😀

    • heavy says:

      I think that the C6 firmware is really not designed for 5800xm.
      The C6 cfw is more like a hack which actually has consequences like your stated problem.
      I think the problem should be solved more likely by the hackers/crackers for c6 custom firmware
      rather than summeli.
      otherwise you can return your 5800xm to it’s original OS(firmware), gpsp works great for that unit.

    • kevz says:

      hello, we have same ph0ne also with c6 cfw. But my problem is when i am trying to install Qt., my ph0ne says. “comp0nent qt is missing, c0ntinue anyway?, i hope anyone can helpme.

  201. bio says:

    I had installed the v0.5 and now v0.6.5 and some roms crashed….
    solutions exist???
    thank you….

  202. REpor says:

    Not work in my nokia 5230!

  203. mbL says:

    explain a bit more how to sign that sis file, and which exactly, and where to download that “gpsp4symbian.sis” cant find it here… or is it that “Download the gpsp4Symbian: gpsp_v065 (12733)” that link ?
    btw, is it normal that signing takes lots of time ? its still doing something, and that for about 10 minutes now….

  204. ReBo says:

    Can i open gameboycolor roms ?

  205. SE Vivaz says:

    OMG!!! i treid all the email and they all are black listed… what email i should use?

  206. zwolak says:

    Hi summeli do you plan new version gpsp?? 🙂 (sorry for My bad English I am from Poland :P)

  207. ba7a says:

    Ur Awesome Summeli But it’s not runing on nokia 5800 xm Pls Help

  208. atoutlemonde says:

    works like a charm… thanks. my lifetime search for playable games on 5800 is now over.

  209. kaustubh says:

    can u please add support to enter gameshark or action replay cheat codes?????

  210. zheeza says:

    when i try to upload qt installer for siging up on symbian page it sends me failure report: “Hello,
    You uploaded a SIS file to be signed with a Development Certificate. This failed because of Please remove all signatures from your SIS file and try again.” how can I deal with that problem? I tried sending it few times, and always same bug report appears.

  211. 5230 says:

    Works great on a 5230, fps is acceptable and there’s sound :yay:! Took me a custom email, but hey, it works. 🙂

  212. DaFlow says:

    Hey Guys! You can still sign your file on the symbiansigned-Page with a Nokia E-Mail-Acc. Thats the easiest way. 😉

  213. Mr. Xlr8 says:

    so is there gonna be a new version for s60v5? I’d love to see one

  214. Stoneh says:

    What emai should I use when i tried almost every email different from gmail and hotmail i know…

  215. DaFlow says:

    You can Start playing Pokemon Emerald of Course! But you’ll need an Computer(doesn’t work with mobile FileManagers like XPlore, only on hacked devices)!
    On Nokia 5800 XM: First you have to install GPSP v0.60. Then search your MemoryCard for the file ‘game_config.txt'(at ‘PRIVATE’ folder) and copy it to any CustomFolder on your MemoryCard or to your PC(DataCable or BluetoothSpot required).
    Then install GPSP v0.65; now delete the File ‘game_config.txt’ from this Version (GPSP v0.65) at ‘PRIVATE’folder of MemCard.
    Now copy your ‘old’ file ‘game_config.txt’ (from GPSP v0.60) to the Folder in ‘PRIVATE’folder, where you’ve deleted the other GameConfigFile(v0.65).
    …and it works! 🙂

  216. dj2n says:

    when i instal qt installer,that qt was error,what must i do?

  217. shyam says:

    i read in an other forum that you cannot install Qt binaries to a hacked phone . my phone is a hacked nokia 5233 (it says error 10265 when installing PIPS installer and installation aborts ) . is there any way of installing Qt in my phone ? (i would really appreciate a proper answer )

  218. I'm a chinese says:

    Hey friend.We are waiting for the new edition of the gpSP for symbian s60v5.This is very popular in China.And can you tell me when to update it?Forgive me that my English is not very well,but I think you will understand what I said. e-mail me please!

  219. Noob says:

    can’t run any games. =(
    can anyone tells me wat’s my problem?
    i’m using Vivas U5 hacked

  220. snedom says:

    Why you cant do onscreen keyboard, dutton start, select,A,B. It would be realy nice, for me atleast.

  221. snedom says:

    sorry, my EN is bad.

  222. huggybear says:

    …there is one another way of hacking phones other than using cfw’s. It works 100% on s60v5 and v5. It’s also easy and even a gradeschooler may do it. I don’t want to share it here because I don’t think it’s appropriate. Just pm me at facebook coz i don’t use email. Search me as kyohie shigihara.

  223. pikachu says:

    hey, does updating qt to 4.7.3 version and installing qt-mobility can harm gpsp? i wanna use belle shell app for s60v5, which needs those,, but my emulator is more important 😀 i really appreciate if somebody has an opinion on this,the default s60 interface really sucks.

  224. doohof says:

    just one problem, on 3 button on 5233: red white green. when i pressed the same time with navigation, one of them will be disabled. when i played racing game i difficult to accelerate and turning any direction. pliss help

  225. Anuj says:

    Whenever I try play Super Mario Advance 4(mario Bros) the message appears that “Your saved data is corrupt”. But Mario Advance 4 is in the compatibility list. I have tried 4 roms from different sites.

  226. […] selbe Autor hat auch einen Gameboy und einen Game Boy Advance Emulator auf Lager. Die habe ich zwar noch nicht getestet, aber da er AntSnesQt so gut hinbekommen hat, […]

  227. Arofa'ey says:

    please when are you uploading gpsp that support game shark cheats please?

  228. meat says:

    I have a hard time signing up for symbian signed each time i register i says email is blacklisted.

  229. Slejhy says:

    I installed gpsp and qt everything is good, but gpsp don’t run.
    I clicked on icon but nothing happened.
    My software version is V60.0.003 from 22.9.2011 can be problem in this software?
    Thanks for help.

  230. dramashine says:

    it’s working on my n5230, better audio, but i can’t save the game,

  231. gestaltz says:

    sounds bios and all working on my Tmobile 5230. Pokemon Leaf Green working, although when you configure the sound for the first time, it exits, same with the controls. but when you open it again it plays normally. way to go guys!

  232. Sava says:

    works perfectly on x6 , though I have some comments… you may experience difficulties because s60v5 are not multy touch and only one point of the screen can be used at a time; and second there are still some games that are hard to load (gx academy crashes at duels , sonic battle at fights) and some dont even load, not a big deal really , but you can try fixing. Anyway good job 🙂

  233. […] satu-satu di device) – GPSP v 0.6.5…load.php?id=20 atau gpsp v. 0.6.5 Better Audio | Summeli – BIOS GBA, bisa dicari di google dan ekstensinya .bin *pastikan besar filenya segini 16384 bytes […]

  234. faizan chishty says:

    works wonderful on my nokia c5-03

  235. belloballa says:

    hi everyone…i have a nokia n8 with gpsp for symbian…do you know how to cheat it? i’d like to use cheat like teleporter 🙂

  236. Rudolph says:

    Hi.GPSP crashes every time I try to launch a game although i set the bios.I installed qt 4.7.3 because qt 4.6.3 gave me error-10256 and because of that i couldn’t even open the emulator.Plz help me.Ps sry for my eng Im europe.

  237. stevenzzzz6 says:

    Do cheats for Gameshark and Action Replay work?

  238. ltzepp says:

    great emulator :D, but since i installed it and qt 4.6.3, antsnesqt wont work :c please help

  239. Hugh says:

    Hey, thanks for the emulator. i have played several games with it ,and it works very well.
    But it still has some bugs need to fix, such as when my phone rings , the game just quit without saving the game. and i have to start it all again.
    So i really hope to see the next version please…
    (sorry for my poor english)

  240. Kido says:

    One problem on 5800:pressing arrows and the one of red white green doesn’t work well.Please help me!

  241. Vikash says:

    I can not seem to get the save load to work on my Nokia 5230 and the app crashes every time the game saves, can someone help me with fixing this?

  242. Vikash says:

    Hey guys, the app crashes everytime it hits the saving point, and I don’t know what to do, could somebody help me please?

  243. daryus says:

    hi guys i have a problem….
    i installed everithing and i downloaded the bios… i set the bios and i when i try to load rom the gpsp crashes…
    how can i solve?
    please help me

  244. Martin says:

    when playing pokemon fire red on gpsp4symbian 0.6.5 (nokia 5530 xm)i get “The 1M Sub-Circuit board is not installed”. Also i can’t save ingame, thus not being able to play past elite 4 where u save and restart and the game goes on afterwards.
    Please help! thanks

  245. kevz says:

    ,hello there, i can help those who want to hack there ph0ne with their own and its simple you have to use some to0ls. Withou using IMEI because it takes a day to hack a ph0ne. You message me in facebo0k lo0k for [email protected], and try to join to our site for more tutorials. Such as ph0ne hacking. Free/unlimited internet browsing. And dont forget to put on refferal my name when you join. Just put kEvin.registrati0n is easy. Thank you! Sorry for my english, im a Filipino

  246. Blastanks says:

    i got everything done including the gpsp but when i load pokemon emerald, it loads the buttons and then crashes, i have a nokia n97 mini

  247. N97 says:

    The 0.6 version worked like a charm but this one won’t work at all, all games that previously worked now show just blank screen at the start (I do have tried to change the bios but didn’t work if thats the case) It’s such a shame since I would have been very happy for the sound on my N97 gba emulator :/

  248. Beta says:

    problems with some games
    klonoa empire of dreams: gpsp crashes when i run the game
    pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team: can’t save the game, but i can save the state
    kirby nightmare in dreamland: minigames graph runs strange
    TLOZ a link to the past: gpsp crashes when you start using link

  249. Tam says:

    summeli, there is no way to sign apps anymore!
    can´t you sign the emulators?

  250. bob says:

    yeo does this work with vivaz?

  251. Blastanks says:

    thanks for the emulator. it works for my phone! 🙂 (by the way it is a Nokia N97 mini with S60 5th edition Symbian)
    But there is a problem. When i play fire red, upon loading up the game, a message appears saying “The 1M sub-circuit board is not installed. I have looked up the problem and it says the save file is 128KB. I have also tried on VBA but it displays the same message. I know how to change the file size of the sav file but how do i change it on gpsp.
    If you can help, that would be really helpful. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hugh says:

      Find a tool called ‘gba tool advance ‘, use the sram patch (or fix or something like that, I used the Chinese version, so don’t know what it was called in English, but the ‘sram’ will be right) for your game rom.
      I fixed it in this way, hope it will help. And sorry for my poor English.

  252. Red Danger says:

    Problem wid the in game save option! It gives error exchange back up memory
    plz can you update and correct this problem sir!!
    I heard that we can do something wid the fr of this emulator! I don’t have much knowledge but plz if this is fixed then we can play many games completely! Thanx.

  253. youssefpep says:

    lots of roms doesnt work , i remember you had like an app to fix the roms , can you pleaze post the link to that app

  254. Arofaey says:

    Please can somebody help me out i install the qt and then the gpsp when i open the gpsp it show me some alphabet please i need your help thanks alot.

  255. youssefpep says:

    lots of roms dont work, do you have any solution to that problem !??

  256. yxx says:

    Some ROMs can’t save successfully,but it’s a beautiful app.

  257. MyExistence says:

    There’s a problem with my GPSP…the only letters showing are “s” and “w”…for example, the word “LOAD” shows like this “WSSSSS”…. everything’s like this. 🙁

  258. Sepol says:

    I’m trying to run gpsp 0.6.5 on my phone, and it doesn’t work. I followed all the steps described above and it all installed without any problems, but when I click the gpsp icon nothing happens. Help?
    Aditional info:
    Nokia 5800 xpress music
    Symbian S60 5th edition
    All .sis packages used during gpsp instalation were the ones provided in this page
    All .sis packages installed in the memory card (though during the QT instalation all the stuff installed by the QT installer ended up in the phone memory)

  259. Leonardo says:

    How can i enable cheats on this emulator?

  260. dark says:

    it work very well on my n97 mini and i have try full metal alchemist.its just amazing !!!! only one thing to say THANK U

  261. N97 says:

    for some reason it say certificate error and i did all the step

  262. John says:

    thanx for the version 0.6.5 emulator summeli.. its working very nice on my Nokia C5-03 S60v5 mobile. But i got some problem about my keypad. I played some game and hitting always, It will die very soon. So can you plz make virtual key buttons A and B on screen right side, just like Emulator of Anna and Belle. So it will not effect my mobile physical keys.. Thank You. 🙂

  263. John says:

    ok man.. thanx i understood.. And 1’s agian thnx for the nice emulator.. :))

  264. John says:

    hi summeli.. I wana discuss something, why shouldnt create turbo button option for every buttons. Or in some games like contra hardcorps fire button so we no need to hold button to fire and it will give more fun to enjoy games on mobile,
    And same like in racing, Suppose A button should with 1 time press its functional and again 1 time press its not functional. So it will gr8 for acceleration in racing games on mobile also..
    Thanks and Regards.

  265. rohit says:

    hi summeli,how can i sign this emulator with symbian signed can you tell me the steps please
    I have qt4.7.3 for nokia 5233

  266. Ian Sanchez says:

    hey summeli, just wondering, have you encountered an error in pokemon fire red saying in the beginning of the game; “The 1m sub-circuit board is not installed” it restricts me from using the in-game save, as a result im forced to using the save states, i cant actually get through the elite 4 because of the error, i’ve read in numerous forums that it has to do with the “flash 128k” but usually its about VBA, was hoping i could get a response here for your gPSP4symbian software, btw im using a nokia x6-00 16gb, hoping for your help. thanks

  267. John says:

    summeli can you fix games of gba 3d like.. Need for Speed all parts, driv3r, asterix And obelix XXL.. All are working but in blue screen. And i am enjoying Max Payne GBA.. working nice.. players who wana play Max Payne, just skip blue screen casting always by pressing A button. Then you can play nicely. I am in 3rd part now and ejoying on mobile :)..
    And rohit or any person if you wana sign ur nokia handset give ur email i will help u in sigining. thnx all

  268. Kevillt says:

    Hi I’m from China,and I like GPSP very much.I was using GPSP 0.5,enjoying without sounds.
    Then I found GPSP 0.60 and 0.65,and i thought it would be better if I had some sound.
    Then…Tragedy…It can’t work!Some games like pokemon…en,we can still play it BUT!!!
    OG2…my Favourite…CAN’T!
    OMG…I don’t know what’s wrong…
    Is there somebody who knows anything helpful?Thank you!
    Please contact me!Email:[email protected] & [email protected]
    PS:People overseas will never guess how Popular gpsp and GBA game still are ,in China,well,among the 80s’

  269. […] If you are finding it hard to follow the website in the video then try this link instead: […]

  270. rohit says:

    can any one tell me how to sign gpsp emulator with symbiansigned site please help me

  271. John says:

    summeli can u plz fix 3d games problem ? i mean blue screen problem.. Games are running nice with perfect FPS but blue screen problem.
    games like – James Bond 007 Nightfire, Need for Speed All Parts, Driv3r, Asterix and Obelix XXL. Is any method to play these games without blue screen. The gameslist of your emulator is really very superb. But need to fix the blue screen problem of 3d games. Thanks and Regards..

  272. lucas says:

    Theres no way to sing apps anymore, just hacking your phone.

  273. rohit says:

    is there any one who will help me to sign this gpsp emulator for my nokia 5233 please help me

  274. rohit says:

    hello john, in hack file in antivirus quarantine list when i have go restore it tell me file allready exists please help and thanks ones again

  275. Zero says:

    Hi, i recentrly install the emulator and runs great!
    but i was thinking .. in the future, it could be posible to exchange stuff in games like pokemon to another cellphones like in bluethooth or something like that?
    Sorry my bad english, it’s not my natal idiom.

  276. renoa says:

    hi guys,I dont have problems with my gpsp app but my problem is running games! i dont know how to do it. i tried to download and put GBA_BIOS.BIN in my ROMs folder but still when i try to rrun pokemon emerald nothing happens. I can only see the buttons but the whole phone screen is black!!! i dont know the problem but plsss! help me! how do i run games?! what are the things that i have to do? 🙁

    • Beta says:

      Well, this version, for some reason, is very unstable. A lot of roms, have problems (pkmn emerald, fr, and others, tloz a link to the past, and others).
      Don’t care about the .BIN, just wait the next update.
      A nice game is The Legend Of Zelda Minish Cap

  277. kalam says:

    Hi, first of all, thank you Summeli for your hard work and bring to our phones this wonderful emulator.
    I need some help with GPSP v.0.6.5 on a Nokia 5800XM. I ran “Key config” to see key mapping options but I ended with a mess.
    Is there any possibility to reset the keymap configuration?
    How am I supposed to remap keys to the virtual pad if i can’t see it?
    I tried to delete the emulator and then reinstall but the old configuration is still there, so I guess there is a configuration file in some folder than I am not able to see. I used google also but I didn’t find anything useful.
    If someone can help me I’ll be very grateful! 🙂

  278. Dat kaboom says:

    thank you so much summeli. This gpsp is so great, now i can play pokemon and other games evry times i want without bring the gba, this is great. Thank.

  279. LFelipe says:

    I would like to know if you have any way to run some roms that do not work or that
    work with the blue screen (usually these roms are larger).

  280. rohit says:

    john i was able to install can u tell me how to put cheat code or gameshark code in gpsp emulator please tell me as early u can and thanks

  281. rohit says:

    hello john can u tell me that nds emulator is for nokia if it is there where can i download it please tell me if u know

  282. rohit says:

    can any one tell me how to uses code on gpsp

  283. raxixus says:

    I have a problem running this on nokia x6 16gb. Always when I want to load any rom gpsp 065 does something similar to CTD. Any help regarding this problem would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

  284. nabin says:

    hey frnds my phone is nokia c5-05… When i downloaded it n opened it says certificate error. Can anyone help me plsss… I need this… Pls help me…

  285. nabin says:

    and wen i install qt installer it instals completely but at last error n it doesnt show any icon of qt installer…. Pls help me…

  286. Bakaizer says:

    why i cant launch my gpsp?
    I’ve followed all the instructions and was able to install, but not in the launch it

  287. Bakaizer says:

    my hp type nokia 5800 XM

  288. sandeep says:

    Its in other language that i dont understand..i didn’t find a english version of it..what should i do

  289. sumitox says:

    PLease i suppli, i want to play final fantasy tactics advance and riviera please need help !!

  290. haylie dennings says:

    OMG GURRRRL I LOVE YOU THIS WORKED LIKE A DREAM AND IT ONLY TOOK ME 15MINS. YOU HAVE TURNED MY CRAPPY OLD PHONE INTO A WONDERFUL LITTLE DEVICE!!! i was gonna dish out £150 on a xperia play D: i just cant begin to describe how much i love you at the moment. WE WEAVE GLUE PALS FOR LIFE

  291. haylie dennings says:

    i have a problem with some roms now. i get the “1m sub circuit board is not installed” error. i’ve read some others have had this problem and the solution is to set the memory to 128k but i dont know how to do this in gpsp. please help me!!!!

  292. JasonF.O says:

    why the a and b button is missing???only the directional buttons are present…my phone is an nokia x6-00 8gb..pls help..tnx

  293. vikas says:

    hey summlie, why mario vs donkeykong is not working innokia 5233

  294. rick says:

    I have a problem … in the CFW (Custom Firmware) based on N97 as sky fire and other .. can not use physical and virtual buttons at the same time … but in the original firmware nokia 5233 no problem … all CFW only have this problem .. by causing discomfort when playing games like mario bros, megaman, etc … because i dont can move and jump at the same time …

    • Summeli says:

      That’s just how the N97 works. You can not press keys & use touch at the same time even with original N97, but it’s not a problem since you have the full qwerty. I really can’t fix your CFW, so you just have to live with it.

  295. jess says:

    this app is worth having for s60v5 phones. the only thing that is so annoying about this is u cant directly install and run it to ur phone, i was forced to hack my Nc5-03 just to install this and now i can play all my favorite gba games. final fantasy games, zelda, and pokemon, some roms have problems though(ex: pokemon fire red, u cant save in the game but u can save using the gpsp save slot, sword of mana exits when u reach a certain boss in the game). but thanks a lot to summeli, i really benefited from this app.

  296. jess says:

    i hope they will update this app for a better performance for s60v5.

  297. jess says:

    to hayllie dennings. if u encounter the “1m sub circuit board not installed” problem then u certainly are not alone. that’s a coommon problem in pokemon (fire red,mystery dungeon- red rescue team). to solve that problem u dont need to save in the game or do the visual boy way of solving it. there’s no setting “for 128k” in gpsp symbian, its for the visual boy gba emulator for pc.Instead do this: a game(ex;pokemon fire red (u cant save using the game’s save slot) ——-2.while in the game and you want to save ur game(with such problem), dont save it using the game’s save slot because it will only say “save error- exchange the back up memory”. —–3. exit from the game and when u see the gpsp’s options, click ‘save'(note that there are 5 gpsp save slot),doing that will save ur game from where u stopped. —–4.when u want to load ur game, just open the game and when its running already, exit from the game and see the gpsp’s options and click ‘load'(note that before pressing ‘load’, make sure that ur using the number of the save slot where u saved ur game.) doing this, i was able to finish playing pokemon fire red

    • jEDy says:

      i finished but until the elite four only. after the elite four i must be able to continue the game to get to 7 islands and get mewto and more but i cant because after the credits it just goes start new game.

    • Kyousuke says:

      But for example in “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon – Red Rescue Team”, when you die on a floor, you will get to the last save point.
      And there’s the problem: You don’t even have a “save point”, so you get back to the Main Menu, where you only can see New Game, although you saved it like you did (gpsp options). Of course you can Load the saved file from gpsp options, but if you saved in a hopeless situation, where you can only die, you’re screwed.

  298. daniel says:

    i didn’t understand the changing bios part, could someone please explain it to me?

  299. daniel says:

    nvm managed to take care of it

  300. Trololo says:

    i cant see my a and b.. btw my handset is 5800 music xpress

  301. eduin says:

    errors in some menus and videos of some games crash and crash nitro kart slows to 50% of the FPS that I should have used a nokia 5230 with lite symbian 5 (CFW) and many optimizations

  302. eduin says:

    otherwise use a GBA bios extracted from a real by MD5

  303. bill says:

    qt doesnt install in c5-03 any suggestions plz

  304. Kyousuke says:

    Btw.. if there is a possibility: How can i put cheats in there?

  305. Eddy2dh says:

    Hey and thanks for the emulator but recently when I load roms I get the d pad and a blank screen if anyone gas any ideas at all please comment!

  306. hey guyz can you help me how to remove all of the signatures that symbiansigned told me about the gpsp_v065 need help please

  307. hi summeli, gpsp rocks but lots of bugs and some roms doesnt work thats kinda sad :/ but over all ill rate it 9 out of 10 ^_^
    i wanna ask if i play some games like harvest moon or something in PC with other emulator then put some cheats in it will the gba saved file still run in gpsp? never tried it but is it possible to put a cheat on gpsp? like in visual boy advance?

    • i does work if saved file created by game itself not gpsp 5 save slots (but only mod codes (like item codes , characters codes work , the stuff like alway full hp, mana , auto win or etc will surely off after you turn off the pc emulator))
      and damn , was so excited when download the SRW J yesterday and … right when the battle screen popped up : crash T_T

  308. abel says:

    Did anybody play Shining force resurrection of Dark dragon? I can’t exit the first church Oo WTF??

    • Jess says:

      To bill, my phone is nokia c5-03 but ive been enjoying gpsp for almost a year now. To those who want to put gameshark codes, you will need a pc and gba emulator for pc preferably the visualboy. Using pc ,open ur gba emulator and the rom u wanted to play, then connect ur phone to the pc and rename ur saved gba file from .sav to sa1, then using the gba emulator for pc put gameshark codes and save. Then the save file has the gameshark codes, rename it again from sa1 to sav so that u can be able to load using gpsp. I completed the national pokedex in pokemon emerald using that trick.

      • ZF says:

        Hey, i have a nokia c5-03 and i dont know what to do. I dont know how to do that. Can u please help me?

      • abhijit says:

        plz plz plz tell me how to install it in my C5-03 , it doesn’t open, i’ve tried many times but couldn’t open it, plz help me

      • abhijit says:

        but t doesnt install in my phone… 🙁
        sum error it shows and aftr installing…gpsp dosent open :'(

      • abhijit says:

        To jess , please tell me how to install it in my nokia C5-03, it doesnt open , plz plz plz help me jess

        • Jess says:

          To abhijit.
          1. First, u should be able to hack your phone so that u can pass through “certifications problems” and install anything compatible to ur c5-03. (how i hacked mine needs another detailed explanation, u can google it if u really want to or see videos on youtube, nevermind the risks because its worth it)
          2. After ur cp is successfully hacked. Follow the instructions here for installing the Gpsp. It should work 100%
          3. Download the right bios, and then Set it in gpsp first, (i got mine from emuparadise)
          4.After setting the “gba bios”, download any gba roms. It should be a “.gba” format, (example: pokemon.gba). If you downloaded a .zip file, you just have to extract it so u can get the .gba format.
          5. Having all these. (gpsp, bios, and gba rom) you can now play the .gba file by choosing it inside gpsp emulator and clicking “open”. Hope this helps

        • Jess says:

          To abhijit, pls follow the instructions how to hack your cp given in this link after you succesfully hacked your cp, you should go back here and follow the instruction how to make gpsp run.

  309. Rio says:

    Is there a nes emulator for symbian 5th?. And why yugioh game (. GBA) many crashes when duel ?

  310. Jess says:

    To Rio, yes there is antsnes, but the controls for it are so hard to assign which key to use for some nes buttons. Using gpsp I played Yugioh reshef of destruction, stairway to top duelist, theres no problem, the other one (champion2006) can play butwith damaged sounds, the other versions crashes. Boktai the sun is in ur hand needs a solar detector which ur nokia dont have. And yes, i deleted the shining force rom because i cant get out the main character of the first church.

  311. Jess says:

    For gameshark coding. A gba emulator for pc(visualboy) and a pc is needed.b4 playing ur saved file(.sav) using visual, rename .sav to sa1 then put .sa1 and its rom in one folder. Open visualboy and play the rom. Then using visualboy put ur gameshark codes to the game then save the game after that. Go back to the folder where u put the rom and the .sa1 then rename .sa1 back to .sav. Put the .sav file back 2 ur phone/memory card then open ur game using gpsp and then in the game, load ur saved file and the gameshark codes effects will stay in the game.

  312. abel says:

    too bad summeli dropped support for S60V5 emulators ((

  313. abel says:

    I’m not planning to buy android phone, although there are a lot of emuls for android, including psx and ds. BTW is there working NES emul for S60 5th?

  314. Rio says:

    Is there a Nintendo DS emulator and nintendo 64 for s60v5?

  315. Jess says:

    Rio, there is no emus for that. But we hope summeli will make emus for that. Im buying a new 16 gigabytes memory card. I tried the pokemon platinum for nds in my gpsp, its working..

  316. abel says:

    DS emulator and nintendo 64 for s60v5 ?? are you kidding? )

  317. Jess says:

    Abel, pokemon platinum using gpsp4symbian, its working if u follow the instruction in setting up the bios, and using first visualboy advance for pc.

  318. abel says:

    I didn’t ask anything about pokemon )

  319. FK says:

    This app is very good for s60v5. I am chinese, my english is so bad. I am very thank you make this app.

  320. FK says:

    I meet a problem. I dowload nfs roms. But color is blue. Some games like it. Can you solve the problem. I am chinese. ye

  321. Rio says:

    Anyone are know how to play the game gba multy player in gpsp version 6.5?

  322. francisco says:

    i cant instal it. please help.
    i get a message ” wrong certificat”
    sorry for my english. i am portuguese.

  323. slntkilr says:

    why is the link for the installation of the Qt for nokia is not working?

  324. abhijit says:

    It doesnt work in my C5-03 plz plz plz dont ignore and help me

  325. abhijit says:

    for c503 users , download qt 4.7.4+qt mobility 1.3.1 as , c5 is new series so, new qt is required, in my c5-03 , im enjoying the gpsp emulator

  326. Teste says:

    How to save batery on Pokemon firered ??

  327. Help says:

    Does anyone know why when i try to install Qt 4.7.4 into my phone, it says “unable to install”?

  328. Leow Wei Han says:

    Guys, after i load the bios and the rom (pokemon leaf green), it stays at the dpad, and it doesn’t load.
    My phone is a C5-03, and when i tried to update my Qt to 4.7.4, it said “update error” (current version is 4.6.3).
    Really need help on this, thanks!

  329. jack says:

    i don’t know about the bios, if i had just set one correct bios, is that means i can play all the gba games?

  330. Akash says:

    i hv all the needed files to run gpsp on my nokia 5233 but after all my gpsp not loading any roms and stand still on black screen with the d-pad… Plz hlp summeli that how to run it perfectly on my nokia 5233
    Hope u will surely help..Thnx for ur upcoming help : )

  331. Just a guy says:

    To all of you complaining about Pokémon Firered save and “1M sub circuit board not installed” (and probably some other games):
    You have to replace the game_config.txt from GPSP 0.65 with the one from 0.60
    I found it here in this link:
    Look for
    22 de mayo de 2012 23:13
    Jesus Aguilar dijo…
    and the explanation follows (in spanish… you can use google translate if you don’t understand it .. and thank mr Jesus Aguilar)
    I have tried it and it works fine.
    Or.. if possible, i would ask Summeli to make a version with the replaced file and call it 0.65replaced_file 🙂
    PS: Great job with the port Summeli.

    • Summeli says:

      I just did pokemon fire red, and it works on my N8, so it should be working with the S60 5th edition too. I have no idea why it isn’t working. I don’t have a working S60 5th edition phone anymore to test with, so I can’t say what’s wrong with this.

      • Iri Irinel says:

        Hi Summeli,I’ve recently updated the compatibilty list with working and non-working games,I hope it may help you,as some games may have ”bad jump” errors(found one when battle in Superstar Saga)Yet I appreciate your effort,it’s a big step to make games ”multitouch” with the buttons,giving the real game experience.I thank you again and I hope you make some little upgrades for it (3D textures fix,maybe?)

  332. Summeli Fan says:

    Is it possible to upgrade this so that bluetooth connection feature is enabled Example, trading/battling pokemon through bluetooth?? If you are currently working on that kind of feature, please let us know so we won’t be waiting for nothing

  333. abhijit says:

    leow got to settings -> app manager-> installed apps-> search for qt delete it then install 4.7.4 🙂

  334. abhijit says:

    help ,
    hack your phone

  335. abhijit says:

    can anyone tell me how to patch gpsp to play other roms which r not working

  336. L says:

    Can I report compabilities of some roms? Some don’t work.

  337. Radem says:

    Mine does not work !
    Only a blank screen and the d-pad are visible.
    Pls help me !

  338. Karan says:

    First you have to download ”x-plore” on your phone and than go to ””and click gba option scroll the page and you ”GBA BIOS” download and than go to ”x-plore” locate the GBA BIOS file and go to option and extract the file than you found gba.bin,,,locate on your emulator…thats it.

  339. gpsp das work at nokiaa 5800 xpressmusic..?
    plss help…

  340. chiee says:

    why its say , your already full memory ? buy not really ? what can i do..? im always trying to install this apps but its still not -_- i hope i can install this apps. ty.. phone – c5 s60 5th editiong help thanks

  341. Zajamo says:

    Anyone, i can’ play ‘mario advanced 3- Yoshi’s island’ , i can’t jumb. 🙂 plis help

  342. Exarion says:

    Can you make the gpsp cheat option for s60v5?
    And how to enter the gameshark code to the s60v5 gpsp ? is it just work with action replay code?

  343. Pankaj says:

    Hey , whenever i am installing gpsp it show ‘requested application acess not granted’ please help me for it how i solve this problem….

  344. Yusuke says:

    Yo bro
    why does my gpsp v065 don’t have the A and B button?? Where is it?? Im using nokia 5233

  345. jade says:

    to jess.where can i download qt 4.7.8 for my nokia c503?

  346. Sanket bhosale says:

    Plz How to set bios?

  347. This project should be closed many users have now andriod phones.gba in andriod is very easy!..NO set up neccessaey..You are the best for symbian users!

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