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I’ll be using Qt with gpsp and psx4all ports

Currently I have the dynamic recompilation running without the trampoline pattern (thanks to hinkka’s tips), so there’s no deoptimizations in the dynarec side anymore. However the speed is not nearly as good as it should be. It seems that the main issue is somewhere in the Symbian SDL port. Therefore I decided to dump the SDL port, and make my own port with Qt.
The Qt will be the UI system for Symbian^4 and for future Maemo platforms, so they can easily be supported after this change. So basically I’ll be getting much better compatibility too. Actually the Qt is already working on the Current Maemo 5 and N900! The dynarecs were originally written for linux, so there really shouldn’t be any issues compiling and running the same SW with Maemo devices too.
Using Qt with S60 versions from 3.1 to 5.0 is a bit more challenging. I doubt that the Qt’s blit is fast enough, so I’ll have to make old S60 blit-functions for them, but it’s OK, I’ll switch to the Qt blit later on.
I’ll be using the Qt 4.6 which was released a while ago.


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  2. Bryden says:

    Woah, that would be amazing. I have a 5800 if you need a tester let me know

  3. Hi, Summeli.
    My name is Alexey Gurzhiy.
    First of all i have a proposition to solve the multitouch problem (with two ways)
    the second – i would like to discuss with you something for myself. Can you mail me?
    with best regards,
    Alexey Gurzhiy

  4. notaz says:

    Can you elaborate more about how you avoided trampoline?

    • Summeli says:

      Hinkka didn’t release his sources under any license yet, so I’m waiting for that.
      The basic idea is that the dynamic recompiler and the recompiled binary both are executed under Symbian’s USER memory section. So you’ll have to also move the recompiler itself to the user memory section.
      I’ll write a bit more about this when Hinkka’s Symbian coderelocator is available under some usable license.

  5. zaca11 says:

    sorry to divert the issue, but I have a doubt, it would be possible to develop Linux to run on nokia? imagine the possibilities

  6. PinitoX says:

    I have a Nokia E63 :3, i would like to test the psx4all on my phone :3

  7. zaca11 says:

    hen will be available for nois downloaded?

  8. Jordane BR says:

    This video and the port that you doing?

  9. nsx says:

    Hi! It’s me!
    Do you know that the psx4iphone 1.1.0 works terrible on simple iphone (max 13-17 fps) and only on iphone 3GS it works much better? And if you port psx4iphone to the simbian platform, I dont understand you.
    Maybe you should try to port FPSEce 0.10 final (WindowsMobile 3-6.5) that works perfect (fps 50-60, but with small very small sound problem in video insertion)? We (I and my friend with Rover X7) easy play in ff7-8-9 on his PPC(cpu 628mHz ram 128mb) using FPSEce 1.1.0. How about this?

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