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S60 5th editition doesn’t have Multi-touch, you must wait untill Symbian^3

I fixed the touch keys on the recent AntSnes 0.71 release. I though that I could support multi-touch in my application. I mean that there’s nothing preventing it to happen 🙂 It should just work.
Well, the thing is that there’s no multi-touch in S60 5.0! So there’s also no multi-touch on Samsung i8910. Therefore I’m not wondering anymore why Nokia uses only those crappy resistive displays.
According to  Symbian roadmap the multi-touch is coming in Symbian^3.  The Symbian^3 should come sometime at 2010.  The chances of getting the multitouch to the AntSnes before that are close to 0.
Before posting comments about “London Defend” take a look at this
. So the multitouch is feasible with few keys even with resistive display and Symbian. But Snes has 12 keys plus antsnes key for the menu, so it’s really not going to work.


  1. ReS says:

    Any news on when the next update for Antsnes?
    I personaly think its working great atm, apart from the green buttom line in zelda.
    I finished Chrono Trigger btw awesome work mate, truely mind blowing how far you have come.

  2. daven97 says:

    Hi Summeli, thank you for all your work, i imagine the multi touch must have been quite a head ache!
    I hope this does not sound at all ungratefull but would it be a simple matter to provide a fullscreen option for s60 5th ed for N97 users?
    Also is it possible to modify the volume up/down key to other than start and select?
    These are only suggestions, many thanks for all your work and efforts!

    • Summeli says:

      I’m worried about the aspect ratio. It would probably look very crappy in full screen.

      • daven97 says:

        I’m no expert on the native aspect ratio but i would assume it to be 4:3. Currently on my n97 it is virtually 1:1, meaning there would be some scope to open the width out upto a third anyway. I tried out the vsun demo and that looks fine in fullscreen, it doesnt appear to have any filters applied. Of course thats not to say it doesnt.
        I guess it is a similar situation to someone playing snes on a widescreen tv.
        There’s a fairly crappy vid on youtube showing street fighter on vsun on an n97. The video isnt the clearest but i think you can get a feel for how it looks.
        As my knowledge of writing an emulator is zero, I have no idea how difficult adding an option for fullscreen would be but i appreciate you listening to my suggestions!

  3. alex says:

    I know this question might sound stupid. But will it be possible / likely that Symbian^3 could be flashed onto a I8910 then?
    Also could you perhaps release a version of Antsnes 0.7x where you can press the buttons repeatedly without having to hit another button in between? You could also make this one optional… Thanks!

  4. iRaptor says:

    Hi! Thx for emulator, it’s really cool!
    I think, that multitouch is not required on my 5800 to play AntSnes.
    Stucking D-pad is only the one problem I have.
    But when I play N-gage Asphalt 3, I use VirtualKeyboard + Virualkey soft to control the car ingame. And D-pad keys are not stucking there!
    So, I’ve solved problem with colored control buttons in AntSnes by remapping them to hardware buttons via Virualkey, but unfortunately, VirtualKeyboard’s keys stuck like AntSnes’s D-pad.
    Maybe, if there was an option to disable native virtual controls in AntSnes, the Virtualkeyboard won’t be stucking… maybe not…

    just give it a keypad and let the l and r buttons be modded to camera button and lock button
    and have a and b buttons be the buttons slanted on the front of the i8910 down the bottom!
    then have the start,select and exit button and seperate on screen buttons!
    Please i will pay for this!

  6. iRaptor says:

    [quote]S60 5th editition doesn’t have Multi-touch, you must wait untill Symbian^3[/quote]
    But NOKIA x6 has multitouch! How hell is that possible? Yes, X6 has capacitive touchscreen instead of resistive, but X6 platform is similar to 5800.

  7. Nseries says:

    but n97 have a qwerty, multitouch its not necesary…

  8. Msd says:

    I got c7,multitouch, please help…I want gpsp for symbian^3

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