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AntSnes for Symbian^3

Thanks for clpalmer:
For those of you who want a better experience on S^3, here’s a modified version of AntSnes that supports multitouch and has full set of on-screen buttons. Also runs much faster, close to 60 FPS w/out sound and usable with it. The audio might sound a bit glitchy at the moment, though, due to some optimizations.
This is completely un-official and Summeli can re-release this when he finds time through his proper channels and with the source, but at least here’s something to play with in the meantime.
Requirements: S^3 device with Qt 4.7.2 or 4.7.3 libraries installed


For those of you who want audio to work a bit better, give this a go:
Was only trying to get multitouch, full onscreen keyboard and better FPS with my last one so didn’t care that audio was a bit borked.
This one should improve audio glitchyness, but might be a bit slower when audio is enabled.
Again, not an official release, and Summeli will do that when he sorts his stuff out.

Yet another update 🙂 This one is to hopefully re-enable hardware key mapping.

Again, wasn’t paying attention to hardware keys when I didn’t the mods as N8 doesn’t really have many you can use anyways. In any case, this should hopefully fix it. The only keys you can map, at least on N8, are the light-press camera key (don’t hard press or you’ll exit) and the volume keys, but the volume keys act wierd because hitting them seems to deliver two sets of key down/up events. You’ll notice that if you hold them, you get a brief press, then a release, then another press until you release it.
Hopefully will work better for other keys on keyboard or attached controllers. Let me know if it’s still busted.
I’ll tweak the buttons a bit, and then I’ll make a new version.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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