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AntSnes video

Here’s a short youtube video of AntSnes running on my N8.

Get  AntSnes 0.8.1 now 🙂


  1. joshio says:

    sorry: you are god.

  2. chrono says:

    i have a nokia n8 but sounds still not working i get a hissing noise plz explain whats wrong to me plz

  3. faenil says:

    Wonderful! Man, contact me for i8910 support 😉 I don’t have much time now since I’m busy with n205 cooking…
    but if you help me get it to compile, I think the mods needed to adapt it for i8910 will take little time 😉

  4. cansual says:

    Nice gameplay Summeli.
    I found that it’s POSSIBLE TO PRESS 3 BUTTONS AT ONCE.
    It was possible for me to walk load my gun an jump at once(Megaman X).
    Today I will try to play with an USB Controler over the USB TO GO adapter. This will be great, if it’s work. And could you please add Full Screen Modus for playing over the TV.
    This would be very great and very advantagous for playing. I hope this is possible to do for you.

  5. stylinred says:

    wow awesome!

  6. NightStalker says:

    psx4all for N8-00! thanks for the emulator!

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