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AntSnesQt 0.7: Audio update for S60 5th edition

AtnSnes is Snes9x emulator for Symbian. It is actually based onΒ DrPocketSNES version 6.4.4, which in turn is based on snes9x 1.39. This one will only work for S60 5th edition phones. Symbian^3 users, don’t bother trying, the AntSnes 0.8.1 for Symbian^3 should be much better for you.
The new AntSnesQt comes with the audio fixes from clpalmer.
What’s new

  • Audio is now working
  • fixed the crash after loading a second ROM

The Big D-Pad

Know issues:

  • PAL ROMs do not work

1. Qt 4.7.3 is required. The easies way to get the Qt installed is to install Flowd from ovistore:Β
2.Β  Download the AntSnesQt.sis
3. AntSnesQt requires the SWEvent capability. The SwEvent is required for key mapping: Now you can map call/end call etc. buttons for the AntSnes usage. Therefore a new step is required to install the SW.
Go to SymbianSigned and sign the AntSnesQt sis for your own phone IMEI
using free Open Signed Online option this operation should be free of any charge.
Read carefully the instructions on the SymbianSigned site.
You must give them

  • Your Phone IMEIΒ  (you can obtain it digiting *#06# on your phone)
  • Your EMAIL Address
  • AntSnesQt SIS Package

And then the symbiansigned should email you the signed AntSnesQt for your phone. This package will be installable ONLY on your phone. This procedure works for all Symbian S60V5 Phones.
The alternative method is to hack your phone! You can find pretty good instructions from MameXM download site. (scroll to the bottom of page: Signing & Installing).
4. You might get warning like “not compatible with phone” just keep on going, it might still work πŸ˜‰
Download the AntSnesQt:Β  AntSnesQt v071 (19911 downloads)
Sources are available on Github: (remember to choose the S60 5th edition branch)
Read this before posting comments:

  • Do NOT Ask where to find ROMs / Bios. Asking about these will just get you banned!


  1. Bobby says:

    Thankyou Summeli!
    you are still the king πŸ™‚
    looking forward to trying this.
    Can anyone tell me another way to install the latest version of QT?
    Thanks x

  2. Lucian says:

    THANKS Summeli,I was waiting for this,after you released the new AntSnes for S^3.Now I will test the new AntSnes,and see if works for my english,I’m brazilian.

  3. elk says:

    it dont give me the enought acces to install it :/

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  5. SoWErA says:

    Thank you very much
    Downloaded now and gonna test it πŸ™‚

  6. 321 says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaa yeah summeli is king aaaaaaaaaaa i love you

  7. 321 says:

    summeli – how you was so quickly – your knowledge of programming is amazing – 3 versions of emulators in 3 days!

  8. SoWErA says:

    why is Secret of Mana loading on the left half of the screen and on the wrong side(up is left and down is right…)? at else it sounds like the sound is fixed πŸ™‚

  9. Anthony03 says:

    hey summeli tnx for your emulator
    now i can play with my phone with sound
    summeli im just excited when will u release the gpsp w/ better sound?
    and more compatible roms. . .
    hehe sorry for my english

  10. Anderson says:

    My phone is a Nokia 5530, I uninstalled the AntSnes that I had installed on my phone, and installed this new version, I set the audio and loaded a rom, but the sound does not play, and also a bug that is happening, is that If I close the emulator and after then open the same rom, the game already appears in the part where I was playing before.

    • Anderson says:

      I gave a Reset in Rom and the sound played, but the bug I mentioned is still continuing.
      The sound quality is great, better than the gPSP, congratulations on the work!

  11. 321 says:

    antsnes made sst(save states) for everyone game which has been launched

  12. Mine isn’t working. Installed QT (needed to find version 4.7.1 in nokia ftp). Then installed AntSnes 0.7 successfuly. Unfortnelly the Mario icon don’t open. It starts (I can see a little ball on icon meaning it’s loading) then it stops loading no matter how many times I try. Tried to restart phone, but got the same effect. Mine is a nokia 5230 nuron.

  13. Lucian says:

    Great work Summeli audio is perfect no glitches,but cant play all donkey kong versions and top gear 2.And you will make a new version of gpsp,we wait a new version with better sound.PS.:sorry for my english.

  14. 321 says:

    work perfect with sound (frameskip – 4 fps, sound quality – 16000Hz) – battlemaniacs, battletoads and dd, chrono trigger,ogre battle ,rock n roll racing ,tmnt turtles in time,final fight 2,do-re-mi fantazy.
    work slow with sound (frameskip – 4 fps, sound quality – 16000Hz) – super mario kart,R2,rockman x (megaman),spawn,ghost chaser densei,bahamut lagoon,secret of mana,demons blazon,final fantazy 6,super metroid.
    not work with/without sound – batman forever, batman returns,amazing spider-man,sDD-1 games (street fighter alpha 2, star ocean), yoishi island,mario rpg,axelay , donkey kong 2.
    all working games have 30 fps without sound – EVEN CATLEVANIA DRACULA X WITHOUT GLITCHES !!!!!!!!!!

  15. SoWErA says:

    Anyone got this working properly on Samsung Omnia HD I8910?
    only got 50% of the display displaying the game but it’s on the wrong side so up is left and down is right

  16. Bobby says:

    Working great now πŸ™‚
    though there is a problem with old save states; if anyone is noticing that sound isnt working in some games, try deleteing your save states and starting again.
    I did manage to rescue my save on Earthbound by moving the save states to a different folder, resetting the rom, then moving one back and loading from an in-game save.
    I’ve forgot the exact sequence i did this in, and i cant seem to do it for Chrono Trigger, but i guess i’ll just continue that game without sound πŸ˜‰
    Summeli, do you know of a workaround for this?
    thanks again for your continued support of 5th edition phones, you are a legend!

    • Lucian says:

      tha’s funny I play EVERY games with high audio quality and full fps,chrono trigger full speed with audio,the audio is perfect.Try to delete some aplications,maybe some aplications is in conflict with AntSnesQt.

      • Bobby says:

        Yes, chrono trigger works for me too full speed with audio, but I mean when i load one of my old save states from the previous version, there is no sound.
        sorry if i didn’t explain that very well πŸ˜‰
        anyone found a workaround?

        • Summeli says:

          reset the game, and then load the last “game save” from the menu.

          • Bobby says:

            still no sound. it seems the only way to get sound is to remove the old save states so it starts an entirely new game.
            i think this has something to do with antsnes automatically loading a save state when it starts.
            thanks again for your help summeli!

          • Bobby says:

            Aha! I just did it!
            you have to load the save state, exit the emulator and restart it, then reset the rom.
            Working fine now, hope this helps anyone having the same problem.
            and, once more; thanks summeli, you are awesome!

          • Joao says:

            Bobby your hint worked fine for me on nokia c6-00….
            Congratulations for you Ms Summeli! Awsome sound!

    • isra3003 says:

      You are the best. This emulator works perfectly with sound in earthbound and crono trigger but when i load earthbound my savestate of the old version of antsnes start. I moved the save states but i want to recover it. can i recover the sAVE STATES??? Sorry for my bad english i am from mexico XD

  17. Lucian says:

    Summeli,you can fix the xyab-pad,cant press two buttons.

  18. thanks for antsnes v7 in
    nokia 5800 is running excelent

  19. summeli is posible psx in nokia 5800 .or symbian 3

  20. Tam says:

    PSX on S60V5 (Nokia 5800, N97…) is working, but itΒ΄s too slow…
    Symbian^3 have a Chance to handle PSX…

  21. Jerzeydan says:

    Have you planned doing the same update for gpsp for symbian s60 5th ? : )

  22. Marco says:

    hey dude when i try to open the rom the program close what the problem? πŸ™

  23. 321 says:

    40 comments – s60v5 =symbian^3 !!

  24. antsnes v7……………. : – ) is excellent thanks summeli ……. full working in my 5800 .

  25. Monoblos says:

    Hey, I have Nokia 5530 and people say that chrono trigger works perfectly, but for me I lack lot of FPS and I got some color bars at the bottom and at the top of the screen. Sound works flawlessly but got problem with FPS. I have turned off every program on my phone, only AntSnes is working.

  26. dr490n says:

    finally the first version of antsnesqt that’s working on my 5800!!! all the previous version won’t load any rom at all!! thanks summeli!!

  27. chowder995 says:

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH 4 THIS UPGRADE!!! Belive it or not, you just made my day!!! I saw this today and downloaded!!! Now paying SNES games is even more fun!!! I was wondering… can you make gnuboy with sound too (sry if I am spamming)?

  28. Tam says:

    Will you make these Audio Updates also for GPSP and GnuBoy?
    What is about Multiplayer (Bluetooth)?

  29. Ciamil says:

    Summeli help me! I can’t find Qt 4.7.3 anywhere!!! I downloaded many qt’s of that version but I always get error -16 while installing!!! Do I need to hack my phone? I have Nokia 5800 firmware is 52 v7.

  30. riyaaz says:

    where can I find the fixed antsnes for i8910 please

  31. SoWErA says:

    I don’t think they have uploaded it yet or Summeli is making his new homepage update with the new release info πŸ™ hehe
    Patience my children πŸ˜‰

  32. felo_symbianero says:

    hello , very good version! .. but international super star soccer de luxe (american version) do not detect player 1 controler…… only cpu vs cpu…. :(. solution??

  33. SoWErA says:

    Please give us the fixed version allready πŸ™ even I am having a hard time waiting now πŸ™

  34. dr490n says:

    summeli, the sound works great and also with good fps, but i noticed that the frame skip option is not working anymore. is this a bug or intentional? cause sometimes i need to set the speed slower (to compensate for lack of accurate and normal joypad) or faster (to fast forward some tedious repeating game process in rpgs) in certain games..

  35. My 5530 when tightening load because it closes, I hope answers thank you, my gpsp4 functioned perfect.

  36. NDuran says:

    I trying to run the app but when I load any rom the app crashes, I installed the antnes v 0,7 and it works but, when i installed the new version, antnesqt in my nokia 5530 it crashes.

  37. E kraM says:

    would I be able to map the d pad xy ab keys to my keyboard i have n97?

  38. rajkumar says:

    Hi, i have nokia 5800 and i successfully installed AntSnesQt 0.7. I could able to load SMC files but i cant select or move. Please help me to configure keys in 5800…
    Thanks in advance… : )

  39. rajkumar says:


  40. carlos rojas says:

    Thanks Summeli, you are the master chief

  41. Gerry96 says:

    Hello but how come super mario rpg USA does not go on AntSnes 0.7?

  42. raein says:

    hi there , i just instal this app , but i cant use Green,White,And Red light .
    help meee =((
    my phone is nokia 5233
    thx summeli

  43. silenthill says:

    oops sorry i downloaded the old version πŸ™‚ thanks summeli πŸ™‚ it works great and you are great πŸ˜€

  44. silenthill says:

    SUmmeli why can’t i sign certificate this? It says there too many sign certificate etc.

  45. silenthill says:

    Ok here’s the exact email i received
    You uploaded a SIS file to be signed with a Development Certificate. This failed because of Your submission has too many certificates within. Found: 1, allowed: 0.
    Your submission is not signed with a valid publisher id, SigningOption: Testing
    Please correct the problem and try again.
    The Symbian Signed Team

  46. silenthill says:

    thanks summeli πŸ™‚

  47. Renholder says:

    Can i play super mario rpg (legend of seven stars) here? i tried but it seems it doesnt work.

  48. devilived says:

    need help, my antsnes keep crashing after loading rom, any clue how to fix this? thank you

  49. Igor says:

    Dont loading roms

  50. Igor says:

    Problem look like a devilived’s problem

  51. Anderson says:

    Hi Summeli,
    I’m trying to translate their emulators for Portuguese, for the Brazilian users can use them better, but I am having problem in time to publish the file *.sis, wanted ask if beyond QT Creator, I have to have something else installed on my PC to publish the application.
    Thank you in advance for your attention!

  52. N97 says:

    awesome summeli but i have a problem. i had install that emulator on my phone (Nokia N97) but the control doesnt work (physical and the virtual)
    can you help me please?
    sorry by my bad english

  53. Danilo says:

    Hello, I wonder why AntSnes does not open, I downloaded the Qt
    v4.7.3 to install some more components are incompatible with my
    phone (Nokia 5233) I still install them more AntSnes not open! : (Could
    you help me?

  54. Loganix says:

    This is truly a piece of artwork! Being able to carry with me a snes in pocket form on my N97 enables me to retrieve fond memories from my youth where ever i go, thank you for this fine emulator.

  55. Deividas ibianskas says:

    Iam your great fan bro..can u make a emulator for nintendo ds for s60v9

  56. Stefano says:

    Hi Sumeli! i’m trying to download the Flowd application on my 5800 xpressmusic but it seems like this application is no more downloadable on the nokia store, could you please help me? what can i do? thank you.

  57. Crimson_sage says:

    What is the primary diffrence between the Qt and normal version of Antsnes?
    I am currently running the normal version 0.72 on my nokia 5230 and I can only map the camera and call key, what do I do with the other two buttons?
    Thanx for all your help! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  58. morph says:

    On my N97 mini antsnes wont run – I installed but nothing happen when i click on icon. But the GPSP running fine. What should be the problem? I have QT installed and phone hacked.

  59. OMOIKANE says:

    Hi! Can you please update this version of emulator for fullscreen?
    And please tell me how to disable blinking over game screen.

  60. 5230 says:

    At the moment the easiest way to get QT 4.7.3 is by downloading Motocross Masters lite, it will also install qtwebkit and qt mobility, you can uninstall them after you’ve gotten your qt 4.7.3.

    • 5230 says:

      EDIT: Dowload it from the Nokia store*
      IF you’ll search for the qt package on the internet instead, you could fall into problems if the version you’ll be trying to install is unsuported by your phone(though it will warn you about this when you install). I was forced to hard reset my phone because of the problems it caused.
      IF Motocross Masters lite will not be available anymore, search for a program on the Nokia store that tells you that you’ll probably have to install aditional content for ~13 MB.

  61. Index says:

    Hey Summeli, i could run FF3 on my 5230 with qt version but now for some reason it gets frozen everytime i’m trying to run any ROM.
    Pls response. <3

  62. […] weiter gehts mit den genialen Emulator-Ports von Summeli. Ziemlich spielbare Performance bietet AntSnesQt, den ich schon seit lΓ€ngerem zum Super Nintendo ROMS zocken nutze, wenn mir gerade langweilig ist. […]

  63. eduin says:

    all games give me a few FPS

  64. Nokia 5800 says:

    I says “certificate error” how to fix that?

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