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gpSP4Symbian v0.6: Experimental Audio

the gpSP is a gameboy advance emulator originally written by Exophase. And now it’s ported to the Symbian  OS!
This version adds an experimental audio into the gpsp. The audio is pretty much behind from the action, but it still can create quite nice mood for RPG-games.
How to get good audio:
At least with some games it seems that the emulator can not buffer enough when the audio is set “ON” when loading a ROM. If the audio is clicking badly you should set the audio OFF and click continue. Now the emulator will have some time to buffer some audio 🙂 After a while you can switch the audio back into ON position again.

gpSP mainview

What’s new:

  • Experimental audio

know issues:

  • It’s a gpsp port, so see the gpsp compatibility list before complaining about non-working ROMs
  • Audio is not yet implemented (I’m waiting for new Qt release with QAudio implementation)
  • loading the state freezes the emulator in some games ( don’t worry, the batterysave still works)
  • the emulator crashes if you try to load a ROM without setting the BIOS
  • there are some limitations in the ZIP file support, so maybe you have to upzipt the ROMs
  • The ZIP files seem to be eating quite a lot of RAM, so If ROM doesn’t work, try extracting it.
  • Samsung blit fails when “keep aspect ratio” is ticked off
  • The audio is quite much behind from the action

ZIP limitations

  • WinZip
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Maximum (PPMd) format WILL NOT work.
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Maximum (bzip2) format WILL NOT work
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Maximum (Enhanced Deflate) format WILL NOT run
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Normal format WILL run
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Fast format WILL run.
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Super Fast format WILL run.
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip None format WILL run.

Same process as with the AntSnes:
1. First Install Qt 4.6.3 binaries into your phone

2.  Download the gpsp4symbian.sis
3. gpsp4Symbian requires the SWEvent capability. The SwEvent is required for key mapping: Now you can map call/end call etc. buttons for the gpsp usage. Therefore the following step is required to install the SW.
Go to SymbianSigned and sign the gpsp4Symbian.sis for your own phone IMEI
using free Open Signed Online option this operation should be free of any charge.
Read carefully the instructions on the SymbianSigned site.
You must give them

  • Your Phone IMEI  (you can obtain it digiting *#06# on your phone)
  • Your EMAIL Address
  • gpsp4Symbian SIS Package

And then the symbiansigned should email you the signed gpsp4Symbianfor your phone. This package will be installable ONLY on your phone. This procedure works for all Symbian S60V5 Phones. I had also to change to date on the phone into yesterday to get it working..
The alternative method is to hack your phone! You can find pretty good instructions from MameXM download site. (scroll to the bottom of page: Signing & Installing).
Download the gpsp4Symbian: gpsp4Symbian_v0.6.1.sis (52798 downloads)
Sources are available on Github:
The Bios:
Remember to set the correct bios before loading ROMs. Make sure to get an authentic one , it’ll be exactly 16384 bytes large and should have the following md5sum “a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6”. The Bios extension should be .bin
Project Wiki page:
Read this before posting comments:

  • Do NOT Ask where to find ROMs / Bios. Asking about these will just get you banned!


  1. Lollertown says:

    Thanks man, sound kind of works..
    although laggy, like 2 seconds behind and sometimes it just
    snaps and produces some Ear bleeding crap, but the best thing
    is that the annoying click that you heard when you clicked a hardware button in previous versions is gone
    At least thats with my phone (Nokia 5800XM)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Twitter Trackbacks…

  3. brower says:

    Awesome.. i will test later man! 😛

  4. t_george1991 says:

    Great…. Keep up with the great work …. just wondering why did you chose to port gPSP, im my opinion VisualBoy Advance was a beter choice … Anyway, great emulator.

    • Summeli says:

      The performance is a lot better with gpsp. VisualBoy Advance may have better compatibility but it would be slower.

  5. GBAlover says:

    Hey man, thanks for the great emulator. I have a few questions about the emulator though.
    First, is there any chance you’ll remove the Pokemons from the main menu?
    Second, will the Frameskip speed up the game beyond 30 FPS, like it does in, for example, Visual Boy Advance? That’d be really great.
    And last one, is there any chance you’ll make a skin for the emulator, where the D-Pad and the Select/Start/Options buttons are transparent/almost not viewable (only the border of them would appear), then make the game run on full screen?
    Once again, thank you so much for the emulator, and thanks in advance for any response, positive or negative.

    • Summeli says:

      What’s wrong with the pokemon? 😀
      That 30fps is pretty much the framelimit on current Nokia’s phones. I heard that Samsung i8910 can run it on 40fps.
      I’m hoping that the new graphics architecture in Symbian^3 would boost this emu up to full 60fps.

      • sq says:
        Best-selling game:
        Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, 13 million combined (as of November 25, 2004)[2]
        Pokémon Emerald, 6.32 million (as of March 31, 2007)[3]
        gbalover just don’t want to admit that the gba was a child oriented handheld 😉

      • GBAlover says:

        Well, the thing is, for example, vBagx can run games faster than normal on my phone (Nokia 5800XM), but your emulator is way better so I use yours. But I thought it might be possible to speed up games here too somehow. No biggy anyhow.
        The Pokemons are not that bad, it’s just I don’t use this emulator only for this kind of games and it kinda feels weird to look at the main screen that way XD
        Also, what do you think about the skin I suggested? If needed, I can make a demonstration picture.
        And thanks again.

  6. yener90 says:

    got problems with presssing screen and key the same time.
    it doesnt work anymore in this version.

    • yener90 says:

      found out C6 firmware is the main problem.
      it doesnt support pressing screen and key the same time
      really bad.

  7. red_baron says:

    iv got a 5800 n xm
    could u please tell me how to remove the sound lag
    and improve audio quality
    thank u in advance 😀

  8. Smileyguy says:

    Anyone managed to get this to work on a Vivaz or Vivaz Pro? Need help please… thank you 🙂

  9. killerjr033 says:

    Hello Summeli Its great That the gpsp has now sounds
    But its a bit late it takes 2 -4 seconds before the sounds react
    I think you can release a new version soon
    because the new qt was realease
    Sorry for my bad english
    Great work

  10. YangYSimon says:


  11. Jean-Porte says:

    What’s the point of going over 30fps ?
    Btw, could you make the enter key equal to OK ? N97 mini doesn’t have ok key.

  12. Grosserboss says:

    Could it be that some Rom’s don’t work any more like Pokemon :D? Or did i something misunderstood in installation?

  13. kanaCC4 says:

    RAM alway is not enough when audio is ON,Is my phone problem? anyway thinks your emulator

  14. Sergio says:

    Exelante The truth that your work … congratulations.
    It is excellent although the introduction of sound as outdated Desta said.
    I hope the new QT 4.7 allows you to improve the sound fluently, and that the GPSP is number one.
    Sorry for my bad English =).
    Greetings and congratulations again.

  15. mario says:

    Like Smileyguy guy sad : does this work on vivaz because i did all it need and when i load rom it just exit..
    Please man HELP!

    • brower says:

      Have you tryed with a rom that you have 100% chance to work? like pokemon red or emerald?

    • Summeli says:

      it seems that everyone with SE vivaz or satio is having problems with this release. I’m going to need someone with symbian debugging skills & satio / vivaz to solve this issue.

      • mario says:

        Hey tnx up ahead for trying

        • brower says:

          Uninstall all Qt that you installed:
          OPENC LIBSSL … (they’re 2)
          Signal Server
          STANDARD C++ LIBRARIES (they’re 2)
          If you don’t have some installed, no problem, uninstall only the files that you find.
          Then, download this pack:

          Install and try gpsp again.

          • mario says:

            Thx for help man but i cant find where qt is installed and if i try install a new one it says error with certificate…. I think that if i erase the old one it still would say that its a error….
            Sorry if english is bad 🙂

          • brower says:

            Well mario, if you don’t know how to uninstall applications from your phone is a little bit complicated =(
            The sis is for hacked phones or you must need to sign application. Read the post for help.

          • mario says:

            I usually know how to delete them but i cant find anywhere qt…
            And i signed gpsp….

          • KW says:

            does it support vivaz??
            I met the same problem with mario as his mentioned

  16. Olivier says:

    Just tried it on an E51 (Symbian 9.2 or S60 3rd Edition FP1) and it won’t start: Function not supported.
    Is it expected (phone too old) or ?

  17. kovistelija48 says:

    Thank you very much!

  18. Bobby says:

    Hi Summeli! Great work on adding sounds!
    I think the problem causing the slow reaction speed is actually to do with resampling.
    I think the sounds from the emulator are being set to a lower sample rate but not being resampled; the sound is actually playing at a lower pitch than it should be, this could also be causing the slow response.
    This could just be on my phone (n97mini), but this is how it sounds to me.
    hope this helps, thanks again for your great work, looking forward to seeing this added to antsnes too!
    respect summeli!

  19. zcythe says:

    finally ur update is out XD
    U know Im been surf your homepage 3 times in a day for a month…
    So excited when I fouund this new topic

  20. Symbianbr97 says:

    It worked In N97.
    I already had the previus version installed. I just installed the version 0.6 and worked.
    There is sound, but as you said, with lag. I tried to turn off for a while to get buffer.
    But when i turn on the sound, it’s still lag.
    But thanks anyway for the great job.
    Your are on the way.
    Thanks from Brazil

  21. Logical says:

    Thanks for your great emulators! I’ll waiting for new improved svn of them. Dont change skin and icon on gpsp – it’s look cool, antsnes need to be restyled into black colors. Do you port psx4all on s60v5 and when? Thanks

  22. Will says:

    Summeli thanks for your hard work you will be a legend and the symbian comunity i just hope that all these emulators could work on future Nokias like n8 and the upcoming s4 thanks again and keep it up

  23. NOT says:

    Thanks for your Emulator Summeli.
    But I have problem with Graphic and Sound it was not smooth than V0.5(this is better)
    How can I solvede this problem,I already install QT 4.7.

  24. NOT says:

    cr I must In Stall QT 4.6.3

  25. Mr. Random says:

    Great work summeli. Good job for the sound.

  26. andres says:

    thanks for not give up with the symbian 1 …..
    from chile
    sorry for my bad english

  27. cgz says:

    GpSP4Symbian v0.6 can not play the goldsun2…

  28. exsinner says:

    idk if you ever heard of this c6 firmware on nokia 5800,yeah its too good to be true and it is true after all.right now i’m using c6 fw on my 5800 and gpsp cant be played properly with its button,as you can see,i cant touch the screen and press a button at once,please fix this summeli

    • Summeli says:

      So you took an unsupported FW, and now you’re asking me to fix issues by this new FW. Sure, I’ll just put this into my null-priority list 🙂

  29. Jack50 says:

    Summeli And in the new version compatibility will be improved?

  30. Sergio says:

    Hola…quera preguntar si hay posobilidad de jugar a Baldurs Gate y a Los Sims Urbanos?…saludos

  31. Sergio says:

    Hi … want to ask if there posobilidad to play Baldurs Gate and Urban Sims? … Greetings

  32. ossie says:

    Hey nice work with the audio for the gbsp6.0 , please find a way so that we can play the high end gba games, like nfs underground2,road rash …etc