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PSX4All proof of concept now running on Nokia N97

I just took the psx4all stuff from S60 3rd edition port and put that running on my N97 with my Qt stuff, which I have previously used for AntSnes and gpsp4Symbian.
It’s really slow as I expected, but I think that it was worth of couple of hours work. Now I have pretty nice benchmarking SW for the N8 😉
Here’s the psx4all running Final Fantasy VII on my old N97. The video runs in 4x speed after I click the new game button. Notice how well the 320×240 original psx resolution scales up to the N97’s 640×360.

Update: I’ll probably abandon this work in favor for a new psx-dynarec emu called pcsx4all. It seems to be a lot better than psx4all. See this forum thread for more info http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?/topic/55665-pcsx4all/

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