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PSX4All proof of concept now running on Nokia N97

I just took the psx4all stuff from S60 3rd edition port and put that running on my N97 with my Qt stuff, which I have previously used for AntSnes and gpsp4Symbian.
It’s really slow as I expected, but I think that it was worth of couple of hours work. Now I have pretty nice benchmarking SW for the N8 😉
Here’s the psx4all running Final Fantasy VII on my old N97.  The video runs in 4x speed after I click the new game button. Notice how well the 320×240 original psx resolution scales up to the N97’s 640×360.

Update: I’ll probably abandon this work in favor for a new psx-dynarec emu called pcsx4all.  It seems to be a lot better than psx4all. See this forum thread for more info


  1. Supersa95 says:

    wow! summeli is a good work!
    there is a method for speed this emulator?
    another questions…you relase the files of these emulator?
    sorry for my bad english

  2. brower says:

    Awesome man! Soon you will have all the console emulators in Qt. Lolz 😛
    You will release it? I would love to test it on i8910 to see the FPS ;P

  3. Mr. Anderson says:

    What a fantastic work!
    Very good this! Just of have that speed, I liked it.
    You could create an emulator, just to test on my Nokia 5530, has no problem in being slow.

  4. Bobby says:

    great work summeli! really amazing.
    does the game speed up at all after the FMV intro?
    i wonder if there are any low-quality graphics games that might be playble? GTA 1 maybe?
    good luck working with this, exciting stuff!

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Summeli and 雁渡寒潭, David Caabeiro. David Caabeiro said: RT @Summeli: Blog: PSX4All proof of concept now running on Nokia N97 […]

  6. Li Wanqi says:

    I am a very newbie of game console/emulator programming.
    I have to say it’s your gpSP4Symbian that inspired me at the first place.
    I play with it almost every night before I go to sleep.
    To get a thorough grasp of ARM, I brought my own a test board and I’m working on it.
    I hope I can build my own Nintendo emulator just like you someday.
    While you have put your hands on PS.

  7. Rodrigo says:

    yeah i need to buy my N8 haha

  8. Thomas says:

    Yes the N8 is faster as the N97. But the i8910 have a good CPU and GPU too. You can make a beta Version for testing the Psx4all. But the sound for the Antsnes and the gpsp is more important as this emu. 🙂

  9. Thomas says:

    i have view the video form final fantasy on N97 and it runs good. Not perfect but not realy bad. 😉

  10. andres says:

    Excuse me my silly cuestion…..
    but where can i download it???
    i would like to prove it on my x6….

  11. andres says:

    Thanks sumelli not just for the answer but for all
    i tested antsnes qt v6 and it works perfect…
    i m very honored to finaly contact you…
    and one cuestion..
    its is real bun i think that tehere is a new release for qt ….v7..
    i found it on….
    and excuse my bad english…

  12. Arvis says:

    Awesome! If you release it I’ll try it right when I get my N8, what about adding frameskip so things kinda get more ‘playable’? 😛

  13. Armorant says:

    Good evening.
    N95 with a resolution of 240×320 closer to the console in this case. Scaling eats memory and slows down the emulator. Do you still have N95? I would like to know whether there is enough memory, 369 processor and power of GLES 1.1 for at least 2d games? (Breath of fire 3,4, c &c). Thanks as ever!

  14. EmeSso says:

    where can i get this emulator ??

  15. eng. Zubr says:

    Wow! Amazing!
    Strongly waiting for optimization!
    You the One who bring me hope. Keep on please!
    Ps. As I understand it can (will) work on 5800 (with virtual keys)?

  16. Brunogees says:

    Good work man! Maybe you can speed up the emulation using the original size for the images, I think you can speed up a little with the non-upscaling format… 😉

  17. bubobu says:

    HI. Summeli, you will keep developing new ver.gpsp? , I’m waiting the new Ver,gpsp..plz..T.T
    Cheer up! Summeli! ( bad english…T T)

  18. Arvis says:

    By the way any possible use of GPU in this? It would be great speed up in let’s say N8

  19. lpratas says:

    But there are 5th edition phones that have capabilities for psx emulation maybe at full speed like Satio, Vivaz and Omnia HD. I alredy don’t speak of the Sony Ericsson ones but the Omnia HD doesn’t have any chance?

  20. lpratas says:

    More one thing, the N8 Cpu it’sn’t weaker than the Satio, Vivaz and Omnia HD Cpus? The N8 has one ARM11 Cpu and others have one Arm Cortex A8 Cpu which it’s superior to the N8 Cpu. For the N8 Cpu have the same performance than the Arm Cortex A8 at 600MHz at least, the N8 Cpu have to have 1GHz of frequency if not have to have more at least. I aready don’t talk of the Sony Ericsson ones but at least the Omnia HD deserves a program like this. These models of Sony Ericsson and Samsung have been so badly taken advantage in its capabilities would deserve better programs according to its possibilities in terms of hardware.

  21. Thomas says:

    On the omnia Hd and Satio the emu must run too. 😉 The Hardware on this Phones are not very much worse as the N8 Hardware. (Only the Software is better. Symbian 3) And it´s the same Hardware how in the Iphone 3GS. And on the Iphone 3GS the PSX emu runs.

  22. Denis says:

    If i understand you release for N8 and not for n97 T____________________T

  23. fabiano says:

    and my dream come true, final fantasy tatics yes

  24. Jean-Porte says:

    Is it possible for you to make a s60v5 Master System Emulator? There isn’t any and master system is far better than megadrive IMO.

  25. andres says:

    and y just bought my x6……:(
    i want to play ff vii on my phone….

  26. Tameem says:

    Hi, My name is Tameem, I would like to ask about the releasing date of this emulator for NOKIA N97, It’s really cool ! And what is the matter with sounds in both emulators gpSP and psx4all ?
    And thank you!

  27. lpratas says:

    The N8 Gpu and operate system is better than the 5th edition software and OMAP3 gpus but the ARM Cortex A8 Cpus even at 600MHz are far better than any ARM11 Cpu. The N8 680MHz ARM11 Cpu it’s weaker than the 600MHz ARM Cortex A8 Cpu. The ARM Cortex A8 Cpu it’s one ARM technology more newer, more recent and more evolved than the ARM11 technology, it’s ARMv7 while the ARM11 it’s ARMv6. ARM11 it’s equivalent more or less to a Pentium 2 and ARMv7 it’s more like a Pentium 3 or better. And the PowerVR SGX 530 it’sn’t bad. It’s more than enough for the PSX graphics. The OMAP3 Cpus allow one better and fluid PSX emulation than N8 Cpu despiste the better N8 Gpu.

    • Summeli says:

      the weak blit in 5th edition is bottleneck in this case. The psx4all dynarec really doesn’t use the new instructions presented in Cortex A8, so the ARM11 shouldn’t be too bad in this case.
      These new instructions however are used in the Mupen64 ARM dynarec, so no N64 is coming into the N8.

  28. Nseries says:

    can mame emulator work in n97?

  29. zero says:

    hi summeli i know you´re working on the emulators but you can make a nes emulator for nokia touch phones?(5530 :D), sorry for my bad english n.n,you´re great¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  30. Armorant says:

    Hello. I think it will be interesting to you. Next quote, translated google.
    The dream of many owners of Nokia smartphones can become a reality. Our developer EQ is engaged in porting Sony PlayStation emulator (Pcsx) for Symbian 9.
    At the moment there are semi-workers version, which is unsuitable for the game – it has no sound, everything works very slowly, and as there are some bugs that caused strange behavior of games, but the version works, the game loaded (unfortunately, some hang at boot) and can even steer, shoot. Currently, the emulator already using accelerator for rendering (OpenGL ES), which should increase the speed…

  31. Armorant says:

    …All that work is just proof that the emulator is possible and quite capable of running itself. There are still plenty of room to work: it is necessary to correct errors, optimize, add dynamic recompilation, etc. There is a chance that the emulator will have a decent speed…

  32. Armorant says:

    …It needs people who know assembler for the ARM, as well as people involved in PSX emulation on any other platformah. If there are developers who want to help – Welcome! Together we can bring the project to the mind and get plenty of good old games on our phones!…

  33. Armorant says:

    …p.s. Please do not beg for the emulator and testing services do not offer.
    Thanks as ever!

  34. Armorant says:

    Sounds great! And sorry for overposting.

  35. __HERNAN__ says:

    veryy nice!!! the n97 its a great cell. but the company dont use all the phone potencial.
    and what happed if you reduce the screen size? in theory must run a little faster???
    greetings from argentina sumeli!!!

  36. nike says:

    can you provide sis file of psx4all

  37. Fan says:

    yeah plz provide him, i cant sleep O________O

  38. t_george1991 says:

    Great… I taught PSOne can’t run on on S60v5 with only 434 MHz and no GPU … Isn’t playable, but still is a great proof. It would be nice if you will put a video with the actual gameplay. Just wondering, PSX is emulated at 320×240 and stretched to 360×640 or is directly rendered at 360×640 ? Anyway, this will be a good piece of software on future phones (N8).

  39. Beder says:

    What about pcsx4all? Are you going to check it on s60v5? On Wiz, some games work perfect on this emulator without gpu usage.

  40. Johnny says:

    Summeli, would you mind checking if Diablo runs on PSX4ALL at least at 50%, for me, if it does, you can release it the way it is that i’m just freaking happy.
    Also, would you mind checking if you could port BLOOD for s60v5?
    Shadow Warrior has been ported for weaker symbian phones, and ran just fine, and shadow warrior uses a heavier version of the same engine, wouldn’t be so hard I guess, and I would become your total fan.
    Sorry if I’m asking too much, but i really wish it.

  41. Speed says:

    Just to be sure,
    Will you release a version for the v5 phones? Or will it be symbian^3 only?
    Nonetheless your emulators are awesome! 😀

  42. liviu says:

    So there is no chance for nokia n95 8gb,e90,n82? (this phones have gpu with opengl es 1.1)

  43. nikos5800 says:

    Summeli please realese this emulator for vivaz/satio/omnia hd pleaze i write from greece i am very big fun of you. Sorry for my sick englishe

  44. Tamstyler says:

    First the Emulator must come out 😀

  45. Tamstyler says:

    Summeli, i don´t know if you read this at your Youtube-Account, but it could be interessted for you:
    you use original games ? i think with PSP ISO Compressor 1.4 (*like idea of optimize) will better/faster . i don’t know, just interested. i want psone on my 9.4 symbian))
    i mean you do cool things

  46. CloseRange says:

    Keep up the awesome work man. Just recently got my new N8 & was dissapointed when GPSP failed to load any roms (despite working perfectly on my old 5800 grrr) hopefully the S^3 port wont be too difficult to develop… If ya require N8 testers for the Symbian^3 PSX emu lemme know 🙂 Good luck !

  47. ShaimX says:

    Hi! Everyone,
    I have a nokia n97 and i want PS1 emulator on device can anyone give a brief instruction how to install PSX4ALL on my nokia n97?

  48. Ch Ali Humayun says:

    Hey How are you great Job. Although, N97 is a Flagship of Poor 3d Games. Still I do not have any other choice. My suggestion is that you do not abandon your work on it. Rather using Airplay Pipelines and Software Rendering alter this application that It can be played on n97 aswell. As in software rendering due to its fast processor n97 can bring good frame rate aswell and this new thing AirplaySDK must be tried. I am not into cell programming at all. So don’t mind if I have said anything really stupid 😀 .

  49. N8_Guy says:

    Any chance of psx4all running on nokia n8? That’d be great, keep it up summeli 🙂

  50. Payiz says:

    Hi summeli,
    please make psONE emulator for s60v5 N97. Please.

  51. chrono says:

    Hey summeli ^_^ whens the promised nokiann8 versin coming out it’s already 2011

  52. Cloud says:

    ya Symbian^3 version would be awesome!

  53. latinoob says:

    can you help me with psx4all n97mini i have noo luk can anybodyhelp me i have msn and yahoo

  54. latinoob says:

    [email protected] can anybody add me for help please can anybody help me:(

  55. latinoob says:

    [email protected] can anybody help me please my name is sami and i am from türkiye i dream 3yeahrs and 5 months from this emu
    xperia play come over the market but i love my n97mini please i cant sell this mobile phone for a newer mobile phone wihle the psx px emus not have woket on my n97mini baby…please can anybody help me must i sell my n97mini for a iphone wehn anyboody can help me please mail me or add me and wehn i can help back is better for beatifull life please answer me anybody to psx4all wehn can help is taht ok bye..sami

  56. taoybb says:

    Waiting for S^3 version. I think in s^3 it will be better that it has GPU that support Open GL.
    I wanna say thank you to summeli! You make a lot of people happy

  57. /b/oxxy says:

    its like my dream to play FFVII on the N8 <3 Symbian^3 version FTW!!

  58. india says:

    plzzzzzzzzzz make psx for symbian 3………:(

  59. Sly says:

    Pls Summeli, based on the specs of nokia 500, do u think it would play symbian^3 hd games. I wish it did.

  60. XENZU says:


  61. Manish says:

    pls port it….atleast we can add some more games to S^3 list,,,like FF or Civ.

  62. Dan says:

    So, you won’t release it for OS9.4 then, eh? My poor 5233……..

  63. DaniloDLI says:

    We definitely must to have this psx emulator. All your fans are awaiting any first version with a lot of bugs to report and make it better! Good luck, Summeli!

  64. javad says:

    please make it for s60v5 device . merC

  65. Bridget says:

    S^3 version PLEASE T_T

  66. Wiecol says:

    Why there is not psx emu for symbian anna (s^3) ? Symbian is too difficult to make an emulator? With 680 Mhz Cpu and GPU it should be possible. I was playing ps one games on psp. They work on 33 Mhz Processor! Anyway the symbian is to difficult to make an emu?

    • Grazielle says:

      yokaimonsters / I think it’s cool how sometimes it will dip to the side to look 3D but still play 2D.I’ve seen it in veitrcal shooters like Silpheed on the Sega CD, and in Raycrisis on the PS1, and I’ve seen it done in the Nights games, but I’ve never seen it in a horizontal game before I saw this game.It would be cool if they ever make Zweihander if the whole game were like that, and then Konami made a new Axeley game with Vertical sections like Silpheed, and Horizontal sections like Zweihander.

  67. chrono says:

    i doubt summeli will be making a psx emulator for the nokia n8 +_+ ive bugged him god knows how many times ……..i predict he’ll make it for the s^4 +_+ which will suck 4 us s^3 users ++_+_+ o well …….nothing i can do about it i guess +_+ ( iwish i could help with the emulator but i know close to nothing about how emulators work +_++)

  68. chrono says:

    a very dead blog as always +_+ ………..

  69. chrono says:

    ………if it’s possible on the n900 it is definitely possible on the n8 ………here’s a vid of someone playing it on the n900

  70. Tam says:

    Will you make PSX for S^3?

  71. chrono says:

    summeli’s the best!!!…………………….. n umm can n64 be emu’ed on the n8 ??? the n900 can do it +_+

  72. chrono says:

    Summeli………i recently installed picodrive s60v3.sis …..n it works…..but the only problem is that you need to have a bluetooth keyboard or something bluetooth to use it…….can u plz help me change this by making this touch compatible?? plz n thx ^_^_^_^_^

  73. chrono says:

    ……resident evil 2,3 will not shall must not work on the psp 2000 for some reason ….therefore i turn to this emulator…..but it seems like it won’t be EVER done… …. ill give up on trying

  74. Summeli says:

    I didn’t give it to you, because there wasn’t anything to give. The performance was too poor to do anything. I’m no longer developing for Symbian, but I have shared all my work at my Github page, so anyone who’s interested can continue my work.

  75. ch.Roshanta says:

    i promise to s60v3 users that i will try to make a psx .i still in learning how to make a psx emulator but i still will keep my promise even do if it take many years

  76. Ch.roshanta says:

    My email is [email protected]. Hey agung i went to your website. Looks like Eq was brilliant.but summeli abandon the work.i never thought that he would do that . Hey agnung and s60v3 users get ready overclock your mobiles.the psx emulator is coming.

  77. Ch.roshanta says:

    My email is [email protected]. Hey agung i went to your website. Looks like Eq was brilliant.but summeli abandon the work.i never thought that he would do that . Hey agnung and s60v3 users get ready.the psx emulator work is about to begin.

  78. Ch.roshanta says:

    Hey agung iam from india.tell you what i coded the eq pcsx for s60v3 to work on n79,n78,n85,n95,e80,etc. Also with opengl 1.1 s60v3 .but i have n900.anybody who own the above mobiles can ask me for to the coded and even more improved emulator. I’ll upload it if you all ask me for it

  79. Ch.roshanta says:

    I’ll upload the emulator.but you have and application called overclock have to download it for s60v5.after in c/private/10202be9/the 20001079 txt will appear. change the clock to what you but beware if you keep more than 500 mhz the battery wont last for even four hours.happy overclocking by following the steps.the overclock v1.1 for s60v5 is available at mobile9.Install even if it is not compatible to s60v3.

    • chrono says:

      ah… i have a nokia n8 with a CPU: ARM 11 680 MHz so my clok speed is probably ok….. and will it work with a bluetooth keyboard???…. or will it hve touch interface??…please reply

      • Ch.roshanta says:

        Chrono try downloading the emulator on the link in this forum. This does not have the touch interface but it supports s^3 and s60v5 too. Try browsing this blog to find it.

  80. Ch.roshanta says:

    So you tried eh.great it worked on me too even on every s60v3.but hey agung would you mind spreading the overclocking method cause im busy.but do you know any developers making or made nds emulator for the s60v3.and if did you choose the 800mhz while installing the overclock application.well you can overclock more.inside the 20001079 txt the clock speed will be 800 if you choose can change it for more speed.bilieve me this works at every s60v3

  81. Ch.roshanta says:

    Agung you don’t need to buy the N95 8gb cause the ps1 emulator is the same speed as the N78,N73,N79,N95,E90,etc.The only difference is that it has 3D graphics and HW support.even if it can play good games .every new smartphone can never remove the history of the symbian.even if the nokia is now going to produce windows 7 mobile.the world can never forget once the the s60v1,s60v2,s60v3,s60v5 and all the other symbian was once existing and can never be remove. The history is what that make us believe even if the newest phones can never beat in one way. The composite of symbian is the all other smartphones

  82. Ch.roshanta says:

    Sorry but you did not understand me.i mean when you install the overclock v1.01 the the 20001079 txt will appear inside c/private/102020be9 folder you don’t have to download it the file is will appear in c/private/10202be9 folder when you install the overclock v1.1 software for s60v5

  83. Ch.roshanta says:

    Your welcome agung.hey i have uploaded the psx emulator at 4shared. With the name eq pcsx for all s60v3. All you to do is install the eq pcsx,eq pcsx arm and all files inside pips 1.60 . There is still no sound. I tested it with street fighter plus it runned in the same speed as for the android without overclocking

  84. Ch.roshanta says:

    Hi agung my blog is You can download street fighter at enter the ps1 rips section and you should find street fighter (ntsc) download and extract it in e/data/pcsx/games.enjoy

  85. Ch.roshanta says:

    Well what you need to do is type 4shared/eq pcsx for all s60v3 in your google search box and your done

  86. Ch.roshanta says:

    Well what you need to do is type ‘4shared/eq pcsx for all’ s60v3 in your google search box and your done. And of course without the ”

  87. Ch.roshanta says:

    No need for that now i have uploaded it to link Extract the files in any folder in your memory card. Install the eq pcsx,eq pcsx arm and all the files inside pips1.6 .and make the folders bios,games,memcards in e/data/pcsx and put ntsc or pal games in the games folder

  88. Ch.roshanta says:

    Hey .agung hope you tried my psx emulator .and don’t forget to reply how the emulator was

  89. trextrex65 says:

    but if this can be for n97 psx can be for e6 or n8 too?

  90. Roshanta says:

    I Hope chrono and all s60v3 and s60v5 and S^3 users that you all are reading this. I modified the eq pcsx again to 42 fps . And the emulator supports s60v3v5 and S^3 you better thank for making it support for s60v5 and S^3 . The download link S60v3 users please remove the old version because its a new version. And all symbian users and developers please visit my blog For the disscussion for symbian overlock,port,development,and modification. And to save from symbian extintion

  91. Roshanta says:

    Listen all s60v3 v5 and s^3 users. I roshanta modified the eq pcsx to 42fps. And made it support the s60v3 v5 and S^3. S60v3 users remove old version of eq pcsx because this is new version. Download link and dont forget to say thanks

  92. iruini says:

    how can i load roms?

  93. Roshanta says:

    Install the two files.On e/pcsx make 3 folders name them bios,roms and memcard download the psx bios from the web. Put psx games in roms folder. The psx games should be in iso or bin format. Download and install pips v1.6 .then open eq_pcsx it should open a blank window after it says execute switch to the main window and wait for some time and the game will open. A few games dont work. Well enjoy

  94. Roshanta says:

    Install the two files.On E:/pcsx make 3 folders name them bios,roms and memcard download the psx bios from the web. Put psx games in roms folder. The psx games should be in iso or bin format. Download and install pips v1.6 .then open eq_pcsx it should open a blank window after it says execute switch to the main window and wait for some time and the game will open. A few games dont work. Well enjoy

  95. iruini says:

    when i install this, i have e:/data/PCSX

  96. iruini says:

    PIPS install in c:, e:?

  97. iruini says:

    when i was install PIPS_installer_v1.60.sis, it show me a window, where is “update error”

  98. Dante says:

    eq_pcsx, Not working in n8

  99. Ch.roshanta says:

    Install pips in e and your done

  100. Dante says:

    Can’t install Pips on Symbian^3, Shows update error.

  101. Ch.roshanta says:

    It works on every s60v3v5and s^3.

  102. Ch.roshanta says:

    You may have to hack your phone to install pips v1.6. And remove old versions of pips

  103. Ch.roshanta says:

    Or the pips 1.6 you guys downloaded dont work. Download it from 4shared

  104. Dante says:

    pips couldn’t be install on a Symbian^3, it is only available for S60v3.
    if it’s there,then plz share the link of pips installer for Symbian^3.

  105. scarface says:

    any version for nokia n8??? thanks

  106. Arofaey says:

    Please somebody should help and post a direct link of PSX4all download.

  107. strikerx says:

    so can you Give us the “.sis” file …

  108. jasmine says:

    hi summeli can you do it for symbian belle nokia e7,it is possible? think

  109. Luiz says:

    Arranges the psx4all of s60v3, is very slow, damn.

  110. I just want to reports that antsnes running 47 snes rom. gpSP run 40 gba roms. I will be post it here when it done. hey, psx4all and eqpcsx have same code or not, summeli? is there any differents compability between of them?

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