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gpsp v. 0.6.1: Added support for Satio and Vivaz

the gpSP is a gameboy advance emulator originally written by Exophase. And now it’s ported to the Symbian OS!
The newest update adds support for Sony Ericsson Satio and Vivaz.  In all other ways it’s the same package as the 0.6 with experimental audio. The audio is pretty much behind from the action (sound lag), but it still can create quite nice mood for RPG-games.
How to get good audio:
At least with some games it seems that the emulator can not buffer enough when the audio is set “ON” when loading a ROM. If the audio is clicking badly you should set the audio OFF and click continue. Now the emulator will have some time to buffer some audio 🙂 After a while you can switch the audio back into ON position again.

gpSP mainview

What’s new:

  • Experimental audio

know issues:

  • not working on Symbian^3 based devices such as N8
  • It’s a gpsp port, so see the gpsp compatibility list before complaining about non-working ROMs
  • Audio is not yet implemented (I’m waiting for new Qt release with QAudio implementation)
  • loading the state freezes the emulator in some games ( don’t worry, the batterysave still works)
  • the emulator crashes if you try to load a ROM without setting the BIOS
  • there are some limitations in the ZIP file support, so maybe you have to upzipt the ROMs
  • The ZIP files seem to be eating quite a lot of RAM, so If ROM doesn’t work, try extracting it.
  • Samsung blit fails when “keep aspect ratio” is ticked off
  • The audio is quite much behind from the action

ZIP limitations

  • WinZip
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Maximum (PPMd) format WILL NOT work.
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Maximum (bzip2) format WILL NOT work
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Maximum (Enhanced Deflate) format WILL NOT run
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Normal format WILL run
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Fast format WILL run.
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip Super Fast format WILL run.
  • Roms ziped in the WinZip None format WILL run.

Same process as with the AntSnes:
1. First Install Qt 4.6.3 binaries into your phone

2. Download the gpsp4symbian.sis
3. gpsp4Symbian requires the SWEvent capability. The SwEvent is required for key mapping: Now you can map call/end call etc. buttons for the gpsp usage. Therefore the following step is required to install the SW.
Go to SymbianSigned and sign the gpsp4Symbian.sis for your own phone IMEI
using free Open Signed Online option this operation should be free of any charge.
Read carefully the instructions on the SymbianSigned site.
You must give them

  • Your Phone IMEI (you can obtain it digiting *#06# on your phone)
  • Your EMAIL Address
  • gpsp4Symbian SIS Package

And then the symbiansigned should email you the signed gpsp4Symbianfor your phone. This package will be installable ONLY on your phone. This procedure works for all Symbian S60V5 Phones. I had also to change to date on the phone into yesterday to get it working..
The alternative method is to hack your phone! You can find pretty good instructions from MameXM download site. (scroll to the bottom of page: Signing & Installing).
Download the gpsp4Symbian: gpsp4Symbian_v0.6.1.sis (52798 downloads)
Sources are available on Github:
The Bios:
Remember to set the correct bios before loading ROMs. Make sure to get an authentic one , it’ll be exactly 16384 bytes large and should have the following md5sum “a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6”. The Bios extension should be .bin
Project Wiki page:
Read this before posting comments:

  • Do NOT Ask where to find ROMs / Bios. Asking about these will just get you banned!


  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Summeli, David Caabeiro. David Caabeiro said: RT @Summeli: Blog: gpsp v. 0.6.1: Added support for Satio and Vivaz […]

  2. brower says:

    Impressive! Ty for the suport to Satio and Vivaz summeli! Symbian isn’t only nokia! 😛 Thanks again!
    Enjoy Sony Ericsson users!

  3. Great Work says:

    Well done, great improvement. The sound is so nearly there! Keep up the good work.

  4. Bobby says:

    I think the problem causing the sound lag is actually to do with resampling.
    I think the sounds from the emulator are being set to a lower sample rate but not being resampled; the sound is actually playing at a lower pitch than it should be, this could also be causing the lag?
    This could just be on my phone (n97mini), but this is how it sounds to me.
    hope this helps, thanks again for your great work, looking forward to seeing this added to antsnes too!
    respect summeli!

    • Summeli says:

      The resampling is not the cause in here. It’s downsampled, you are right in there, but the quality actually goes worse if I don’t do it. I think that the problem in here is that I’m using clock to call audio callbacks, and if the gpsp thread hasn’t buffered enough, it’ll wait a while to get that audio. –> If I try to sync the audio properly the quality will be really bad.

  5. exsinner says:

    come on summeli,you still have to fix it for new C6 though,:p

  6. sheep says:

    dude i love u for this software 😀 when do u release a new version of your snes emulator?

  7. Jean-Porte says:

    Can you make us able to use the maj key on n97 mini ? To do like the directionnal key but at the left, it would be better..

  8. Armorant says:

    Does it mean that this version also working on Nokia 5800 and Samsung i8910?

  9. Armorant says:

    I hope someday you will add support s60v3. Anyway on my n73 Qt is not install, write error in 80-90% before ending.
    And one more thing, I can’t download Qt for i8910. Of cource I dont have i8910 and se phone, but I’m moderator in 9.1-9.4 and I was hoping to put all versions of the emulator. Without qt for i8910 I can’t do it.

  10. Armorant says:

    It is necessary to reassign the function of TAP zones on the button. Also now has a new sdk with autoscaling. Or is there another problem?

  11. SoWErA says:

    if you actually took the time you would be able to install QT and Gpsp on your I8910 it’s quite possibole and not really that difficult then again I got a 2year gymnasium computer education(before university studies). (Got custom firmware HX-V8

  12. Armorant says:

    Finally found all the versions of Qt. Even Qt Libs Pre-Release v4.05 (4.7mb). This means that Antsnes Qt will be playing Satio, Vivaz, i8910? Or must wait for the new version of the emulator with their supported?

  13. schwabse says:

    Very well done!
    I am keen to see (hear?!) a better implementation of the sound emulation!
    A scale to fullscreen would be nice for the n97, also smaller fonts in the menu.
    Thank you for this amazing port!

  14. logical says:

    i repack qt demos installer for myself bcoz i dont need its fluid launcher, so i got 5 sis -qt, qtwebkit, pips, opencpp, stdssl. i think its allow to install qt for samsung

  15. brower says:

    Er.. i don’t understand some posts here, but you guys are having some problem on installing gpsp in i8910? Is this the problem?

  16. mario says:

    OMG!!! Thanks summeli!!! It really works on vivaz :DD
    You are Legend!!!
    But the only thing i dont get is that when i wanna switch to another game i need to exit gpsp because otherwise when i load some other rom all games are just black …. Maybe i need to do something first before i switch rom or??

  17. Jefferson says:

    Can you develope a way to play with other by bluetooth?, i mean change pokemons and fight.

  18. siyoon says:

    is it possible to play GB/GBC???

  19. Roberto Carlos says:

    Fabulous news. With your previous version of the emulator, the playability was excellent but it missed the sound. Now that is implemented, although there are small glitches, I feel more comfortable playing. Thank you, then you see if I can donate something for your effort.
    Greetings from Mexico (sorry, I am a student of English).
    Atte: Roberto Carlos

  20. Jefferson says:

    Can you develope a way to play with others by bluetooth?, i mean change pokemons and fight.

  21. Font Mod says:

    how to feedback Nokia QT team? because all QT software show weird font if i change original nokia font to other font with font router & flip font @[email protected] i don’t like nokia font.

  22. CooL says:

    graphic improved really smooth now pixelate decrease. thank’s bro keep share.

  23. Jack50 says:

    Well to make support of rоms from gbc.

  24. wake says:

    Thxs for the emu, that works perfec on vivaz.
    Pcsx4symbian will next? xD

  25. Carlos says:

    Thanks for a great work you are simple the best ñ-ñ

  26. Tiger says:

    Thanks man! Works wonderfull on my Vivaz!! <3 Can't wait for a proper sound version release!

  27. fariz says:

    There is problem with 5800 using C6 firmware… can’t touch the virtual d-pad simultaneously with mapped key

  28. serafin says:

    Thanks for your work, your emulator very was pleasant. It would be desirable to see the joystick as in game ToonWars (there he much more conveniently).
    Greetings from Ukraine!!!

  29. jerry says:

    Hi, Summeli
    I don’t know if that’s normal buy I have only “show touch dpad” and hide in control options
    But this D-Pad doesn’t have A, B L and R buttons
    Please add full pad with AB LR buttons like in ANTSNESQT

  30. xMAXlx says:

    hey this is nice program, but i got all right installed etc but when i load rom it go to that “game screen” and i see the start, select etc. buttons but the game itself wont load i only see gray screen so anyidea what to do? ive checked that md5sum and it was correct. and everything else works fine too but game load wont.

  31. xMAXlx says:

    i use nokia 5230 btw and as i said ive installed Qt first then gpsp and others.

  32. Storba says:

    @xMAXIx I have the same problem! Using N97 and QT installed. Any ideas?

  33. xMAXlx says:

    ye solved it myself if u got SD card reader at your PC take memory card off from your phone then use your PC to open the memory card then browse it go Private\E0D278F3 folder and put your bios file and roms there it should work perfectly =)

  34. xMAXlx says:

    or if you use USB connection between phone and PC when you insert cable to phone dont select PC Suite mode select hard drive or what is it you can access memory card same way as with SD card reader.

  35. rap3d says:

    Great job Summeli, is the is probably the best emu I’ve played on a mobile.

  36. Mr. Óbvio says:

    You rock man. Really nice job, thx.
    Greetings from Brazil!

  37. Matejo says:

    Thank you so much, finally got it working for my Vivaz and I couldn’t be happier! All thanks to you! You’re amazing!

  38. zero says:

    o have uptdate the old version “experimental audio” for this new version or are the same only add suppor for vivas ?

  39. ezsinner says:

    dear summeli,
    i know that 5800 using c6 firmware got bug and you said thats because i use unsupported firmware.i use c6 fw that means GPSP on c6 will got this cant touch the screen and press key really need to fix this bug.i think the bug is not from gpsp or c6 fw.its just that c6 fw is coded not to be touched and pressed together.maybe you could find a way around it

  40. Chaotic says:

    I got a problem on the i8910.
    I can’t press 2 Buttons at the same time like A & B.
    Is this a known bug?
    Otherwise it is a very good emulator.

  41. SpeedFire says:

    I have a problem on i8910.
    I can’t assign keys to the focus button of my phone (half press of camera button with scan code 216). The only possibility is to use full press of camera button (scancode 171). However, for most of the games “shoot” action is more convinient to set to focus button as it easier to press it.
    At the same time Antsnes quite well works with focus button.
    Can you please add support of this button?

  42. […] Bios extension should be .bin Project Wiki Page:Home – gpSP4Symbian – GitHub Thank Summeli here: gpsp v. 0.6.1: Added support for Satio and Vivaz | Summeli Reply With Quote […]

  43. rune says:

    The I8910 (s60v5) is not multitouch so don’t think pressing buttons simultaneously will work.

    • exsinner says:

      correction,he said button A and B and FYI there is no on screen button for A and B which mean technically he meant physical button,have you actually use this app??i’m wondering coz you dont know this app inteerface

  44. mgproductions says:

    Thanks so much for all your work! i love playing gba on i8910.
    2 requests i think many people were making but im just adding to those many people 😛
    1. please continue work on fixing up the sound,i’m sure you can do it 🙂
    2. getting the snes emulator on the i8910 would be GREAT 😀
    really excited if u can do that..
    thnx so much for all your work! keep it up 🙂

  45. SoWErA says:

    agree with mgproductions love your emulator Summeli

  46. jerry says:
    wouldn’t be better to port VBA-M to the symbian ?
    There would be also gbc and gb support
    Summeli is it possible to you to port other platforms emulator to the symbian ?
    e.g. NEStopia – NES
    Mednafen – many platforms
    It will be cool if you could port CPS1 emulator or mame emulator
    If you can, please add vibration to the pad – it should be useful
    and a few versions of pads will be also great – there should be full pad like in snes emu

    • Summeli says:

      The VBA-M would probably be slower than gpsp (since gpsp has really good dynarec). I have a game boy color emulator port under work, so it’s coming, which is originally running on linux/windows, so yes porting is possible;-)
      I’m going to try some new things with the PAD’s with the gbc emulator, and if it works well, then I might just add id into other emus too.

  47. jerry says:

    could you create forums or something like forums in order to post suggestions and bugs ?
    Have you tried to port other emulators ? Something that may work on S60v% phones ?
    On Nokia N8 you may create N64 emulator, on Nokia N900 it works quite well.
    I think that CPS1 emu may be ported because there are only 2 buttons used, and there should be added the third one which will be working as A+B
    Maybe you can take care of
    and maybe something good from:
    may be ported for symbian like
    I think that good game for porting is:

  48. angel says:

    i cant press directional and fisical buttons at the same time.
    i have nokia 5800 with c6 CFW.
    : (

  49. Omar Santana says:

    This is great thank you so much for the big effort. The audio works good for me on N97.
    I would like to ask, do you think would be possible add a gameshark codes function in future versions? That would be very nice!

  50. SoWErA says:

    I found someone who makes a Snes emulator for Symbian and it got perfect audio if the 2 of you work togheter I am sure you could make the very best emulators for Symbian(he needs a better working key control:
    I use google for translation here is to english:

    • Summeli says:

      I’m not going to use any of that SDL stuff on my emu’s. However I could use the snes9x sources used with this. The AntSnes is also snes9x based emulator, so switching the emulator sources in the back should be trivial.
      However I didn’t find the sources from the website, so I guess I can not use any of that stuff with my Qt based front end. It would also be nice to know if this version also uses the ARM asm optimized CPU core, which is used in the antsnes.
      Ok, I tried that one and the audio was fine. If I remember correctly I also had the audio working somehow before I started using the asm code for audio. Perhaps I should try to fall back into that older code with C-code only for the audio.. Anyway seeing that audio code would probably help a bit. Too bad that the code isn’t shared 🙁

      • brower says:

        Calm down Summeli. I’m trying to talk with him (he’s from my country). Let’s see if he can share his source =)

        • Summeli says:

          If there’s no modifications then I could just as well take the chui’s source. But of course the fastest way would be just to grab another lib instead of mine, and compare them 🙂
          The fps isn’t really that much, so I would rather keep the assembler modifications in.. :/

  51. SoWErA says:

    ok tkx for the reply Summeli thought maybe that guy could help you.

  52. SoWErA says:

    well good luck hope you can.

  53. SoWErA says:

    Summeli: Andrew from the Snes4Sym project have replied to you 🙂
    here is his reply:
    Just enable transparency and it will work perfect.
    My source is all messed but I’ll release it soon, Just I’m without time for it.
    The audio code was written by Chui to work on top of sdl.
    I haven’t made any change on it the Credits goes to Chui, Mertama and Anotherguest.

    • Summeli says:

      The audio code isn’t what matters. I’m not sure if I crash in the audio code. It’s probably the ARM assembler optimized stuff that’s crashing. I guess that I could try my own UI with chui’s stuff. It would probably mean smaller frame rate (since the asm optimization are gone), but at least the audio would work than..
      I’ll give it a try with chui’s source, which is public 😛

  54. SoWErA says:

    Found Chui’s homepage: there is a source for it also 🙂

  55. Alex says:

    Summeli, i love your new version with sound. Unfortunately, like others, i miss the possibility to press two of the hardware buttons on my i8910 at the same time.
    Do you think you can fix this problem in newer versions? that would be great!
    Thank you for your work!!!

  56. Marcelo says:

    You can’t put a big D-pad (like in the antsnes) in the next versions?
    I have fat fingers lol

  57. 766788643 says:

    goldsun2 can not play

  58. brower says:
    André said:
    I’m not using any special code, it’s just the snes9x original source code with the SDL implementation from Chui.
    I’ve tested your antsnes lib and it works with sound but it doesn’t sincronize with the sdl implementation (keeps looping) but works, so your Symbian implementation must have some error that cause the crash.

    • Summeli says:

      @brower, I responded into that threaD:
      That’s pretty much the same that I see also. Usually the audio just doesn’t render anything, and with some games it crashes.Maybe I should switch into some other snes lib.

  59. jerry says:

    Summeli could you port
    DCASTAWAY : The first Atari ST emulator.
    MAME4ALL : MAME GP2X adaptation for Dreamcast
    from the chui page ?

  60. SoWErA says:

    jerry let him first fix the snes and gba emulators with perfect sound …
    by the way I think there allready is a Mame emulator around.

  61. mario says:

    Yea… so i was playing on vivaz pokemon emerald and it happends like 3 time that it freeze itself and i need to exit program… now it wouldnt botter me usualy but i didnt save the game and i have to doit again….
    Does this happened to someone else?

  62. brower says:

    Rarely but yes mario. It’s still on beta.
    I think that Summeli should work and concentrate on SNES and GBA emulators. If he try to get all emulators, he will not have time to support it. He is just 1 person.
    IMO Summeli should work on GBA and SNES until it get a stable version (no more beta ;P). He have many stuffs to do in real life and can’t spend 24hrs of day codding emulators for symbian. He do this for no money, just a hobby. He need to eat 😛

  63. jerry says:

    There is mame emulator for symbian but I cant find roms for it because its in old version 0.27 or sth like that

  64. Mitja says:

    Really very nice emulator you have there… It just needs some editing like when I play Dragon Ball z Legacy of goku it says its not compatible with this hardware when I try to fly…
    And some games have blue screen and not colored… Audio it isnt perfect but also not bad… (atleast it works right).
    Really like your release m8.

  65. n97 says:

    i try snes4sym its great sound and speed are so good but control config its very complicated i cant jump or shut with qwerty in my n97…i still prefer antsnes 🙂

  66. Anderson says:

    Is possible create an emulator for Nintendo DS using the same idea of the GBA emulator, using an emulator for PSP?

  67. Saif says:

    Man! You’re awesome.Gpsp is near perfect.Antsnes is far better than any symbian snes emulator around.I was just wondering can you please tweak the picodrive interface to make it like gpsp.Again,salute to you.

  68. darkthug says:

    bro i think its better if you put a touchscreen a/b button same what you did with snes so atleast the call/end key wont be used up too much cause it might lead to the call/end keys to mulfunction

  69. Tam says:

    Summeli please make a new Version with bigger Keys for walking (like AntSnes)…
    Can you fix the Bug to play all Games?
    I want to play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance >.<

  70. David says:

    Hi, please can you make a larger d-pad?
    It would be perfect!

  71. jerry says:

    I would like to ask you about adding a few video modes like fullscreen, stretch image etc.
    and also something like invisible pad and transparent pad where buttons will be not visible or barely visible and game may be bigger – fullscreen
    What about making your project GPL and create at sourceforce new page ? Maybe if someone will cooperate with you than development would be faster and better ?:)

  72. Johnny says:

    Tried your SNES emulator, now I shall try your GBA one.
    Great job, keep it up summeli!

  73. Johnny says:
    What about re-porting this to s60v5?
    Could be playable with motion stuff + touchscreen. (and fun!)
    Wouldn’t take too much time for you, it’s already ported to SDL.
    I would try myself porting it, but I couldn’t get this IDE working easily, so I just don’t have much time for it.

  74. Gibon says:

    Hi have you ever think abaut doing emulators for iphone ??

  75. SoWErA says:

    lol iphone that’s a junk phone it probably can’t handle the requirements even.

  76. yener90 says:

    lol a version for iphone…
    search for GpSPhone

  77. Gibon says:

    Im nor thinking abaut snes emu but psx because the current version psx4all for iphon does not show the full capabilities emulate psx
    3gs have 833mhz downcloacked to 600mhz and clocking is the same as in n8 but iphone 4 is more powerfull has 1ghz downcloacked to 800mhz

  78. Johnny says:

    This just shows how stupid *most* (sorry for the smart ones!) Iphone fanboys are.
    It’s not “DOWNCLOACKED” it’s the real MHZ (effective mhz), and if it IS downclocked, you’re still wrong.
    And also, learn to type.

    • gibon says:

      Im not iphone fanboy I’m just a realist. I bought 5800 immediately after the premiere and still have this phone but I concluded that it is slowly dying Symbian S60v5. There are no new games or aplication in comparison with the iPhone in one day i can download dozens of neew games ans apps. I appreciate summeli’s work and only suggested make an emulator fo iphone
      Sorry for my bad english ;P

      • Summeli says:

        I’m moving into Symbian^3 based devices when they are available. I could also do some emulators to meego, since most of my Qt code should compile for that OS too. I’m really not interested about the iPhone, and besides the iPhone has already quite many emulators 😉

  79. Daywolf says:

    Your work is amazing!
    i hope for the yu-gi-oh games to get compatible.

  80. dr490n says:

    so, what can be improved with this release??
    I hope this update will finally let me load roms in antsnesqt without crashing…

  81. dr490n says:

    so, what can be improved with this release??
    I hope this update will finally let me load roms in antsnesqt without crashing…
    Improved performance, quicker apps
    Qt 4.7 includes significant performance improvements that make applications and user interfaces run faster and smoother.
    Examples of these improvements include:
    – New hardware accelerated compositing in QtWebkit has accelerated QtWebkit animation rendering by 31% over Qt 4.6.0, resulting in “snappier” user interfaces
    – In benchmark tests of popular websites, Facebook pages scrolled up to 67% faster, and other, less complicated pages scrolled on average 350% faster* due to significant scrolling speed improvements in QtWebkit
    – The new QStaticText class makes text render more than twice as fast as in Qt 4.6
    – The QPainter engine makes it possible to draw particle systems more efficiently in OpenGL

  82. ngoanrazor says:

    please, you can made version button same video

  83. dr490n says:

    summeli, do you know that qt 4.7 is out now? but strangely, it wont install the dependencies as usual…

  84. Carlos says:

    Hi =) I realy love your work but i get a problem in Golden Sun The lost age when I put the password for transfer files the emulator restart? somebody can help me?
    And with qt 4.7 I expect a great work of you
    Thx a lot for the fun!

  85. Julian says:

    hey summeli, do you know now how to better up soud quality?

  86. dj U.G. says:

    why on GPSP ROMs of Need for speed not seen good, but with staggered color ?
    I say immediately that I have set the correct BIOS version
    Sorry for my bad English, but it is not my language.

  87. Ninja says:

    Actually, when I followed the steped u said, I ran the gpsp and every words is just wwwww,wwwww
    The word “exit” is “wwwww”, the word Load is “wwwww”. I wondered if I have problem with the fonts?. But all other things on my font worked well. N97 user!

  88. Mr.ArO says:

    Please help me most of 3d games (like nfs or payback) have blue screen and they aren’t colored what to do i have nokia 5800 xpressmusic PLEASE HELP ME !!

  89. amin says:

    can any one help me find nes emulator for 5800 plz help

  90. Carlos says:

    i have a question why you dont port visual boy advance for S60 v5?
    because there is the “vbagx” that can emulate all roms in old cellphones s60v3 but doesnt use SwEvent and its programmed for physic keyboard it would be incredible if you can do this =)

  91. Nando says:

    I tried to install this too, but during the installation, show a msg saying: Error in certificate or something. Have any sollution?
    Thanks Summeli!

  92. Jyre says:

    Hey Summerli,
    This GBA emulator has been great for my Nokia 5230. I enjoy playing GBA games on my phone and I can forgive the sound discrepancies for most games ,except one or two RPG titles where the music simply .. makes the game — you know what I mean. I have compiled a short list of ROMs that DO NOT work with the Gpsp Symbian:
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
    Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition
    Mobile Suit Gundam Seed-Battle Assault
    I would’ve really liked to play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (loved the game on the GBA back then) and the others, I don’t value as much. Still, I enjoy playing the games that does work and I can only thank you and whoever supported you through this for the Gpsp Symbian emulator.
    Thank you,

  93. Jyre says:

    Sorry, that was Summeli* not Summerli!

  94. Tony Livshits says:

    Is it possible that in the next version it will support .gbc (Game boy Color Roms) too?

  95. yes says:

    Hey summelli, when i try to use the qt installer on my nokia 5800, and it says that the certificate is expired, i tried to change the date, but i got it to the stage where on one day it said that the certificate may not yet be valid, and the next it says the certificate is expired. Can you suggest what to do because i really want to play on the gpsp.

  96. Maniac says:

    Hey, Summeli! Thx a lot man!
    When is the next update?

  97. axl says:

    hi this is great but i`m failed when i tried to install the gpsp on my satio, say:menu no compatible and i signed the app sis.
    first i install de qt demo and before install the gpsp plis tell how i can do that.
    (sorry for my english because i`m chilean and i speak spanish XD)

  98. Xstyle says:

    Finnaly !!! Vivaz support <3 Finnaly a cool app for the vivaz xD

  99. sexington says:

    hi there! finally we’re got the GBA emulator on our platform. So i’ll wait for updates. too bad that same games dont compatible with emu, maybe you are improve it in the future. Thanks(Russia. Pyatigorsk)

  100. Matoking says:

    Hey, can you confirm is this Symbian3/Nokia N8 compatible or not? I have the correct BIOS dump and now that I tried to run a game it crashed and now I’m unable to open task manager.
    Posting from a N8 btw.

    • Summeli says:

      I don’t yet have the N8, so I can not confirm if it works at all. It can also get huge optimizations from EGL interface with S^3, so the next update will probably be optimized for S^3. There’s also some other stuff that I’m planning to do for the N8 😉

      • Matoking says:

        I can get the emulator to the emulation screen, the screen is just black and the only thing I can do is return back to the main menu.
        One time the emulator somehow managed to get into a state where doing ANYTHING resulted in a out of memory error. (Such as pressing the Exit button in attempt to close the emulator)
        The file browser also looks pretty ugly in S^3.

        • Fruit says:

          hey i was reading comments and its the same with matoking, our screen is black ._.
          I can get the emulator to the emulation screen, the screen is just black and the only thing I can do is return back to the main menu.
          One time the emulator somehow managed to get into a state where doing ANYTHING resulted in a out of memory error. (Such as pressing the Exit button in attempt to close the emulator)
          The file browser also looks pretty ugly in S^3.”

  101. SoWErA says:

    plz don’t forget the i8910 qt release with better sound ;/

  102. Nox says:

    by the way summeli there has been a great demand recently for a mobile nintendo ds emulator. I’ve been tryin to write one by using the dos,bineries etc of no$gba but it isn’t goin too well. Could you try one your self or give me some advice if you are not too busy?

  103. Ninja says:

    Actually I found a bug. If the font font rounter (especially with fonts which contains Chinese), GPSP will only show every button in www, wwww, wwwww, no english, no words…..

  104. ghost_z says:

    Think you Summeli.When is the next update? what’s the next update? gpsp 0.7?

  105. Margrab says:

    First, great job. Perfect application for touch phone. There is only one litte I would like to ask, is there any posibility to switch places the “touch navi keys” with the “start,select,option” there is a button near navi keys in my phone nokia 5800xm and when i play i accidently turn the menu on. Switching places should work fine. pls reply. Thanks in advance

  106. Wadda says:

    Hey I’m having a problem. When I load a ROM from the memory card the game (pokemon emerald) starts but freezes. When the ROM is in phone memory all is ok. Why is this? The ROM file is 16MB and it fills my phone memory :/ . I have the rom also as .zip file but that doesnt work at all…

  107. neo_chip says:

    Thanks summeli you freaking rock! Works great on my nokia 5230 looking forward toward your updates! :p

  108. Teh luke says:

    Im using a sony errison satio and i have installed both the Qt installation package and the Gpsp but when ever i click continue or load on the gpsp it takes me back to the phone menu and i have to restart it.

    • TheOtherAlex says:

      Which version of QT? 4.6.2 works fine, later versions cause all kinds of troble. If you’re using 4.6.3 or later, uninstall everything QT related and install 4.6.2.
      Hope this helps 😉

  109. sire says:

    There is the possibility to play games which require the solar sensor (for example BOKTAI’s series) or the tilt sensor (for example Yoshi universal gravitation)? I cannot play the game boktai even on Pc’s gba emulator and it’s my dream to play these games!!! *_*

  110. Nox says:

    Hey summeli i got a n8 and its totally cool. Can’t wait for via symbian 3 update

  111. Teddy says:

    I downloaded gpsp_v06.sis into my computer and copy it on my phone .
    Then, I installed it to my phone but it says : Certificate error. Contact the application supplier.
    So, what should I do ?

    • TheOtherAlex says:

      Hack your phone. Ask Google for hacking (Root Certificate & HelloOX2) and pray your firmware is supported 😉
      Seriously, you can’t go running around with an unhacked phone, that’s too much bother anyway.

  112. EAA575 says:

    Hey summeli, what version of gpsp do you use to port it to symbian?

  113. Fruit says:

    hey i need help!!!
    i installed all, no problem.(qt, gpsp, bios are correct)
    but when i try to open a rom it doesnt run. the phone doesnt freeze or anything else, the rom just doesnt start!!! what can i do?

  114. Margrab says:

    First, great job. Perfect application for touch phone. There is only one litte I would like to ask, is there any posibility to switch places the “touch navi keys” with the “start,select,option” there is a button near navi keys in my phone nokia 5800xm and when i play i accidently turn the menu on. Switching places should work fine. pls reply. Thanks in advance

  115. Dev says:

    Hii summeli,thanx u very much.
    I can’t run al roms on my it becuz of d rom file or gpsp?is it better to use hecked roms? Plz reply

  116. Tamstyler says:

    Summeli will you update this Emulator so that ALL Games are working?

    • Summeli says:

      No I’m not. It’s a gpsp port, so at very best it will have same compatibility list as gpsp. S60 5th edition phones also have quite limited amount of free RAM, which will also give another limitation. However I will be continuing the gpsp development for Symbian^3 with my N8 🙂

  117. Sam says:

    Hi summeli,when i tried to load roms(working on 5800)on my n97 mini it showed black screen and then crashed..i tried to many working roms bt the result is same.i hv set the corect bios and i hvn’t hecked my firmware is n97mini rm-533 v11.2.
    Plz help me and plz reply i want to play games on my n97 mini too..

  118. SKY says:

    I have correct bios but some game cannot worked.

  119. mafio says:

    Greetings summeli.
    I really enjoy your projects and hope you’ll carry on with them 🙂
    There’s only a quick issue I want to talk about. It’s when you press 2 keys at the same time (f.e A+B), the second key pressed is not recognized. This prevents me of going further on Wario Land 4, right in the tutorial when the game asks me to press R then B at the same time.
    Other thing is, I can’t find a working rom for Pokemon Emerald, it freezes after the “Pokemon” screen, before the menu. As you may know, Pokemon is the most played game on GBA 😀
    Oh, and my phone is a Nokia 5228.
    Keep up the good work!

  120. mafio says:

    About the Pokemon Emerald, I already found a working version (from romhustler).

  121. Hen Asraf says:

    I can’t find Qt anywhere, and the link here doesn’t work for me. Help? D:

  122. angry says:

    I hate you ,you are a person like leonardo davinci the starts somethin and stop on workin on that ting before finishing it! I am waitin for the soun of antsnes from a year,and for the gpsp with sound final! I he=ate the people like you!!!!!!!!!!!
    you act like a girl!

  123. Happy says:

    Nice work Summeli, working great here.
    I noticed you are working on making it compatible for S^3, will you discontinue support for s60v5 after that?

  124. Matoking says:

    Will you at first just release a quick bug-fix version that runs on Symbian^3 devices, or will you optimize the architecture for S^3 before releasing anything?

    • Summeli says:

      it’s not just a bug fix. I’m going to change the whole rendering system from DSA to OpenGL ES 2.0. Also the control system is going to change because the S^3 has multitouch. Basically I’m cleaning a lot of S60 5th edition code away and going with more standard stuff at the same time. All my interfaces should also be compatible with Meego, so re-comping the emulator for Meego should also be possible after this change.

      • Matoking says:

        I meant if you were going to make a quick release that gets past the black screen in Symbian^3, but isn’t updated to work with the new features and technologies and AFTER IT start working on the actual Symbian^3 version of the emulator with the new features and technologies?

        • Summeli says:

          The black screen is result of the new graphics architecture. I don’t see any point at modifying the directscreenaccess for S^3 anymore. It would probably be slower than on S60 5th edition phones. The only smart solution is to make a new screen blit for OpenGL ES 2.0, and take the full advantage of the NGA.

          • Matoking says:

            Can’t wait, really. Having a SNES and a GBA emulator on my phone would be amazing. Considering it has multi-touch now, it would make a lot of games pleasure to play. (Well, most of RPG games anyway)

  125. Bonfi96 says:

    I probally found a bug in the emulator on my N97mini…(sorry for the english)
    in games that have a transition of an image in the background or something like a video, the game doesn’t load and i see only a black screen (for example in in the intro of pokemon where it say press start, in final fantasy tactics advance after the language select or in kirby and the amazing mirror after i start a new game)
    I’m not sure that is a bug of the emulator but i want to say it because i wish in a better version with audioXD
    (do you need a beta tester? 🙂

  126. samdash says:

    Hello Summeli, thank you for your hard work. I have a couple of questions.
    Are the sound issues happening because of the emulator or of the mobile phone? (I am using 5230 which is not very powerful)
    Also, could you make the virtual d-pad easier to use? Like, whe you press a direction button (for example left) and move your finger to an another one (down), the direction doesn’t change (to down)? It would make playing action games much easier. Thanks.

  127. Tamstyler says:

    Hey Summeli can you make a Update (i think it´s a small Update):
    Maybe there are some People that want to play with a Keyboard (Example: Nokia N97).
    And they want to play in fullscreen.
    If you hide the Touch D-Pad, it´s not really Fullscreen.
    It´s look nice but they want Fullscreen (i think).

    • Summeli says:

      You can hide the controls with N97 by choosing hide touch d-pad under controls menu. So it’s already in there. I have moved to the Symbian^3 already, so there will be probably no updates for S60 5th edition anymore.

  128. Tamstyler says:

    You will make one Update for the Sound, or?

  129. Tamstyler says:

    My English is bad so you must me explain it nearlier (Sry :():
    Is there a Chance to play Non-Working-Roms later?

  130. pashtet_49 says:

    When is the next update?

  131. elric says:

    I have it installed on my vivaz pro. the menu works but I can’t seem to run the game. it just goes to what seems to be the emulated console with a blank screen.
    Do all games work on the Gpsp or are there some games that won’t work? I tried FFtactics, Golden sun 1 and 2, and pokemon fire red and emerald.

  132. Tamstyler says:

    Not all Games are working because of the Rom.
    But Pokemon Emerald should work…

  133. elric says:

    I looked around the site and saw something about RAM having effects on which roms run.
    does this mean the less phone memory i have its less likely to be able to play games?
    If so is there a way to resolve this?

  134. vinicius says:

    Hello, I followed all the installation steps, but the roms do not appear, I put them in the folder inside the cell but not shown. please help me: (

  135. exsinner says:

    WT*!!!Just now i want to continue my Golden Sun game and surprisingly there’s a bit lag,i change gpsp with version 0.5 and now it works smooth.For those who have this issue please change back to v0.5,as you can see v0.6 with audio is just beta and its audio isn’t sync correctly which make the audio is almost useless,even if you turn off the audio the game wont run smoother just like in v0.5

  136. Ellencubby says:

    Work fine on my nokia c6 , the audio not perfect but thats fine for me, thanks u summeli 🙂

  137. Gaea says:

    hey summeli… its working in my nokia c6-00 but when i play Shinning Soul 2 when i want saving my game, Gpsp was restarted…. is that a bug?
    oh for the sounds well… it isnt perfect but good job summely
    i hope Gpsp will be the best Gba emulator for phone…

  138. Tamstyler says:

    It´s a good Emulator, but not the best because not all games are working 🙁

  139. Navthep says:

    Hi, thanks for the software, I have a problem running it 🙁
    After selecting bios and rom, i get only the dpad and a blank screen. the game does not load. ppls help. thx.
    Nokia 5530 XM
    Roms : Pokemon Emerald
    Yugioh 7 Trials to Glory

    • Navthep says:

      Hey, somehow after changging frameskip to 8, the Pokemon game worked perfectly (aslo after udating 5530 to latest firmware)
      Thx alot for the emu! Is thr anyway to make Yugioh game work? Thx

  140. xELLy says:

    how i install the emulator on my satio ?

  141. Tamstyler says:

    Summeli, is there a Chance that all Games work in GPSP?

  142. junpei - kun says:

    hi sir summeli. Sorry for my english . Im using gpsp . I tried many different games and it runs . Pokemon etc blah blah but when i use the rom riviera , the promised land . The game freeze after pressing the start game . Please help me . Im using nokia 5230. Thanks alot . =) im waiting for your latest update . Hope audio will works perfectly ,

  143. Tamstyler says:

    Not all Games are working…

  144. junpei - kun says:

    @sir tamstyler
    . . i see . i though it will run haha. anyway . thanks sir. =))

  145. mmm gas says:

    hi, i dont speak a lot of english jeje! actually i was tring to install both programs, the QT work but the gpsp didnt work…. i dont know what to do, this is my 3rd time tring and is not working….. my cellphone is the sony vivaz and the sofware is symbian 5th edition…. so anyone can explain my step by step how to do it…. maybe a video will help jeje!

  146. L-Sky says:

    Summeli,you have so many fans in China.My phone is Satio,gpsp made me relive a lot of classic GBA games,I like it very much.
    Only regret is that it does not sound very good support.Anyway,thank you,Summeli,you are great!

  147. question says:

    summeli are you dead?
    haloOo! is somebody there?

  148. 5230 says:

    I like the gpsp very much,but why some ROM can’t save,not the (Save/Load State),when I try to save the game it always says “Fail to save”,just like the ‘ROckman Zero4’,can you tell me why

  149. Thiago says:

    Hey bro, I just want to tell you that Sword of Mana is working fine 🙂 I checked the compatibility list and it wasn’t there, so…
    That’s it.
    Excellent job with the emulator, btw.
    Thank you very much 🙂
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    See ya!

  150. Fruit says:

    hey i need help!!!
    i installed all, no problem.(qt, gpsp, bios are correct)
    but when i try to open a rom it doesnt run. the phone doesnt freeze or anything else, the rom just doesnt start!!! what can i do?
    I tried with kirby amazing mirror, and it starts, but when i choose a file to start to play, the kirbys get the star and when the screen goes to black/white (i dont remember) (that blak/white screen is from the game) it freezes.
    i also tried with pokemon emerald and rescue team, but it doesnt work :/

  151. Tamstyler says:

    Summeli, what is about Sound?
    Do you find something that helps you to implent Sound?

  152. calcface says:

    Just out of curosity, now that you will start developing for Symbian^3, do you plan to keep supporting and release new versions of your soft for S60v5?

  153. Evestus says:

    Hello, Summeli,
    I’d like to thank you for this application, most of the games i play run 100%, i don’t know about the sound becouse i dont use it.
    But i have a question – some games, for example “Disney sports – basketball” (and all other disney sports) gets stuck about after 5seconds when u start playing. Will this be fixed? I’m using N97 mini.
    Regards, Evestus.

  154. Greg says:

    When a new version comes out?

  155. Ellencubby says:

    I’ve tried, thanks summeli .. This application runs well on my nokia c6:)
    though the sound is not perfect but good in my opinion.
    Just not all games can be run: D
    summeli whether you will release the newer version? I are your fans so I hope you do not disappoint us, receive the love 🙂

  156. 5233 says:

    Summeli. I want to play Final Fantasy Tactic
    Kingdom Heart
    What Should I Do????

  157. depsyz says:

    I anunce that we dont need no mor to wai for update relases o sumelis emulators!
    I am happy to say that a hacker have buil an application that emulate a virtual d-pad and keys 4 our S60v5 phones! wuth thi apps you can use fully working the ALL emulators like
    PICODRIVE(beter vers 1.51)
    QUAKE 1,2,3
    In this link you can find all the info and download!!!
    Thanks you summeli and thanks you all!!!!!!!!!

  158. Tamstyler says:

    Good Idea Summeli 😀
    Or you can search somebody, that continues your Emulators for S60V5, but who? ^^

  159. Zaro says:

    I have installed it on my Vivaz Pro.
    The app runs fine (at least i think so) but when i try to load a game it just doesnt load.
    I ve used a bios according to your instructions and the game is in .gba format.
    I cant tell what the problem is.
    Could it be that i use Qt 4.7?

  160. SuperJames2040 says:

    Hey, I would love to know if there´s any chance to make Wario Ware Twisted work with the nokia accelerometer? Please! BTW the emulator works great! Loved it!

  161. Redy says:

    there is no chance to play Golden sun 1 and two without laggs. goldensun 2 havnt a menu if i startet.
    i have a Nokia 5800 XM. help pls

  162. Zaro says:

    Several games dont run.
    Is there a chance that this is due to bios?
    Can someone post a link to a page that has some different bios?

  163. H.hh says:

    Good job!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. Glenn says:

    Nice job! That delayed sound is tolerable for me. I got v0.5 and I got disappointed since it has no sound… then I found your blog… 🙂

  165. sfaf says:

    Why most of the “3D-like” games are only in kinda blue colors?

  166. sfaf says:

    By the way, are you continuing on gpsp?
    I’d like to play newer games and not get stuck,like digimon 2 and etc…

  167. sfaf says:

    How can i download v0.9.1 from your github? I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE:(
    Send me mail [email protected] please with ur newest gpSP for s60v5 release:)

  168. Evestus says:

    Is it possible to re-make ur GBA PSP emulator for symbian, like u write u ported it.
    Is it possible to do by myself with no skills? Becuz i would like to run some games that doesnt works and seems to be fixed on 0.9.1 psp version.

  169. Glenn says:

    Hey Summeli,
    Qt 4.7 is released last november, would you recommend that I install this new QT together with this
    tihs gpsp v0.6.1

  170. Evestus says:

    well, could you tell what programs do i need to try to do it and a little guide? I can tell you my programing skills is kinda starter, and im bad at it.
    Or if it doesnt take a lot of time, could you do it for everyone, please? (or at least for me *selfishness*)

  171. zaro says:

    First of all congratulations for a very good job on this emulator!
    It runs great on my Vivaz Pro. I have 3 requests:
    – Can you update gpsp so that it will be possible to set buttons that do 2 things at once like moving diagonaly (eg up and right at the same time)?
    – Can you give some instructions on how to install and use your psp emulator. I know it runs slow but if it would run on a decent speed it would be on Vivaz at the moment
    – Do really 3d like games not run on gpsp? Tried a couple of them and didnt run.
    Thank you for your work

  172. bozo says:

    hy i’m having a problem with gpsp cause i don’t know how to set bios? if anyone can help me thanks..

  173. harmz says:

    hello there
    im a user of nokia c7 with symbian^3 and i downloaded the gpsp and tried to run it o my c7 now it opens up and the qd inataller does work but evry time i push countinue it goes to the screen with the arrows and nothing happens

  174. Evestus says:

    If it doesnt take a lot of time, could you port, make or smth like that ur gpsp 0.9.1 for symbian, for everyone, please? (or at least for me *selfishness*)
    It has a lot larger working game list…

  175. Maldini says:

    Hey Summeli, I’m happy that you ported the gpsp to symbian and enabled me to play those awesome GBA Games on the mobile phone.
    I don’t know if you answer specific questions, but do you know, why the games “Yu-Gi-Oh World Wide Edition 2006” and “Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Academy” don’t work? They just show a black screen, nothing else.
    If you could make them work on gpSP symbian I would be very happy.
    regards, Maldini

  176. Tamstyler says:

    Here is your Answer ( Question 1 ):

  177. Evestus says:

    summeli, can you unofficialy port vbagx for s60v5? It has a lot wider rom support…
    Atleast, can you mod it to normal controls for qwerty n97mini?

  178. Sachlove says:

    Anyone can please help me how to set bios, please please please help me how to set bios.

  179. Tamstyler says:

    1. Open the Emulator
    2. “Select File”
    3. Now open the Bios, that you put somewhere on your Phone

  180. Evestus says:

    summeli, can you unofficialy port vbagx for s60v5? It has a lot wider rom support…
    Atleast, can you mod it to normal controls for qwerty n97mini?
    By the way, is it possible to convert old pc games for symbian phones, like “Driver” ?(which requirements is really realy low)

  181. Andre says:

    So i played Kingdom Hearts o this emulator is easy to make this work, need some brain 😉

  182. Philip says:

    Hi there Summeli,
    I’m having some trouble installing QT on my Sony ericsson vivaz.
    Every time I try to install QT ( either QTinstaller or QTdemos) .. my
    phone gives an error, this error:
    Do you might have any clue what is going wrong here?
    Gr, Philip

  183. Rendy says:

    thanks. it works on my nokia 5800.
    is there any NDS Emulator for symbian ?

  184. Philip says:

    Nvm, problem solved! It seemed that I had a non-correct installed version of QT on my phone already.
    So I just had to delete that version of QT and install the QT.exe file. It works perfectly now!

  185. Tam says:

    Summeli, is there no Chance that all (or more) Roms are working on GPSP?
    I think this is more important than Sound.
    I want to play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 🙁

  186. question says:

    you all check this virtual controller

  187. Evestus says:

    Andre says:
    February 6, 2011 at 15:06
    So i played Kingdom Hearts o this emulator is easy to make this work, need some brain 😉
    Reply to this comment
    HOW THE HELL??????????????

  188. Treim Fei says:

    Summeli, this GPSP version is the up to date one? Because I´m experiencing some problems In Zelda : minish cap I can´t roll pressing the R button. This was related in the readme file present in your source homepage:
    – Fixed DMA with garbage in their upper 4 bits (fixes a crash in Zelda: Minish Cap)
    – Completely redid memory handlers, accurately emulates open and BIOS reads now. Fixes Zelda: Minish Cap (roll bug, last dungeon), Rayman, MMBN 1 (last dungeon), probably others.
    Well, thx anyway.

    • Summeli says:

      I know. The Symbian port has some additional bug with memory handling. I’m using the newest source, so I should have those fixes in, but there’s allways some symbian specific issues. I have currently other priorities, so fixing compatibility is on the bottom of my TODO list.

  189. hariboss says:

    Whe it will be realised for n8 please send me an email – [email protected]

  190. treim fei says:

    And what about the roll problem in the Zelda: minish cap? In the latest entry of gpsp it was fixed. Can you fix it? Thx.

    • Treim Fei says:

      Sorry to say the again. I thout that u didn´t read my earlier msg. Plx, help with this problem, because Zelda is one of the few games which we can actually play the same way as the console, due to controls problems. Play games like Megaman: Zero, Metroid and so is really tricky with the Mobile keyboard, even using n97. Zelda is one that we can totaly play, without control flaw. I apreciate your hard work, and wait for a new release. Thx.

  191. FireRed says:

    will you integrate the cheating module (i mean gameshark or sth. ) to the next version? If you do this i’ll be so glad 🙂

  192. Greg says:

    When is the next version of Symbian GPSP?

  193. needhelp says:

    hey, please help. i sent the application in the symbian and confirmed it already 2 days ago, but still, no download link, how long should i wait or i’m waiting for nothing? i want to play this so badly.

  194. treimfei says:

    Ok. Sorry to ask. :S

  195. Goo says:

    Hey guys plz help im having blue textures when i try to play 3d like gba games on my nokia 5235..3d games runs but displaying blue textures 🙁

  196. N8_Guy says:

    Any chance of n8 support with the next gpsp? That would be soo awesome, your the best Symbian developer Summeli 🙂

  197. peter says:

    How long does it take to sign gpsp4Symbian.sis?

  198. peter says:

    Sry for the Comments .. I got it

  199. peter says:

    Is there any Option to turn up the speed of the emulator (for pokemon)

  200. Joe says:

    What type of games can we play in it NES or GBA or what ??? Please reply…..

  201. Red89 says:

    Please Release for symbian^3

  202. Sponge says:

    Thank you!!!
    But Pokemon Pinball crashes when pkmn evolves. Is there any solution?

  203. Skaven says:

    got it working on nokia 5230 but it cuts off the edges of the screen. can it be scaled & recompiled to work on 640×360 resolution?

  204. Uno says:

    How can use Gameshark Codes in GPSP Symbian ??

  205. Sophobe says:

    Please release a symbian^3 version (=

  206. Pepo says:

    Please Release for symbian^3

  207. Marv says:

    Release Symbian^3 version plzzz ^_^

  208. RhanCandia says:

    why did you stop developing this for S60 3rd. i badly want this on my N95. >___>

  209. billyG says:

    i really hope to have this program in my N8 (virtual pad with all keys, not only for directions, because it has only one physical button). hope u’ll make it one with my and other requests 😀

  210. EThaiZone says:

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance can not work. It show Square Enix logo and crush.
    This game can run in GPSP.
    Can you make audio better? I run vbag and I must set frameskip to 4 for Vbag can play audio better.
    I think Vbag don’t have buffer but It play along game so sometimes if I set frameskip to 0, Its sound is poor.
    I hope this information can help you. Thank you for develope GPSP on symbian for us. Thank you so much.
    PS. Sorry for my lang. I’m Thai. ^^”

  211. Geo says:

    when i play fftactic it just crashed

  212. kanoa tai says:

    Summeli , please teach me how to install gpsp and Qt to Sony Ericsson Vivaz.
    I want to try download game into S.E Vivaz.
    Please tell me all the process ..
    Thank you.. please teach me.. and send to my hotmail [email protected]
    Anyone know how to install gpsp and Qt or download game into S.E Vivaz , please send msg to my mail-box =D
    Thank you your kindness.

  213. jirako says:

    how to using gameshark code on gpsp symbian nokia 5800?

  214. junpei - kun says:

    Hope the audio will works perfectly . Gpsp can run all roms. =) is there any update for gpsp? Im waiting it for 3 months hehe. Thanks for this project. Hope u can improve it more .
    SORRY FOR MY LANG . I am a filipino . xD .
    KEEP IT UP SIR . . Thumbs up

    • RhanCandia says:

      junpei!? youre here too? ive been using summelis emulators for a couple months now.
      its me, payas0. XD
      i just hope summeli makes a new version for S60v3. N95 to be specific.

  215. James says:

    I went to symbian signed and got GPSP signed, when i tried to install it, all i get is certificate error. Anyone pls help me.

  216. Ade.setyawan says:

    Please, help me
    My handphone is nokia 5233,
    But not Work,
    Sorry for my language I’m indoNESIA

  217. kiwi says:

    will support multiplayer via bluetooth?

  218. Mixz says:

    Sir I can’t push 2 buttons in tha same time (D-pad and endcall button)

  219. yangoboy says:

    omgomgomg is there some way to use gameshark codes for this?? pleease it would be like heaven if there was cheat support. please make an update with cheat support…i know the actual gpsp on psp does support cheats 🙁

  220. KURO says:


  221. jone says:

    ARRRGH!! It works but some games don’t….is there a file size limit or something? I cant play yugioh a 41mb file…will have to test more games…But thank you for your hard work! =)

  222. Mixelangel says:

    Summeli, is this the final release or u have in mind keep updating it? Pease, dont leave us!!! Your emu is fantastic, and still are a lot of users with S60v5 on their phones.
    Btw, bluetooth multiplayer would be the nirvana!!

  223. Mox says:

    summeli the thing is since your developing for the n8 did you also know that you also know that most n8s are underclocked? Use xplore device info to see if i’m wrong . Most n8s have been clocked at 192mhz by nokia to prevent overheating. Use speedy go! Or this guide to overclock your n8.

  224. Fuuko says:

    This. Is. AWESOME.
    Tho, I have to say that it would be super awesome if a cheats menu would be available. 😀

  225. saniz says:

    gpsp 0.61 hav some problems like(nokia 5530)
    :the controller is unstable
    :when we press down and utton B(minimise button the gpsp menu opens)
    :problem in jumping 🙁
    Is ther any update of gpsp like 0.7-0.9 any plz send me the links plz plz

  226. jake says:

    symbian3 support would kick ass

  227. mox says:

    summeli you specialize in porting right? I wonder what it would take to port PreEnv from maemo to symbian? Is it too difficult vm attempt? Now that would be a definite hit!

    • Ben says:

      Preenv is not an emulator for N900. The Palm architecture and N900 is very similar and shares a lot of code (similar to different distributions of Linux). The games will run on N900 with some modifications (extra libraries and environmental changes). Symbian is not Linux and as a result, Preenv will just not happen this way.

  228. Lunaire says:

    Hey,what a amazing software! It’s very good.However, the config is still not perfect in s60V5,can u make it touch or add a virtual keyboard on it because there is not many buttons in the touch phone and so it is hard to control. THZ~

  229. Rhynazzo says:

    Summeli,why in your emulators mobile screenshoters don’t captured image from game,only image of emulato(buttons and main theme?
    Please,forgive me for my english)I’m from Ukraine))

  230. Alex says:

    There are some new versions of the Qt binaries, if you don’t know. Thanks.

  231. dhruv says:


  232. taoybb says:

    This app are awesome but!!! When i change to N8 and it suck! Symbian^3 can’t run it this app. One thing that i think sometime s60v5 are better…..
    when is it support s^3 i had waiting for very long time??

  233. dhruv says:

    when i try to open the app it doesnt open plz help summeli

  234. Alphabeast says:

    Is someone there to kindly explain to me the BIOS matter please…I’ve tried to learn by myself but I’m still unable to run any ROM yet.

    • Alex says:

      You need to get the “gba_bios.bin” file on your phone. It has to be the original one, look for it using Google. When you get it, move it to your memory’s phone (whereever you want) and in the app, at the File button, there is the BIOS button, use it to search on your phone for the file, then load any rom and you’ll be able to play. Simple as that…

  235. […] Antti Pohjola将gpsp移植到S60V5,因此就有了诺基亚5230上的gpsp。 […]

  236. Arun says:

    My name is arun my mobile is Nokia 5235 and iam download tha Qt and than i but
    then instol the gpsp he is so me sam errer PPPPPPPPPPLZ………….,,
    Help me for this Problam

  237. Btt0 says:

    i have a nokia c7 and alredy installed the
    gpsp and load the bios but when trying to
    play a game it closes, i have tried with
    several games could you help?
    thanks in advance

  238. kadet89 says:

    Nokia n8, gpsp (alpha version for symbian^3) not working at all (tried to run 5 different games)

    • Summeli says:

      I really don’t care if it doesn’t run for you. I made it to get some feedback, and luckily most of my twitter followers knew how to use use 🙂 And I got the feedback I wanted.

  239. kadet89 says:

    Please add support for this “game”, it allows run NES roms in my GBA

  240. X says:

    JUST RAN GPSP ON N8 ^__^ Pokemon Ruby works like a dream! Sounds abit funny but yeah aside from that its damn near perfect 😀 You’ve done it again Summeli, your a scholar among men. Transparent d-pad kicks ass too btw, your the best bro.

  241. Steve says:

    just tried alpha version, great! Frame rate is good! Can’t wait for the next update! Have megadrive, snes & gba on my n8 now to keep me entertained, thanks Summeli! To all the complainers: DON’T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU! This guy is doing all this hard work for free in his spare time, if it wasn’t for him there would be NO decent emulators on Symbian ^3 try & be a bit more grateful!

  242. G says:

    How use save from gpsp (s60v5) in PC??

  243. Rohan says:

    Whenever i load rom the application just comes out….i have installed latest QT…bios gets loaded saying some games may not work..i have tried both the versions with different roms like pokemon emerald,gold,saphire but still no luck…

  244. MissingNo says:

    I’ve noticed only two real issues with the new GPSP Alpha release. The first is the sound, which is okay but could be improved. The second are the keys. With the 1st alpha version the A & B buttons were both responding like the A button, which was fixed with the 2nd Alpha release 🙂
    My only problem now is I can’t seem to jump up/right & up/left diagonally, in games such as Street Fighter. I’ve switched to 8-directional d-pad in Config, but nothings changed 🙁
    Aside from that, its pretty much flawless ^__^

  245. Steve says:

    yep, alpha release pretty stable, good frame rates, have been mostly playing Sonic Advance and Mario Kart. ‘keep aspect ratio’ doesn’t seem to work. How much of a job is it to fix the audio Summeli? You did a great job on audio Antsnes for S^3, do you think you can get it to that standard? And do you have any plans for a megadrive emu port?

    • Summeli says:

      The GBA is makeing streaming audio while SNES is sequenced audio, so the audio should be handled in different ways. That makes it quite hard to do. There’s no way to tell how good it’s going to be before I try my new ideas. They might improve the audio, or they might be total crap.
      And it’s alpha for the reason 🙂 I really haven’t implemented the aspect ratio thing yet. I’ll make it before releasing it.
      I don’t have any plans after gpsp. I have couple of ideas, but I’m not talking about them yet..

  246. Ashtray says:

    Summeli maybe you released psx after gpsp, or you no free time for this? Please answer me, and ssory for my English, i am Russian

  247. ngoanrazor says:

    hope it can improve the audio 🙂
    In emulator Vbag, not know how they improve the sound

    • Summeli says:

      of course it’s possible. It’s just a bit harder with the dynarec & streaming audio which is used gpsp. Vbag probably has very different architecture.
      But that’s why I use the gpsp in first place. I wanted to learn how the dynarec is working. And that means that it might take a bit more time to get everything right. I’m doing this, because I enjoy the coding itself. Not because you like to play emulators.

  248. kadet89 says:

    PocketNES (The NES Emulator For Gameboy Advance) still does not work

    • Summeli says:

      And it never will. Running an emulator on emulator is really difficult task. It would be a lot easier just to port a new nes-emulator, than work with gpsp to get this one working.

  249. ngoanrazor says:

    sorry I do not know where to post this
    hi summeli!
    Can you help me?
    I want hidden icon app Qt in menu symbian but i dont know. I asked this in qtcenter but apparently no one
    knows. I know you have experience in qt 🙂

  250. Lucian says:

    Summeli you know there some games not work on gpsp like final fantasy tactics advance because of the big memory of 32M other games with 22M don’t work,Vampent made Vbag GBA emulator that supports one rom of 32M if you make a update of gpsp you can add this feature,there another issue too,games with 3D graphics the screen stay blue like doom advance,hope this suggestion can help you. ps.:sorry of my english I’m brasilian.

  251. Mox says:

    summeli! I tried playing your gpsp alpha 2 on my n8 and pokemon emerald works great! Pretty nice button solution ….. Some help from android i see :hides: just joking! Anyways great work man. Oh and btw will it be possible for you to compile those buttons as a separate app? There are some pretty nice java, ngage games out there which people would love to play . If it could run in the background it would ideal , sort of like WF virtual keys app. Great work man and we’ll always be around to support you. Good luck !

  252. Camilo says:

    the emulator should have a autosave, for save everytime a call will incoming, and no have to close the game and lost your progress.
    sorry if my comment sounds unpolite, but I’m not american.

  253. anirudh says:

    hey can we link in dis emulator or use wireless adapters

  254. will says:

    hi summeli can you make this for symbian^3?

  255. Lepiz says:

    Hi can someone help me? This emulator is working perfect, but whe im playing Mario & Luigi Superstar saga, emulator crashes when first battle starts (or in first attack). Can someone tell me is there any solutions to fix this? i have newest version of qt (4.7.3), qt mobility (1.1.3) and qt webkit (4.7.3)

  256. Ph92 says:

    Thanks you did a very good job

  257. Vangelman says:

    Can you make now an emulator of n64 for s60v5?

  258. Dave says:

    I have a Nokia 5230, firmware v50
    The Qt libs are installed and the bios file matches
    But when I start a ROM (Pokmemon FireRed), I just get a white screen, the fps counter is running though.
    When I select Options->Reset the screen turns grey.
    Hope someone can help.
    Thx in Advance, Dave

  259. gerald pogi says:

    final fantasy tactics advance not work on gpsp

  260. AngGwapoKoDre says:

    i want to play final fantasy tactics advance in GPSP .. but FFTA does not work in my GPSP
    help me please

  261. Xaab says:

    lol. checksums make downloading ‘dark’ files so easy. thx mate 🙂

  262. mark vincent says:

    sir, i have a gpsp 0.6.3, i playing golden sun and zelda ,and when im in the middle of the game it hang..
    what version can i play zelda and me plsss

  263. mp says:


  264. kaustubh says:

    now the visual boy advance supports link trade, when will gpsp introduce the feature of connecting to mobile via bluetooth? and please try to make a feature in which we can connect to computer using usb cable and do trading. this is just my suggestion. but your gpsp is wonderfull, and hatsoff to ur work…

  265. daki-ki says:

    hmmm.i have se vivaz pro.and i register on symbian sined and give them imei and didnt got answer. what now. Your link gpsp4symbian dont work..i just have qt instalation.

  266. james says:

    can you help me where can i download gpsp?? plzzzzzzzzzz

  267. Lsanga says:

    I have Nokia C5-05 . I’ve insalled qt 4.7.3.and gpsp 0.6.1.when i open the emulator it work but when i try to open the rom and play it close again. And sometime a small screen open but nothing works.please help me wana play pokemon games.

  268. Hazel says:

    i cant log in in symbiansigned pls give me ur account.

  269. Eddy2Dh says:

    Hi all and sorry to annoy but I have got the emulator signed and I followed installation instructions but when i load a rom or press continue on the mainscreen it returns me to my phone menu. I can’t even get to the game. I use a Sony Ericsson Satio and any help would be great!

  270. Mr.nothing says:

    hi thnk you for the big project you are reeally amazing
    i have a weird probleme evry thing goes ok untill i change my qt version for my nokia x6
    since thene i can t open the emulator ..the gpsp 0.6.5 nor 0.5.0 nor antsnes 0.6.0 i wich you could help

  271. mr.nothing says:

    for all s60v5 be sure of having the right QT
    desinstal all qt with 360 mobile safe
    and download it qt named mistermobile nokia qt 4.7.3 … and evry thing will be ok 😉

  272. haseo says:

    you need to make it again because i can install it.

  273. John says:

    Ohk i have downloaded gpsp and installed . Set correct bios and also i have downloaded the rom .. When i open the rom i can play for sometime when i select )play game( it will crash
    My phone :nokia 5800
    Symbian 9.4 s60v5

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