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AntSnes 0.8.5 for Symbian^3

AtnSnes is Snes9x emulator for Symbian. It is actually based on DrPocketSNES version 6.4.4, which in turn is based on snes9x 1.39
The new AntSnes comes with multitouch and with new transparent keys. You’ll need a Symbian^3 based phone to run this (N8, C7, E7 etc..). The old S60 5th edition is not supported by this version anymore. S60 5th edition users should use AntSnesQt 0.7
What’s new

  • You can now adjust the alpha channel for keys
  • alpha channel for keys is now configured at video section (not in controls panel)
  • Multiple blit options (fullscreen & keep aspect ratio) Β (see video settings)
  • You can map multiple snes-keys into one button
  • The emulation is now stopped when the app goes into background, so it won’t drain your battery even if you forget it on.
  • Fine tuned the onscreen buttons a bit. I think that they work a bit better now…
  • standalone package removed

Known issues:

  • Mounted shares(Dropbox etc.) breaks the filemanger, so do not use mounted shares.
  • The volume control slider works only if you drag it into new position (tapping a new level doesn’t work)

Just download and install. The installer contains a smartinstaller which will download and install Qt 4.7.3 for you if you don’t have it yet.

Download the AntSnes 0.8.5 with the smart-installer: AntSnes v 0.8.5 (18419 downloads)
Sources are available on Github:
Read this before posting comments:

  • Do NOT Ask where to find ROMs / Bios. Asking about these will just get you banned!


  1. 321 says:

    this is not for me but thanks for your hard work!

  2. foba says:

    Thousand thanks to you, keep up the good work!

  3. chrono says:

    thank you for updating so i can map multiple keys 2 one ure awesome summeli ^_^ 100 thumbs up ill go try putting 3 keys onto one for keyboard ^_^

  4. TheOldLegend says:

    bravo ? nah good job still nah if i said all good words it still wont enough for ur work but u know what UR the savior of nokia and symbian fans ur awesome and amazing and ur work is just outstanding the emu is much better now with full screen option and i see the image much better now only 1 thing to do is to improve the fps and from all my heart i say Bravo & well done and THanks alooooooooooooooooooooooot

  5. chrono says:

    UMM summeli the downloads not working when i download it onto my nokia n8 and tried to install it it says error

  6. chrono says:

    do i need to sign it myself or wwhat

  7. TheOldLegend says:

    the image and buttons is really wow i bet this reslution and image quality better than androids and iOS

  8. chrono says:

    dammit its not working

  9. krisq says:

    Perfect! Thanks!
    FYI ‘About’ screen still says 0.8.1

  10. chrono says:

    im getting really irritated this is the 7th time trying to install this version to my n8+_+………………ugg stupid download error damn you

  11. chrono says:

    k here’s the thing it says download error but when i go to my installed apps it says installed but i cant find it

  12. chrono says:

    the older version a.k.a 0.8 worked though

  13. chrono says:

    Summeli do i need internet when installing this?

  14. chrono says:

    the first time i tried i got the smart installer thing now i dont even get that

  15. chrono says:

    Summeli can u by any chance send my email a stanalone installer for antsnes plz

  16. chrono says:

    and summeli i know this makes me sound like an idiot but whats QT? and what does it do …………and does the latest version of the nokia n8 have it already?

  17. Skinnyflip says:

    IT’S GREAT. The layout is really nice. Looking forward to an update where I’d be able to load Super Maro RPG. πŸ˜€

  18. chrono says:

    summeli can u see my email? or not cause if u cant ill post it

    • Summeli says:

      I’m not posting/emailing anything for you. Maybe it’s just impossible to install this app into your phone.
      Just stay with 0.8.1 if you’re able to install that.

      • chrono says:

        you dont need to post it just send it to me via my gmail account and besides i wont be able to play chrono trigger without this updated version so plz i beg of u plz plz plz plz plz plz plz send it TO MY GMAIL ACCOUNT PLZ SUMMELI I LOVE YOUR EMULATORS THEYRE THE ONLY ONES I WILL EVER USE

  19. chrono says:

    Summeli for the 0.8 i needed to download the standalone version so plz if u could kindly send the standolone version of this to [email protected] that would be great thanks ^_^

  20. chrono says:

    …fine ill wait till the next update

  21. chrono says:

    but summeli in your vid u were using a n8 right? so i dont get whats wrong with mine i never hacked it or anything im on official firmware (most updated)

  22. chrono says:

    how do i get ahold of the standolone version of this then? or how can i get rid of the smartinstaller myself?

  23. chrono says:

    okay ive finally got this to work i did i factory setting restore and now it’s finally working ^_^

  24. chrono says:

    Summeli plz fix the sound though…….because i still get this hissing noise instead of the game sound for chrono trigger the super mario sound works perfectly though

    • sklchan says:

      Just do a few time Reset after loading the ROM file, I’m not sure why but it work for me.
      So far the games that been tried out:
      1. Chrono Trigger – Working PERFECTLY average 20fps (some hiccup might be observe but it won’t hurt)
      2. Earthbound – Working ok, not really play it yet.
      3. Super Mario World – Working ok, not really play it yet.
      4. Seiken Densetsu 3 – Working ok, not really play it yet.
      5. Final Fantasy III – Working ok, not really play it yet.
      6. Super Mario All-Stars – Emulate ok but Direction Key NOT WORKING (so cannot play at all)
      7. BS Chrono Trigger – Music Library – Working but sometime it will crash (follow with slow reset before it work again)
      8. Tales of Phantasia – Not working, blank black screen after loading with 50fps indicated.
      9. Yoshi’s Island – Not working, apps will crash after loading the ROM.
      so far this is the BEST emulator out there and the ONLY ONE for the S^3 system.
      Thanks for all the hardwork to Summeli and the others that involved in the development. πŸ™‚

  25. aloha says:

    updata GPSP symbian 5th ?

  26. Steve says:

    nice update, thanks for the full screen option! FYI the smart installer works perfectly.

  27. Don says:

    Nice update! just one thing though, can you adjust the L & R keys so they are above the X & A buttons as its very awkward the way they are situated at the moment with one on top left & one on top right. Would be good to have the keys which are on the right like this below:
    L R
    X A
    Y B

    • krisq says:

      I concur. I already suggested this in previous updates but I didn’t get any response.
      Playing fighting games is really awkward because of this. I know it goes against design paradigm of snes controller but all buttons should be on the right side IMO.

  28. Nick says:

    Hey Summeli i really love your snes app for my E51 im using the .73 version i think it was and i wanted to upgrade to this one but im not sure if Qt will work on my phone… does E51 support Qt, i tried your smart installer but it didnt install… and all other Qt apps i download i keep getting the certificate error contact certificate supplier…? Also im a noob xD to this “Qt” app any help would be greatly appreciated

  29. Anderson says:

    Hi Summeli,
    I liked the idea of multiple snes-keys into one button. I wonder if it is possible in the version for S60v5, create buttons “Turbo” for the Y, B and A, where you squeeze it and the command is running without holding the button, and the command only stops when you press the button again.

  30. cansual says:

    Thanks again for the quick updadet summeli your emulator is getting better and better keep it up, great work.
    Now it’s possible to play in full screen at the tv great.
    Summeli do you think that it’s possible to add 2 player controller setting for 2 player gaming over the usb to go and over bluotooth like wee remote.

    • Summeli says:

      It’s possible, but I don’t see too much users for that feature, so I’m going to focus on other things. However if someone wants to make such feature I wouldn’t mind receiving contribution πŸ™‚

      • Antonio says:

        I also wanted to do this, but with Wiimotes. There is an s60v3 app (MobiPad) that can run on Symbian^3 which I use to connect to the Wiimote via bluetooth.
        Then, I have mapped the Wiimote keys to Antsnes and I wanted to try it with two Wiimotes in order to play games with two players (such as Super Mario Kart), but I’m not sure how it would work, specially because I need to connect two Wiimotes to the N8 and as far as I know, MobiPad only connects one (I haven’t tried with two). I would love to contribute to this project, and as I’ve mentioned in another comment, I’m taking programming classes (Computer Science course) at the university, but I’m not experienced enough in C to do this, let alone C++ (I’m still learning though, and I wouldn’t mind some help or recommendations to help me learn faster).
        MobiPad is great: it even recognizes the accelerometer from the Wiimote and shows this data in real time. It’s a totally complete app that receives absolutely all kinds of data and input from the Wiimote, even being able to control the Wiimote’s blue LED lights.. But there are limitations and it requires work-arounds:
        – I don’t know how to make use of the accelerometer data gathered by MobiPad (which would also be amazingly useful for other Symbian games, so that we could play all accelerometer and touch-only based games on the TV without even holding the phone, just using the Wiimote and playing games like a console).
        – This app was made for s60v3. There are no touch buttons, so you’ll need a virtual keyboard for pressing “left softkey”, then after it opens up the menu that you can normally use touch with it.
        – Unfortunately, their website ( ) is not online anymore, and I don’t know if this app is open source (I could not find the source for it after quickly googling for that).
        I hope I can help somehow and that this comment also opens up interest in some areas that didn’t receive much attention recently.

  31. TheOldLegend says:

    that means u can make 2 players play by bluetooth each one on his phone ? o.o

  32. Kan says:

    It doesn’t work on my N8, I installed then I run it but when I push to continue this program exit to the menu on my phone, can someone help me?

  33. isra3003 says:

    maybe you can update gpsp for s60 5th edition???? ok but this is a god job too

  34. chris says:

    @summeli, i want to be like you. I wanna be a mobile programmer/developer.. So what course in college will u recommend for me to easily learn how to write or port a program for smartphones?

    • clpalmer says:

      Bit off-topic for this forum, I know, but I’m bored πŸ™‚
      Computer engineering (my major) or computer science both teach more than enough for software development. You’ll probably learn more, though, if you put your own time into it before hand and just pick up whatever language you want (AntSnes is written in C++) and start learning it. C++ isn’t the easiest language to start with, but it’s a commonly used one.
      Javascript/python/php/perl: Scripting languages, so you don’t have to compile them. They’re also more forgiving as they don’t have strong types so you can focus more on learning how to think in code. These are used commonly in web development.
      Java/C/C++/C#: These require compilation so there’s a few more steps to building and running them. More commonly used for mobile development, though, if that’s what you’re interested in. Symbian stuff is done in C++ (Qt is just a set of C++ libraries), windows phone is C#, Android is Java, iPhone is objective c.
      There’s tons of online tutorials in the basics of each language and lots of instructions on how to get the tools needed to play with them. If I were you, I’d take something simple like Javascript that you can just run in your web browser. The syntax is similar to most of the other languages above so you’ll get the basics.
      Getting started is as easy as pasting something like this into a file called whatever.html and opening it in your browser. Then go nuts on whatever’s between the script tags and have fun πŸ™‚
      var a = “Yay, chris can code”;

      • clpalmer says:

        crap, so much for it letting me paste html πŸ™‚
        Lets try this:

        <script type="text/javascript">
        var a = "Yay, I can code";

      • chris says:

        thanks man!
        So i will get computer science as a main course..
        I know a bit of html codes and i can run them on web browser on pc and on opera mobile of my n82..
        And javascript is used in html pages, right? I know also a little on javascripts..
        So what language will i take my time to study?
        I want to run my codes as a real program, not in web pages..
        Thanks again!

  35. chrono says:

    Summeli is there any way to modify my savefile so i can hear sound ? Cause i really dont wanna restart chrono trigger from scratch and if its impossible for me to do it can i just post my savefile here? Ill upload it to megaupload using my account

    • Summeli says:

      I’m not even sure why I’m answering to this again. It seems that you just don’t get it at first time. You don’t have to start from the scratch. step
      1. Press the RESET button. The game will now restart.
      2. Load the game’s battery save to get close to your previous save state.
      3. Make a new savestate.
      4. Try to remember that I don’t give a shit if you’re able to play chrono trigger or not. The game works really well for me, and that’s enough.
      If you are unable to do this then this emu is just not for you.

  36. chrono says:

    Summeli i know this is stupid but can u port the pwp to the nokia n8? Or is it impossible cause if u do it id bet a ton of ppl will love you for it. ^_^ just a suggestion

    • Antonio says:

      I don’t want to be mean, and I’m really sorry if I look mean by posting this, but seriously, someone needs to tell you that because you don’t seem to have noticed it:
      You are SO annoying!
      Could you please think twice (by that I actually mean more than twenty times) before posting something?
      Thank you.

  37. imred says:

    thank you for this sir and keep up the good work. can i request a port of gpsp for s^3? or is the port for s^1 working for s^3?

  38. acetrigger says:

    i get an update error when i try to install this version of antsnes any suggestions ? A standalone installer for this would be great if possible if not i have 0.8.1 working just i was looking forward to using this emulator on full screen any ways thanks for the great work and making my n8 awesome

    • Antonio says:

      If I were you, I wouldn’t count on the standalone installer because it is probably not going to happen (at least not officially).
      If you’re getting update error on any app, uninstall the previous version of said app and then install the new version. This can happen with all apps, and the solution is probably (99%) the same for all of them: uninstall previous version, then install new version.

  39. sklchan says:

    For standalone version please get from below link:
    hope this will be useful for others… πŸ™‚

  40. SoWErA says:

    Come an plz give us the i8910 fixed snes emu πŸ™ Faenil fixed it at least last night πŸ™
    I guess it’s possibole you want a fully working version that works for all phones but can’t you just release the i8910 version now and then later release the big fix?
    Thanks again you are gods among men.
    So difficult to wait for Snes emulator πŸ™

  41. Sergio says:

    Hi I have problems playing the games of Donkey Kong Country 1, 2 and 3. Killer Instic, Earthworm Jim 2 ultimately the best graphics and ….. Some heavy load without giving the option to press start or any of the buttons. It is running the intro sequence …… Help please !, I have a Nokia C7 flash and all run perfect …. please excuse my English I am Spanish…………

  42. Ak says:

    Have problems with Dragon – The Bruce Lee Story. Have tried 2 different ROMS & i cant press any of the buttons after the game loads, not even menu, start etc.
    Would be useful as Don stated earlier to have the key layouts like this:
    L R
    X A
    Y B
    please release an update with these fixed in the next release. Thanks

  43. squeezetounlock says:

    thanks a million Summeli
    could it be possible to add these feature for the next update?
    – usb joypad/joystick support
    – player 2 controller support

  44. Ronker says:

    One really annoying bug on my N8:
    ->Zelda – A Link to the Past, when I push Up and the A (or B) at the same time, it always opens the map (X button). Please fix this.
    And Thank you for making this amazing emulator for Symbian^3!!!!!

  45. requester says:

    so………………….summeli when are you gonna create a ps1 emulator like the one in you vid cause i really want one for the nokia n8 plz finish it ^_^

  46. Qasim Haji says:

    hey i’m switching phones, have the nokia astound , switching to the same type phone, where are my saved games?
    been playing ffIII, works great, don’t wanna start over though!!!

  47. requester says:

    heres a quote from you that i pulled from your site
    Summeli says:
    May 3, 2010 at 18:38
    I was newer trying to get it working on 3rd, or 5th edition phones. It’s was just to show that the engine port works. If you read more my post you’ll understand why it’s not going to work with 3rd/5th edition phones.
    I’m going to continue this port with the N8 when it arrives.
    plz do ^_^

  48. acetrigger says:

    do different versions of antsnes have different Rom compatability ? Because i can’t seem to get any version of killer instinct running on this version of antsnes but if you look up antsnes and killer instinct in Google you can see some people playing it any thoughts ? Thnk you again to everyone involved for your great work.

  49. TheOldLegend says:

    summeli i have tryed vbag and vsun and vboy and vnes they’ve all worked perfect cant u take their whatever code and do like them o.o

  50. EgOVER says:

    not working on my nokia c7 (14.002). either version 081. no 085. when loading the game – goes into the menu. other applications to run qt. tell me how to fix it?

  51. Steve says:

    there appears to be a bug with the audio slider, the audio level stays the same no matter how high you set it?

  52. EgOVER says:

    sound off in this program. did not help. (… google)

  53. Sergio says:

    pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!,Donkey Kong country 1, 2 and 3 …………help!!!

  54. Sun_Wukong says:

    Greatly thankful for your work in the Symbian emulation scene!!! can’t wait for even more updates on this and best of all… GPSP4SYMBIAN!!!!!=D

  55. azri says:

    bomberman start button not work

  56. […] interessati potete scaricare gratuitamente AntSnes v0.8.5 da questa pagina del sito ufficiale oppure cliccando sul link sottostante. Di seguito un video illustrativo che […]

  57. Antonio says:

    Hi! I have qt 4.7.3 installed on my N8, but i haven’t an internet connection in my phone. So is there a version of AntSnes without the smartinstaller? Just because when i try to install it, it says download error (no internet connection)

  58. vinz says:

    how to configure the controls as it dont show on screen control pads to set up and will i need to use 4 direction or 8 on Nokia N8

  59. Steve says:

    Could anybody tell me how to completely remove Antsnes to re-install and get the audio slider working again?

  60. J says:

    Is it just me, or is there a bug with the start button? I see two marks at the top but it doesn’t seem to act as a button. Otherwise, awesome!!! So excited to see your stuff on ^3

  61. Prashant says:

    could u plz lets us know which roms r working with this emulator? Coz i tried contra, super mario both r not working. Tnx for the app

  62. Antonio D. says:

    Which version of super amrio is used in the video?

  63. J-GRADON says:

    ok AntSnes 0.8.5 for Symbian^3 id better than the previous version, can you optimizate the program to get a better scenes of the simulator and make the program fluency

    • J-GRADON says:

      my phone is nokia C6-01.Thank you for the development of AntSnes 0.8.5 for Symbian^3 development. i wish more and more simulator will be developped for example GBA simulator

  64. Steve says:

    request for next version, could we please have a mappable menu button for those using bluetooth keyboards/gamepads and full screen?

  65. Dickan says:

    you really did a very good job, thanks a lot!!
    I am blessed to find out this wonderful apps for my n8~
    by the way, will you decide to work on other apps like gba emulator for symbian^3 or n8??
    keep going, looking forward for your amazing apps

  66. taylor says:

    Can anyone tell me where some logs for antsnes might be stored? I’d like to try and troubleshoot on my own – the emu starts and loads roms, but the emulated screen itself just appears blank. Thanks!

  67. chrono says:

    hi summeli it’s me again ^_^…….i was wondering is there a pc emulator that’ll work with antsnes’s save file? if so plz do tell me what the emulator is called

  68. cansual says:

    Hey Summeli I got one question for you. What is the function of the speed hack.
    If I use it than the emu loses 1-3 FPS.

  69. kaiser says:

    this version is not working in n97, i got a very big problem about it. it does not open the application when want to run it.

  70. luisoman2000 says:

    @summeli: great work man, one question though: do you have plans to make a psx emulator for symbian^3?

  71. is possible psx4symbian 3 procesor is the 680Mhz and chip graphip acelerator is N8 nlrunning perfect

  72. brian says:

    Hi I downloaded and installed this but the keys don’t work on the screen of the n8, I tried the key config and had a and b buttons as volume up and down and start select as camera but nothing works and there is no information here or anywhere of how to make this work just something about alpha keys in video that doesn’t appear to be there?

  73. brian says:

    Oops sorry was trying to play donkey kong country then tried another game and it works perfect, great emulator thanks

  74. TheOldLegend says:

    the best games is psx and gba games plz summeli make the emulators runs perfect full fps plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz

  75. kadet89 says:

    Nokia n8 RUS + QT Installer v.4.7.3
    Button Load Rom not working at all, why so? I tried to reinstall and the problem persists

  76. ryu_ says:

    Nokia E71 installed QT v4.7.3, but can’t run Antsnes v0.85, it’s show not compability with phone while installing. Only Antsnes 0.63 work good on E71. Why? How can I use newer version 0.85? plzzz

  77. summeli psx in N8 is posible based in emulator of android

  78. TheOldLegend says:

    summeli will u be working on psx emu for symbian^3 ? plz gather ur developer friends and make it work plz summeli u made antsnes and gpsp i think u can make the psx emu works with full fps plz summeli its the dream of my life to see my phone playing psx rpg games and psx has like cpu with 33mhz while n8 got 680mhz and strong gpu u can make it work summeli plllllz make it happen with the optimization it can happen its not about the cpu clock just try plz

  79. yes emu.or psx of symbian 3 plz summeli

  80. Ivan says:

    Thank you very much for this awesome program!

  81. kadet89 says:

    It is possible to add support for NES roms? So many good games on the nes was made:
    Contra, battle city, Chip&dail, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 / 3, super mario bros, aladin, ice limber, ikari warriors, Guevara e.t.c.
    On snes is tolerable only 2 games mario and donkey kong

  82. kaZI says:

    i have instal it succesfuly bt its version in the game is 0.81 and in application manager is 0.85 its working but cant play captain tsubasa 5

  83. Anton says:

    Hello! I have some ideas for you, what do you think about to make virtual key application for symbian^3 (program that would open virtual key on top of other programs)?
    There are no good applications for this. And I think It will have great demand. For example it will help to play Quake 1,2,3 on Symbian^3 and other touch smartphones. Users could customize elements of the this vertual keyboard themselves: add new button, chose its position or delete it and so on)

  84. X says:

    Virtual Key 1.0 & Virtual Keyboard 0.9.4 work fine on S^3 already, theres no need for Summeli to make more programs like this…

  85. @negaes says:

    Thank you for making public the developments for the community. I learned some things I did not know looking at your code. Greetings ;D.

  86. Kenny says:

    the action buttons (y,x,b,a) seems to be non multi touch, tested on megaman 7. is there any way to enable it or only in the future releases? (s^3)

    • Summeli says:

      you can press two of those buttons, but then you can’t use the dpad( N8 supports only 2 finger touch). However The app can handle more than 2 touch events at the same time if phone supports it. So let’s just wait for better phones..

  87. Kenny says:

    thank you for the quick response and you are right. if i press one button and the other button it works, but if i hold “y” then lower my thumb to the “B” its not working, the “y” button releases. maybe i press other buttons or other part of the screen which is the second touch before getting to button “b”.

  88. Matheus Andreo says:

    First, Congratulations on your work …
    I wonder if in future, the AntSnes, will compatible with iControlPad…

  89. on my n8 there comes an error “file incorrect” and it stopps the installation. furthermore it deletes my lyric app!!

  90. Ashtray says:

    Maybe add the video filters: 2xSAI? And mortal combat 3 the sound and game very slow

  91. Rafael says:

    Hi! First grtz for your great job! Is just fine on my N8! Only the audi bur… Losi f FPS
    I have just one sugestion: I play the antsnes using my wiiremote and i think that could be great to have the possibility of two players.

  92. confused says:

    i have an installation problem.
    my nokia C7 tells me (after downloading) to resume installation via “nokia smart installer ADM”.
    i click it, the installation window appears and disappears again. then nothing happens.
    when i try clicking it again, nothing happens at all.
    what now ?

    • confused says:

      strange things are happening. i was about to give it up and deleted the installer.
      then he automatically resumed instalation πŸ™‚
      the emulator works fine now. the sound is a bit weird in some games.
      anyway, thank you very much for developing and sharing !

  93. Maximilian says:

    I would like to see some tactile feedback on button presses. Now it’s to hard to use the emulator for games like zelda. Using the symbian version and it works good in general.

  94. Banjo says:

    Thx for this amazing emulator . One question , cant we run Nes games or does it require a different emulator ?? Thanks

  95. will says:

    hi, can you help me? I want to play pokemon fire red on my nokia c7 (symbian^3) but i cant find an emulator that does that.. can i use antsnes? thanks

  96. diogorva says:

    Please, make possible to map the camera key. The phone or the emulator only detect multi-touch with two fingers, so it’s impossible to walk, run and jump at the same time in games like Mario.

    • Summeli says:

      You already can map the camera key, but you can press it only into half way. You can also map volume up / down buttons for the emulator. You should use those too.

      • diogorva says:

        It’s only possible to map the camera key with the N8, not with the other S^3 since they don’t have auto-focus. I’ve found a workaround using the app Virtual Key, but it would be better if you can make that “natively”.

      • confused says:

        on my nokia c7, it is impossible to run+jump in mario for example. i can’t use 3 touchscreen buttons simultaneously. i can program the volume keys and the “call”-key, but if i press one of them, i can’t use the touch screen at the same time.

        • Brad says:

          It looks like the N8 can use touch screen & physical buttons at the same time. Like in Mario Kart when you’re turning + accelerating + camera button to jump all at the same time.

        • diogorva says:

          Try the app Virtual Key, then map the Camera key for one Soft key, after that, just leave the app opened while playing and you can map the Camera key on the emulator.

  97. Brad says:

    Not sure what other games this may affect but I noticed it with Zelda: A X button push is sensed when you tap the direction pad up and any other command button. Example: Up+(A,B,Y,L,R). In Zelda it jumps you to map mode, as this is what the X button does, and it almost makes the game unplayable.
    The emulator is otherwise awesome, with a fix on this issue I’d be on the moon! Thanks for the hard work!

  98. Brad says:

    Wii remote! I used Nokia’s Big Screen app to connect a Wii remote to my N8. Once connected you can disconnect the HDMI cable and still use the remote or continue video on your external display. AntSnes recognizes button pushes and you can map all buttons except the home button, so technically you cannot map all the SNES controller buttons but close. The only issue is that it does not recognize simultaneous button pushes making moving and shooting at the same time impossible.
    Summeli, is the overlapping button push issue with the emulator or how the remote is communicating with the N8? If this was fine tuned it would provide a great interface option!

  99. jimmy says:

    Hi first of all I want to say great apps! There is one thing I wish it can be improved. The buttons ABXY are too sensitive. If there is option that can reduce the touch area for each button would be great. Keep up the great work!

  100. Rudolf says:

    Wow tested this on my new Nokia e6 with Symbian Ana and it worked. Awesome especially because just like the Nokia e7 I can map all the keys and don’t have to use the touchscreen. GPSP also works on my e6 and it’s even fullscreen, with Antsnes when I use the option fullscreen, the app makes it widescreen and leaves a part open of the screen.
    So my question can you edit it so that it uses the full 640-480 resolution of the nokia e6, I know your probably busy but since you got it working on the gpsp you can probably also do it for the Antsnes app
    Anyway thanks in advance, if you get it working I will donate 10 euros haha πŸ˜‰
    By the way I can start Donkey Kong Country with Antsnes but then my buttons don’t work anymore so I can’t even pass the startscreen, is this a known bug?

  101. Danmar says:

    Thank you very much for all your hard work on the emulators, I know it takes a lot of time and skill to achieve what you have done.
    It would be very nice if maybe you could update them at any time!
    IΒ΄m using AntSnes and gpSP on my N8, both of them work almost perfect.

  102. David says:

    I am trying to install AntSnes 0.8.5 and I get an error saying Update Erorr. Ayone know what to do? Please Email me back at [email protected]

  103. dude says:

    will there be a new version that makes donkey kong country games work and has proper multitouch (3 or more buttons) ?

  104. ram says:

    can you help me, i keep getting the message
    “not compatible with your phone, continue anyway?”
    Any ideas, its on my e71 and others seem to do it with a hitch

  105. Paul says:

    Please, I have N8 with belle leaked version of software and I can run any rom but don’t get the picture, only sound… Help, anyone?

  106. robin says:

    great emularor to bad donkey kong country dont work:(

  107. atul says:

    wat is the solution for ‘update error’ problem while installation

  108. Dazz says:

    Silly question but where do you store the ROMS so the emulator can read them ?

  109. Ryan says:

    no super mario rpg… the one game i was lookin forward to playing again. any chance we’ll see a teak sometime to allow for it? i know ud hav to be busy, and i genuinely respect that, but mario rpg was never released in my country (australia) and was really lookin forward to it
    oh well, thanks in advance if u get it to play. ciao

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