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AntSnesQt 0.7.1: Supports Samsung I8910 and SE Satio/Vivaz

AtnSnes is Snes9x emulator for Symbian. It is actually based on DrPocketSNES version 6.4.4, which in turn is based on snes9x 1.39. This one will only work for S60 5th edition phones. Symbian^3 users, don’t bother trying, the AntSnes 0.8.5 for Symbian^3 should be much better for you.
The newest update adds support for Samsung I8910 and Sony Ericsson Sation and Vivaz.
Thanks for the Samsung & SE support for faenil
What’s new

  • Works now on Samsung I8910 and SE Satio/Vivaz
  • Fixed manual frameskip ( you’ll still get crashes if you change it away from AUTO with Audio ON, so using that option is not recommended)
  • Fixed a crash: “if no ROM was selected and you pressed a continue the emu crashed.”

The Big D-Pad

Know issues:

  • PAL ROMs do not work’
  • The volume control slider works only if you drag it into new position (tapping a new level doesn’t work)

1. Qt 4.7.3 is required.

2.  Download the AntSnesQt.sis
3. AntSnesQt requires the SWEvent capability. The SwEvent is required for key mapping: Now you can map call/end call etc. buttons for the AntSnes usage. Therefore a new step is required to install the SW.
Go to SymbianSigned and sign the AntSnesQt sis for your own phone IMEI.
Step 1. Register to symbian signed  Gmail / Hotmail email adresses are banned from the symbian signed site, so you must use some other email service provider.
Step 2. Sign the sis-file by yourself with the symbian signed web UI.

  • Your Phone IMEI  (you can obtain it digiting *#06# on your phone)
  • Your EMAIL Address (gmail hotmail etc. are banned, however Nokia’s email address is working)
  • AntSnesQt SIS Package

And then the symbiansigned should email you the signed AntSnesQt for your phone. This package will be installable ONLY on your phone. This procedure works for all Symbian S60V5 Phones.
The alternative method is to hack your phone! You can find pretty good instructions from MameXM download site. (scroll to the bottom of page: Signing & Installing).
4. You might get warning like “not compatible with phone” just keep on going, it might still work 😉
Download the AntSnesQt:  AntSnesQt v071 (19911 downloads)
Sources are available on Github: (remember to choose the S60 5th edition branch)
Read this before posting comments:

  • Do NOT Ask where to find ROMs / Bios. Asking about these will just get you banned!


  1. 321 says:

    now audio work slow sometimes,but in 0.7 version audio was perfect

  2. 321 says:

    i am trying both versions – later give you information

  3. Lucian says:

    Another release!!!You are the best Summeli,wath do you think for a upgrade for gpsp?

  4. M. Abbasi says:

    Thanks, now it works on my i8910HD great. But sorry for faenil and i respect him, i should say, faenil has not made the packages for Samsung & Sony-Ericsson Users, he has just copied there from the QtSDK, so just the Samsung & Sony-Ericsson Users can not install QtMobility 1.1.3 package, becoas Nokia maked it JUST for her. One can try it…
    Since some weeks i have modified this packege (qtmobility_1_1_3.sis) to (qtmobility_1.1.3_ForAll.sis) to work REALLY Samsung & Sony-Ericsson. I have write it in my comment for your AntSnesQt 0.7
    First, install Qt 4.7.3, then Qtmobility_1.1.3_ForAll

    • faenil says:

      with due respect man, you should not say such words. I have written to Summeli that the files I uploaded were from Qt SDK, maybe he wrote that just to say that I created the package (the zip file with the files in inside) and I uploaded it on MY server, so I was actually making a favour to all of you.
      Just that 😉 If you follow my website you surely know I would never say a lie like this 😉 So do not write such things 🙂
      About QtMobility 1.1.3, there’s no need for a modified package, I uploaded the official package because everyone can use Nokia SIGNED package with my universal installing patch, which can be found here,
      There’s no need to mod packages 😉
      if you have any other doubt, just send me an email, you can find the address in my website, Support section 😉

      • faenil says:

        ps my universal patch is not for SE too, but do know that QtMobility is not needed for AntSnes 😉
        and if u’re wondering why summeli wrote Thanks to faenil for support for samsung and SonyEricsson, that’s because I made the fix to make the emulator work ok on i8910 and sony ericsson phones….
        hope everything’s clear now 😉

  5. M. Abbasi says:

    on i8910 HD, one should choise STERIO for the Audio

  6. Ibrahim says:

    Hey. I installed QT libraries and then easily installed AntSNES. However, games load in portrait mode with no controllers showing. What’s wrong?
    Please help me, this is my first time installing or using an SNES emulator. Thank you for all your hard work, both of you.

  7. gwilson says:

    hi, i am new and no experience on this emulator, I have installed AntSNES (following detailed instruction, thanks), I get some ROM from other places, but it always tell me my phone have not enough memory to run,any reason for that?

  8. Marcelinho says:

    Hi, i have installed QT4.7.3 and Antsnes 0.7.1, snes rom loaded OK, but however i touch the virtual START key on screen, there’s no response. So i can just “see” the game but no start a game. Please help me, thanks!
    GPSP runs well on my phone.

  9. Xscouter says:

    you want to deploy the multiplayer game mode?
    Thanks for the great emulator.
    keep up the good work = D
    you are the king

  10. 372466 says:

    I can’t install Qt 4.7.3 has this error 10254 and 4.7.2 has SWI error 18. GPSP works with Qt 4.6, though. Nokia really sucks hard with their software. I should buy an iPod Touch for my games instead of relying on an emulator for games.

  11. Lan says:

    i can’t install qt on vivaz says error -10254. please help.

  12. Giuseppe says:

    I want the n8 interface *-*

  13. Rhynazzo says:

    Wow,this emulator is perfect)
    But how about GPSP?you’ll update him?

  14. PureXTC says:

    I can’t seem to load a ROM, keeps giving me a memory full error. I don’t have any apps running, with 173MB or RAM, 27.3MB of free space on C:, 6.9GB of free space on E: and 2.0GB of free space on F:

  15. lalala says:

    update GPSP ?

  16. ShinzuiUindo says:

    I heard SE Vivaz doesn’t have multi-touch. Are games playable?

  17. alewillywonka says:

    Hi! There’s anyone that had played on Chrono Trigger? How i can hold 3 buttons on Samsung i8910?? Please help!!!

  18. Lucas says:

    Hi Summeli!
    I have a annoying problem with Qt.
    Everything on the install process seems fine. However all the text parts from the UI are messed. just filled with ‘w’, ‘ç’ or ‘f’ all around. The unique things that I’ve made before was install a Asian font for the Plus J input system. A sort of Japanese input method.
    Maybe the scripts that uses the system font get confused with a different font for the system.
    I don’t know if this is a big problem, but I think this could be solved with a direct reference for a embedded font in the program right?

  19. Rhynazzo says:

    How about fan translations?Why PAL ROMs are don’t working?

  20. ngoanrazor says:

    This is bug in snes, snes cant increase volume.
    To increase the volume of the SNES: we open file c: \
    data \. config \ Unknown Organization.conf
    with xplorer and edit the line snes_volume=4 to snes_volume=10

  21. Vivaz Pro user says:

    Hi i tried installing this
    Im getting a contact certificate supplier error when trying to install both the QT packages. the gameboy advance emulator works lovely but idk wats wrong with this, its not installing properly

  22. 321 says:

    why you use sst saves – why not srm ?

  23. 333 says:

    How about NES???
    Can you make a NES emulator
    I love NES

  24. sami says:

    i get the same error 10254 on i8910, qt do not suppord for i8910 so antsnesqt 0.71 too summeli,

  25. sami says:

    hello summeli,can you give me help about how install qt libraries in i8910 because the qt 4.7.3 do not working for samsung 8910,i have antsnes 0.72 without qt,without audio…
    i want install antsnesqt but the problem is where can i find qt for i8910,any package do not work for me,when i installed qt 4.7.3 signed i have error 10254,and i try wakitude not workin too,

  26. Emmy says:

    It installs fine, it runs fine but when I try to load a rom I only get a black screen, well, that and the D-pad with the buttons, my phone is a 5800, any advices? Also, I have the latest QT and QT Mobility.

  27. -10254 says:

    I can’t install on Vivaz pro too, get the same error -10254.

  28. Spesh says:

    I me too on vivaz qt error -10254

  29. Two_Face says:

    has anyone tried to run AntSnes on the HyperX v11 Custom Rom for the i8910 ? My Problem is, that it stays in Portrait Mode without showing the controls for up, down, left and right.

  30. demona says:

    hey summeli this ios not working for i8910, please make an antsnesqt for i8910.the problem is qt libraries can’t install correctly.

  31. demona says:

    hhhhhhhh,anything,do not work for i8910 summeli,everyone who have it work can give us video that work really,i do not beleive that work

  32. Drakaner says:

    Hi Summeli I have a samsung wave2. I cant open .sis files, just .jar. Did you have any ideas to make it compatible with Bada? It would be great, because you’re the first one he make an emu for Bada. Sorry for my bad english.

  33. earlly says:

    guys,,,,help plz
    i get this error 10254 when i install the qt4.7.3 on my satio
    the installing complete and starting to installing pips,,that is when says error 10254
    plz any help for my satio,,,,,

  34. Eduardo Hitschfeld says:

    i have a nokia 5800, there is only a big problem with the controls, i cant press the virtual pad at the same time with the keys the right side, in the older version i could do that with virtualkey, but now i cant use this program.

  35. B3TO says:

    Help I can’t install on Vivaz PRO, when i try to install this error -10254 appears…!! What can i do..?

  36. xylem21 says:

    Hi Summeli,
    Could you kindly look at my situation here? Half of the rom that I’ve downloaded doesn’t work? It’s all SMC/smc. Just wanted to know how come? My Phone is a Flashed 5233 s60v5. Don’t get me wrong. It works and I really appreciate this. But most of the games that I wish to play doesn’t work? Hope you can give me a tip or two on this.

  37. Nyto says:

    Hi,need help! symbiansinged won’t sing my sis file… i have added my imei. when i select the emus sis file to submit, the page wont do a thing ! Thanks in advance

  38. nyto says:

    do i need to verify my account ? if so then how ?

  39. default says:

    for sony ericsson users: you can hack your SE. Go to coderus blog for the tutorial.

  40. thesinz says:

    can i use gpsp 6.5 with this version of qt too?

  41. R Shyam says:

    okay this may be stupid . could you tell more about this ‘swevent capability’ . is it an app or something like that?

  42. melyx says:

    For Summeli, got any other options beside using QT? Qt slows my phone by almost half since I’m using a 5233. Since this phone is only equip with a 434 MHz ARM 11 processor.

  43. Shan says:

    talking tom cat and qt based applications not works bt qt installed pls help
    My phone is vivaz

  44. Shan says:

    i have vivaz i want to work talking tom and etc…
    now what i want to do
    pls help give the link softweres to download
    i am confused with my phone

  45. empouioui says:

    Hello Summeli,
    In first i want to say you are making a very good job, thanks a lot for this !
    Now, i m trying to install antsnes to my Vivaz and after many manipulations i have qt 4.7.3 and antsnes 7.1 on my phone ^^
    But, has some other guys says, i have some problems when i m trying to load a ROM, error is:
    “Not enough memory, try to kill some app to get more memory” ( i’m not english so i m not very sure this is what it say in english), but i have 120 meg of free memory on my phone at same time, so i’m not sure this is realy that who make this happened …
    So, if someone have an explcation or some trick … i’ll be happy to hear it ! ;D
    Good work for gpsp it work good on vivaz ,
    Good bye !

  46. NDD says:

    Great Emu !!!
    I use this emu on my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music and it works perfectly.
    Only problem I got is the “Chrono Trigger Problem” where the L, R and A keys are supposed to be pushed at the same time.
    I read that this problem is fixed in other versions of the AntSnes (for Symbian^3) by putting all the three on one key.
    However, this is not possible in the Qt version yet, right?
    I just need another save slot 3 sec beyond this problem to go on with the game… what shall I do?
    Will there be antother Qt-version with this trick enabled?
    Please help me with playing my favorite game!

  47. XreijinX says:

    Hey everyone. I was hoping that it would work for my vivaz pro, but i keep getting a memory full error, even tough no other apps or shells are open. Are there any solutions for this? Thanks 😀

  48. abel says:

    Hello. I have a problem with loading saved game on AntsnesQT_071 (nokia 5230). I changed audio sample while ingame, and now I can’t load any of the savestates and saved game (as if there is none of them), although the files are still there. Are they somehow became corrupted? Can I do something to restore my saves?? Please help< I don't want to start the game from the beginning (( (The game is Emerald dragon)

  49. majorstar says:

    ehm, where do i get qt?
    in ovi store i get told its not available, cuz i have nokia 5800 XM

  50. abel says:

    majorstar, google for it, there are a lot of places to download qt.
    Summeli, are you planning to improve your gba and snes emuls for symbian 9.4 ? =)

  51. Nem R Angel says:

    hello bro im trying of run AntSnesQt v071 (17615) in my vivaz but there i do choose the rom ten im hit continue and there pop up a message “memory full end some aplications an try again” but there is any more app runing i do close all another more apps , ten i do ting it is by the component qt is no the right , let me explaim im download this with google but here in the post of emu there you posto two versions one to nokia user and the links are working , but the other option to samsung and S.E. user es fallen the link maybe are this the problem maybe i did insatall to nokia users , can you reupload the link to samsung and nokia users plese bro ^.^ tanks in advance im want playig super mario world like old times ..^.^

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