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AntSnes release 0.5 : It’s still silent

AntSnes is taking small steps to improve quality and get the audio working. I really have no idea why the audio isn’t working with current version, but it already has some nice updated, so I decided to make another small step. The 0.5 release is ready 🙂
The audio isn’t working in 0.5 release ( if you get it working with some phone/configuration please let me know too).  I’m saying that I’m outsourcing the testing of this SW to the users 🙂 I did not get the audio working, so I’m hoping that someone will.
However I made a special 0.4 build for you to hear that you are not missing much. The 0.4_audio version has hard coded audio, so you can listen what the audio should sound like in 0.5 version. As you can probably hear, the audio is really not high priority for current phones.
Whats new:

  • FPS counter (works currently only with direct screen access)
  • User can adjust frame skipping
  • remembers last rom directory

TODO’s for next release

  • Battery saves
  • Fix audio

Just download and install
Video settings:
Video Renderers: A restart is required after video renderer has been changed

  • DirectScreenAccess -Default, works in every phone
  • OpenGL ES 1.1 – Renders snes frames in full screen. Requires  OpenGL ES 1.1, so it doesn’t work in all devices.

Screen Orientatuions: A restart is required after orientation has been changed

  • portrait – Default
  • Landscape – Normal landscape
  • N-Gage – landscape, but image is upside down. It’s meant for phones with “n-gage mode” like N95 and N96. The N96 can use the multimediakeys by default, but N95 users must use Magic keys to map keys 1-4 to multimediakeys.

Frame skip:

  • Auto – continually adjust the frame skip speed to make your games play as smooth as possible
  • User define speed – some games might not run very well with Auto selection, since the frame rendering might take longer than a frame time with audio frame etc. Feel free to test different options, if you wish.

Show FPS:

  • Off – default
  • On – Show frames per second on upper left corner.

The Video settings modification takes effect, when AntSnes is started next time( a restart required).

N96 keymap

Audio Settings:
The Audio isn’t probably working. If you get it working, please post you config, phone and the game 🙂
Enable Audio: On/Off
Sample Rate: 8000Hz, 11025Hz, 16000Hz, 22050Hz and 44100Hz can be chosen
Stereo: On/Off
Volume: Adjust volume
Enable SpeedHack: On/Off. The SpeedHack makes audio render a bit faster, but it might cause some errors with some roms.

Key config
Start key config to configure keys. The multimediakeys are not supported in the key config, but you can use any normal keys in here.
Sis file:  antsnes_v05.sis
Download the 0.4 release with hardcoded audio support
NOTE: if you decide to try 0.4 audio version and you have already have installed 0.5 version, then you have to uninstall 0.5 before downgrading to 0.4 version.
Sis file: antsnes_v04_audio.sis
As you can probably hear the audio support is working, but it’s requiring a lot of CPU as anticipated.  So it is there, but it’s not usable with every game. Maybe the new 600Mhz phones will run audio smoothly…


  1. canual says:

    Big Big Big respect to you I’m now a big fan of you ^^

  2. Beeep says:

    Thanks for the release!

  3. khan4251 says:

    I found that grame is crashing when you have “silent mode” in profiles you msut change to general to hear something.
    Also when you have sound on the game is crashing after pressing left softkey:/

  4. khan4251 says:

    (I wroted about release 0.5 on my nokia n95-1)

  5. khan4251 says:

    Good thing is fact that Super Metroid is running.
    You need to turn on sound to run it but you cant see any sound.
    I dont know why that game need sound.
    And with that thing about profiles ,now i am not sure that it need general or not.
    It sometimes crashes sometimes not.

  6. zaca11 says:

    on my nokia e 65 was not sound, active and when I try to open any rom it closes (you have to activate something?)

  7. Roy D. says:

    Thanks for the update but for some odd reason keys dont work on my n95 i config them but only start button is mmaped to vol down by default.
    Does anyone have this problem as well?

    • Summeli says:

      I had this problem after changing the orientation. If you restart the antsnes, the keys should work. It’s already almost working without restart 😉 You can also try “Set Default Settings”, reboot + new config. Maybe that helps.. I tested this release with N95 and I had only problems with keys after changing the orientation.
      Thanks for khan4251’s Super Metroid comment! I really think that this helps me to get the Super Metroid running with next version. I really don’t test that much, as you can probably guess 🙂 That’s probably some memory related problem, that can be fixed quickly (if I’m lucky). The silent mode bug was also a nice find, I’ll see what I can do.

  8. Roy D. says:

    Thanks for the quick reply Summeli “Set Default Settings”, reboot + new config” works as you said.
    – Donkey Kong Conuntry Saga keys are not working at all.
    – Remember last rom directory feature seems to work just with root folders. My rooms are in E:\Snes\roms, the emulator remember just E\:Snes. its not a big deal but maybe you could fix this in next release, all in all great update and keep on the good work.

    • Summeli says:

      Did the keys work with Donkey Kong Country in 0.4 release? The donkey kong might eat too much CPU power, so the keys don’t work. And the last rom directory is working with some phones, and with some phones it isn’t, so I’m not sure what to do about it.

  9. khan4251 says:

    Every game will crash after pressing left softkey to stop emulation(i see menu but short after that app is closing).
    Maybe there is problem with stopping emulation of audio?
    The worst thing that when game will crash you need to set everything to default otherwise you will not hear sound again
    You can hear sound in megaman X 1 everytime when you set those parametrs
    Frameskip 6
    Sound ON
    Stereo OFF(i did not found game yet with working stereo ,but i dont even expect that my phone handle that much)
    Sample Rate 16KHZ(On 22 you cant hear anything)
    Hack ON(didnot try off)

    • Summeli says:

      I know. The sound is crashing every time 🙁
      Thanks a lot for the config! it kind of proves, that the sound is not completely broken, and it still has some hope. I didn’t put much effort into fixing the audio crash, since I felt, that the audio is completely broken, when it’s actually not. It would be very interesting to test the audio with 600Mhz ARM processor. Would it still be as unstable as it is with current phones 😛

  10. khan4251 says:

    Is it possible to overclocking s60v3?
    I heard that there was app to overclock before v3
    I dont want to buy 600 mhz nokia with smaller screen than my n95 only to play snes i will wait for something with bigger screen and good CPU.
    Could you make more range frameskip (0-10+)?
    I’am sure that sound in megaman should be smooth at frameskip 10.
    Auto frame Skip with sound is not working properly.
    I am not sure about this but every sample need diffirent frameskip to run
    It can’t be too fast or too slow otherwise it will crash or you wnot hear anything.

    • Summeli says:

      With my intitial config frameskip 10 would be skipping all frames 🙂 I can still add more, if it helps (10 is all).
      There is no overclocking at S60v3. I’m also not interested of getting a small screen phone with 600Mhz to test audio. I hope that N97 will also have same processor, so I could get that one, and make a S60 5.0 port.
      The sound is not played, because the Symbin OS ActiveScheduler doesn’t give runtime for the audio( even when it’s on highest priority). I currently have no idea why it doesn’t get more runtime.

  11. khan4251 says:

    I tought that game has 25 FPS and 10 frameskip means there are still 15 .
    So now if i understand properly the emulation of snes cpu generating 25 and more frames but you copy 10 as a framebuffer?
    So you want to make limit of 25 for pal and 30 for ntsc to savebattery?

  12. khan4251 says:

    After every time when game has crash the sound dont worked and i was forced o set default settings and try again to get sound
    Now i found that when i left portrait mode in options sound still work even after restarting emulator!

  13. khan4251 says:

    :/ after mapping keys sound again stopped working after every restart -.-

  14. Psy says:

    As far as I can tell games like Metroid and Castlevania X rely heavily on the sound CPU. They could help on tracing the problem with the sound implementation. Enabling sound results in a crash on an i560 on most cases, if there is no crash then there is no sound either. I think I got it to work on Super Castlevania IV (at 22khz, don’t remember other settings) but it seemed as there was playback from only one channel. Selecting 44khz sound results in error message about insufficient memory.
    Setting frameskip to 1 with sound enabled seems to kill speed (it’s a 330Mhz device so I hoped for a little more). Sadly there wasn’t an option to disable frame skipping altogether… even if it kills speed it would be a nice addition.

  15. crazyteknohed says:

    I’m using 0.5 on an N95 8gb.
    Once a ROM has ben loaded, calling up the menu with the left softkey crashes the emulator.
    I managed to get sound working on Mickeys Magical Adventure 3 using these settings:
    Direct Access
    Frameskip Auto
    Rate 22khz
    Default volume
    Speedhack off
    Unfortunately as soon as I started experimenting with the different settings, the audio no longer worked. When it did work it was choppy and slowed the emulator right down.
    Like others have said, the keys are not recognised after a while apart from the volume up/down keys.
    Any sound sample rate other than 22khz crashes the emulator when you try loading a ROM.
    The file requester only remembers the drive, not directory.

    • Summeli says:

      Thanks again for great test results. These really should help me to fix some issues. So you weren’t able to run metroid and castlevania x on previous 0.4 release? this is really interesting. I really should fix these to the next release.
      About the file requester I really can’t do much. It works on N96 and some other phones, and on N95 it doesn’t 🙁

  16. crazyteknohed says:

    This crashing with the left softkey is the biggest pain in the arse. It means that if you want to change ROM or exit the emulator you have to reset the config to default and then configure it for every game, including the key settings!

  17. khan4251 says:

    Actually i think that loading of rom isn’t the reason that left softkey crashes
    After select rom and star when you quick press left softkey emulator does not quit.
    Audio will work almost always after you select good frameskip
    For example in Megaman X my options was
    Frame skip 5 or 6 depends on luck if you set wrong then you dont have sound :/
    Stereo has worked one time ,but with big frameskip but sound was almost perfect at 22 khz (frameskip 7 if i remember correctly)

  18. khan4251 says:

    I didn’t tryed to run metroid on 0.4 with hardcoded sound only on normal 0.4.
    Even if you dont hear sound metroid will run when you have on

    • Summeli says:

      I’m only interested about official 0.4 result 🙂 I should probably just remove the 0.4, since you guys made up so many test configs for anyone who is interested about the audio.
      The key press trick is amazing. I also thought that it’s some timing issue, but it really shouldn’t! I have to look into these thing further for the next release.

  19. Brayan says:

    I’m using 6120c and I have a problem with saves. First slot works well, but second, third and ohters works like one slot. So you can save game in 3 slot and it will be saved in 2, 4 and 5 too. Maybe this information can help you.
    (sorry for my language, i don’t know english well)

  20. Brayan says:

    And I forgot to say… TALES OF FANTASIA IS WORKING!!!!

  21. khan4251 says:

    Brayan i also noticed save bug when playing but i tought that i was saved by mistake.

  22. Psy says:

    I believe that the crashes have to do with sound implementation, including the crash on softkey press. It has to be a syncing issue or a buffer underrun/overrun (I get a crash after some moments of gameplay on every game when sound is enabled,).
    Setting frame skipping to max makes things better as it takes a little more for the crash to happen. In that case Castlevania X and Metroid run for a few more seconds too (yes, they even reach ingame… until they crash).

  23. Psy says:

    Update. Tales of Fantasia does not work when sound is enabled. It does not crash, just shows a black screen (loop?). Works fine with sound disabled. Might be handy on tracing the bug(s).

  24. khan4251 says:

    Metroid does not crashing for me when i have “faked” sound on (i dont heard anything propably due a lack of synchro)
    Maybe sound is executed on dropped frames?
    If you want to play metroid set those combinantion
    -5 dropped frames
    -6 khz
    -Speedhack off
    -Stereo off
    You propably will see game sometimes not.
    Yust change dropping frames from 5 to 6 and if you have luck game will run with sound
    Your crashing is propably due a screensaver.

  25. Freddo says:

    Tales of Phantasia works? Very cool, how about Star Ocean, does that work too?

  26. khan4251 says:

    I dont know which version of Ocean to choose.
    In 0.4 Star ocean “worked” but sprites and everything looks very very bad.
    (maybe the clean version could work but you must check this yourself)

  27. Psy says:

    OpenGL rendering increases speed, mono sound increases speed, low sample rate increases speed. Unfortunately i can not use any of the above on my phone.
    Sound only works at 22khz stereo here, otherwise I get a crash as soon as a sound is about to be played or even on game boot. Also note that i560 does not have openGL ES acceleration, from what I’ve seen the h/w is capable but the driver is the standard one that Nokia uses on phones which lack an MBX/MBX lite chip…

  28. khan4251 says:

    I still i don’t understand why direct access wit sound on don’t crash only in portrait.
    Also i have little theory about lack of sound:
    If your frame skipping is bigger than number of generated frames you got -1 frame or less so game will crash
    Example when i am runing megaman there is 15 or more frames before initializing sound
    when sound trying initializing i have 5 or 6 but my frameskipping is 6 ,so emulation propably thinks that there is no frames to give sound.

  29. khan4251 says:

    Psy on which frameskip you have 22 khz sound? Also i was able to turn stereo only one time.
    So you are in better situation that your sound works.
    Maybe you should find some dll for opengl from s60v3 phones to make opengl es works.
    It should work ,samsung lacks only fpu unit ,but you shouldn’t needed it to generating textures.

  30. Psy says:

    I set frame skipping to max to lift as many cycles as I can from rendering. Also using portrait mode to save some cycles too (stretching takes time).
    Finding a dll (actually make those 3 to 5 dlls) for MBX lite on a FP1 phone… not likely. Even if it was, the GFX driver is considered as a primary driver on the SymbianOS standards, which means that it’s loaded from drive Z before any 3rd party drivers or software, which means that it’s not possible to use any tricks/hacks to load the driver from the writable flash area or a memory card.
    Only way to use such a driver is to make a custom firmware with the GFX driver replaced… and the time needed to do this does not really worth it.

  31. khan4251 says:

    On max frameskipping you can only set 22 khz.
    But at 5-6 you can set 16 khz
    At 3 you can have 8 khz there can be + – one frame diffirences but is pretty random that game run with thise settings or not.
    Opengl don’t give that much performace boost as you may think so don’t worry.

  32. Brayan says:

    I tried lots of configurations and I can say that almos all games runs without crashes (and without sound) when sound is enabled ONLY if OpenGl is turned on. Maybe there are some bugs in opengl/direct mode support?

  33. khan4251 says:

    I think that Opengl take less cpu so emulator has more power for sound and keyboard.
    Now i think that the biggest priority should be:
    -faked sound(1 khz or so to run games which crashes without sound on)
    -working menu after enabling sound (maybe try to compile version without pausing emulation?)
    Super mario all stars still dont work after selecting game :/

  34. canual says:

    I can’t run the sound on my n93i and my n95 8gb.
    The keys dont work on mario all stars and donkey kong.
    And can you please do something with the frameskip the games working great but you can see that the games not work over 20 fps just 10-15 fps.
    I hope you can fix this problems and big big respect to you I play everyday with youre emulator it’s just great I searched every day for this and now I found antsnes and i’m so happy thanks a lot

  35. khan4251 says:

    You seems to dont udenstand framerate:
    I think it is like that:
    You have maximum 30 fps or 60 (depend of interlaced/progressiwe) for NTSC
    of GENERATED by emulation of SNES chips <-That is showed by FPS counter
    Those frames still isn’t drawed on the screen
    And for drawing AntSnes make up to 10 frames(CPU/Symbian is too slow for more) So if emulator generate 20 frames he select 10 of them to show on screen.

  36. khan4251 says:

    Oh there should be understand* word in second line.
    My english is very bad:/

  37. zaca11 says:

    tested on my Nokia E65 and Nokia N73 both devices not working the sound, tried all options and does not work, and when it appears that change is going to work, or when the emulator closes

  38. canual says:

    thanks for your short lesson khan now i understand a bit more.
    all i want to say that the games not work smothy thats all why the arm proccesor is to slow i mean the snes isn’t so fast like a symbian mobile and what is with n-gage why we can play this games smothy and with sound

    • Summeli says:

      Well, SNES is pretty complicated system, so emulating the SNES takes a lot of CPU power. The current problems with the emulator are all somehow related to the performance.

  39. Anotherguest says:

    I think you can merge sound code from Gp2x project(s) (there are more than port of snes9x to that platform) with various asm optimizations (including sound parts in asm). Or well.. The source is available, so I could have a peek.

    • Summeli says:

      Go a head and take a peek 🙂
      Actually I already merged the sound asm source to antsnes. For me it just seems that the active object for audio doesn’t get enough runtime for some reason. It should be on highes priority, and it still doesn’t allway get enough time. It kind of looks like it starves (really shouldn’t happen). The crashes are also funny, since the audi code didn’t crash when I ran it with my pcm test data.

  40. Nseries says:

    sound not work on my n93 but speed works fine with frameskip 3 n opengl configuration… thanks SUMMELI 4 this emulator Snes its really complicated system…GRACIAS AMIGO por tu enorme esfuerzo…

  41. canual says:

    thanks for the information summeli and khan.
    I’m sure you can upgrade the performance but it’s very dificult and take a lot of time.
    I mean 0.4 and 0.5 works very well just the sound and a bit speed that just the problem(when you set the frameskip to 3 or higer than it works very fast to fast and that is another reason why it should work a bit slower and with better frames).
    The CPU hasn’t problem when i hear music and play snes games with your emulator that’s the reason why I think it’s possible to do this and I sure that just you can do this youre the right men for this job summeli.
    I hope my english is not to bad

  42. khan4251 says:

    The reason why you can listen your music ist that Phones which Dual cores like n95 have
    -330 mhz as main CPU
    -206 for DSP(that speed is show in apps like X-plore
    Main problem is that only default player can use it:/
    If someone cloud have access to dsp i think it would be possible to ahve full speed emulation.
    I hope that summeli will make faked sound to have higher compability of games like super metroid.

  43. canual says:

    is there net a code/file bonary changer wich change the games to sis files or bin or some else to play it as another file and than you are able to play it with other emulators for example n-gage.

  44. apro says:

    – Donkey Kong Conuntry Saga keys are not working at all.
    last said.
    Otogirisou(J) keys also are not working at all.
    in title page too. this is too much eating CPU power?
    or in I/O another method is there ?
    thank you.

  45. dolly says:

    hi! I got poor sound and decent image with Mario World with no keyboard response on 0.5. Running on N95 8gb and the config was direct image, fps 7, 8000 khz, stereo off, speed hack off. When i was configing, i got the restart problem. After trying to load 2 or 3 times, without changing config, then it works (with no keyboard). It maybe the issue: sound or keys. Thanks for the really good work until now, and i’ll help as much as i can.

  46. ntson_tt says:

    Great work !!!!
    Frame skipping is perfect.
    Now it is better than VSUN.:)
    But “remembers last rom directory”?? It is not working or i do not know how to use it?

  47. urrri says:

    Summely hi. I think, on this moment in there are plus in VSUN, such as full screen emulation without open gl es render. Possible to do it in antnes?

    • Summeli says:

      Well I could add full screen emulation, but it would slow down the emulation a bit. The opengl es gives screen free scaling, since the CPU doesn’t have to do a thing for it if you have OpenGL ES hardware support.
      The “remembers last rom directory” feature does work only in few phones (not with N95) for example N96.
      Thanks for all the sound related feedbacks. I’ll try to fix at least crashing problems for the sound. Then you could use the audio with “volume 0” to have “faked sound” 🙂

  48. urrri says:

    Thanks for answer. I think, full screen emulation, as menu item, is very necessary! Especially, for 320*240(gorisontal screen).And Summeli ,for me sound not so important thing , than speed of emulator, because sound on my opinion is greatly decrese speed. Im ready to offer for the good speed( on my 71 one way to offer sound and open gl for good work).there is a way to increase the speed a little bit?

  49. khan4251 says:

    But faked sound with even 8khz will slow down game
    Maybe rom only need confirm that there is sound so maybe there is a chance to told that rom that there is sound when it isnt?.

    • Summeli says:

      I think that’s some memory related issue, and I’m planning to make a real fix for it, so you shouldn’t need to use sound in future releases. Thanks for the list of games that run with sound, but not without it. That will help me to debug this problem.

  50. cansual says:

    Summeli I have tested donkey kong on 0.4 and the keys not working.
    I test it with n93i, n95 and n95 8gb nothing is happen

  51. cansual says:

    I hope you can fix this problem with donkey kong in the next release.
    Another game wich not work is Axelay, the intro works you can go to options everythink works well but when you want to start the game it start to hang and the game stop

  52. urrri says:

    don/t run the same games: romancing saga 3,secret of mana 2, secret of the stars,young merlin,seiken densetsu 3,dual orb 2,dark law-meaning of death,star ocean(run, but with bag)

  53. cansual says:

    I have testet Mario Allstars the keys just work in the main menü summeli but not in the game.
    And another bug is you cant press more than 3 buttons in the same time but for some games you need to press 4 buttons in the same time.

  54. khan4251 says:

    1)Mario all star has been checked many times dont report same games as others.
    2)In which games you need 4 keys? Maybe emulator were not designed for that much keys. Or you ar using magickeys which dont like burst of keys.

    • cansual says:

      for example megaman x when you want to hold youre charge and slide and jump and walk all in one.

  55. cansual says:

    One question Summeli will you release a s60 v5 version with touch pad in wich you make a snes controller on the display and in the middle the screen to play.
    I have see somethink like this you just have to press on the buttons wich was displayed on the screen.

    • Summeli says:

      That was my initial plan. See The Nokia’s 5800 express music is not wery good platform with resistive display, since you can use only one finger at a time. The new Samsung omnia HD would work nicely, since it has capacitive touch screen.
      I currently don’t have a S60 5th edition device, so I’m not developing for it yet. The new samsung omina hd phone would be nice, but the Nokia’s N97 could be even better.

  56. cansual says:

    thanks to you summeli i can’t wait for the n97 version i will buy it ^^

  57. khan4251 says:
    There is that same problem of super metroid crashing after nintendo logo like it was in 0.4 version of your emulator.
    Why you choosed snes9x instead of SquidgeSNES , maybe it could give better performance than snes9x?

    • Summeli says:

      SquidgeSNES is also based on Snes9x as AntSnes. Actually AntSnes is using same ARM assembly optimized sources as SquidgeSNES, Dr. PocketSnes etc. gp32x snes emulators. Now when you know that the source is pretty much same, the crash actually makes sense 😉
      My long term plan is to move into pure snes9x sources(without speed optimizations) when mobilephone CPUs are fast enough. I think that the OMAP3 platform should be fast enough to run everything 60FPS with audio.

  58. Wadim says:

    Tell when there will be a following version? And whether there will be a sound at least in bad quality?

    • Summeli says:

      The next version will come when it’s ready 🙂 The Audio quality might not get better. My goal is now to fix the audio crashes and wait for more powerful hardware 🙂 The audio might be better with better CPU, but currently I don’t have a phone to test this with.

      • Lucas says:

        Don´t give up of the code improvement :-), like you said before “After many test cases I’m confident, that the phone performance is enough for sound emulation. There must be a bug in my port 🙁 I hope to find it for the next release.”, be confident!!!
        You will release the font code?

        • Summeli says:

          I haven’ given up yet. I just have to do some other things for a change to keep my sanity 🙂 For me it seems that a part of poor audio quality and the crash after a button is because the Symbian OS doesn’t do everything in right way. I’m still going to continue hunting this bug someday when I have time and coffee 😉

  59. cansual says:

    have you read the bad news summeli n97 will just have a single arm 11 cpu with 434mhz i hope you can do somethink with this ???

  60. o2a1 says:

    works on n96…. hey when is a newer version going to come out?

  61. Lucas says:

    Good News,
    Sound “Working” …
    Phone: N95 8G
    Sample Rate: 22050Hz
    Stereo: On
    Volume: Max
    Enable SpeedHack: On
    Mario All Stars + Super Mario World
    Bust A Move
    Ps. The Sound Work only in the Opening of the Game, when you press a key to Play, the program close… Other thing, some times the program loses your “configuration”, you need to enter in Sound Settings, change again the Sample Rate and Load the Rom. The performance is slow and the quality because of the Rate is poor, but has sound…

    • Summeli says:

      This is interesting. There is clearly a bug somewhere in the settings. The save states are also not working, as expected.

  62. zugu says:

    Can this emulator load Snes9x saves?

  63. utorrent says:

    Thanks for this software . I have a problem when select Load ROM , I got a message :”Unable to execute file for security reason” , so I can’t load ROM . I’m using N78 v21 , please fix this problem .

  64. urrri says:

    Summeli, would you like some coffee? please,take it..and continue;)

  65. Maff says:

    Great Job, working great on an n95 in OpenGL mode running Final Fantasy 2. 2 things i noticed : 1)if you redefine your keys they dont seem to take effect until out exit and Swapping between Lanscape/Portrait rotates ok, but requires a restart to rescale the screen.

  66. Evangellium says:

    Man, u r the Man. I apreciate what u r doing. Here r some questions: U will let it be freeware after its finish? Could u share the source code, maybe I could study and be of any help. Thanx man.

    • Evangellium says:

      Oh, and I would suggest adding scanlines to make a 320×240 resolution. Hi from Brasil!

    • Summeli says:

      The code is already shared. The download link is after the sis. The Snes9x license denies selling the software, so this will allways be free.

  67. Wil says:

    Hey, summeli. I couldn’t get any of the betas or alphas to install onto my phone. My phone is the new Nokia e71x. Have any ideas?

  68. Wil says:

    It doesn’t mention the about the certificate. It says “Unable to install”. Thanks for the fast reply.

  69. Evangellium says:

    Well, I must say that I admire u. I saw the source code and didnt understand anything. By the way, I´m a man without luky by nature, so I already have 2 games that doesn´t work. Donald Duck in Cold Shadow crash after the spash screens and Terranigma doesnt even start. It close the emulator instead. Thanx man.

  70. Evangellium says:

    My bad man. They all r working, but without sound. With sound it happens what I told in this previous post. And what about the scanlines to make the screen goes 320×240? Could u do that?

  71. utorrent says:

    Thanks for this software . I have a problem when select Load ROM , I got a message :”Unable to execute file for security reason” , so I can’t load ROM . I’m using N78 v21 , please fix this problem . >>>> Summeli , can u help me ?

  72. yurameshe says:

    Hey summeli I gave star ocean a go and all I get is static screen. Also secret of mana 2 is a no go. Your doing an awesome job. Keep up the great work man!!! =D
    I know youll get the sound down eventually.

  73. yurameshe says:

    sorry if this is a double post not sure if it went through. Star ocean is still static screen and secret of mana 2 is a no go. Keep up the good work stay motivated summeli your doing an awesome job!!! =D

  74. WarumIch says:

    Great Software work better than Vsun ect….
    Thanks Man

  75. Add Russian languge,please

    • Summeli says:

      I could do it. I just have to have someone who speaks Russian to translate all the strings. I will make a post how you can contribute to the AntSnes and translate those strings.

  76. And when to appear the new version Ant`snes?

  77. Summeli,About Russian I am ready to help you

    • Summeli says:

      Sure, I’ll make a post how to contribute to the localization later on this week. I don’t have all the string in one localization file yet.

  78. Chris says:

    Hi, this emulator works very well on my Nokia 6650 Fold, but there are two things that confuse me.
    1) There is no difference between landscape and portrait mode on my phone. I restarted the emulator (and my phone) as described in the instructions. I have tried both video renderers, but the display always appears as portrait. (Even in N-Gage mode for OpenGL ES the display is upside-down portrait.) The resolution on my phone is 240×320, if it has anything to do with the problem.
    2) The game keys don’t respond after opening the emulator sometimes, but when I restart the emulator the keys work fine.
    3) Just kidding, there is no #3. I can’t really complain about having no sound since the video works so well (aside from the landscape problem).

  79. And when to appear the new version Ant`snes?

    • Summeli says:

      Probably In June 🙂 It won’t have many changes besides the localization. I have fixed the savestate bug and made few modifications for audio (doesn’t work any better for me). Also new fancy Icon will be put into the next release.

  80. Thanks, however the emulator more enough crude (personally for me) I have found in it many errors for example with management options (they simply do not remain, and for a place of preservation management in general ceases to work). Nevertheless I will be all the same glad to the new version.
    Once again thanks)

    • Lucas says:

      Breath Of Fire II (E) in the begining of the Game, when you play the kid is Black White like “memories”… This is not a problem…

    • Summeli says:

      I’ll see what I can do with the settings bugs.

  81. And the most important thing: Games very strongly brake!
    For example Killer Instinct

  82. Clean please bugs, I will be very grateful)

  83. Russian Version Ant`snes 0.5
    My web-site

  84. dave says:

    is it possible to have the display flipped like on your pic of the n96 at the top of this post? , on the n95??
    so the d-pad so to speak is on the left of the screen? thanks

  85. norman says:

    wow. nice …. another update ver 0.5
    thx, man
    great work.