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AntSnes 0.7: Support for S60 5th edition

The 5th edition version is finally ready. I had N97 to test it with, and it runs really well with it 🙂 The keypad works really well! Unfortunately I didn’t have a Samsung’s I8910 to test the capacitive touch so I really can’t tell if it works, so feedback is welcome.
The project has now a wikipage at github. So if you’ll find any good configs you can post them into the wiki page too.
know issues:

  • Audio doesn’t quite yet work


AntSnes for the 5th edition

Just download and install.
If you got an error “unable to install”, or “certificate error” you might be having problems with the certificate. See my other blog post about two common fixes for this. Fixing self-signed certificate related problems

Sis installation file for 5th edition: AntSnes_v070.sis (5317 downloads)
The S60 3rd edition should still use the old AntSnes 0.63 release
sources can be found from github:


  1. Thomas says:

    Ok, first great job!!! I have wait so long for it and now it is here. 😉
    I have a i8910 and i test the emu immediately.
    And now the Problems
    1. the sound don´t work, but you say the sound works not yet.
    2. two buttons are fail. the select button and the start button.
    3. wehn i jump i must press an other button before i can jump again. this Problem is by any button. but addicted from the side. (left the course buttons and right the buttons jump, shoot, …) It means when i press the jump button i can not press a rudder button and then jump again. I must press a button on the left side befor i can jump again.
    4. When i press the forward button at once the figur run forward through i press one of the other course button.
    This are my Problems, but the emu look realy great. and the menü is great too. ingenious work. 😉
    By solve this Problems i will help with.

    • Paul says:

      Would you mind telling me where you would find roms for this particular emulater? I have snes roms for my computer emulater but I’m guessing it’s a specific type of rom needed and I have no idea where to look. Thank you ever so much!

      • Summeli says:

        I don’t want to discuss where you can find ROM in this site! But I can tell you that the same ROMs will works for AntSnes too 🙂

  2. Jonno says:

    ahh i’m so excited!
    Just on my prelim test i’ve found pretty low compatibility though i still have a large number of games to test out (on my N97)
    thank you for your hard work

  3. Tony says:

    Very good job, I have a i8910 with a bluetooth bgp100. Mario Karts seems to work great, only I can’t redefine the left. right, down and up buttons?
    I can change all the other keys, not these.

    • Summeli says:

      I can’t reproduce this with N97. Just try to restart the emu after redefining the keys, and see if it works 🙂

      • Tony says:

        Hi, I am not sure what is happening, I had problems with MAME for the i8910 as well. But I got it working in the end. Is there a key config file I can have a look at. All the bluetooth gamepad does is emulate keys. I just want to check it is storing the right keys. Quite oddly I went through setting the key config and the button I configured as green moved me left and the button for red moved me right (in super mario world, which looks great by the way)

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  5. Thomas says:

    Hi Tony,
    have you the same Problem as i. Use only the touch buttons of the i8910, please. When i press a button the key lock and i cant press the button again through i press an other button then the first button is unlocked and i can press it again.

  6. ReS says:

    Zelda has a green line in the buttom, and for some reason i cant use my keys on N97 in zelda ether, the on screen keys do work.
    I also tried Chrono Trigger, works very well, no problems so far, gonna see when i get to that part with 3 keys pressed if i can do that 😛
    And i must say alot of thought put into on this version of antsnes, best to date 🙂

  7. ReS says:

    Sorry forgot to add, can you do so that when we press the D-pad buttom menu will appear?

  8. Thomas says:

    i have new installed Antsnes, but the problem is not solved. Summeli i can send you a video with the touch pad problem by my i8910. whether you will.

  9. scott says:

    hi,my friend can’t run it well,because like i8910 the nokia 5530xm does’t support touching two buttons at the same time ,but I search a movie in youtube this(,the game can touch two buttons at the same time,the program writes by Jamie Fuller ,this is his blog :,this message is just a proposition,if you feel not unfriendly,I’m so sorry,because my english is very poor。

  10. Thomas says:

    hi summeli,
    i have made two videos about my problem. Can you give me your email, then i can send the two videos to you. And you see my touch problem with my i8910.

  11. ajs says:

    Hi Summeli, great emulator! The only issue I have is like these other guys, with the multitouch function, which would be very useful! I prefer using my n97 keyboard to play the games, so maybe pressing more than one button at the same time might not be possible due to the hardware, but still multitouch on the touchscreen controls would be cool!

  12. Thomas says:

    Multitouch is not the problem gays. Wehn i press a button (jump) the button lock and i must press an other button befor i can press the first button (jump) again. how i say multitouch is not the problem, when i press the forward button the figure runs forwards, because the button is lock, but i can jump at the same time that the figure runs forwards.

    • Summeli says:

      I know. I can reproduce this issue with my N97 too. The D-PAD locking is clearly an issue. I’m just not sure how to deal with this yet. It releases the key, when the event is gone, so it really should work… I’m going to debug this further.

      • Summeli says:

        Ok, just took a quick look at the code, and I found the issue. The d-pad lock will be fixed for the next release.

  13. Eugen says:

    Hi, trieв your emulator on Samsung i8910HD. The speed is obviously great.
    1. No sound – you mentioned that it doesn’t work yet
    2. Onscreen buttons don’t work well – they seem to keep pressed after one touch.
    3. Cannot assing any hardware button
    The speed is ok, I don’t know if the versions utilizes OpenGL, but the speed is ok.

  14. Dave says:

    Hey there. Fantastic job.
    Will it be possible in future versions to use the n97 volume control a a button? also full screen would be fantastic for n97 users who dont need the touch feature.
    As a side note, would anyone recommend a set up that works well on N97 for using the shoulder buttons?
    Many Many thanks!

  15. Thomas says:

    Great job summeli, I wait for the next release! 😉

  16. Zhyatt says:

    How will it work out on non-widescreen touchphone resolutions like 320×480?

  17. Riewert says:

    Just tried running it on my Nokia 5800 Xpress, seems to work quite nicely (after a reboot) got Final Fantasy VI and Fire Emblem – Monshou no Nazo working. However it does appear that to press a button on the right half of the screen you need to press on on the left side first. Nice to hear that you have already fixed this. Just thought you should know everything is working nicely on the 5800!

  18. Anthony says:

    great work summeli, i hav configured the keys on n97 keyboard, works really well and supports multi key presses ie: 6mario world run and jump. Fullscreen would b nice 2 keep up the good work mate.

  19. Anthony says:

    mario world

  20. V4Mp says:

    Well done!!! THX 4 your work at this cool app.
    Keep on working on it! Sound would be great! 😀 I can play my old Crono Trigger or Final Fantasy III Games on my N97. 😉 wwwwhhuuuiii

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  22. Hakoni says:

    Works very fine on my N97. Except the Sound, but that doesn’t matter.
    Thx for this very cool app. Maybe some day with full screen support??

  23. Gmith says:

    I’m using N97 with 2.0 firmware and for some reason the on-screen buttons don’t seem to work very well. The buttons somehow “jam”.
    When I press a d-pad button, the characters move to that direction after I stop pressing the button. This seems to happen with all the buttons except select and start which don’t even work.
    The emulator works fine with the physical keyboard and that’s fine for me. It’s awesome to finally play some snes games on N97.
    Keep up the good work.

  24. cjcn says:

    – some games dont open like contra or bike mice from mars
    or are really slowly
    – cant change buttons
    – no sound
    – when i press some button in the pad …. still running till i press another button.
    =( but good work, i hope u can improve this version ^^,
    i have a nokia 5800.

  25. Aves says:

    i have the same problem as cjcn with my nokia 5800
    -select and start button dont work (some games require start button to start the game)
    -if i press a button on the pad, for example “right” the button stucks and it keeps going right
    -not possible to change buttons
    -if u press menu while game is running emulator crashes (not always possible to save game)
    still great work but if u manage to fix these problems this emulator gonna rock!
    bye bye aves

  26. djeff says:

    hey great job man!
    anyway ive one prob 🙁
    i want to play secret of mana and allready have savegames on my pc with zsnesw and is there any posibility to use them on your antsnes with my n97? would be GREAT!

  27. SGDynamite says:

    hey great work but when comes the next update for the touch version? on the N5800 is AntSnes not playable ;(

    • Summeli says:

      it never will be. The N5800 has only resistive touch, and I can’t make it capacitive. I just finished fixing the dynarec for gpsp, so fixing the touch functionality is next item on my list 🙂

  28. Thomas says:

    I hope so! The Antsnes is a very great emu but i can use it really on my i8910. i hope the 0.71 Version come soon. 😉

  29. ZerEviv says:

    Very good work!!, I have a 5800 phone, I’m always dreaming with this moment, good work

  30. Aves says:

    Just to confirm.
    Antsnes will never work on Nokia 5800?! because of the resistive touch? I dont get it why it shouldn’t i have a Mame port on my 5800 and it does work very well with resistive touch.
    It would be great if you can give a fast answer so i dont get my hopes to high 🙂

  31. Jonno says:

    could you set up on the wikipage a compatibility template? I’d like to start posting my findings and i’m sure others do too but i have no idea how to set-up the page in the right fashion. Table format tends to work, but i couldn’t work it out via github 🙂

    • Summeli says:

      sure. I’ll try to find some time to fix the keys in this week. I could make a compatibility template for the same release.

  32. ReS says:

    I have come past the 3 buttom part in chrono trigger on my N97 and it works, you can get past it 😛
    But unfortunately i saved on the save state by mistake :/ but anyway its working real well the emulator atm 😛

  33. Thomas says:

    I hope the next Version of Antsnes comes soon. With really working touch keys. 😉

  34. Thomas says:

    Res use you thouch screen or the keyboard??

    • ReS says:

      sorry for the late reply, i use the keyboard as its nice to have a “Game Boy” like feel to it.
      Havent really used the touch keys, other then just trying them out.

      • Summeli says:

        I’m sure that all N97 users are using real keys 🙂 Real keys are always the best choice for gaming.

  35. zil says:

    Cool :-)! I will bе wаiting for this еmulаtоr,vеrу hаrd:)I hoре оn my 6120 it will bе work!:)

  36. zil says:

    Whеrе аnd whеn?will bе еmulаtor plаystаtion1 for Symbiаn dеvicеs?

  37. maxim says:

    Why not port some sort of snes SPC music player to Symbian?
    I have been looking for one a long time, and you seem to be well versed
    in this kind of stuff, so please would you look into it 🙂

    • Summeli says:

      To be hones I have been thinking about it 🙂 Right now I’m quite busy with other stuff, but I have pretty much all components needed for that stuff. It’s just lack of time 😉

  38. -)_cyclops says:

    I admire your free, this one I still wonder about, free devotion to this project. I would like if you release a version where the buttons work for my qwerty keypad, I had 0.62 working but buttons don’t work but 0.63 it says instillation not supported, thank you for your help. =)

  39. Kyla says:

    Hi, i have Nokia N97 and i just downloaded and installed this but when i try to load roms it does nothing except for a small green bar which comes acroos the bottom of the screen. i also renamed the roms with .smc at the end too. am i doing something wrong???

  40. captainp says:

    Plz try to fix those virtual keys 🙂 it’s not playable…. when i press up key its get “stuck” and its nonstop pressed 😛

  41. GuitarWorker says:

    Hey, great job with this emulators! However, i know that because of the lack of multitouch in nokias displays it is very hard to make the emulator playable. I have one recommendation, why don’t you use the built in accelerometer in order to at least control the movements (right-left on mario for example) of the character? I think it will be great if you can add this kind of feature in your next release. Anyway, is just an idea, i actually dont know how hard it is to implement such a thing, but perhaps it’ll be easy for your skills 😉

  42. hernan says:

    wow…so this is your page….
    hello …first sorry my bad from argentine
    here my questions
    1: can you change the joystick? like some iphone games??
    take a look (its a circle and you dont need to press 2 buttons if you need a diagonal direction….)
    2: biggers buttoms
    3: can you applly the spacedancer multitocuh characteristic for resistive screens???
    this will be awesome… nice to play games like supermario world, when you need to press 2 keys.
    here the link
    see you and thanks!!!!

  43. Seiran says:

    Hi, Summeli i have one quastion, can you make emu of nintendo ds? I guess it use weak resources! Reaply please!

  44. Seiran says:

    And Summeli can you make volume bottons work,it would be wonderfull,like vbag 1.25! It very comfortable to play! Sorry for my English. And thanks of that you do for many users of simbyan Reply please!

  45. Seiran says:

    Sorry forget add! bottoms for gba emu or snes

  46. Tsen says:

    why not work for an n-gage dude very very please

  47. alexoppi says:

    hey. Downloaded your emulator, and installed fine but when i looked for the roms that i’d downloaded they weren’t there. I tried changing the file they were in but they still won’t appear when i’m in the emulator. Can you help me please as i really want to play final fantasy! I’ve got a 5530xm and the roms have question mark icons next to them. Thanks.

  48. David Robertson says:

    Hey great job on the emulator, though I have had a few ideas of how you could advance upon your current build.
    As the majority of symbian phones are not multi touch enabled, i was thinking would it not be more practical to make an rpg specific emulator that would require minimal buttons and absolutely no simultaneous key-presses.
    A way to remove clutter and maximise space on the emulator would be having an unrestricted d-pad, press anywhere on the screen apart from the buttons allocated to the game and slide in the direction you would need to go. This would make character control much easier and flexible. I feel as though this route would be much more responsive than a virtual d-pad.
    the majority of Rpg games on the snes only require 2 buttons, This is a huge benefit and i can see the emulator two transparent buttons at the bottom right of the screen. Overlaid on the actual game with minimal distraction.
    if you would like to discuss this further, please e-mail me.
    And if you have abandoned this project, i request that you will let me continue with your source code in my image.
    Thank you

    • Summeli says:

      There has been no release lately, since I’m moving into Qt. I have been quite busy in last month or so, so there’s no basically no progress. All my source code is on GitHub, so feel free to use it if you like.
      I’m solving the button issue in Qt version, where I’m going to enable the support for red/green and menu buttons (it’s already done). So you can use D-PAD and at least two buttons. Also camera and volume up/down buttons are available for configuration.
      The Qt version is working really well, it just need a proper shylesheet, since the Qt default style is quite ugly 🙁 I’m trying to find some time to blog a bit about the stylesheets. It’s basically similar as CSS, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Maybe you would like to help me in here? 🙂
      I have already started the gpsp port, and the gpsp is already compiling against my own “generic Qt porting library” 🙂 It’s also probably running, I just have to make some adjustments for the Blit.

  49. Nokia 5700 says:

    Hi, i am just wondering about something, could i post this application on a forum?
    I just want to make sure its okay for you, the developer.

  50. AJ__92 says:

    lol first:
    hi nokia 5700 xD how small the world in the internet can be xD
    damn guud stuff Summil 🙂
    keep it up 😛

  51. Treim fei says:

    Hi. I know that it has nothing to do with you, but can you make an app to help mini n97 users? All it has to do is remap a touch in the screen with the OK button, since n97 mini doesnt have one. There is an app that do it, virtual keyboard, but it add a whole keyboard in the screen and it gets in the way while using others app, like vbag or picodrive. All I ask is a program that add an invisible OK button on the screen to use with others apps. Thanx.

  52. Rach says:

    Do u think about to develop a NES EMULATOR for Nokia 5800??

  53. Hello says:

    Are that emulator for S60V5 or are that same what is on your emulator page that gPSP4Symbian?

  54. MNA says:

    Great emulator! Proposition for next versions: is it possible leave just small d-pad and make screen bigger like in gpSP4Symbian v0.5: first beta?
    Thank you very much for your work!
    Hello from Ukraine!

  55. ivan says:

    wow man u rockz!!!!!