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AntSnes v. 0.71: Fixed the touch keys

It’s really hard to test the touch with N97, but at least the d-pad seems to be working better and start/select seem to be responding too 🙂
The project has now a wikipage at github. See the FAQ before asking any questions 🙂
know issues:

  • Audio doesn’t quite yet work
AntSnes for the 5th edition

Just download and install.
If you got an error “unable to install”, or “certificate error” you might be having problems with the certificate. See my other blog post about two common fixes for this. Fixing self-signed certificate related problems

Sis installation file for 5th edition: AntSnes_v071.sis (16042 downloads)
The S60 3rd edition should still use the old AntSnes 0.63 release
sources can be found from github:


  1. ReS says:

    Awesome update, trying it out right now 😛

  2. Gaba says:

    When you will fix Metroid incompability for both versions (5th and 3rd)?

  3. alex says:

    Hey, thanks for the update.
    Just tried it on my i8910. The keys are really working better, but still not perfect. The keys will now release when you stop pressing them, but after pressing once, they are blocked until you press another button on the corresponding side. (e.g.: if you press up, you have to press down, left or right before you can press up again and if you press yellow you have to press one of the other colours before you can press yellow again.)
    But great work so far!!!

  4. Thomas says:

    yes i have the same problem with my i8910. And you can´t use two keys at the same time. i believe not that it works on a touch handy anytime. only on a i phone. 😉 i have give up my hope.

    • Summeli says:

      you should be able to use d-pad plus one key on the right side at the same time. The limitation that you can’t use two keys on the right side is made on purpose, since you’ll need the d-pad most of the time.
      It’s really hard to say how it should be done, since I have only N97 :/ There really shouldn’t be any technical limitations on i8910 compared to the iphone touch. I have played nes emu on iphone and that’s not too good neither. –> real keypad is always the best choice for gaming 🙂

      • Shiranai says:

        Hello. I’m having the same problem with the touch keys. D-Pad along with a button does not work. Plus the emulator crashes a lot (maybe too less ram on 5800?). Tried with Super Mario World. Apart from that issues, the speed is really great. But for now it seems only RPGs are playable.

  5. Ark says:

    In fisrt time. Thanks a lot, four your work. The emulator works in my 5800.
    In second place: Sorry my inglish (i´m from spain)
    And now a pair of question; ¿ Do you now if there someone working in emulators of GBA for the v5, only vampent ?
    Do you think posible do emulators whith transparent controls. And pass the imagen of the game to panoramic format in a future.
    Thanks again

  6. Thomas says:

    hi summeli and all others,
    i want learn programming. But at this time i m a beginner. now my question. in which datei is the control of the Antsnes. (the crono trigger) There are so many files and we i say i m a beginner in programming.

  7. serie60 says:

    In vampents vboy you can set the headset-remote-control as keypad. Why isnt it possible with AntSnes?
    Most games should be playable if you have an extra keypad and the other keys on touchscreen.

    • Summeli says:

      I’m using the remote controls keys already in the 3rd edition release. I could easily add that feature to the 5th edition too. That idea didn’t just cross my mind 🙂
      Actually you could already use the remote controls with software called “Magic Keys”

  8. Onilton says:

    Hey man. You don’t know how much I’ve waiting for this release. I have a 5800 and the other emulators don’t work because this cellphone doesn’t have a keyboard.
    For me, snes was one of the best consoles ever, since it was my first video game, so I couldn’t wait to play it in my cellphone.
    I tried it and it was soo cool to see it in my 5800.
    About the controls I will recommend this: Try playing super street fighter II. As soon you can do a Hadouken you can tell that the buttons are perfect. 🙂
    Anyway, thank you very much. Congratulations for the excellent job.
    Thanks again!! 🙂

    • Summeli says:

      That’s really not going to happen with resistive touch.

      • Onilton says:

        Even with multitouch capabilities? Sorry for my noob question.
        Anyway if this is not possible maybe it could have diagonal buttons that could emulate that (and maybe be configurable). 😛
        Another suggestion:
        I know you are testing in a N97, I already tried one and I know that 5800’s screen is a little bit smaller than N97’s one.
        The funny thing is that buttons are very close (and it get difficult to press a specific button) but there are some space above and below.
        Maybe the buttons could have more space between them.
        A last thing I was thinking about. When Antsnes didn’t have support for v5. I tried to make vSun work with 5800. I used a programa called virtual keyboard and another program that changes the buttons of the cellphone to anything I like. 5800 have to possible buttons (that could be used by this program): green, middle, red and camera. (Media didn’t work with this program).
        I know N97 have other buttons too I just don’t know how many.
        Another (maybe) stupid idea.
        Again, thanks very much for the great job! 🙂

  9. razorhawk says:

    This is Great! I have an i8910 and I wanted to echo what I have seen others comment on the controls on the i8910.
    Even with the capacitive screen, multitouch does not work. I cannot walk and jump at the same time on SMW.
    Also, the buttons seem to stick on the d-pad and also the colored buttons. For instance, if I press left, I have to press right before I can press left again and if I press blue, I have to press yellow before I can press blue again.
    Thanks for all the work!!

    • Summeli says:

      The buttons are made in purpose to stick with d-pad and colored buttons. I thought it would be easier to hit the correct button that way.
      I’m kind of disappointed that the mutitouch didn’t work. I really did assume that you could walk and jump at the same time with i8910. I really don’t have any idea how the multitouch should be implemented then.

      • razorhawk says:

        The lack of support in s60 5th is a real bummer for us i8910 owners. Thanks for the heads up about symbian^3, I look forward to it working with multitouch, and thanks for trying to get multitouch working.
        I am curious about buttons sticking. Would it be possible to not have the buttons stick? I have not had a problem pressing the correct button due to sufficient size and spacing. The reason I ask is that I often press buttons consecutively, such as to scroll through text on an RPG, or to stop and wait for a baddy to go by before continuing. Could you make it an option?
        Thanks again!

  10. Thomas says:

    But its not really working on my i8910. 😉 With the new version 0.71 i can not jump and go forward at the same time, too. in the old version 0.70 have it work. But the key catch and you must push an other button to unlock the first button and so more. The Right and the Left buttons are self-contained. Yes so many Problems!!! Can you not the right side of buttons connecting with the left side of buttons?? Also make of two Programms for right keys and left keys one Programm???

    • Summeli says:

      That’s exactly how it’s made. I have separate classes for left and right keys. I just assumed that it would work, but it seems not working at all. There’s really nothing that I could do, since I have only N97.

  11. raul says:

    this emulator is worthless, no sound, just go play the super mario wolrd and without sound, the main thing is that the sound works and many games run not only sound 1.Without not worth it.

  12. Alex79uk says:

    Thanks for this update. I discovered this emulator the other week, and have been playing Final Fantasy III on my N97. It’s awesome. I don’t even use the touch screen, I slide my keyboard out on my N97 and use the D-Pad and buttons, it works great.
    Thanks, look forward to future updates 🙂

  13. Alex79uk says:

    One question : Can I install this on top of v0.70 or do I need to uninstall old version first. Will it keep my save states? Ta.

  14. Eugen says:

    Maybe you can use some hard keys for реу emulator? Right now the emu cannot map some keys, that limits alot!

  15. Eugen says:

    I just trieв once more – there is a huge problem in assigning hardware keys! The key assignment is taken from the t9 non touch phones, it even asks for с key to skip! But on 5800, X6, Satio, i8910HD there is no C key! So you need to ass a touch screen support for assigning hardware keys. Also you need to find a good way to block system calls made on press. If you would work it out it would be playable, because i8910HD for example has 7 keys to assign! I count camera as two keys, because half press of the camera and the full press of the camera can be assigned as two buttons (it even works now, but it sometimes launch camera app on the full press of the button). I think a touch joystik and hadware keys will be okay! But it seems to be the problem also with combination of hardware keys and touch screen press, it lags alot and works strange sometime.

    • Summeli says:

      actually the camera key and volume up/down are the only keys that could be used by 3rd party software. Currently volume up/down is mapped to start/select.

      • Luka Stemberger says:

        that’s not true…
        i’m using MameXM emulator on Samsung HD and it uses the end call button as the firing key.
        It’s a pretty nice working emulator.

      • Luka Stemberger says:

        And, as the start/select key is never needed to be used simultaneously with another button, it’s not crucial to have it mapped. We can use the on screen button for that. Jumping/firing keys are the most important ones to have mapped on hardware buttons as they need to be pushed at the same time as arrow keys – which work well as virtual buttons on a touch screen, like on MameXM.

  16. Casey Fournier says:

    Hey there, Casey once again. I have a quick question. thinking of purchasing a new phone, obviously symbian… i stumbled upon an e52. it has 128MB of RAM and a 600mhz processor in it. I’m not sure how it will run your emulators though(any of them to be exact).. I tried googling and found nothing.. Any ideas?
    i know this is not a conventional question but i really have nothing else to turn to.
    🙂 Thanks very much for even taking the time to read this(whomever does) 🙂 !

  17. G470 says:

    Thank you very much for all the work you’ve done for ours beloved N97, keep the good work!

  18. nseries says:

    please summeli a gb/gbc emulator for s603 rd edition!!please

  19. Thomas says:

    Hi summeli,
    have you the old dates still of Antsnes? The dates of the Antsnes 0.70, for the keypad. I believe it is just a little problem that it works on a i8910. We must find a solution after put a key the key must go in the orginal status and may not lock. In the old version 0.70 is this the only problem. The “Multitouch” works. One another question. We can i test the key programm?? It works not on the microsoft Visual C++ 2008.

  20. Fenrir says:

    Summeli, I rwemember reading in the psx4all forum someone mentioning that the author managed to overcome the one-commando-limit for his touchscreen device (I think it was a palm). Maybe you could contact him and ask for some tips?

  21. Alex says:

    Summeli, on 5800, on touchscreen, It is impossible to press the keys consistently, like that “=> =>” , “<= <=". Second pressing is not working=(

  22. Look you are a god too the symbian comunity but please.. can you make a version that works with i8910 l and r can be lock and camera key
    and a and b can be the 2 buttons down the bottom of the phone
    the guy who did MameXM managed to pull this off so please! i beg of you to make this!! i would pay for it.
    Also i am a graphics designer and i would be happy to make your keypad design look abit more flash

  23. Thomas says:

    yes i wait too for a good running i8910 Version. But when it is easy to fix the touch problem, Second pressing is not working ,then it should work. Can you fix this problem in the Version 0.70 summeli? (in this Version the multitouch works)

  24. прапор says:

    god demned it… dude WHY u dont want to use demned accelerometer for navigation buttons like arrows ? iphone`s emu can do that, and why not yours ??? it will be fun to play games with accelerometer. it will be perfect desision for phones without multituch and physical keys

  25. iRaptor says:

    Summeli, when we will see the new version of AntSNES?)

  26. captainp says:

    Summeli, the touch keys arent fixed yet 🙁 its really hard to press a,b etc buttons… one time works, another dont.
    Plz could you check it?
    my phone 5800

  27. Joe says:

    Yo dude..,
    in my nokia n97 gave the following error: unable to install = / how to fix this?

  28. Really great work. thankyou for this emulator.
    I have a 5530 and it work but without the sound . With sound it crashes in every game. The keys are really strange, you press once and cant press anymre. Still unplayable for me but keep the good work!

  29. Thomas says:

    Hi Summeli,
    is the new Version ready soon? V 0.72! I want test it on my i8910! or are you by skiing at this time? 😉

  30. raul says:


  31. FragTastic says:

    Hi Summeli XD
    Love your work on AntSnes Thank you =D
    I have a request regarding this great project.
    Is it possible to get a version for N97 that doesnt have the onscreen keys? I would like that so much better as i map the keys and never use the touch screen unless i have to.
    I did try release 0.63 as it doesnt have them but unfortunately as soon as i load a ROM it crashes :/
    Hopefully stripping the onscreen key stuff out is relatively simple and you can soon conside offer us an alternative full screen version which is still s60v5 compatible.
    I mod for games for free myself so I truly do respect your efforts and thank you very much for them. Please consider my request as I think you will find that a lot of users prefer keymapping to onscreen keys and its a waste of screen space if you dont use it.
    In fact i believe you, yourself said further up this page that keymapping was superior to onscreen buttons, so hopefully im not too far off your wavelength 😛
    Thanks again, either way

  32. Philer says:

    Good job for this emulator ! I have a 5800XM and it’s very cool playing ZELDA on this phone ! I hope that multitouch will be include in your next version ! 😀

  33. FragTastic says:

    also would be nice if diagonal direction keys were mapable like picodrive 😉

  34. Thomas says:

    Good year all. 😉

  35. DaIkIraI says:

    How about compatibility of saves from PC to phone? From phone to PC working normaly. Snes9x, certainly.
    P.S. Will next version use green, red and center buttons? Or, mb, sound keys… It’s very hard to catch rat in Chrono Trigger without multitouch T_T

    • Summeli says:

      I’m currently working with new Qt-version. I’m not yet sure about the new control set. I’m thinking about making the an option for d-pad to use sensor API, so you could tilt the phone to use the d-pad.
      My idea is to make the whole ui part reusable, so I can make gpsp and psx4all integration with pretty much same ui stuff.

  36. Edwin says:

    Hi, Cool tool, but i can´t open any room, where i need put the room file?

  37. Anthu says:

    Hey Summeli,
    thank you for your great work with this emulator! I’ve got an N97 and the emu works like a charm. The only thing I really dislike is the SNES-controller interface on either side of the game screen. It would be great if you included an option to just turn it off so the background is black or maybe even stretch the game screen a bit. Could you answer and tell us about the possibilities about that happening?
    Best Regards,
    a fan

  38. Verty says:

    Hey , I have downloaded some gameroms , but it doesnt work! After I choose the rom , the screen is still black!
    Please help me . My cellphone is 5530xm!

  39. Jusu says:

    Excellent emulator, works like a charm on N97. I also would like to have an option to just stretch the game to full screen, or at least removing the touch controller from the screen. Sound would be nice too, but that is probably quite a lot bigger undertaking. Autoloading rom + state would be very neat for my use also.
    BTW. Do you have paypal? I’d like to make a small donation for your work, this is seriously the thing that made me keep my N97 and not swap it for iPhone.

    • Summeli says:

      The next version with Qt can use all the buttons in phone (mediakeys, red/green/menu buttons etc.) so this might be a feature into there.
      I don’t yet have a paypal account, but I’m thinking about it 🙂

  40. existnce says:

    If you were to continue updates on both 3rd and 5th editions, as well as future versions, I would pay in a heartbeat. That’s the only reason I never bothered with vSun…it hasn’t been updated in two years. It’s a decent emulator, but only a few more tweaks and it would have been perfect; AntSnes shows the same ambition! Please consider. I would be willing to pay $20 for lifetime updates…as long as you don’t forget about the 3rd edition phones!

  41. super mario says:

    touch keys don’t work on 5530/5800
    waiting a new version

  42. SGDynamite says:

    5800 is not and never playable with ANTSNES
    The Display has not MultiTouch.

  43. Froggie says:

    Works on my 5530, few problems with the touchscreen, and turning sound on causes crash of the antsnes. Some games don´t work (secret of mana) but I was able to try little zelda!

  44. seekmind says:

    hm.. i’m korean nokia 5800 user
    it is some ploblem
    for example i touch up key and continue push up button not moving(every game)
    all touch key not continue move…

  45. Froggie says:

    me again, wanted only add
    the double pressing the keys won´t also function. For the -> and separate for the A Y and so on.
    Unfortunatedly the games secret of evermore and diddy kong 2 didn´t react at any keypressing. Many another games did not start at all.
    But I am happy if I can play zelda, but its too difficult with the problem that the keys don´t act right, so I am happy if there is an update, like you said its easy to fix!
    Thanks for this good emulator!

  46. fry_spain says:

    Congratulations about snes071 on symbian 5ed. I am running the emulator in my nokia 5530 and it´s great … but i hope the buttons become more eficient.
    Sorry for my english, i am from spain.

  47. Nyces says:

    Lo mate, good work. The GUI could do with being a bit sleeker though… If your interested, send me a mail. I could do you some nice graphics for it, no charge of corse. Happy to help.

  48. Phoen!xX says:

    Keep up the good Work!!!
    the optic of the buttons can be a little bit better and sound will be great!

  49. Ash says:

    Firstly i just want to say i appreciate the work you are putting into this, it’s amazing and makes me love my phone lol
    just a few problems im wondering if there is any solution for .. 1 – on mario world i try to save the progress by pressing menu but it crashes everytime and throws me out into my games folder so i have to start the game all over again .. 2 – the game starts after a few tries of loading the rom, the first couple of times i go to load rom and choose the rom i want to download and antsnes crashes and throws me back out into my ganes folder .. Another issue is sound but i can imagine this is a lot of hard work so it isnt a big problem as im grateful for even being to play these games on my phone and another thing is if it can be possible to make it full screen so the snes controller display dissapears
    otherwise gameplay is fantastic and i can click on buttons at the same time perfectly
    im using a Nokia N97 by the way
    thanks guys .. Keep up the good work 🙂

  50. leo says:

    hey wassup man. for some reason certin games like donkey kong comes on but cannot start and idk why, i tried everything but yet i just cant play any donkey kong games on n97 with the antsnes emu. o yea on the next update can we please get a full screen version without the buttons on the screen. thanx, you da man dawg, i got super nintendo right in the palm of my hands.

  51. Mohammed says:

    ops guys its not workin in my satio the keys i cant press on it why i dont know and
    when i try to play any game the programme imeditly close please fix it fastly

  52. blackdust says:

    i have a nokia5530 and i have a few problems with the toch pad my cuestion is this download resolve this problem?

  53. Treimfei says:

    I had a N95 and just bought n97. How can I use my old saved files in this new version of antsnes? Could u do some converter or something like that plz? Thx.

  54. Methredel says:

    Playing with the touchscreen of Nokia 5800 (5530, 5230, X6 and all the S60v5) is still impossible. When you press start, you have to press select to “unlock” the touch; when you press up, you have to press down, etc … Even with this update (v0.71).
    Sorry if my english is bad, I’m french and I’m waiting for some fix ’cause this soft is juste marvelous :-). I hope I’ll be able to play to all my favorites rpg on my nokia soon (tales of phantasy, zelda, etc …).
    Best regards,

  55. Steveski says:

    Try it today on my SE Satio and it works very good, great job!

  56. Edward says:

    Works well on my N97. Any chance of having an option to stretch the display to the full widescreen and not have the buttons on the touchscreen? I like to play with the keyboard and a full display would be sweet! Thanks!

  57. Cori says:

    Sadly the buttons don’t really work on i8910, keep up the good work though 😉

  58. Nokia 5700 says:

    I have a suggestion, size up the A, B, X, Y and arrow keys, they are hard to press. 😉

  59. Nokia5800 says:

    AntSnes just crashed and quit when I try to load rom…what’s wrong?
    device Nokia 5800

  60. Nokia5800 says:

    and also the Touch button do not work…Orz…

  61. FragTastic says:

    anyonw know how to get donkey kong country working on this please? The rom loads but I cant get a game started. Still hoping to see the onscreen keys removable as an option too. Hope all is going well with QT =)

  62. Rodrigo says:

    Still not working on my 5530

  63. Jerzeydan says:

    On touchscreen I cannot press the same button twice in a row.

  64. Rodrigo says:

    Like Said
    Jerzeydan says:
    April 11, 2010 at 20:24
    On touchscreen I cannot press the same button twice in a row.
    It woorks like a charm but u cant press the button 3 times in a row just 2 times its same on all button other thing is u press 2 times a button the 3rd time time dont works but if u press other button like select it resets and work 2 times again same button i cant play Hyper v-ball i cant jump ant shot the ball. Maybe this can help you to solve the problem 😀

  65. Kuroyume says:

    first of all: this is an amazing piece of code, thanks to the author.
    With that said, it would be nice to have the on-screen buttons be bigger. Perhaps drop the SNES pad-like layout and find a way to make the most of the limited space.
    Also, i don’t know if it is related to the small size of the keys, but it seems like it’s really hard to press them, usually requiring a few tries on my 5230.

    • Nokia 5700 says:

      Yes, i noticed a little difficulty with the buttons. It seems like a button only can be pressed once before you have to press something else and then again press that button. Should be fixed along with the size. (Hard to squeeze your finger onto the tiny buttons..)

  66. Rodrigo says:

    Stop supporting this emulator ? T_T

  67. StormX07 says:

    Where is the emulator AntSnes UIQ3 ????
    UIQ3 platform: G700, G900, P1, M600, P990, W960, W950 and Motorola Z8, Z10

  68. StormX07 says:

    Please working UIQ3 platform.

  69. StormX07 says:

    Sorry Summeli
    Platform S60 3rd Edition and UIQ3 very compatible.
    Power platform UIQ3:
    The 2D/3D graphics accelerator (PowerVR from ARM and Imagination Technologies)
    OpenGL ES 1.0
    I think that the port is very easy to work.
    What say?

    • Summeli says:

      It might be easy, but I’m still not interested, since I don’t own, or use a UIQ phone. However I have shared all my sources, so anyone can do that “very easy” work.

  70. E71hoang says:

    I’m using E71, can I update AntSnes 0.63 to 0.71 version or this version is for S60v5 only?

  71. juancho says:

    I have a nokia n97i and i am so happy to have your emulator on my phone..
    it makes amzaingly happy to be able to play games like zelda, metroid, super mario and earthbound on my phone wherever i am at any time!!!!!
    I only wish you could expand the screen size taking the buttons off the screen, since n97 users dont need them.. it would be a really cool option… because the games would be more enjoyable using the whole n97’s big ass screen.
    good luck, and again thanks!!!
    greetings from Shanghai.

  72. Anderson Costa says:

    I tested in my Nokia 5530 and it is very difficult to play, the buttons are very small and not always they answer.
    I tried to play Donkey Kong 3, I do not manage to begin them the play, the buttons do not work.
    Please, put the biggest buttons and with better answers, and also it needs to put the option of selecting the briefcase of the plays.
    Thank you!

  73. Snes says:

    When new version arrives? There are still so many games that dont work on the latest version and theres much to improve.

  74. Krafty says:

    im on nokia x6 (touch screen only) and the on screen buttons are very unresponsive and not mapped to the screen correctly.
    the d pad works okay, but the point of press to make it work is very small.
    and the colour buttons are well off, the yellow button only works when you press about 1cm below the actuall button.
    im not complaining im just pointing out issues =)
    i would love to have this working fully, but as i said its a touch only phone so its near un-useable at the moment