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gpSP4Symbian Teaser

I have been porting the gpPS to Symbian for a while now and it’s finally running! There is still a lot to do. For example UI, audio and some config stuff, but the actual core is now working. You can get a pretty good estimate about the speed from the video. It’s really not as fast as I hoped, but you should still be able to play some games with it. At least it should be better with newer phones and faster processors 😉


  1. khan4251 says:

    Did it have opengl scaling as antsnes have?

  2. 6600.sis says:

    Good work on porting gpSP to S60 but I have to ask why? S60 already has a full speed GBA emulator which is fine. With AntSNES, S60 users were happy to welcome it to our emulator collection as we had no realistic alternative. I feel your talents could be put to better use porting something different, something new, (NeoGeo Pocket Colour Emulator, hint hint lol). Having said that, please don’t take my comments as negative, you’re still my favourite S60 developer, I’ve even been inspired to start learning to code myself. You’re very vocal about the problems you face while creating apps, more devleopers should take note…
    PSX4ALL on S60?… Now you’re just showing off! Maybe on these new 600Mhz ARM CPUs lol.

    • khan4251 says:

      I think summeli are doing this to gain experience to show himselft that he can ,not only for other people.
      -Vbag dont have fps counter ,i dunno how fast vbag is and vbag isn’t free .
      -Maybe games like golden sun will work on gpSP.

      • Summeli says:

        That’s my main reason for porting this 🙂 It had a lot of nice technical challenges. First I had to create whole new build-system for Symbian for better support for c-precompilation.
        The gpSP also has a really nice dynamic recompilation, which I wanted to learn from. And I think I did learn something from this 🙂 From now on it’s just regular porting work. Writing ui, handling controls etc.
        And basically the psx4all port to that video state was ‘free’ with all the stuff I did for gpSP. It only took me two hours or so to get the psx4all into that state on the video. I’ll be writing more about the stuff I did for gpSP port so other people could also port dynarec-emulators to Symbian if they like.

        • 6600.sis says:

          @khan4251… Good point about VBagX not being free, it is full speed, (50/60FPS depending on region of ROM) on an N95-1 (S60v3FP1), you’re also right about the compatibility issues too, Golden Sun is such a good game, the fact that VBag doesn’t play it is annoying. I’ve also had no luck with FF4 or FF5, they crash at certain points of the game regardless of what ‘Compatibilty Mode’ I put the emu in, so having an emulator to play these ROMs would be great…
          @Summeli… So your reasons for doing this are mainly educational? Thats cool. I like AntSNES as that felt like a sturdy app, even in beta stage, it’s only logical you move on to a more advanced system when you’ve learned all you can from one project.
          I am looking forward to trying all your future projects and as I have a blog that’s read by a lot of members of the S60 community, I will keep suggesting your work to them. I also have a substantial collection of Nokia S60 phones, from S60v1 right through to S60v5 so if you need a tester, I’ll happily oblige :)…
          1 quick thing I think you and the S60v5 users among us would like to know if you don’t already, the ‘new’ Nokia ‘X6’ phone announced at Nokia World 09 recently will have capacative touch, many other new phones will too, so an S60v5 version of AntSNES doesn’t seem so far away now. 🙂

          • Summeli says:

            @6600.sis I’m creating software for mainly learning purposes. To be honest I don’t enjoy playing games with phones too much. I have played only super mario world with AntSnes and tested few other games 🙂 Porting an emulator to S60 is a very good way to learn how it’s actually working, since you’ll run into some trouble for sure 🙂
            The gpSP won’t be running at full speed in Symbian 🙁 Mario kart seems to be running at 20fps at it’s very best. It’s really taking heavy damage from Symbian’s memory mapping. I tried running FF6, and that seems to be running. At this point I’m sure that it won’t be as good as VBagX, but it’s still going to be free.
            I’m probably going to make the 5th edition for AntSnes before releasing the gpsp emu. I’m going to do some benchmarking at the same time. I’ll share the results when I get them done.

          • khan4251 says:

            You said that vbag is working at full speed ,i dont belive that.
            I think that it works almost same as antsnes ,so it emulate full speed of gba CPU but show up to 10 frames of that game
            and frameskip means that ther are even less frames.
            So actually seeing that gpsp video i think it will have similar framerate like vbag.
            If still vbag will be faster that would meen they found way to fix problems with memory.

          • Summeli says:

            I think that the vbagx isn’t using dynamic recompilation, so they don’t have to fix that problem in Symbian. I think that I’ll make some initial release, which can be used to play some games and get a feeling about the emulator speed.

  3. Thomas says:

    Its great. But this version is definitely not for the symbian S60 V5. Bummer. I hope the ANTSNES is soon coming for this symbian Version. Anyway your work is really great.

    • cansual says:

      I don’t think that this is a good idea beacause the proccessor speed it’s the same like the s60 v3 phones and you don’t got an multitouchscreen. The only poosiblity is the n97 and the n900 linux meamo5 based

  4. Fredrik says:

    Excellent, look forward to play some FF games on the phone, especially FF6.

  5. V4Mp says:

    I am just waiting for a 5th edition of ANTSNES, too.
    But great work u have done until now! Keep it on! And pls do not forget Antsnes!!! 😉 I want to play my old Final Fantasy III rom! 😀 *lol*
    The PSX emulator looks interesting, but I do not think, that it ever will become playable… ^^

  6. LiL_Stenly says:

    On which source is based your port?

  7. Jonno says:

    Just want to say, so excited about the upcoming releases of all the emulators for Symbian 5th!
    you have no idea how frustrating it is using the vampent emulatation set – you run the game once, and you’re down 20mb of RAM until you reboot the phone (not to mention the horrid compatibility rate).
    I’ll hopefully be able to provide extensive feedback as the releases come out, i’ll be using these babies quite a bit 🙂

  8. lpratas says:

    Mario Kart Advance runs on my 5630 XpressMusic on the race at 28(60)FPS.

  9. Casey Fournier says:

    hey there! I was wondering how the gps release for s60v5 is trucking along? I hope I’m not doing something wrong here but I found these layouts quite interesting.
    Maybe you could implement such a thing for the touchscreen interface?
    BTW I hate vbag… LOUSY customer service(no offense to them)… I literally have NEVER recieved ANY support from their staff… only others.
    (scroll to bottom of page to view screenshots of potential button layout)

    • Summeli says:

      That layout looks quite nice 🙂 I might use something like that.
      I’m thinking about dumping the current SDL library, and using Qt instead. It would be good idea for future compatibility. Fixing the previous antsnes release is the next item on my list, and after that I’m going to start making a new gpsp port 🙂 With Qt it should work on N900 too! 🙂

      • Casey Fournier says:

        Glad I could fork over some ideas. i’m actually torn between buying a 5800 or a 5530 (both nokia).
        Heck, I may hold out for the X6 which has capacitative, and faster processor.
        Wish you the very best and I’ll be checking up from time to time.
        =] cheers

  10. rpgaddict_22 says:

    Vbagx dont only run at full speed, but EVEN faster than the original emulation speed… the only problem in vbagx is its compatibility to SOME roms and the crappy sound (in s60v3) the s60v2 version of vbagx is almost perfect ( good sounds and better compatibilty than s60v3 version. Well… any progess on gpsp4symbian?

  11. Ali says:

    Does Golden Sun work on this emulator? I really appreciate your time and effort on this Summeli!

  12. Ali says:

    PS, once my Nokia E72 arrives, I’ll write back here to state the performance of the emulator.

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