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PSX4All running on Symbian

I’m currently porting gpSP to the Symbian. Psx4all uses pretty much same SDL stuff and same ARM assembly emitter as gpSP. I just took my porting tricks from gpSP and compiled them with psx4all and here is the result. It’s really not fully optimized yet, but you’ll get the idea that it’s not going to run on N95 smoothly πŸ™‚ I still have some other tricks that would speed it up, but not enough.
It’s just a proof of concept that this emu could be ported to Symbian with moderate effort, but it’s going to require a lot faster CPU. I might take a second look of this after I’ll get the gpSP port finished.
See the performance by yourself.


  1. Thomas says:

    Where i can download the PSX4All? I will test the performance on my i8910! The CPU is much faster then the cpu from the nokia n95! And the i8910 have a GPU on board just as the iphone!

  2. khan4251 says:

    Is it really 0 FPS or fps counter doesnt work?
    I think this is at least 1 FPS.
    Is there any way to deinterpolate image so it would generate 160×120 image whith would be scaled to 320×240 by GPU?

    • Summeli says:

      the fps-counter could be broken. I spent only couple of hours to test this while porting the gpsp emulator, so I can’t tell. It could be a little faster for sure, but I don’t think that it’s never going to be playable on N95. It might be playable on i8910…

  3. khan4251 says:

    For examble on this GP2x video there are interlacking.
    Maybe image looks much worser but that framerate can be playable for some RPG games:)

  4. Thomas says:

    Ok. Then i wait. I look forward to play SNES Games on my i8910. And maybe i can eventually play PS one on my i8910. Its great.

  5. cansual says:

    what is with the n900??? i think this should be poosible and you don’t got problems with the UI

    • Summeli says:

      yeah. It should be very fast to port from pandora etc. other open handhelds, since they are both linux πŸ™‚ There shouldn’t be much than just compiling it to other system πŸ™‚

  6. nseries says:

    maybe with opengl… like quake III

  7. Amirtycoon says:

    maybe the 64MB of RAM is the problem of N95, but what about N82 or N95 8Gb which have 128MB RAM ?

  8. . says:

    u can creat small movie with game?

  9. lpratas says:

    I ask you Summeli if this emulaltion can be possible on the new s60 devices with 600Mhz processor. I talk about this because i have a Nokia 5630 XpressMusic and i would like to know. It as also +/- 59, 60MB of free executable ram.

    • Summeli says:

      At the moment it’s not going to happen. The Symbian gives a huge penalty for dynamic recompilation when I have to use the memory trampoline pattern. You can see it on gpsp. The only way to get it running would be to make a new driver to run SMC near the actual program. I might come back to this when Symbian Foundation releases all sources under open source license.

  10. cansual says:

    Here Summeli I found something for you.
    Open source Qt 4.6

    • Summeli says:

      I would like to use the Qt for 5th edition port for maximum compatibility in the future. It also looks like they are going to do heavy optimizations for the blit. I’m looking forward for the official 4.6 release. I use only GCCE as a compiler, so I can not test the technology preview πŸ™

  11. jose luis says:

    well,i’m thinking…and if you use the famous method of n73 phones to play fifa ’09.n-gage game releaseing almost all ram memory of s60v3 phones and gain potency using the “JBAKTASKMAN APP.” which stopes all phone system conflictive processes that always they’re enabled and in use,these process (call manager,call waiting,usb device,bt,media player,etc.)are guilties of ram’s useing.we remember what fifa ’09 requires 26mb free ram to run and n73 consist of that,but frees up little by these processes. sorry by my english,but i am from mexico.
    bye,thanks and until then.

  12. hlide says:

    I’m one of the coders in psx4all (gp2x and iphone) who recoded some parts of the recompiler. You told you made a psx4all port for S60. Did you release the source as a git clone ? I’m interested with it as I’m getting a nokia 5800 and I’m a newbie in the S60 world. By the way, remember psx4all is GPL.

    • Summeli says:

      This is just a youtube video made of couple of hours work. Don’t worry. Of course I’ll release all soruces when I have it ready. It’s currenly slow since I had to use the memory trampoline pattern with the dynarec, but it should get better once I get some new tricks for the port.

      • hlide says:

        since you are quick to answer :), i have two questions :
        – do you know a way to install a memory exception ? basically i want to catch a bad access to a certain range of memory so I can patch a dynarec code
        – what does compiler generate as object file ? an ELF32 file ? there is probably a link file to tell which section of .text, .data, .bss, etc. to genrate for the final binary. We could tweak it to make an available section for dynarec close enough to .text (under 32 MB)

        • Summeli says:

          The .text and .data sections are close enough. Basically the problem is that you have to reserve memory like uint8* dynrecsection = symbian_malloc_fore_code() which will give you address too far from the current code section. I have already received a solution to this problem, which didn’t work at first try, but I’m optimistic that this issue could be solved.
          I have been busy playing dragon age: origins, so I really haven’t been tweaking the code during the weekend πŸ™‚ I’ll look more into these memory mapping tricks on next week.

  13. Anibal says:

    summeli, please, send the software to my email [email protected], psx 4all is the best aplication for the phone to play videogames =D. sorry, my english is not good because i from Paraguay. thanks for all

  14. jony says:

    on which phones will work?
    When will the emulator itself?
    please Put a beta version of the emulator

  15. hlide says:

    Hi, any progress ? I’d like to have a look in the source.

    • Summeli says:

      I have the Dynarec running without the trampoline-pattern, so it should be as fast as on any other ARM device. However it now seems that the trampoline was only a minor issue in the port. In reality the main issue is probably the slow SDL port on Symbian.
      The PSX4All goes pretty much with same porting effort together with gpsp, since they both use dynamic recompilation and SDL.
      I’m currently focusing more on gpsp port, since it should be easier to get working on decent speed than psx4all. But it shouldn’t take long to make psx4all port after a good gpsp port. I spend about 2 hours or so to make the port into the state where the video is.

  16. jony says:

    I would not have refused to see what happened

  17. jony says:

    tell me the exact date of release

  18. jony says:

    nothing that I have laid out the news on another site?

  19. iKey says:

    There will be alpha or beta testing available?

  20. Iam says:

    if it doesn’t work on n96 i think it can work on n97 and i think it is more easier to adapt your program for n97’s resolution

  21. Diego says:

    wwwwwoooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! will be a boom!!!!…
    hope this soon available for our s60

  22. Rokozan says:

    Hi Summeli,
    This is awesome, what you trying to do. I’m an i8190 Omnia HD user. I just don’t know, if you know the software problems of i8190 but Omnia HD is a great phone with great hardware specs but we just cant use it because of stupid Symbian S60v5 OS. With big efforts of some developers and cookers etc. we can use some very usefull APPS but gaming still sucks very and veeeeeeeerrrryyyy badly. So a PSX emulator for i8190(with virtual Navigation key on screen with 8 directions and command key attended to the physical keys) would be just perfect! There’s a forum site ( ), where the lots of i8190 users sharing problems, news and ideas daily. I’m sure that your all big and worthy work for s60 PSX emulator will be rewarded with the donations of the users of this site and i’ll be one of them. Good luck, i trust you mate πŸ™‚

  23. I completly support this! i am an Omnia HD (i8910) user!
    someone set up a forum just about your post which i find extremly intresting and i would be willing to pay over 20 dollars if you could get a working psx emulator that works on i8910 with the ability to pick which key does what etc.. it’d just be fantastic!
    i completly support this and you are a great great man.

  24. Daro says:

    This would be the nicer thing on Omnia Hd…. Beautiful Idea πŸ˜‰

  25. Ivan says:

    At last psx will bo on symbian.
    I try to open psx games on StyleTap emulator but most games crashed at start title.
    Im think that emulator will work fine bcoz Psx have low requirements:
    CPU: 33,87 MHz
    RAM: 2 MB
    Our phones have better CPU or Ram than Psx πŸ™‚
    When will be Beta Version?

  26. Ali says:

    Summeli, is there any expected release date for beta/final version? I just bought an e72 and would like to see if the 600mhz processor makes any difference to psx4all.
    Please would you let us know more on this update! Your hard work will be thanked by all symbian users!
    Thank you.

  27. John says:

    Hey Summelli!
    How much ram and processor do you think is required to get psx4all to a playable state for symbian phones? Considering the fact that most symbian phones have between 40-60mb of free ram after all the background apps running.
    Would love to see the technicle sides of things as i am learning to program apps for symbian devices.

  28. John says:

    Oh wait, does OpenGL performance play any part to increase performance for psx4all?
    What exactly is actually required to make a fully working psx emulator on symbian?

  29. Stas says:

    Please download as I can not believe how to download please help

  30. Thomas says:

    when the ANTSNES works on a i8910 with touch panel than it should be run the psx4all. πŸ˜‰ The Hardwarepower of the iphone and the i8910 is almost the same. both of the Handys have a 3D Chip. And summeli says that Symbian kernel is now open source: Drived developement is now possible. The only Problem is the control. such as by ANTSNES. i8910 have no multitouch. But i hope summeli find a solution for this big Problem. πŸ˜‰ Than we can play Snes games and PSX games on i8910 and other Symbian Phones with touch panel. But for all great work summeli.

    • Summeli says:

      There really isn’t any need for driver, since I have the dynamic recompiler now working as well as with any other ARM system. The only issue is symbian’s poor SDL port, which I’m dumping in for Qt. With Qt that really should work pretty well.

  31. danny 92 says:

    hi summeli , thanks for the work ; How’s project with qt going ? when we can see a video of emulator ? thanks πŸ˜‰

  32. mclightning says:

    we already had a gba emulator.
    so why are you wasting your time with that gpsp emu.
    also psx emulator would be even a bigger success

  33. Tom says:

    Symbian GBA emulator was far from good. Many games are still unplayable. Hope this one will be better. Can’t wait for the next release.

  34. faenil says:

    Hi Summeli I am a rom modder for i8910…
    I’d really like to help developing the psx emulator, because I think people would really be much happier to see a psx emulator running than a gba one…(imho)
    what are you actually working on?
    Can I have the source code to study it?
    hope to hear from you asap…

  35. Frosty says:

    Summeli, hi!
    I really support all you work with that psx emulator. This is great thing – you be thanked by all russians symbian – owners.
    Please , mail me if any alpha – beta version come out.
    [email protected]
    and…can you see, nokia n86 8mp can handle it?
    Thanks. I wery want play Metal Gear Solid on my mobile
    p.s sorry for bad english – i am russian

  36. raul says:

    full playable in nokia 6710 navigator 600mhz processor 3d graphics,the games tested: Akuji-The Heartless 38fps,the king of fighters 95 43fps,(n97,n95.n96 impossible)

  37. danny 92 says:

    raul ,can you post a video on youtube?

  38. Frosty says:

    How about n86 ? He no had fpu , but with 128 operatives

  39. AJ__92 says:

    any news about this ?
    its still interessting don’t stop working πŸ˜›

  40. Fahad says:

    Summeli , what can i say. I love you soooooo much. Plz im asking you to but your hard work on this project (psx4all symbian) i mean how did you got the idea man its amazing you dont know how this is gonna change the symbian world and by the way my phone is ((n95 8gb)) this is my e-mail
    [email protected] please keep me updated with this Incredible idead . I gotta say it you are smart . Ok then please hurry on this project. Bye

  41. Symbian lover says:

    Could u in any way. To port crash bandicoot 1 or 2 or 3 to symbian s60v3. I mean is it possable. Excuse my english. And about the psx4all u said ur self that u did the psx4all in couble hours . That means that u could do it in a week or month right. What took so long . If need any thing u didnt find just tell me ill buy it to you ok. Just please hurry up on this on put ur hard work on this project.

  42. nokia 6710 navigator lover says:

    where can we have this emulator u piece of shit. Liar asshole. Mother fucker

  43. symbian says:

    can u give us download link please

  44. 7Look says:

    The project was abandoned long ago.

  45. he means says:

    He means that the Symbian OS is sooooo complicated that the psx emulator probably won’t run faster than 5 frames per second.
    But still, there is hope….Symbian have given their codes out for free. Maybe Summeli or another expert programmer may really work on this emulator.
    Unfortunately….every programmer has mostly moved to the iphone. Symbian programmers is slowly dying out man, I hate to say it, but it is the truth.
    Maybe I shall surrender to the iphone after my contract runs out. Nokia e72 may be my last Nokia AND symbian phone.

    • Summeli says:

      it’s really not too complicated. The old symbian is just missing a lot of performance related features πŸ™‚ However I still believe that you should check Symbian^3 phones first!

  46. Miguel Medina says:

    Hi Sumelli.
    I’m from Brazil and just wanted to say that if you had accomplished porting psx for n95 8gb I would personally turn you into a legend! Man… maybe it’s time to abandon my old companion, n95… but yet… I see the other phones and the other OS’s and I just can’t see enough reasons to abandon my old fellow… Which smartphone are you using nowadays? And which phone would you suggest your followers to buy?
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  47. jhay says:

    this project is very useless.. Symelli fooled us.. If they really created an emulator for psx but n0t yet finish they must post a download link for that project so we can try if the emulator really created, even they not yet finished,they must give a beta version so we can try and encourage to wait for final versi0n.. But where is the beta? None? Why? Because they only fooled us..

  48. symbian-god says:

    hi all of you, sorry summeli.
    If its ok with you i will post the psx-emulator for s60v3 which works Perfectly on n95 8gb with full screen hd out-put and full speed u can also rotate the screen and i will add games like crash bandicoot it has amazing audio and its perfect i swear i cant take my hand of my n95 8gb.
    P.s. I will give u the link in 2 weeks from now, sorry summeli but your not for it. Sorry. Bye guys

  49. farhan says:

    hi all of you, sorry summeli.
    If its ok with you i will post the psx-emulator for s60v3 which works Perfectly on n95 8gb with full screen hd out-put and full speed u can also rotate the screen and i will add games like crash bandicoot it has amazing audio and its perfect i swear i cant take my hand of my n95 8gb.
    P.s. I will give u the link in 2 weeks from now, sorry summeli but your not for it. Sorry. Bye guys

  50. Dwi says:

    Great summeli! I’m waiting your final research ^_^
    I have a project too. I made N-Gage Portable, emulator for running old n-gage games on symbian 2nd platform with perfectly. You can see my post on
    So far 34 old n-gage games are playable on symbian 2nd with my N-Gage Portable. One reason why I did not yet sharing this app because I want giving a security code like DRM to protecting my app from hacking. I do not want my hard work stealed.. Do you know a simple way how to made security like that?

    • Summeli says:

      There’s really no simple solution for preventin your app to not being hacked. Anyone can get the binary from you app with IDA Pro, and then just add couple of NOPs instead of validity check. I gues that’s the usual story in the PC world too.
      I’m giving all my hobby projects away for free, so I don’t have this problem πŸ™‚

    • Alexey says:

      You have created the emulator N-GAGE for Symbian S60v3? I correctly have understood? Him is possible download? As I am like games with the N-GAGE and I with huge pleasure would play in them on Nokia 6290(9.2)

  51. Dwi says:

    I think you right, if we shared them for free and doing that just as our hobby, it doesn’t matter share without security code. But I really want to giving a security code for my app to preventing from being hacked (although it is not a serious problem for a master hacker)

  52. tanatos says:

    Will be enough power of N8 to run Psx4all with pretty well speed?

    • Summeli says:

      With that HW and with new S^3 graphics architecture I would expect it to be able run the psx4all with decent speed. Of course I can not promise anything before I actually have the phone.

  53. rico says:

    Who the hell are you to make demands like that? Grow up motherfucker!

  54. rico says:

    I am so sick of eight-year old mofos like yourself to make demands from someone who devote to a project like this for free. Who the hell you think you are? His boss? Try this try that. LOL. You need to grow up. Last time I remembered my cousin making demand (like “I’m gonna give you 10 seconds to help me with my homework”) he was like 8 years old. Yeah. I slapped him in the face, telling him He’s not in any position to make demands. Do us all a favor, slap yourself!

  55. liviu says:

    summeli, is the project still on or it was abbandoned?

  56. Jack says:

    but i dont understand english yet becouse i live in Ukraine

  57. Jack says:


  58. Jack says:

    medal of honor can runing on symbian 9.2 and something yet. psx4all can runing on 6120c

  59. A fan says:

    The psp has a CPU of around 300Mhz and it has no problem running a psx game. I think playing a psx game on a mobile phone (at a good speed) is actually possible.

  60. StephenP says:

    hi summeli
    i’m using antsnesQt and gpspQT; they work very well with QT. Why can’t you use the QT for the psx emulator?

  61. psymbianx says:

    psymbianx is best ps1 symbian emulator… serch for it …

  62. Duke says:

    brother this emulator psymbianx does not work

  63. Azeroth says:

    Hi there!!
    It runs just like the ROKR E2 psx emu!!!
    I guess this devices aren’t powerfull enough…
    Great Work on those emulators!!!

  64. mariuz75 says:

    gpsp just for symbisn v5 version. you have one and for v3 ? my phone is nokia 6124c dont have 3d accelerator. so please if is possible. or psx4ALL it will be vwry cool

  65. dj U.G. says:

    I want to be your tester for psx4all. if you want I’m available

  66. andres says:

    me tooooooooo
    tester tester…
    i have a nokia x6…

  67. zac says:

    the nokia n8 is finally out. Would u please test it on the new symbian^3? Is it good enough to run the psx?

  68. metalgearoholic says:

    Hi so how is it going on the n8 any progress yet?is the project still on?

  69. xenos911 says:

    yes, please say if it is still being made!

  70. damned soul says:

    en un sony ericsson vivaz funcionaria?

  71. Coppy says:

    I’m volunteer for testing out your psx4all symbian port. I have a nokia 5530xm running on pixel*1/C6.. CPU & RAM tweaked

  72. Douglas Vallinhos says:

    Good afternoon Summeli
    I’m starting studies on mobile PROGRAMMING
    I study hard android system, high in the market.
    I have an N95 8GB, and would love to test this PSX emulator ported from the GPSP.
    I would greatly appreciate it if sent by email.
    [email protected]

  73. Douglas Vallinhos says:

    I have several PSX Roms, offer myself to test all roms and post the efficiency of each rom.
    appreciate the attention

  74. Douglas Vallinhos says:

    Sumelli Thanks, great to know that not abandoned the project.
    many people are waiting anxiously for this project

  75. dam says:

    i think now its usless to wait for psx for symbian. We should buy android phones or iphones instead. Even nokia is thinking to stop symbian.
    Nice work summeli. But now maybe its useless to port psx to symbian.

  76. Tamstyler says:

    The Nokia N900 have also Problems with the PSX-Emulator (itΒ΄s too slowly if you not overclock it).
    And i think the Nokia N900 is much faster than N8 (/ Symbian^3), or?

  77. Mox says:

    well for all You guys wi haven’t noticed, a Nds emulator has been developed for high end android phones. Check it out on Google if you are interested. Project by tiger labs

  78. orange786 says:

    why not psx emu for s60v5.., already psx available 4 android samsung phone but i want it on nokia s60v5 ,nd why nokia devoloping for an android nokia phone πŸ™

  79. james says:

    Hey there summeli any progress on the symbian^3 psx emulator, or is the project off it’s been a long time since you updated. thank you for the time that you spent on this to make it happen.

    • illbeanz says:

      Hes a little busy at the moment, Im sure he’ll keep us updated with progress when it happens
      Summeli says:
      March 17, 2011 at 13:26
      I have the libraries but I don’t have the time.

  80. Willy92 says:

    hey Summeli
    can the emulator work on my nokia E52 phone
    phone specs
    CPU: ARM
    CPU: Speed 600MHz
    RAM: 128MB (55MB used)
    Memory: 16GB
    Symbian S60v3 (9.2)

  81. Douglas says:

    summelli good afternoon.
    The EQ-SOFT released PCSX symbian.
    I installed on my n95 8gb.
    rom all ran flawlessly, but slowly.
    I wonder if eq soft and you shall go on with the project for s60v3??
    will be able to quickly run a n95 8gb?
    appreciate the attention
    sorry for english
    Att Douglas

  82. TheOldLegend says:

    huh summeli why gave up so early he tested on n95 not n8 . besides n8 cpu is better and gpu is alot better and system better so everything is better it just need to be optmizied there’s nothing impossible everything if u wanted it to happen and u worked hard for it it’ll happen u just have to fiqure out how , if you would design the whole emulator especially for the GPU inside you will get a real huge performance . thats just my idea and ty for ur hardwork and ur developer friends dont give up summeli u can do it

  83. chrono says:

    summeli i bow down 2 u and ure awesomeness ure the only one and only person who makes apps that are worth downloading the ovi store apps are all left in the dust

  84. Ace7333 says:

    no psx emulator for n8 forever??

  85. X says:

    I’m sure Summeli will get down to this when he has the time πŸ™‚ Psx4all is one of his most popular projects after all.

  86. rehanindia says:

    plz plz plz plz plz ply summeli. . . Plz make psx for n8. . .we r waiting 4 u :((
    its my request

  87. Lucian says:

    Why you dont want to make this for s60v5?Nokia 5233 have cpu arm,cpu speed 600mhz and 128 ram memory.So the s60v5 have potential πŸ˜‰

  88. Gerry96 says:

    hey, where would the file psx4all sis?

  89. AJ says:

    So is it possible to port the N900 psx4all app to Symbian^3? Or the iphone version maybe? The N8 specifications should be more than enough to handle a psx emulator.

  90. AJ says:

    I would, except I have little experience with coding and doubt I could create an emulator as good as gpsp/antsnes.
    How long would porting it take?

    • Summeli says:

      I could get the stuff running on video in couple of hours or so to run on N8. But that wouldn’t be fast enough even on N8, so I’m not going to bother. I would have to take some other psx-emu as engine into here.
      There’s really no way to know how long the porting would take. You’ll know when you get it working.

      • NightStalker says:

        please summeli is that n8 is almost a challenge but once I want the Nokia N8-00 could read a playstation game, I say if you can create some support for this new technology

  91. AJ says:

    Hmmm, seems like you’re already halfway there with this emu but nevertheless I’ll look into it. Although I do believe your the best man for the job, Summeli.

  92. Ashtray3250 says:

    Summeli help me port this emulator for N8 please

  93. Ace says:

    Keep Up Summeli…. πŸ˜‰

  94. C6-01 user says:

    PLS PLS PLS make this port for the LOVE OF HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  95. 5630 says:

    hmmm, might as well give up on symbian.. planned to upgrade a faster nokia but i think symbian is a dying OS.. i was waiting for this to work but maybe it wont be possible now.. i was tracking on this Blog for a year, maybe this will be my last.. great job Summeli! your the best out there! keep up on you new project! πŸ™‚

  96. gexeg says:

    Summeli, all mobile world is waiting in expectation for PS1 emulator! Especially nokia N-8 owners :)))
    Good luck in yor working!!! And thanks alot!!!

  97. gexeg says:

    Is it possible to make an emulator of Panasonic 3DO for symbian^3 ?
    It was not so cool as PS1, but a great deal of gamers remember it’s games…

  98. gexeg says:

    here is the enulator for pc, if you are interested

  99. Ch.roshanta says:

    PsymbianX was never design to be a psx emulator its fake. Though those who want to overclock s60v3 please visit it works . Its a new method

  100. GJ says:

    hmm I wonder if this will ever see the light of day

  101. skyref says:

    Could you, or your friend update/recompile new version, because this was very slow (I try on Vivaz Pro, which have very similar parametrs to N900, or iphone 4, in wchich run normally similar programs). It’s new version psx4m for MeeGoo – it was possible to compile that to s60v5? Should run very good on overlocked cpu to ~900. I don’t know enought about symbian programing to do this by themselves.

  102. jenildo says:

    friend would like to know if you have a chance of being released version of the application for symbian belle because I have a nokia 701 and it has 1.3 GHz GPU fucione might best be able to help the users of al symbian ^ 3

  103. FacuN8 says:

    Hello! I have a N8 with Belle and I want to play PSX games πŸ™‚ is psx4all going to be available someday or itΒ΄s imposible? Thanks a lot Summeli, I use Gpsp so much and itΒ΄s great!

  104. Hello!
    So, where’s the state?
    I would like it too much on my E7 00

  105. Hananiji says:

    Hi, Summeli~ I wonder when would you be able to release it, it would be really epic if you’ll be able to… Man, I want to play all my favorite games on my phone… Please? Thank you ~

  106. Hananiji says:

    We’ll be waiting for thy reply~ Thank you :3

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