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gpSP4Symbian: S60 3rd edition preview

This is just an initial release to gain some feedback how the port is currently working. I would like to know if you get any games running at correct speed. The first number in the fps-counter is telling how fast the emulator is running( it should be 60). If you do get something running at that speed, please also test the audio then. I have some tricks planned for the audio, but there’s really no point of doing it, if it doesn’t run fast enough.
Please list some games in the comments that you got running well, so I can test the audio with those. It’s really no point of tweaking audio, if the game doesn’t run well. Tell also what phone you are using. It would be very interesting to have some results from phones with 600Mhz ARM processor.

Know issues:

  • key config is missing
  • only one game can be loaded with each run
  • audio may not work well. I really didn’t have a good setup to test it.
  • You should turn audio on after a game has been loaded. Turning the audio on before loading the game will crash the emulator.
  • The emulator requires a lot of CPU power. It really doesn’t work with my N96 or N73

There is no keyconfig yet available, so you’ll have to bear with these for a while. up/down/left/righ form the d-pad
4:Β  L
5: A
6: start
7: R
8: B
9: select
#: save state
* :load state
left softkey: menu

Install the emulator from the sis file, and then place the following files under E:\GBA folder

  • game_config.txt
    You should find this file with the installation package
  • gba_bios.bin
    You should find this on your own. Please don’t post links to this file in the comments. Make sure to get anΒ  authentic one, it’ll be exactly 16384 bytes large and should have the following md5sum value:Β  a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6
  • put also ROM’s under E:\GBA folder

Also Nokia’s OpenC plugin is required. So if you don’t have it, then you should install it asap.
And now you’re done. Have fun! πŸ˜‰
This emulator is based on gpsp originally written by Exophase. It also uses SDL port by Anotherguest. Symbian porting was made by me, Summeli.
gpsp4Symbian_v01.sis (7394 downloads)
This is my first github project. Get my sources from
1. Spiderman – battle for new york (blue screen).
2. Tekken advance (perfect).
3. Street fighter – zero 3 upper (perfect)
4. Disney magical quest starring mickey and minni (perfect)
5. Dragonball Z – transformation (blue screen).
6. Manic miner. (perfect).
7. Harlem globetrotters – world tour (perfect).
8. Super mario circuit. (perfect).
9. Column Crown (perfect)
10. Chu chu rocket (perfect)
11. Disney piglet big game. (perfect).
12. Disney sport skateboarding. (perfect).
13. Denki blocks. (perfect).
14. Disney extreme skate adventure. (perfect).
15. Kim possible. (perfect).
16. Dora the explorer – super star adventure. (perfect).
17. Dexter laboratory – chess chalenge (perfect).
18. Deal or no deal. (perfect).
19. Dogz. (perfect).
20. Dora the explorer – the search for pirate pig treasure (perfect).
21. Dr.muto (bluescreen but when play perfect).
22. Disney – the jungle book. (perfect).
23. Demon driver – time to burn rubber. (bluescreen but when play perfect).
24. Dr.mario. (perfect).
25. Cartoon network – block party.
26. Chessmaster. (perfect).
27. Dragon quest – monster caravan heart. (perfect).
28. Cartoon network – block party. (perfect).
29. Yggdra union – we’ll never fight alone. (perfect but can’t save the game).
30. Aggasi Tennis Generation (perfect).
31. Super monkey ball Jr. (blue screen).
32. Cabbage patch kid – the patch puppy rescue (perfect).
33. Cabella’s big game hunter (bluescreen).
34. Caesar palace advance – millenium gold edition.
35. Camp lazio – leaky lake games. (perfect).
36. Candy land chutes and ladders – original memory game.
37. Capcom classic – mini misx. (perfect).
38. Car batler joe. (perfect).
39. Need for speed underground 2 (blue screen).
40. Ultimate spiderman (bluescreen and when play it perfect).


  1. khan4251 says:

    I had tried castlevania harmony of dissonance on my old n95-1.
    When i turn off frameskip i have 22(60) Fps with audio ON and same 22(6) with audio turn OFF

  2. khan4251 says:

    I have problems with run that emulator ,it works after 8-10 try :/

  3. Thomas says:

    i was trying to test it on my i8910. This Handy have a CPU with 600 MHZ. But this version is complete not compatible with Symbian S60 V5. The most Handys with this operating system have a fast CPU. May i ask you why you make no Version for symbian S60 V5? there are a GBA emu for Symbian S60 3rd. The Vbag.

    • Summeli says:

      Yes, I’m planning of the 5th edition support too. This is just an initial release. The 5th edition support will be added later with touch support, since there is only N97 with S60 5th edition and a keyboard.

  4. khan4251 says:

    It crashes when i turn on sound with manual frameskipping.
    With auto frameskipping it works i i hear music (18-19) fps but its much better than antsnes sound πŸ™‚
    I think vbag have same speed ,i tried to enter the castle in castlevania but game always crashes at drawbridge to castle. :/
    I am turning sound on after there is menu title because when i do it before it will crash.

    • Summeli says:

      I’m using the same audio code as with AntSnes. Maybe it has similar issues. I still have few tricks for the audio, but I would like to have 60(20) FPS or close for the audio tweaking.

  5. khan4251 says:

    Summon night has 18-23 fps
    Sound is clear ,only music is slow.
    Metroid zero mission crashes very often :
    -after selecting game slot.
    -when i press left softkey ,so i cant activate sound :/.

    • Summeli says:

      some of the crashes are due to performance issues. Allmost all games are crashing with my N96. I guess that the app doesn’t give enough time for some symbian stuff, and then the OS kills it.
      Thanks for the tip for summon night. I’ll try the current audio with that, and see if I can make it better.

  6. AlexMos says:

    It cannot be install on my E60(9.1).When it is installing-“installation impossible” in middle(((.SmartSis also cannot unpack sis file of program

  7. Psy says:

    Without frame skipping I get a crash right after the first screen of a game here.
    With frame skipping the game might advance a couple of screens further but it eventually crashes.
    Enabling/disabling sound does not seem to make a difference.
    Note that my phone has a single ARM11 CPU @ 330MHz and lacks OpenGL ES acceleration. Noticing that the GFX are stretched to the whole screen makes me wonder if that is what kills speed here and results to the crash.

  8. AlexMos says:

    Sorry,X-plore unpacked files not correct

  9. marc says:

    i’ve tried tekken advance on my 6210 navigator and it works fine without the sound and a little bit slow with the sound on…. i was wondering if i can choose my roms from another directory

  10. jenjaman says:

    Dude, great work! I would love to see your emulators on S60V5! My i8910HD is waiting for it! πŸ™‚

  11. SpeedFire says:

    Yes, it would be great to add the support of Symbian Touch devices like i8910HD!
    Thank you for your work!

  12. Tom says:

    Hm… Is nokia open c plugin same with PIPS? We need to manually make the GBA folder right?
    I have trouble running the emulator on my N73. It wont open. Restart my phone, tried to open and it say need bios. But I already have the bios. It has same size and checksum as you said.

  13. Tom says:

    I still cannot run the program. Try to reboot my phone and still cannot. It will closed imediately. After that I open X-plore and try to run gpsp again. It finally run but it said it require gameboy advance bios.
    I wonder why? I already have the bios.

    • khan4251 says:

      Are you sure that your bios is “gba_bios.bin” in that bios is in e:/GBA
      Maybe your bios dont have “.bin” or there is “-” between words “gba” and “bios”.
      It sometimes close but almost always it will run 2nd time ,I think that symbian closes gpsp due that it use much ram.

  14. Tom says:

    Hmm… I’m sure I have the correct bios.
    Oh well, I will try it again with my 5320XM. It’s still being repaired right now.

  15. nsx says:

    I will write you if some games will works.
    Maybe you must add Pips in archetecture? It doesnt matter for me how much it will weight (1mb or 10mb), more important is able to work.
    Smart N73ME
    Sorry for my english. πŸ˜‰

  16. nsx says:

    Doesnt works. I dont have enough Ram to start a game.
    BUT! The real problem is a strange green color of the screen (like it was in picodrive)
    Its a big problem! I dont see nothing! If you can create a window ap the emulation menu the green color will disapear.

  17. ibixap says:

    Thanks for the emulator,
    but only “Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance” works on my Samsung i550 with fps 60(24), and some artefacts in the image are observed

  18. nsx says:

    Maybe later it will be on n73?

  19. Gaba says:

    It needs a Keep Aspect Ratio function, because the resolution of GBA isn’t 4:3. The games are stretched in height, appearing so ugly.
    In a Nokia N95 8GB
    Castlevania Aria Of Sorrow – 54(12) FS: Manual Value 4 – Audio ON – Few flaws in sound and noise
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance – Crashed after the logo of SquareEnix – Unplayable
    Golden Sun – Crashed after you put the name of protagonist and your mother asked you to wake up – Unplayable
    Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town – Crashed after you put the name of protagonist – Unplayable
    Mega Man Zero 2 – Crashed after the history, when you go to play – Unplayable
    Metroid Zero Mission – Crashed when you select a save slot to begin a new game – Unplayable
    Metroid Fusion – Crashed after the history, when it says “But someone found the cure”
    Super Mario Advance – Crashed after the apresentation of “World 1-1”
    Sorry for the possible bad english :p

  20. Tom says:

    Finally get it to work.
    In a Nokia N73 Music Edition
    Demikids Light Version, crashed after press start button.
    VbagX also crashed this game when you encounter a random battle.
    I will test another game later

  21. Brayan says:

    Thanks for the emulator, dude!
    Sword of Mana is running qute fast 58-61 (18-22) on my 6120c, without any strange bugs and artefacts (finally!) like in vBagX
    Breath of Fire 2 crashes before the first battle. In vBagX you can’t even exit from the house.
    And is it possible not to stretch picture? I think games will run faster without stretching.

    • Summeli says:

      I didn’t see a big difference with the stretch, but I can remove it for next release. I just wanted to try my new scaling algorithm this time πŸ™‚

  22. ReS says:

    is the cheats.c so you can put gameshark codes into the game? i looked through the src folder and saw the cheats.c file πŸ™‚

  23. wraggster says:

    just dropping a note to say thanks for giving symbian owners a reason to play homebrew again, awesome πŸ™‚
    time to post news πŸ™‚

  24. zaca11 says:

    test on my nokia e65 does not work :(, sorry my bad english

  25. xRudeRado says:

    Tested on 5630XM(600mhz arm11) well i get around 60(40) FPS some times lower but the proplem is that the program takes alot of ram to execute the gba bios only it takes around 40MB 😐 and thats pretty high for symbian phones with FP2…also the Emulator i tested mario cart but gta advance crashed just like the gps4iphone did on my ipod touch also i got an idea which will make ur gba emulator better than current one if u can make the game resolution 320×213 so we can keep the ratio of gameboy screen size it’d be great cause no body can play those games while they look bad also if u can make the program more ram friendly and thanks for porting
    waitin4psx4all :p

    • Summeli says:

      sure, I’ll add option to keep the original resolution, which is 240×160. I don’t plan to fix compatibility problems form original gpsp. I just want to keep it as a porting project. I don’t plan to do much for the RAM consumption, since the main problem is too slow CPU. Most games should work with current settings.

      • xRudeRado says:

        hmm original resolution is cool but what i meant is increasing the resolution by 1.3333333333333333x original ratio so it fills the screen width(origianlyy hieght but we are on landscape mode)
        and the rest of the hight can be used as a fps counter bar or sth just increase size but keep ratio

  26. grimyHR says:

    doesnt want to start on my 6120c
    i have openc 1.0 version, i think, and i’ve put gba_bios.bin and config in e:/gba folder

  27. lpratas says:

    In my Nokia 5630 XpressMusic i play Final Fight One at 34(60)fps, what do you think Summeli? It’s a bit slow or it’s fast enough?

    • Summeli says:

      Well, the first number should be 60 indicating, that you are running it at correct speed, and the second number tells the FPS. The most important thing is that you are running the game at correct speed for the audio. Lower speed will result a lot of hiccups to the audio.

  28. lpratas says:

    But it’s without sound enabled, if be with sound enabled i get aroud 30(60)fps.

  29. lpratas says:

    The emulator consumes very much ram memory. Aroud 46MB for run the bios and for run the game that i tested.

    • khan4251 says:

      How the helll it works on my n95-1 which have only 31 MB free?.
      Maybe ram is reason why castlevania harmony of dissonance and zero mission hang up.

      • Summeli says:

        No it isn’t. gpsp reserves all the memory that is required to run the application at the startup.

        • LiL_Stenly says:

          Actually I didn’t know that the app reserve all needed memory at the start, that is pretty good way for running apps at mobile devices.
          Anyway, I just had to ask you something, is it possible s60v3 devices to use page file, because the flash memory is diferent than usually used for pcs hdd drives?
          If that is possible s60v3 devices will have great posibilities fully to emulate some old console games in the future!

          • Summeli says:

            It’s nor currently possible to use a page file, and I think that it would be too slow anyway. The amount of free RAM isn’t really a big problem even in current phones.

  30. Evangellium says:

    I should congratulation u one more time. I will wait for some future release, since play with that controlls is quite dificult.
    Gunstar Heroes crashs after the Press Start Screen.
    Congratulation one more time. U r the best.
    (that doc inside the .rar file – readme.txt – was done by u? If yes, why u r so upset?)

    • Summeli says:

      that readme.txt is written by Exophase, who is the original creator of gpsp. I only ported his emulator to Symbian.

  31. N93user says:

    nothing happens in my n93…maybe Ram questions…

  32. GrimyHR says:

    where can i download openc without downloading sdk? pls help

  33. Inochi says:

    The games that crash now like demikids can be played if the biosfile is skipped. I dont know if that setting can be changed in this emulator. I use VBA to play my games. I’ve set the savefiles to flash and skip the bios file. Now it seems to work.
    I hope this helps.

  34. Fire Emblem always exit on the first battle, just after being attacked by the first enemy.

  35. Fredrik says:

    There isn’t any free S60 3rd emulator available emulating the original b&w Game Boy (and Game Boy Color), any chance of seeing a port of that some day?

  36. LiL_Stenly says:

    I’m testing this emulator now on my 6120c and I could say that has pretty good potencial, some functions works better than other gba emulators for s60v3… for example crash bandicoot 2 entranced always crashing on the leven where you are in ball and rolling around some tunnels, with this port there is no such a problems.
    And the FPS is perfect!
    Just menu of the game has missing sprites and is monochrome, anyway the game works without any bugs for now.
    Crash bandicoot 2 marked as playable (just for now)
    I’ll test some games that didn’t work correctly and will write here.

  37. LiL_Stenly says:

    Phone model: Nokia 6120c s60v3
    Crash of the titans (playable) frameskip 2
    Crash of the titans (playable) + sound and frameskip 2
    Crash of the titans (playable) + sound and frameskip off
    Note: Sound lagging a little, you may turn off the music fom the menu and leave only sound effects on.
    Crash Bandicoot 2 Entranced + frameskip 2 (playable)
    Crash Bandicoot 2 Entranced + frameskip off (playable)
    Crash Bandicoot 2 Entranced + sound (block at the menu)

  38. Maisics says:

    Do i need the open c plugin if i’ve got an i8910? Because ig seems to be wofking as good as others report.
    FF tactics doesn’t work properly. Could you please make this one of priorities.
    Great work.

    • FloW3184 says:

      Maisics, if it is able to run on the original emulator, it may run on this one here too.
      if it doesn’t run on the original emulator: it will _never_ run on this emulator here.
      to see what games are running go and search for the original compatibility-list.

  39. Tom says:

    Any news for the next version? Just curious.

  40. Devensega says:

    Just a word of encouragement mate, these are exactly the kind of programmes my N97 needs as all else has been a disappointment. While I’m here can you flip the screen orientation on this build so I can play with the keyboard? Also tried Advance Wars and the program crashed during the opening intro. Will try more games later and give you feedback. Cheers chap.

    • Summeli says:

      I didn’t even know that it even works with N97 πŸ˜€ Good to know πŸ™‚
      I’m planning on dumping the current Symbian SDL port, and making my own UI for gpsp and psx4all. But I’ll come back to the details later. I’m not planning to continue with current approach, since I’m pretty optimistic that I could get some speed improvements with new approach.

      • Devensega says:

        Seems like a non starter on the n97 I fear. Games start but then crash during intros. Still have your Antsnes though.

  41. Seiran says:

    Tell me pleas when gpsp will be ready and will my phone supported game with it. I have Nok.N73ME SORRI for my english. I’ll waiting for answer!

  42. Seiran says:

    Gpsp dosn’t work at all on N73me.why? Its bug or may be i do something wrong? Thank you!

  43. lpratas says:

    But, what i think that it’s strange it’s the fact of the Vbagx on my 5630 works great almost perfect and doesn’t reserves this amount of ram for run this application and i have also a 5700 and even the games with 16MB like dragon ball z supersonic warriors or sonic advance 3 run, despite of be a bit slow, runs this games with more or less dificulty and it has only between 18MB and 20 MB of free executable ram.

    • Summeli says:

      that’s not strange at all. Vbagx is probably very different implementation than gpsp. This version also takes a heavy penalty from Symbian SDL, which is not so good. I’m pretty optimistic that dumping the SDL will give nice performance boost πŸ™‚

  44. Giuseppe says:

    When will be released a gba emulator for s60v5 with touch? I’ve a 5230 T_T

  45. Giuseppe says:

    Wow very very thanks ^_^

  46. Treimfei says:

    Man, I really, really am ansious about this emulator. I aquired N97 mini and the only good program in this is Antsnes. So, knowing the awesome job that u did with it, I just cant way to have this one in my new phone. Could you give a feedback about when you will release it for s60v5? And about the drive, will u release it for install? Thx.

  47. Treim fei says:

    I only found the 3rd edition for gpsp4symbian. The 5th edition I saw was antsnes. Thx again.

    • Summeli says:

      sorry, my bad πŸ™‚ I’m currently refactoring the gpsp away from the SDL to my own Qt based UI system. Hopefully I’ll get it working soon…

  48. Treimfei says:

    And you will gonna share a easy-installer qt driver? If yes, we will need to install the qt driver, than the emulators? With the qt drive, you will be able to make a decent psx emulator? Thx again man, and sorry for the inconvenience.

  49. sin3309 says:

    not work nokia e71

  50. Mr. Random says:

    Please Help. I need an emulator working well with s60v5 on my Nokia 5230 with only a touch screen. Please reply to this when you are done with the current one.

  51. Sijum says:

    Hey summeli i hv got n97 mini and it doesnt run it says that u dont have game boy advane b’os where will i get this please help me .

    • Summeli says:

      it’s for 3rd edition anyway, so it’s not going to work on your 5th ed phone.

      • Sudo Nim says:

        actually i think it still runs on 5th ed… Well it works on my 5230 at least but in Pokemon Emerald it crashes after the title screen… Any help? πŸ™‚

        • Summeli says:

          it still has these instability issues. Those will be fixed in the Qt version, so just wait for that one.

  52. JeggyBoy says:

    wow, nice… i cant wait for your s60 v5 edition gba emulator! i’ve already downloaded your latest qt ant snes. works great with the big d-pad. your the best man! hands down! your stuff is all over youtube man..sweet!

  53. Danti says:

    can anybody help me this emulator need gba bios bin right, i have downloaded the gba bios bin and where will i have to put this gba bios bin to play the game please help me guys.