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AntSnes 0.63 – Probably the best AntSnes release ever

AntSnes is a Snes9x port to S60 3.x. This is the best release since 04. Thanks to Mirek for testing 😉
Changed in 0.63 vs. 0.61

  • The “remember last ROM directory” feature was removed, since it seems to be causing serious issues in some phones. If the “last rom directory” feature worked in your phone with previous releases, then you can download the older 0.62 release.

Whats new:

  • Battery saves
  • New fancy icon
  • savestate bug fixed. 0.5 users see known issues!
  • Modified key config. All 0.5 version users must update the key config after this Release.
    After settings the screen to the N-gage mode the user must set keys again, since the S60 keypad doesn’t know that feature. The update was made for E75 users, who might not have the d-pad mapped for arrow keys
  • Localization for: Danish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian besides the English.
  • Don’t like the localization? No prob. You can just download the English only package too.

know issues:

  • Audio still sucks!
  • due to a bug in previous 0.5 version the save/load slot places have changed. Try to find you own correct save slot. Doesn’t affect to users who haven’t used the previous version..
  • There are still some issues in localization

Thanks for the localization goes to following persons:

  • Danish 07 by: Jens kikkenborg
  • Hungarian 17 by: Attila Molnár
  • Indonesian 59 by: Antok
  • Brazilian Portuguese 76 by: Rodrigo Carus
  • Russian 16 – Chepelev Anton
  • Polish 27 – Krzysztof Urbanowicz
  • Bulgarian 36 – Lil Stenly

Did you want to make translation for your own native language, but missed AntSnes release 0.6? Don’t worry, you’ll get a new chance later when I’m making a port for the S60 5th edition.

Just download and install.
If you got an error “unable to install”, or “certificate error” you might be having problems with the certificate. See my other blog post about two common fixes for this. Fixing self-signed certificate related problems
Video settings:
Video Renderers: A restart is required after video renderer has been changed

  • DirectScreenAccess -Default, works in every phone
  • OpenGL ES 1.1 – Renders snes frames in full screen. Requires  OpenGL ES 1.1, so it doesn’t work in all devices.

Screen Orientatuions: A restart is required after orientation has been changed

  • portrait – Default
  • Landscape – Normal landscape
  • N-Gage – landscape, but image is upside down. It’s meant for phones with “n-gage mode” like N95 and N96. The N96 can use the multimediakeys by default, but N95 users must use Magic keys to map keys 1-4 to multimediakeys.

Frame skip:

  • Auto – continually adjust the frame skip speed to make your games play as smooth as possible
  • User define speed – some games might not run very well with Auto selection, since the frame rendering might take longer than a frame time with audio frame etc. Feel free to test different options, if you wish.

Show FPS:

  • Off – default
  • On – Show frames per second on upper left corner.

The Video settings modification takes effect, when AntSnes is started next time( a restart required).

N96 keymap

N96 keymap

Audio Settings:
The Audio isn’t probably working. If you get it working, please post you config, phone and the game 🙂
Enable Audio: On/Off
Sample Rate: 8000Hz, 11025Hz, 16000Hz, 22050Hz and 44100Hz can be chosen
Stereo: On/Off
Volume: Adjust volume
Enable SpeedHack: On/Off. The SpeedHack makes audio render a bit faster, but it might cause some errors with some roms.
Key config
Start key config to configure keys. The multimediakeys are not supported in the key config, but you can use any normal keys in here.
AntSnes English only: AntSnes_v063_en.sis (35623 downloads)
AntSnes with localization: AntSnes_v063.sis (8708 downloads)
Update: The AntSnes is not currently working with 5th edition devices, but the next release will be for the 5th edition. In the meanwhile see my blog post The future of AntSnes
Here it is my new testing rom for your antsnes 0.6.3:
1. alien vs predator
2. bugs bunny rampage
3. batman the revenge joker
4. casper
5. Contra 3
6. dino city
7. mobile suit gundam w endless duel
8. fatal fury 2
9. fifa 97 gold edition (work perect but the control freeze, can’t use the control)
10. fifa 98 road to world cup (work perfect but same with fifa 97, the control freeze)
11. flashback – the quest for identity
12. go go ackman
13. goof troop
14. hook. Working fine but control doesn’t work
15. jim lee wild C.A.T.S govert action team.
16. jungle strike
17. knight of the round.
18. X-men – mutant apocalypse.
19. WWF – RAW.
20. WWF – wrestlemania.
21. Wolvrine – adamantium rage.
22. Wolf child.
23. Wing commander.
24. Urban strike.
25. Uncharted water.
26. TMNT – tournament fighter.
27. Super mario world.
28. Super turican 2.
29. Adventure island 2.
30. Sid Meier Civilization.
31. Popeye – tale of teasing witch hag.
32. Pilotwings.
33. The ninja warrior.
34. Mortal kombat.
35. Mortal kombat 2.
36. Megaman X 3.
37. Mechwarrior 3050.
38. Mechwarrior.
39. Lucky Luke.
40. Lion king.
41. Legend.
42. Zelda – a link to the past.
43. Aladdin.
44. Cyborg.
45. Supermario kart.
46. Zombie ate my neighbour.
47. TMNT V


  1. LiL_Stenly says:

    AntSnes English only: AntSnes_v063_en.sis
    AntSnes with localization: AntSnes_v063.sis
    Where is the differences when you actually not insert the language menu in this release?
    Do you know what is funny, when i make up this translations I didn’t read your tutorial at all and I just take a quick look at these symbian numbers… about every country.
    Seems that for Bulgaria it is not 35 like I wrote, actually it’s not 36 too.
    It seems that I must take better look on you tutorial at first place, there you type it correctly.
    Bulgarian BG ELangBulgarian 42.
    However I have some suggestion in my mind! I think I know what may fix the bug with the games that can’t set controllers like donkey kong country… I don’t know if this will work but if you make separate configuration for every loaded game that may fix it.

    • Summeli says:

      The Symbian OS automatically chooses the same language, which you are using on you phone, so there is no need (or method) for language menu.

      • LiL_Stenly says:

        Probably the problem is there that my phone is bought from Italy but I’m bulgarian and the default lang just stays English. O.o
        The good thing is that my phone support win 1251 encoding.
        So I cannot test my translation if I don’t compile AntSnes by myself.
        And now there have three ways to run BG lang.
        1. To compile antsnes with BG loc files.
        2. To change my phone loc with new firmware.
        3. You to make choose dialog at start up which will point the loc files that the app will use… something similar to lang menu.
        In every option I’m screwed up.
        There have 4 way, I can open my explorer and to search the files, then to delete the original ones and to rename translated ones so antsnes will use them instead of english loc files.
        I’ll try the last one.
        And I’ll leave you a note if it works.

  2. LiL_Stenly says:

    Probably I’ll have to send you the files again, because I don’t want to take your time for fixing my mistakes… btw already send them to you! 😉

  3. Mirek says:

    Just a minor correction to the information about known issues for 0.63:
    “Some issues with settings with E51….” is I think no longer relevant…
    After removal of the “last ROM” feature in 0.63 it works ok…

  4. DaveBSC says:

    Just tried it on my E90. Full screen via OpenGL ES on the inner screen is perfect. Key config doesn’t work on the inner keyboard. It recognizes a key press, but doesn’t actually register anything, including the inner D-pad. Key config on the outer keyboard works ok, but “TR” key causes it to hang. Seems very crash prone when running on outer screen. I tried turning on sound when running inner screen, which caused an immediate crash to desktop.

  5. Trust says:

    Thanks for your release : )
    If I want the “remember last ROM directory” which should I download 0.62 or 0.61 thanks : )

  6. русский says:

    big thanks!!!!!

  7. Brayan says:

    Hmm.. Tales of Phantasia isn’t working now… ((

  8. LiL_Stenly says:

    So, best AntSnes release ever… it’s real.
    Let’s take a look on the emulator.
    In nokia 6120c everything seems to work great!
    Display settigs: I’ve tested OpenGL ES 1.1 display mode, works fine but runs really slow there… Direct mode works just great.
    Key config: works very well.
    Sound: Antsnes usually quits when I tryed to load a game with sound enabled, no matter with or without speedhack enabled there.
    Save states: I haven’t noticed any problems with them!
    Emulation: Not great compatibility but the titles that works (that I’ve tested till now), works without any glitches.
    Tested titles which works:
    Demon’s Crest
    Bugs Bunny: Rabbit Rampage
    Asterix & Obelix
    The Lion King
    Joe & Mac
    Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja
    Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics
    Nigel Mansell’s World Championship Racing
    Alien 3
    Alien VS Predator
    Jurassic Park
    Lucky Luke
    Breath of Fire 2
    Super Pang
    Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions
    Donald Duck: Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow
    Okey, from tomorrow I’ll have much free time and I’ll start testing any title that I found. So I’ll write the results here. And hopefully for the future to creat some kind of compatibility list.

  9. Brayan says:

    LiL_Stenly, can you test Tales of Phantasia? I have the same nokia and game don’t work in 0.63 version, but it worked in 0.5 release.
    For your compability list:
    Batman Forever
    Chrono Trigger
    EVO Search of Edem
    FF 6
    Front Mission
    Harvest Moon
    Jurassic Park 2
    Prehistorik Man
    Secret of Mana
    Sim City
    Super Mario Kart
    Turn and Burn – No-Fly Zone
    Uncharted Waters – New Horizons

  10. urrri says:

    Summeli, hi and thanx fjor great work. Would you teel why in direct screen mode dosn’t seems full screen?

  11. feluxe says:

    this sounds great.
    I will buy a new phone soon. which one is the best for antsnes?
    should i buy n95 or n96?
    Greetings feluxe

  12. feluxe says:

    Thanks for the reply!
    Or is a 1ghz phone with windows mobile and snes9x port better?

    • Summeli says:

      I woudn’t use windows mobile, but it might better for snes emulation 🙂 Also windows mobile has quite a lot of bugs, so you might have to reboot your phone once in a while 🙂

  13. feluxe says:

    Thx for the reply, summeli!
    I love snes.
    it all started when i had nokia 6600 and i was using vampent’s vsnes.
    it was slow without sound.
    now i have nokia n 73: vsnes is fine without sound, slow with sound.
    then i heard about you and antsnes. i wanted to buy n 96 now i want to buy n95.
    but then i saw that there is a phone with 1 ghz cpu with win mobile and i saw that there is snes9x port for win mobile.
    i think symbian os is the better os but my only criteria for my new phone are playable snes emulation with sound….
    i don’t know which phone to buy…
    Thx for working on an emulator for mobile phones!!
    greetings feluxe

    • Summeli says:

      Well AntSnes doesn’t support sound, so maybe you shoudn’t buy a symbian phone then. I don’t know how the windows mobile works with snes emulation. You have to ask from someone who has the phone.

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  15. JoniX says:

    If you’d like a translation of AntSnes into swedish, I’ll be happy to help 🙂

  16. BORETS says:

    Thanks for a good work! I have Nokia 6290 and sounds working only 16000 Hz stereo,but i must to change frameskip in settings of video on any value. After close antsnes i must to repeat this,otherwise,sounds is not will be. Else,when sound is switch on,i can’t press left soft key or minimize Antsnes- programm immediately closed. Also after closed antsnes not save key config.

  17. garf says:

    This look sreally awesome – great work.
    wondering about key settings on the e71…. whenever I try to configure the keys they do not work in a ROM. May be that they are not saving… but then again I cannot get any key settings to stick.
    It may be I have to use the default setup – can anyone let me know what the key mapping is for the E71

  18. Marius says:

    Here is a dumb question: how do one install this app, as i have already installed a dosbox, but still can’t run the exe file. Windows says it isn’t a valid win32 application, while dosbox says it needs windows to run it. What to do? I want to do this because of those damn fonts in the version i already have. They’re cut in half so i can’t make out a thing.
    10x and sorry for this question. If it was already answerd could you post the link. 10x

  19. Jonno says:

    Sorry this is probably a really dumb question but does this version work for S60V5? I’ve tried it on my N97 and everytime i try to open a ROM it closes the program

  20. DA22 says:

    Hi Buddy, i have just come across you website and i see you are thinking about doing a S60v5 of your snes emu, sounds like an awesome idea!! i have a nokia 5800 so id be first in line to try it out :¬)
    keep up the good work!

  21. kaz says:

    I tried to install AntSnes 0.63 and its says “unable to install” I tried both the english and with localization version. I also tried to install the 0.62 version but get the same message. I have the Nokia E71X with S60 V 03.27. Is there something I’m missing?

  22. kaz says:

    I found that when I go to > Settings > App. mgr. > Options > Settings > Online certificate check – off, I’m able to install the app. I downloaded the Mario All Stars and was able to load the rom. I set the keys and I can select which game I want in the rom and select if I want 1 or 2 players and start it up, but when it comes to the actual game play, nothing happens. The game is ready for me to play but I can’t move. Also, when I try to adjust the sound to be on, the app closes, but when I adjust the sound to 16000Hz sample rate, the rom works but still no sound. I’m overly impressed with the app. I’m not concerned about the sound, just getting the keys to work for game play would be good. Is there any additional settings or tricks to to get the roms to respond to the game play? I haven’t tried any other roms yet.

  23. Evangellium says:

    Hi bro, congratulations once more about the site and mostly about antsnes. U r the man. The only thing I want to ask is: when will u release the other project, the gba emulator? I´m really ancious about that. Thanx man, u r the man!

  24. Enze says:

    When will there be a version for the n97? i hope very soon 🙂

  25. maiuai says:

    i would love to have MARIO RPG in my symbian… Anyone could get it working? in my fp2 device i get only a black screen

  26. Evangellium says:

    Oh man, I really want to thank you just for trying. Maybe u should make some space in this site for it too, so we can know how is it going? thanx man.

    • Summeli says:

      Yeah, I will make a new post, if I have any progress in here… I have my own custom build system, so it’s hard to debug. I might share some nice debugging methods for this build system also, if my new plans will work..

  27. temujin says:

    Hello !
    I tried your AntSnes emulator on my N97 (symbian S60 V5) and it crashed when i loaded my rom (any rom i try ir’s the same crash)
    Do you plan to release a specific Symbian S60 V5 version ? or a futur Symbian^2 (will replace the V5 in september)
    thanks again for your nice emulator !

  28. temujin says:

    Oh man really nice news !
    Do you have a newsletter or something like that ? i will check your blog everyday if i can’t wait for a mail with “Here the 5th Edition is supported by AntSns now!”

  29. temujin says:

    ps: if you need any help for FRENCH localisation i’m ready to help !

  30. Pata says:

    Are you planning to make sound support in the newer versions of AntSnes?

  31. V4Mp says:

    I saw that u get a Nokia N97 soon. Hope u will make a ANTSNES for N97, would be greate!!!
    Keep on working! Until now u did a good job! thx

  32. Jiéverson says:

    Is there any build that work in the E51?
    I install the 0.63, but I had problems with the sound…
    Can anybody help me?

  33. Julian says:

    Thank you ever so much for all your work. If you ever need to have something tested on a I8910 I’d be very happy to do that. If you’d like to implement Dutch localisation I’d be happy to help with that too.
    Kind regards,

  34. Tomas says:

    I hope a version for symbian s60 5 Version comes soon. I have buy a Samsung i8910 and i love SNES Games. I played SNES in my childtime. it was a great consol and now we can play all games on the Smarthpohne. Big thanks.

  35. AFRO1987 says:

    antsnes v0.063 no run on my nokia n95-3 nam hacked, when the games are stared, game keys dont work… excuse for my bad english bro

  36. easyy says:

    Hello to all
    Ive installed the newest app on my Nokia N79. When I want to “Load ROM”, it appears “Unable to execute file for security reasons”.
    What does that mean? Where am I supposed to put the ROMS in? Is there a certain folder?

  37. Thomas says:

    i can test it too. On my i8910. 😉

  38. khan4251 says:

    Why n95 has that low performance when it comes to emulation?
    Is that dual core reason why gp2x is much faster?

  39. Thomas says:

    Where i can download the PSX4All? I will test the performance on my i8910! The CPU is much faster then the cpu from the nokia n95! And the i8910 have a GPU on board just as the iphone!

  40. crazyteknohed says:

    I’m wondering Summeli, wouldn’t it be much easier to port Notaz’s UIQ port of xSnes9x instead of the GP2x version or is Symbian UIQ completely different to Symbian S60? The UIQ version of xSnes9x runs fairly well with sound even on a slow 167mhz P800!!

    • Summeli says:

      yes it would. Symbian has changed so much since those days. The platform security adds a lot of restrictions, so you can’t use same hacks as notaz did. I did take a look at notaz’s sources and those helped a lot, but that approach is not feasible anymore.

  41. samipower says:

    the emulator is good in nokia n95
    and i wait for emulator in my nokia n97
    you are the best jeje

  42. Nokia 5320 user says:

    Hi , thank`s for make snes emulator for S60v3. btw please make full screen on portait mode i try OpenGL ES mode but lag on 5320 & if sound on AntSnes crash..

  43. tpberserk says:

    Hi I tried this 0.63 with Final Fantasy VI on my N73 and it runs really slow, I don’t remember the FPS but for me wasn’t playable… wrong game or wrong mobile for this emulator?

  44. o2a1 says:

    hmm 2 bad i have n96 then :(… but will it be smooth with the n96 later on? its got really low fps on chrono trigger and tales of phantasia

  45. Thomas says:

    where is the touch Version for all Symbian S60 V5. I wait long time of this Version. 😉 I have a i8910. And now it comes the Gpsp. But again only for S60 3rd. No, what a bummer.

  46. Thomas says:

    where is the touch Version for all Symbian S60 V5. I wait long time of this Version. 😉 I have a i8910. And now it comes the Gpsp. But again only for S60 3rd. No, what a bummer.

  47. samipower says:

    The next one will be AntSnes for the 5th edition
    ok well, but this version will have, sound??, because in s60 v3 version, sound only run in any games and slow and bad, in zelda for example in nokia n95 , 22050 and all options enable , yes sound but bad quality and slow

  48. Thomas says:

    thanks! i look every day for this Version. 😉

  49. samipower says:

    ok, sound or not sound, you are a good programmer because are incredible, snes emulator, gameboy advance sp emulator, and project psx emulator, i repeat incredible , you are very good. I encourage

  50. Nicolas says:

    My problem: I have a Nokia 5320 XpressMusic and I want to play snes games with sound. When I activate the audio and I try to load any rom the emulator closes. Please, try to fix the audio problem. Why does the emulator closes when I activate the audio and I try to load a snes rom?. Solution, please. Thanks – Nicolás

  51. Nicolas says:

    Answer me, please. I NEED ANSWERS FOR MY PROBLEM!!!

    • Summeli says:

      Well, if you would have read the release notes you would know that there are still issues with the audio. You wouldn’t get very good audio quality anyway with current ARM processor speeds.
      The next version will be for S60 5th edition, so I’m not putting any effort to fixing the audio at the moment.

  52. Mike Weisenfeld says:

    Hey Summeli,
    I was wondering why it was on symbian that SNES seems to be harder to emulate than GBA. It’s strange, the Vampent emulator can play GBA at great speed with sound, yet if you try to play their SNES emulator with sound, it lags, and is pretty bad..
    O and also, will you be developing this port any further?
    Great job so far!!

  53. Nicolas says:

    I imagine: Emulate the GB/GBC is a difficult thing!!!. I have installed VBOY in my Nokia 5320 Xpressmusic but the sound is bad

  54. cansual says:

    If you need a translatation of german I can make this for you and for turky language too summeli

  55. marcoc2 says:

    Can’t get the key config to work =/
    Sounds also didn’t work. It crashes the aplication.
    But game seems to run well.
    Tested on N78

  56. fede says:

    you have to fix it…what kind of emulator is? sounds doesn’t go…take zsnesw source and analize sound code source

  57. samipower says:

    Hello i am a player, i have now resident evil 5 and batman arkham asylum in my pc ,latest pc games
    hello i am from to spain, i have 26 years, and i have in my computer all type emulators, older computers(amstrad,spectrum, etc..) and older and newest consoles(atari,gameboy,megadrive,snes,psx, ps2(pcsx2 run best in dx10 windows7),gamecube(dolphin) ,xbox(cxbx) and in my two mobiles,
    nokia n95: ngage 2.0, vbag 1,25 and gsp4symbian(gameboy advance sp)., vboy,meboy(gameboy color), picodrive 1.35(megadrive),vsun.vsunplus and antsnes 0.63(supernes), emame(mame),gamewatch_0.3_s60(game watch old games 80s emulator include 6 games, but you do not put games.
    nokia n97: ngage 2.0, vbag 1.25(gameboy advance sp). picodrive 1.35(megadrive), MameXM-1.01.108 (run mame 0.37b games and neogeo games) you put first neogeo bios and other bios in e:mame/roms and after mame and neogeo roms and after in configuration,
    run well
    screen size normal
    keep aspect ratio yes
    screen orientation normal(portrait)
    sound 8000hz
    sound volume max
    audio bufering 100
    frameskip 85
    auto frame skip off
    throttle off
    other options all in off
    now into game neobomberman for example press tactil button conf and in general config keyboard-buttons game with button tactil select and after the button that you like, select and button that you like,easy not??
    buttons interesting are: for,you can moving,jumping,fire etc.. and show fps ,trootle and show gfx save and loading etc..
    -if you change screen mode down fps
    -if you up quality sound down fps
    -if you active autoframeskip good sound but speed jump frames and bad
    -you must be use my configuration are the better, only for nokia n97 i think for nokia 5800 i dont know
    mame xm run only : roms mame 0.37b only and neogeo roms yes, neogeo pocket not
    I was a beta tester the first psiloc ir remote for symbian 3rd, I was a beta tester macromedia flash lite symbian 3.rd , I’ve been taking Symbian 10 years since he left the nokia 6600, i had smartmovie first version and other buff jajaa
    I will translate symbian and java games and change the graphics and sound in java games
    i have mtbox and jafbox,
    I am not a professional, I am a player, but I will change parts, where to buy cheaper and reinstall firmware with phoenix very simple user level
    my mobile can died and any problem because i have a box jeje
    send me a differents betas and i will say if run well or mobile died jeje
    [email protected]

  58. ReS says:

    Is there a update for s60 v 5 soon? 😀
    My N97 is itching to startup a new version of AntSnes 😀
    In the new version please add support for N97 and the many keys and D-Pad, it would be nice if we got an emu soon where alot of keys is present so we dont need to remap other keys 🙂

  59. samipower says:

    i today i played killer instinct and supermario world and street fighter and zelda ,snes games in my nokia n97, thanks to vsun 1.1 cracked binpda with special config file, full screen ,and well sound and good speed

  60. cesvicmor says:

    Any plans to port to Symbian 9 UIQ3 (all devices have OpenGL ES 1.1)???

  61. rendy1287 says:

    thanks, i will use AntSnes as soon as i buy a new phone…
    my next phone is 5630, i hope i love my next phone…

  62. james322 says:

    Is there any “work-in-progress” pics (S60 5th edition) you could upload, or have you even started the development yet?

    • Summeli says:

      I have started the development. It shouldn’t be too much work, but the TRK (on device debugging SW) doesn’t work with my N97, so it’s slowing me down. I really don’t enjoy working a file logger, so I have been slacking. I’m kind of waiting the next 2.0 firmware and hoping that the debugging would finally work with that.
      I have pretty much implemented all components required. It’s just matter of integration and debugging. Hopefully I’ll be able to release it soon…

  63. samipower says:

    you say that apps run slow in nokia n97, and you are waiting n97 20.0.005 firmware but you can work in antsnes 5th n97 version ok,
    this link i think help you:

    • Summeli says:

      WTF. I don’t use java. And the problem isn’t that the emulator is slow. I just can’t use the debugger that works with N95 and N96, which both are good phones for development, unlike the N97. No debugger –> Development is slow.

  64. samipower says:

    ok, and ask permission vampent so they let you improve your emulator vsun 1.11??? try it in nokia n97

  65. samipower says:

    you could get this emulator and improve it, if you give your permission vampent, if you can not adapt your emulator to 5 edition , look this

    • Summeli says:

      I didn’t say that I can’t adapt my emulator to 5th edition. It’s coming. I just have other thing in life besides the AntSnes development (so it’s taking a while). The antsnes source is available, so anyone can continue with the 5th edition port, if they are interested about it.

  66. syspanic says:

    Is it possible press 3 keys at same time?
    If not, would be nice if you implement this function.
    At moment i’m stucked because can’t press 3 keys simultaneously.

  67. samipower says:

    I understand,don’t worry be happy, i don’t wish any problem with you, ok, i am only a player

  68. dualiss says:

    First off thanks a lot for this awesome emulator, Summeli.
    I tried on my E71 last night. It worked like a charm (with sound disabled).
    I’ve got one question though. Does the save file compatible with the Snes9X PC version? If so where is the file located on the phone?
    I’d like to be able to play back the game with Snes9X on the PC when I’m at home and play through AntSnes when I’m outside.

  69. Thomas says:

    hi Summeli,
    this are great news. very great. the ANTSNES come to S60 V5. You are the best. But not as a player ;-).
    i see the Video. Really great. And big thanks. I hope the emu run on I8910 too.

  70. Thomas says:

    yes i think it works on my i8910 too. the most important thing is touch control. because the i8910 have not enough keys and your emu have touch control. its great. When the emu is available i test it on my i8910. i hope it comes soon. 😉 but one question yet. Runs the sound on the N 97?

  71. […] certificate in the last AntSnes 0.63 release got old, so I updated the certificates. The sis files should work again, cheers! Share this […]

  72. […] file for 5th edition: AntSnes_v070.sis (0) The S60 3rd edition should still use the old AntSnes 0.63 […]

  73. Thomas says:

    Ok, first great job!!! I have wait so long for it and now it is here. 😉
    I have a i8910 and i test the emu immediately.
    And now the Problems
    1. the sound don´t work, but you say the sound works not yet.
    2. two buttons are fail. the select button and the start button.
    3. wehn i jump i must press an other button before i can jump again. this Problem is by any button. but addicted from the side. (left the course buttons and right the buttons jump, shoot, …) It means when i press the jump button i can not press a rudder button and then jump again. I must press a button on the left side befor i can jump again.
    4. When i press the forward button at once the figur run forward through i press one of the other course button.
    This are my Problems, but the emu look realy great. and the menü is great too. ingenious work. 😉
    By solve this Problems i will help with.

  74. nsx says:

    Hi! This is I, again. Maybe the question that I will ask you makes you angry, but… I have s60.3 N73Me. And a question is. Will be any updates for s60? It doesnt matter then: in this month or next year. I will wait. Simply say It will? Is it possible someday? Because if you bought N97 you probably sold your N96 that means this is death for new version of Antsnes for s 60.3.
    Please, answer. And, again, sorry for my english. 🙂
    Of cource. Thank you for your work!

  75. nsx says:

    It will be great! But speed on N73Me (CPU 220mh) will be bad. I had to turn off sound to have a normal work of emulator.
    If someday you will try to update AntSNES try to make lowest CPU depends.
    I think it will be very hard but can you try? Only try.
    Better buy new phone. I want to buy N95-8 at spring or summer. How do you think, Has he a good capabilities with AntSnes, gp…(forgot. Your emu of GBA) and (if somedays it will be port) emulator of PSOne?
    Never give promisses and never foget about real life.
    Almost forgot. Tales of Fantasy goes well and only on your emulator (vSun is crashes in menu, had to reboot the phone), Breath of Fire 2, Front Mission, Der Langrisser, Chrono Trigger works good, but litle slower.
    Thanks for all. 🙂

  76. nsx says:
    I think you will understand all. You can use this icon anyhow. Thanks again. 🙂
    P.S. Caps OFF (Acsess to file sistem) => Change original icon => Reboot the phone.
    (if you would like I can write somethink, but it can looks smoothly. Screen is small 🙂

  77. nsx says:

    Well… I have a question. I’m a gamer and I play in almost all games (including porting games).
    Most porting games and some programs was porting by you and AnotherGuest. Do you know him (them)? Because I have a really big problems with porting soft – a green color of screen that makes using/playing very difficalt. That strange green colors has many phones in programs and games like picodrive, tyrian, shadowwarrior, exult, spore, crash bandicoot, bounce boing voyage and your gba emu. All it was portied. Do you understand what I’m talking about?
    Do you know how to fix a color in porting games and programs(emulator)?
    I can send you video if you don’t understand.

  78. nsx says:

    Good morning!
    Bahamot Lagoon and Star Ocean is not working 🙁
    And there are many other emu here
    Maybe it will be useful (especialy visual gba). Maybe you should port him instead gp.. that you porting now, or you may use some codes and algoritms. And there is another snes emu (not snes9x).
    Thanks. And answer on my question in your profile (category ‘about’).

  79. nsx says:

    I dont know where he is. Of course you projects more important but can you say what is the reason of this green color and can you fix it. Simply say if you know.

  80. nsx says:

    Someone said me if I will upgrade version of my phones soft (dont know how it write. Well… The information about this ‘soft’ you can knew press *#0000#). I got the final version of it but it still doesnt work good. I should bue a new phone? Or it fixable?
    Anyway. If you are a programmer (symbian) and you are from Finland so… You works in Nokia Corporation? Am I right?

  81. nsx says:

    And the last question.
    How do you think. Will Nokia port games from first N-Gage (os 6/7/8) to the second (N-Gage 2 os 9) ? Is it possible?

  82. nsx says:

    You dont know how you helped me. You are a realy men! Thanks for all answers!
    I can make any other icon if you want.

  83. Roberto Carlos says:

    Good night.
    The audio doesn’t work in my Nokia N73 RM-132 with version 0.63, the graphics are distorted strangely and in some emulated games keys don’t work, even if run with an acceptable frame rate and playable.
    I hope this helps for the emulator debugging.

  84. malu mader says:

    Ty for the antsnes , great software … but in my N85 the key setting doesnt work .. i set every key ok , but don’t work at the game , when i try to start a game , nothing happen ,beside that , the game works fine “without sound” ..
    i tryed everything to fixed the key issue ,any idea ?
    ty ..

  85. none says:

    Hello 🙂
    Emulator is great coz it can run games at full speed on ma 8901 hd. i really like emu BUT its missing full screen (like emulators on iphone).i think that its not so hard to do (maybe ^)) using transparent buttons.

  86. Anon says:

    Could you make this emulator little more light so it would work much smoother? When I play the movement aint that smooth even if my phone should easily run it smooth.

  87. Spygens says:

    Hi man. I’ve instaled antsnes on my nokia E51 am able to run it but i cant play any game cuz the key are not working what can i do to fix that problem have i to change to ngage landscape mode? Or what else i really want to play snes games on my phone please help me.
    I have the same problem with my 5800xm with antner 0.7 keys are not working i try super mario world rom for the two phone. Please help me to fix this problem

  88. Spygens says:

    Is there any problem with super mario?

  89. Ivan says:

    That emulator is GREAT!! That project is better than VSun from Vampent. All games work fine on frameskip 2-3, and on OpenGL ES 1.1 setting.
    But i found some problems on my N95.
    1- when i change video settings (frameskip) game freeze and i must exit and open it again.
    2- sound, still dnt work at all, when i enable sound my phone said “not enough memory, exit some app and try again”.
    3- Fire Emblem dsnt work at all :((
    4- Some games work too slow but its playable. 🙂
    Where will be new version of emulator? I waiting for it. 🙂

  90. Rpgaddict_22 says:

    Holy cow!
    This emulator is awesome. It is way way better than vsun… Will you still upgrade the emulator for s60v3? Can you add more screen size like a full screen view in the direct mode….. ? Well.. Good luck to you! you really did a good job here! I am using a N95-1 by the way and the problems are the same as IVAN… I think the small ram of N95-1 (55.9mb) is the reason of the sound problem, cOmpared to the ram of N95-2(8gb) which is 128 MB….

  91. squall-8 says:

    Thank You! Great work! I’ll be waiting AntSnes 1.0 …

  92. Vitor says:

    Thanks Summeli, you are great!

  93. Denis says:

    Hi sum….i’ve installed the last version of antsnes for my N97 and i see from weeks ago that the mobile have seriously problems with the start (switch on) and i think antsnes give problem.
    If i do hard reset i will loose the saves of the game Chrono Trigger (a lot of hours)? or where i can find the folder of the saves?
    The last question is that sound not work.
    Thank you very much
    My e-mail and account messenger [email protected]

  94. Frank says:

    Any chance that Chrono Trigger will ever work on a s60v3 phone like my nokia e75 in full speed with sound on? I would like to know if I should keep my hopes up.

    • Summeli says:

      Well, full speed like 60FPS is not going to happen, since the phone can render only ~30fps at best. I’m always focusing on the phone that I’m currently using. I’m using N97 now, so that’s my priority 🙂
      But all my sources are open, so anyone can take my Qt version and make that port. Most of the required stuff is already in there 🙂 you would only have to design different settings views.

  95. mufafa says:

    Just wondering – what do you perceive is the problem with the sound?
    Great work so far – thanks!

  96. dami says:

    help.heeelp!Any chance for making a antisnes for uiq3.this will be a good dream for me that play my childhood games in my w960.will my appetite come true or i must put out my lovely w960.

  97. Ursolino says:

    Does not work on n95-1 with audio, when I open the emulator with audio enabled it closes the application and does not happen any more. I tested with Chrono Trigger and others, but none worked with audio

  98. ddos says:

    Thank you, you develop the simulator,

  99. Bjorn says:

    Hey summeli…thanks 4 such a wonderful application but the 1 problem i try 2 tsubasa 5 n tsubasa koutoi afta setting the keys it just deosnt work…the game is running but the keys dnt work…pls help me out here…pls tell me a site where there are working snes roms for free ,my handset is n78

    • E71hoang says:

      I cannot play snes game “Captain Tsubasa III” too. Hey, Bjorn, can you play this game? I can play Captain Tsubasa IV smoothly, but in CT III, it does not show the Kick off and the All stars choices. I don’t know what is wrong, ’cause it works well on PC.

      • Summeli says:

        AntSnes is a snes9x port, but it really suffers from some issues due to different compilers etc. Therefore all games are not playable 🙁

        • E71hoang says:

          Thanks for your reply! I find out on Internet, a vSun user upload file vSun.cfg for other users to put it in E:\Data\Others\Vampent as a fix for vSun emulator. I follow that guide and be able to play Captain Tsubasa III on vSun. Before that, both AntSnes & vSun cannot play CT3. I think may be there will be a similar solution for AntSnes.
          However, AntSnes have smoother graphic than vSun, etc. the same as we play snes on PC emulator. Therefore, I will wait for the next version of AntSnes.
          Thank you!

  100. Paulo Lima says:

    Just some report, in my N95-2 (the biggest to small problems):
    when I enable sound, it closes the emu.
    start and select buttons doesn’t work for me (so, some games can’t be played).
    when I open menu, and come back to game, no button work.
    Please, don’t forget 3.x users! All I want is SOUND, but a working start button would be great. Another sugestion: you could add in rom selecting screen, a “page up/page down” function, like use left/right buttons to a quick access to a rom in a place with a lot of roms.

  101. The Nokia N97 is one of the best phones that i have ever owned. It is classy but feature packed. ‘

  102. E71hoang says:

    I love .nes and .snes games, they are parts of my childhood. And now, Summeli, you are so great to let me play my old game on my smartphone (E71). I believe Antsnes is better than vSun/vSun plus. Keep your great work!!!

  103. E71hoang says:

    Help! I cannot play Captain Tsubasa III (snes) by AntSnes 0.63 on my E71 (hacked).
    The game is here:
    I can open the game, can see the introducing clip. But when it goes to the selection screen (which we will choose to Kick off or Continue the game), I can see the selection area (i.e. cannot see the Kick off and the Continue choices). I try all the keypad, but no work.
    Someone please try if you can play this game on your phone? Then define the problem comes from the game rom (.snes) or my E71, or somewhere.
    For your info, I can play smoothly game “Captain Tsubasa II” (.nes) using GPFce emulator for s60v3.

  104. E71hoang says:

    Help, please!

  105. Titan says:

    Hi, i want to know if i can fit the Screen on Nokia N78, because just can see the pad :S:S
    If anybody know how i must to do this, i will appreciate if you can tell me how 🙂
    Thanks and sry about my english xD

  106. Deccan says:

    Hey Captain Tsubasa III is working !!!!!!!

  107. Lucas Parker says:

    i played the original SimCity in the 90’s and until now i still play the latest version of SimCity`.”

  108. Ashurbanipal says:

    Super mario all stars + super mario all stars does not work properly i cant move or anything can someone help me?

  109. ppdpp says:

    where can i place the roms in my 5800?????

  110. bombermanfan says:

    Hi!…first…thank you so much for the app…you´re awesome…but…I want to say something…I want to play “Super Bomberman 5” on my nokia 5320 (s60v3 fp2)…I can´t play this game please!…don´t forget the s60v3 phones…! and help us to play some games like this…I´ll wait any answer…thanks…

    • WALKER says:

      wow youre a fan too
      we love bombermans games
      i wanna play super bomberman 2,3,4,5
      i can play super bomberman 2, impossible press any botton.
      super bomberman 1 : imposible move that character

  111. Nando says:

    Well, i install in my nokia 5530, thats ok.
    When i run and choose the file rom to load, the program just close.
    What i can do? I realy want play!!!
    Please, give me a help!

  112. juan7m says:

    hi, works nice on my e72 with super punch-out
    do a gba emulator
    thanks !!

  113. hero says:

    run in my 6120c but without sound. It close when I enable the sound

  114. […] AntSnes Super Nintendo emulator. It does not support sound though, but the idea of having the ability to play your old Super NES games in your phone is awesome. […]

  115. 2PO says:

    You are my god now. Thanks to you i can play my beloved Chrono Trigger everywhere. Never liked snes sounds though. Didn’t play any other games but as soon as i test some other roms and spot some problems or improvements suggestions i’ll let you know. From now on AntSnes will be app #1 on my E52.

  116. dhruv says:

    when i open the rom the emulator shut downs

  117. AMMAR says:


  118. Lumine says:

    Great emulator. Amazing job Summeli. Thanks for your great efforts. Do you still continue upgrading the emulator or you ditched it since symbian is pretty much dead.

  119. Lumine says:

    Thank you again for your great work. 🙂 I wish you success for your future projects. You made me a very happy person by enabling me play the MegamanX Trilogy on my phone ( and other snes games). Sir, i salute you. 🙂

  120. jimmy says:

    this is the one of good another emulator…. works perfect on my E63, but why? every play game MUST be set key config?
    That’s sucks for me 😀
    Why you don’t adding config file inside?
    So that can save every config of all setting…
    And on little thing…
    Please make some cheat plugin….
    I’d love this emulator…
    Thanks …

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