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gnuBoy v.0.5.3 for S60 5th edition

The gnuboy is a gameboy / gameboy color emulator, and now it’s ported for S60 5th edition. This was mainly made for the people who asked for gb / gbc support for gpsp. It was much easier to make by compiling a new emulator for S60 😉
What’s new on 0.5.3

  • Fixed the issues with D-pad
  • support for *.gbc files, so you don’t have to rename these files into .gb anymore.

gnuboy menu

know issues:

  • No audio
  • battery saves are not working, use save states instead
  • SE and Samsung phones are not supported, sorry
  • it’s quite unfinished, waiting for my N8 😉

Same process as with other emus:
1. First Install Qt 4.6.3 binaries into your phone

2. Download the gnuboy.sis
3. gnuboyrequires the SWEvent capability. The SwEvent is required for key mapping: Now you can map call/end call etc. buttons for the gnuboy usage. Therefore the following step is required to install the SW.
Go to SymbianSigned and sign the gnuboy.sis for your own phone IMEI
using free Open Signed Online option this operation should be free of any charge.
Read carefully the instructions on the SymbianSigned site.
You must give them

  • Your Phone IMEI (you can obtain it digiting *#06# on your phone)
  • Your EMAIL Address
  • gnuboy SIS Package

And then the symbiansigned should email you the signed gnuboy your phone. This package will be installable ONLY on your phone. This procedure works for all Symbian S60V5 Phones. I had also to change to date on the phone into yesterday to get it working..
The alternative method is to hack your phone! You can find pretty good instructions from MameXM download site. (scroll to the bottom of page: Signing & Installing).
Download the gnuboy: gnuboy (23288 downloads)
Sources are available on Github:


  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by OscarB, Summeli. Summeli said: Blog: gnuBoy v.0.5.1 for S60 5th edition […]

  2. Tamstyler says:

    Problem -.-
    1. I can´t open the Emulator, it don´t want to open
    2. Now i can´t play GameboyAdvance, when i open the Game, the Emulator close …
    I have restart my Phone and i install the Qt-Installer again…

  3. Tamstyler says:

    I have make new Folders for the Bios etc.
    I think that was the Problem…
    It´s work now.
    Now i will try to play Gnuboy, wait…

  4. Tamstyler says:

    Gnuboy is quite not working.
    I open the Emulator and then there is the “Wait-Icon” (Loading).
    And than = Nothing is happing…

  5. TheOtherAlex says:

    Great, thanks a lot, I’ll try it out ASAP!!
    Another thing, Summeli – I guess you didn’t read my post in the gnuboy 0.5 section, so once again:
    Where’s your donate button?

    • Summeli says:

      I’m really not sure what I would do with the money. Maybe these “buy me a beer/coffee” donations could work. I mean that my projects are not getting done faster even if I get some money out of the donations 😛

  6. TheOtherAlex says:

    Nope, doesn’t work. Nothing happens when I try to start gnuboy via the ‘Programs’ menu. When trying to fire it up via my Orance Homescreen it says “Application not found”.
    I’ve tried QT 4.6.2, 4.6.3 and 4.7, but to no avail. What am I missing?

  7. Tam says:

    Now it works Summeli 🙂
    But i don´t understand this Update with the D-Pad, the Pad is quite little.
    I miss now only a good Pad (like GPSP) and maybe Sound…

  8. Tam says:

    You are a much better than this shit Vampent!
    He want Money for the full version of his Emulators, but not you 🙂

  9. jay wong says:

    thank you my hero,the D-pad works very well!So now I can play GB/GBC game again on my 5230,thanks a lot! And it will be the best if the next release comes with sounds…:D

  10. leon says:

    I can’t play THE LEGEND OF ZELDA
    what’s wrong?

  11. exsinner says:

    is it just me or is anyone else having this problem.i cant save game(battery file).

    • TheOtherAlex says:

      Why bother with battery save anyway? Use save states instead.

      • exsinner says:

        if you play pokemon,to get all pokemon it is easier by using gameshark on pc and you need its battery file to do so

        • TheOtherAlex says:

          Btw, it’s a known issue, see top of the page (‘known issues’)

          • exsinner says:

            fyi, its not a known issue before i posted that

          • TheOtherAlex says:

            @exsinner (your post below):
            No offense meant. Have you tried copying the save state files to your PC? Maybe you can open them with the PC version of gnuboy. Don’t know if that works, but it’s possible with Frodo (C64) for example.

          • exsinner says:

            i think it is possible if i use gnuboy(windows version)
            but it doesnt have insert code function,you’ll have to search it first(this is what i’ve read from other forum)

          • Chester Ace says:

            i can’t even run gnuboy for pc. i don’t know it just not run.

          • exsinner says:

            you use what OS??if win 7 or vista try to run it under windows xp/2000 compatibility.idk if it will work or nor.cause i’ve never test it

          • Chester says:

            I ran it using windows xp, 7, and vista… there’s an error saying “SDL.dll missing” something like that.. I would greatly appreciate it if you can give me links where can I download a working gnuboy for any windows… thanks..
            I can’t wait for the new version to be uploaded by summeli., 🙂

  12. Great Work says:

    Thanks for fixing the d pad. If sound could be sorted, you would have a near perfect emulator. Keep up the good work.

  13. Tamstyler says:

    Summeli at the First Emulator you must change the File to .gb not .gc 😀
    Corret it at “What´s new”.

  14. Cantyo says:

    Amazing 🙂 finally im able to play my favourite games, only i thing, somehow im not able to save the game , for example in pokemon crystal through the save game option in game, or directly from emulator save option. Anyone else having this problems?

  15. Lancelot says:

    It works good in Nokia 5233!
    Thank you!

  16. Johnny says:

    Summeli, you’re awesome! Really… Freaking… Awesome.
    You should get this donate button, you sure deserve a beer, i’d pay you, but as an underaged (17) foreign guy I am, I can’t donate, but I would if I could.
    And the donation is not all about making you develop it any faster, is justing giving the value you’re stuff have, like, those are GREAT, maybe not perfect, but they are here, they are opensource, and they work, and they enable us to play it well enough for free.
    If I lived near you, I’d pay you a bottle of beer (or two!).

  17. Raymond Onwunali says:

    Summeli you should take your time in making them there is no rush just gives updates on how its doing

  18. jerry says:

    Summeli could you fix AntsnesQT and ADD sound, and some video options like stretching to the larger screen area ?
    I cannot open many roms in Antsnes, it’s just quits and i have to turn it on again
    What is not working ? E.g Chuck Rock

  19. SpeedFire says:

    Summeli, have you already got your Nokia N8?
    I hope you’ll get it soon. It will be great to find multitouch with haptic feedback in your great emulators. )
    PS btw, I changed my old good i8910 to Nokia N8 and I’m really happy with Symbian^3 and N8 itself.

  20. GBAlover says:

    Hey, I’m using Nokia 5800, Qt 4.6.3, gnuBoy 0.5.3.
    I put some .gb/.gbc roms in a folder, but when I go to that folder with gnuBoy, I see no files inside. For the record, gpSP4Symbian 0.6.1 works perfectly on the same phone, under the same conditions.
    Hope you could help me QQ

  21. kaeps says:

    hey summeli great work man,but when fix you the bug on the audio in GPSP ??
    or port VBAG or visualboy advance PC but for symbian.
    Vbag run very well with virtual keyboard app,so only will port the D-Pad for VBag. why the sound in this emulator is ok and good sinchronized.

    • Summeli says:

      1. vbag is not opensource
      2. I’m not interested porting visual boy advance.
      3. I’m not developing the gpsp for 5th edition anymore.
      4. I’d rather fix the audio for gpsp, than start porting anything else from the start.

  22. Cantyo says:

    I figured out how to use save/load option in emulator. Now everything is working well.
    Once again id like to thank you really for all your projects , without you i wouldnt be able to play gba/gbc games on my phone.
    Im glad i found about your blog, ill be watching all your projects in future , good luck in everything may you finish everything you decide to.

  23. jimmypage says:

    thanks summeli I am really happy with this emulator it works perfectly

  24. jerry says:

    The “reset” option doesn’t work when game is on
    And if we play one game we cannot change game if I choose another rom using “load rom” there is no action. Previous game still playing

  25. Nseries says:

    very good job!!!

  26. Nokia n8 need installation Qt package ??? or no,,,|??

  27. StephenP says:

    What about porting a Nintendo DSi emulator to Symbian? I know that DS’s hardware is quite awful, and the two processors are ARM. Is it possible? Maybe it could run on S^1…

  28. The Rock says:

    Please made the Wanderswan(color) emulator((like this…

  29. Angelina says:

    summeli hello.
    I know it and what events you have asked.
    Instrale the GPSP in my 5800 with CFW c6 and instead of letters is “WWWW”.
    Nor do I recognize the keys.
    If I could give you some solution I thank you very much.
    A salute to walk well.

  30. Matoking says:

    Gotten your N8 yet? I really can’t wait for Symbian^3 versions of your emulators.

  31. Angelina says:

    StephenP said: “i have the same firmware but i didn’t have any problem”
    Seriously ?…. as can be done?
    What version of Qt to be installed?
    And that version of the emulator must be installed?
    From already thank you very much for all your help.

  32. Jason says:

    it’s working..thanks
    i hope the battery saves can be fixed soon..

  33. Fabio says:

    Certificate Error 🙁 What should I do?
    Regards from Brazil!

  34. Chester Ace says:

    good day summeli, many thanks for making this fantastic application.
    can i ask, when will you upload gnuboy that supports battery saves?
    i tried using battery saves of different gb/gbc emulator available but it’s not working..
    it works for your gpsp4symbian but not for gnuboy..
    hope you reply on my comment.. many thanks…

  35. Fernando says:

    Can you upload some pictures of the emulator running some game? I’d like to see it, but I still don’t have a Symbian phone (I’ll get one soon though). Thanks!

  36. Tamstyler says:

    This Emulator is quite unfinished, so don´t be so excited…

  37. James says:

    Hey, i have a nokia 5230 and i was wondering how to get this on my phone …
    im one of those people that need step by step instructions lol

  38. Redy says:

    Hello, can you help me?
    I have a Nokia 5800 XM and your emulator works fantastic but i haven’t the buttons A and B. I cant play without the buttons:)
    best wishes

  39. rey says:

    sir,did you by any chance have something like this for s60v3 because meboy is too slow and vboy has .sav problem…and this emulator works incredibly in my buddy’s phone…if you have one,could you share it please ??? thank you very much

  40. muzo says:

    can you please show me how to get a gameboy emulator to work on my n8.

  41. muzo says:

    Ok. please keep us updated.thanks for every thing.

  42. kartik says:

    hey im unable to install qt installar into my x6 it says not supported can you tell me what to do!?

  43. Dsquizzle says:

    Um, no controls?
    As in, no buttons?

  44. Chester says:

    hey, when will you release a version that supports battery saves?

  45. tjyeo says:

    how about the fast forward?
    can it support fast forward?

  46. angel says:

    you could add the PAD to this emulator NES?
    pd:sorry, not speaking english xD

  47. Tamstyler says:

    Summeli, you really don´t need a “Keyboard” for this Emulator.
    The “Keyboard” that are in the S60V5-Mobiles have enough Keys for the Emulator…

  48. Paul says:

    I have an error while installing Qt, it says: “Installing PIPS” and then: “Error -11” (which means “already installed”). When I try to open gnuboy nothing happens. I have a Nokia 5233

  49. Tamstyler says:

    Summeli a small Update with better Keys would be nice…

  50. xAmanda says:

    Thank you, worked in Nokia X6.

  51. Glenn says:

    Thanks man :P, I got your gpsp and gnuboy working on my nokia 5800… I’ve lots of researches and this is the best emulator for my phone. Vampent doesnt support on screen keyboards you know. I really appreciate your work 🙂 Anyway I will be checking for gnuboy updates thanks alot again

  52. Vezon says:

    on my nokia5230 no games pokemon caught. neither in gpsp and the gnuboy. what did I do wrong? (sorry my english, I’m brazilian boy)

  53. Tamstyler says:

    We need only a ney Key Pad…

  54. Tamstyler says:

    They are working, but the Keys for walking are very small…
    Can you make a new Key Pad?

  55. Are you working for input a gamelink function by mobile bluetooth?
    By the way, your work is amazing! Congratulations!

  56. Vivaz says:

    Please add support for Vivaz/Vivaz Pro; Catrap&bubbleghost were a couple of my favs on GB but cannot find a working version for GPSP GBA.

  57. Abhishek says:

    Hey i need help, when ever i try to install qt installer on my nokia 5230 it gives an error saying “SWI error 0!:\resource\openc\locales.txt” hElp me wat do i do????

  58. VALSAARD says:

    Great application, is the best emulator of gbc,run in real time in my Nokia 5530, but y have a question ¿this emu have a limit of memory? because I play Metal Gear Solid Ghost Babel and the emu frezze in a pat of the game, I dont know THIS IS A PROBLEM of my cel phone, the gbc rom, or the emulator, please help !! ¿When implemeate the sound? Thats be great !! (my apologize for my english, Im mexican)

  59. ernst says:

    Please fix the battery saves…without it I cannot transfer the cheat from vba on my pc to gnuboy like I always do in gpsp, lol. thx.

  60. orange786 says:

    helo pls any 1 help i installed gpsp but m able play only one tht is crash game othr games r nt opening and gpsp quiting itself. Pls help. Gunboy also not working for me whr do i put bios in gunboy thr is no bios option and its not starting its also quiting it self whn i try to load a gba game. Pls help m using nokia x6

  61. valsaard says:

    amazing work!! congratulations!! but, please fix the battery saves

  62. Orange786 says:

    But why its not working 4 me i opend gnuboy and selecting rom but its not showing .gba format its only shows zip format and i selected it but its closing crashed it self , i have installed gpsp on my mobile is tht way gnuboy not working for me?

  63. F0xtrott says:

    Great Work so far! I’ve installed Gnuboy on my N8 but no roms work for me. I’ve tried a few but all I get is a white screen where the game is supposed to run.

  64. incredibadass says:

    Thanku pal, nice job.
    Is battery saves available on next version? RPG games really need that! & I almost got mad about itT_T.

  65. Matsu says:

    i’m really happy for this emulator, but when will you make battery saving availible? i do not really care about sound, i usually play games when it’s forbidden (boring lessons) or when i’m at home (and then i’m listening to music), but battery saving is really necessary :<

  66. azer says:

    i finally donwloaded this 2 apps.. then, how can i play pokemon? theres no bios saved on the application? do i still need to download a BIOS file? sorry dude, i really dont know what to do..just want to play pokemon on my nokia5530 thats all.. please help..(sorry for the english,im a filipino) TY

  67. azer says:

    i downloaded a .GBA file to my nokia5530 and i even created a separate folder for it. then after i opened this GNUBOY app.. i cant find the roms?.GBA files is not showing..why is that?
    please starting to pull all my hair off..

  68. tamstyler says:

    This Emulator is only for Gameboy & GameboyColor (.gb & .gbc).

  69. Sven says:

    got it installed on my Nokia 5230, but i have always 1-2seconds screen freezing while the game seems to run in the background. First 20-30sec of the game run normal, then the freeze comes all 3-5seconds. While it´s not freezed, all works fine, stable framerate, nothing running in hte background. Tried Zelda Orcanica of Time (and DX), Pokemon, Tetris, all the same.. it´s a new phone, maybe it´s broken?

    • C6-00 says:

      Same here on my Nokia C6-00, tried several games. Always have the same problem, game freezes a lot of times, sometimes crashes completely. I don’t know how to fix that. Ideas, anyone? 🙂

  70. Sven says:

    Edit previous post: Legend of Zelda Links Awakening and DX, not Orcanica.. also tried Super Mario World 1+2, also copied the files to internal Memory, no effect. HandyOS is up to date.

  71. Sven says:

    XD after one week of deleting and reinstalls i got the problem.. the theme i used was causing the problem, now it runs fine and is not lagging more then all 3-5min. thanks for that Emu..

  72. Othfx says:

    uh, its not reading any of my ROMS

  73. Angelo says:

    This is the best gbc emulator,but i have a problem with time and date: time passes only when i play ,i don’t know if this is a real bug, but when i played with an other gbc emulator the time and date was the same of my telephone.
    If there is errors ,sorry ,because I am Italian.
    I hope you understand..
    Thank you for your hard work!

  74. POKEMON says:

    i tried downling this and sign it successfully. but when i install it, it says certificate error why?

  75. hakan says:

    Summeli can you please make a version with sound? It would be the best game boy emu for symbian

  76. jay says:

    hi summeli,thank you for you great job! I have a lot of fun because of your emulators!by the way,when will you pls update the gnuboy with the audio?I have been waiting for that for a long time.thank you again for your hard working and the fun you give me.
    best regards
    Jay from china

  77. Hariainm says:

    hi summeli! first of all, thank you for the hard work! playing for hours to your AntSnes emu! and will be great if you can add compatibility for S^3 for gnuboy, it doesn’t work in my N8! cheers!

  78. burgerDriver says:

    nice !
    So . Ure workin on psx ??it will work on s60v5 ??? Reply plz [email protected] on email

  79. boy2011 says:

    gnuBoy for s60v3 ??

  80. Tamstyler says:

    Will you make a new Version with Sound?

  81. xadrianx says:

    Please Update this EMULATOR!!!!

  82. Nice_Work says:

    would a symbian^3 version of Gnuboy be possible Summeli?

  83. peter says:

    Hi Summeli! Can you help me? I am trying to make the savestates of the GNUboy S60 5th port compatable with the Windows-version of GNUboy, so that I can make a battery-save. The problem is the naming of the savestates is different. I’ll use rom “Example game (U) [S][!].gb” as an example. On Gnuboy S60 the savestates are named “Example game (U) [S][!0.sav” and “Example game (U) [S][!1.sav”, where 0 is for savestate slot 1, and 1 is for savestate slot 2. On Windows GNUboy savestates are named like this: “Example game (U) [S][!].000”, “Example game (U) [S][!].001”, “Example game (U) [S][!].002” etc. where 000 is for savestate slot 0, 001 is for 1 and so on. Renaming the s60 GNUboy savestate “Example game (U) [S][!0.sav” into “Example game (U) [S][!].000” and trying to load it on Windows GNUboy makes the program freeze. Interestingly both s60 and Windows GNUboy savestates are 52kb, so there isn’t much difference… the Windows GNUboy batterysave is named “Example game (U) [S][!].sav”, very close to s60 GNUboy savestate naming, but the size of the batterysave is only 32kb..
    Because of this my savestates are only playable on GNUboy S60, and I cant continue playing them on any other emulator, on any other platform…
    Please answer, Summeli!

  84. Jonn3s says:

    Sound is not working, in game saving doesn’t work.
    Thats everything I have countered at this moment 🙂
    PS:Great work on every emulator 🙂

  85. Jonn3s says:

    And if you are not going to fix battery game saving, then add code gennie support 🙂

  86. moshzilla says:

    can you release a version with audio and battery working? please, and thanks for your emulators :B

  87. adda98 says:

    summeli, if I set gbc bios into gpsp, it will work? Sorry for my english but i’m italian

  88. silenthill says:

    please fix the audio for gbc and snes. this app is really awesome 🙂

  89. mtn91 says:

    Will you make a new version with audio? I’ve been waiting a long time :/

  90. TOFI1106 says:

    Hi my friend!, thank you very much for all your contributions on the emulation world! I really appreciate it!, Now, with your new version of gpsp 6(5) I never stop to play! 😀 the sound is pretty much perfect! and runs very well too!, but… unfortunately I don´t feel complete without my beloved pokemon Gold version :`(… I know… I can play it with gnuboy, but the melodies in my opinion are the best of this game!, melodies really make me feel nostalgic, ecruteak city, goldenrod city, New Bark town… all musics are a really artworks!, And I want to tell you, you´ve done a good job with gnuboy!, but I really miss those melodies… I need to ask you a question… the version with sound comes soon? or you´ve left the project? I’ve tried to use “goomba color” the gb & gbc emulator for gba in your gpsp but it´s unplayable because it have many issues, in my computer runs well but in gpsp doesn´t the same :(, once more thank you very much for your time and dedication! I swear, anyway isn´t in vain! ;), gracias amigo!!! greetings from méxico! good night!

    • Summeli says:

      I really haven’t decided anything with this emu. I might make a new version with sound, or I might just forget it 😀 It wouldn’t probably be too big task, so updating this with audio is possilbe, but I haven’t decided it yet.
      At this moment I’m busy writing a new emu for N950, but I still have N8 and N97, so updating old emus is still possible.

      • TOFI1106 says:

        ooh… I understand… And I know you have to do more important things, so I will not try to convince you, 🙂 it´s your choice ;), I think (supposition because I don´t have idea about programming) doesn´t will be so hard… because this emulator is perfect on speed, and obviously if symbian have enough power to execute a gba emulator 😀 well… I think doesn´t will be complicated add sound on your emulator, and even I think would be better you adapt your gpsp to be able to execute gb/gbc roms too like Visual boy advance, but that will be more complicated (I think), 🙁 pity for all symbian s60v5 users because now this system was discontinued and nobody else want to design nothing because “not worth”… but the technology is so… :´( I understand… but I don´t have money enough to buy a lastest cell phone because I´m student :(, if only I knew programming… anyway I really thanks to you for your dedication because you don´t have to do any of this, less when you don´t got a pay for this, you´re the best summeli thanks you very much! :), care very much! good night

  91. nokia says:

    Can you do a gnuboy for Sybmian^3 PLEASE FOR MY NOKIA C7 XD

  92. Nokia X6 says:

    Hey Summeli. A very nice work. But I have a problem. When I run the emulator, press load and chose a game, gameboy keypads appear and the middle screen is white. After a few seconds gnuboy shuts down itself. What is the problem? I don’t have SWEvent because I don’t know from where to download it. Thank you.

  93. DarkSoul says:

    may I suggest a new version with sound and battery save fixed? for now int works fine (N8) but i miss the sound, and well… it will be cool if the battery saves can be possible
    thank you for you work!

  94. vamsy_sid says:

    hey summeli
    Is it possible to port that transparemt keys of antsnes of meego to gpsp of s60v5

  95. Regan says:

    This is great… except is there a tutorial on how to put games onto your phone?

  96. Rex says:

    when are u goin to update the symbian^3 version

  97. ??? says:

    Man, plz update this emulator, that would be very great,
    thnx for yur hardwork

  98. Junior says:

    hi summeli,thank you for your great job! certainly many here still uses the Symbian s60v5 and we all appreciate your work can you launch the update for this emulator with sound? please.

  99. Fredrik says:

    Any chance to see this for the N9 too?
    Also, it would be lovely if there was a Mega Drive emulator (with MegaCD support) for the N9 as well, I belive picodrive is a fairly portable emulator as anotherguest released it for Symbian in the past.

  100. camlin says:

    gr8 emulator summeli…..really appreciate ur work…can u make battery saves work for s60v5 ? KEEP UP THE MARVELOUS WORK !!

  101. Daniel says:

    Hi summeli,
    great work with all of your emulators!
    any chance to see a symbian belle fix for gnuBoy?
    (the screen stays white when loading a rom…)
    best regards

  102. Rajesh says:

    Can you make it for symbian anna or belle?

  103. NOKIA N8 says:

    it doesn’t work on my N8..:(((

  104. n8 lover says:

    hi i was thrilled when i saw this website, but unluckily it doesn’t work on symbian belle i guess…is there any chance you’ll make it compatible? thanks so much and i look forward to your future work!

  105. Daky says:

    Waiting for in-game sound! Keep up the good work boys! Great job!

  106. kaustubh says:

    i want to sign the emulator so that i can install it on my 5233. but the link you have mentioned above i.e symbian signed is not opening. a message comes ‘access denied’ please help… also opda has stoped to give certificates

  107. vaibhav says:

    can you pls add a function in gnuboy to enter cheats like gameshark or action replay?

  108. rutwick says:

    Can you pls try to fix the problem of saving the game? I know that I can u use the sav state and load state, but due to it in some games like pokemon the time gets disturbed. So pls fix the problem immediately

  109. Harry says:

    Pls solve the problem of battery saving. Pls do it immediately

  110. dENWARk says:

    Hi Summeli! Can you make this work on s^3, anna, and belle?

  111. Mickey says:

    Hi, Summeli. 😉
    Can we hope for any new version of this emulator or you quit working on it?

  112. Tam says:

    Summeli we know that you won´t work on S60V5 anymore.
    But can you make a small Update for this Emulator with Sound?

  113. Voodoo says:

    Please do a port for Symbian Belle 😉

  114. […] selbe Autor hat auch einen Gameboy und einen Game Boy Advance Emulator auf Lager. Die habe ich zwar noch nicht getestet, aber da er […]

  115. francisco de jesus says:

    hello sir summeli is not going to see more versions for s60v5 gnuboy that something happened so that there will be no more updates is currently working on very well and I’m a fan of his work

  116. Mpam says:

    Hi summeli I have installed that on my N8 but when I try to play I get only a white page, can you please port this for nokia belle? I play a lot with the gpsp on my N8 but I want to play and the gameboy color games too.

  117. merzo says:

    we are waiting for next version (with sound and battery saves). thanks.

  118. kaustubh says:

    please solve the battery save problem

  119. shishir says:

    please solve the battery save problem and sound problem

  120. crn says:

    hello, i have a problem, i used to play games on gnuboy with my 5800, but now after, v60 software update i can’t launch it… when i press icon it does nothing… i have installed qt and qt mobility, but still nothing… what should i do?

  121. Matteo A. says:

    Hello Summeli,
    I’ve got a Nokia 5530 Xpress Music, but I can’t play.
    When I open the application, I press “File” —> “Load ROM”, I select which game I want to play, but when I press “Continue”, I see the buttons of the console, and after I return to the page where I open “gnuboy”.
    I fellowed all your instructions, but this is my problem. Can you help me, please?

  122. greetings from finland ! says:

    doesnt work on belle? So sad 🙁 but keep things going you guys are doing great work !

  123. Beta says:

    problems with pkmn yellow and crystal

  124. Chris says:

    Is possible to use gameshark codes with gnuboy for s60 5th?

  125. AlexR says:

    Hello Sumeli on my cel with nokia belle a rom loading screen goes blank, if I’m wrong to write is because I speak Spanish you are awesome thanks for gpsp and antsnes

  126. Juan says:

    Men, i just downloaded it, tried a few games and they work pretty well (Nokia X6)
    I fuckin love you man!

  127. chips says:

    R.I.P gnuBoy 2008-2010.

  128. haylie dennings says:

    i got it all running. thank you so much babe. you are a star. but im having a problem with the roms. i cant get them to open. plz help me.

  129. Anomuumi says:

    Can you please make this support audio? When you have time? Olisit kiltti 🙂

  130. RetroSimon says:

    Installation Zertificate failed on Belle (N8) – plz fix it !!! 🙁

  131. nokia 5250 says:

    i dont think there will be new version. The last gnuboy is from 2010 so no need to ask for new versions

  132. Baofu92 says:

    i know that you dont support gnuboy anymore, but please in your free time add audio and battery save.. we’re a lot asking this! and thanks for your work!

  133. BenMR says:

    Wow!!! Por fiiiin!! busqué mucho un emulador que funcionara a buenos fps (supongo que es 60) y al fin lo encontre!!!
    Thanks for your job!! =D

  134. Teste says:

    Batery save please

  135. BenMR says:

    (and Add sound… ) 😛

  136. bruno.pureview says:

    Summeli, is this ever going to reach symbian belle? I’d like to use gb/gbc games and not only gba.

  137. Nem R Angel says:

    hi bro some day will be born the S.E. version im hope still could happen n_n

  138. fabio says:

    Symbian Signed is down… how install now?

  139. Fahluya says:

    is there any tool to get battery game from save state? if can i will appreciate

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