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iControlPad supported by AntSnes for Meego

I just got iControlPad and it seems to be without any problems on my N950 🙂
Here’s short instructions how to use it:

  1. Start the iControlPad in keyboard mode (press A in startup)
  2. Run the bluetooth pairing from the phone Settings/Bluetooth/Bluetooth devices/ and then select the iControlPad and set it as trusted device
  3. Run the keyConfig from AntSnes under controls/ Run KeyConfig
  4. enjoy iControlPad

The Symbian is not yet supported, but I’m working on it 😉


  1. tam says:

    Can you make a Video?
    I would like to see it

  2. NightStalker says:

    Control for Symbian! o yea! Please psx for Symbian, Nokia N8-00

  3. Pzkfw5 says:

    Awesome. I’m glad to know iCP support for Symbian 3 is only a matter of time!

  4. jasper says:

    thats nice but when does psx4symbian come out with the icontrolpad that would be awesome

  5. carlos rojas says:

    psx for symbian ^3 is improbable for now, the hardware no supports.

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      • Manish says:

        @sq—are u summeli???he is not talking to you…..If we could do it ourselve it wud have been done days ago…altough there must be ny reason for summeli not doing it now….still hoping for the best…& have faith on him….

        • sq says:

          “altough there must be ny reason for summeli not doing it now”… fukn’ lol… let’s guess the reason then… perhaps, maybe, the reason is SUMMELI IS NOT WORKING FOR YOU, HE DOESN’T OWE YOU SHIT, HE DOESN’T EARN SHIT FROM YOU. if the emulators he’s porting for **himself** also work for you, awesome. if not, tough luck pal, do something to help yourself. antti’s not a saint and this isn’t the make-a-wish foundation, and you’re way too arrogant and entitled to notice that fact.
          simple as that. 😉

          • Manish says:

            & what does “””do it urslf””” suggest???isnt it an arrogant attitude of yours….& I NEVER FORCED SUMMELI TO MAKE THAT APP…RATHER I REQUESTED IT ALL THE TIME by saying the word “PLEASE” coz i too want that thing…every one here knows what this site is all about atleast not your “make-a-wish foundation”…ny ways chill it dude….no time to fight for entire life on a single issue….

          • sq says:

            “do it urslf” suggest that, in true open source spirit, YOU give back to the community what you believe is lacking/is needed in an app, by investing the time you’re misusing in begging and bitching and being generally annoying into something way more productive that benefits everyone, not just *yourself*. for example, picking the freely available source code and trying to port it to your own hardware. but noooo, it’s way easier to “REQUEST IT ALL THE TIME by saying the word “PLEASE””, isn’t it?
            think about it.

      • Manish says:

        & sq pls dont feel offended…

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