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iControlPad support libarary for Qt

The iControlPad didn’t work in keyboard mode with Symbian devices, so I decided to make my own support library for it. The iControlPad is working on SPP mode as default, and that mode support also the analog nubs, so I decided to write support for it.
You can get the support library from GitHub:
Integrating the library to your project
You only need to include the iCP4Qt pri file inside your project file

include (iCP4Qt.pri)

Connecting to the iControlPad
Connecting to the iControlPad is easy. Crete the iControlpad client, and then call connect:

client = new iControlPadClient(this); //the keyEvents will be delivered to the parent
client->discoverAndConnect( iControlPadClient::iCPReadDigital );

Once connected, whe library will emit singal:

void connectedToiControlPad();

And if the iControlPad was not found, then it’ll emit

void iControlPadNotFound();

Receiving keypress events
The key events are delivered via Qt’s standard event handler, so you can receive keyevents by implementing the keyevents in you object

void keyPressEvent( QKeyEvent * event);
void keyReleaseEvent(QKeyEvent* event);

The analog nubs are delivered via analogNubsUpdated event

void analogNubsUpdated( qint8 l_x,  qint8  l_y, qint8  r_x, qint8 r_y );

where l_x and l_r are the left nub coordinates and r_x and r_y are the right nub coordinates.  Where +32 is full down or full right, and -32 is full up or full left. 0,0 is center.
Meego support
I’m developing this with N950 and it seems to be working pretty well.
Symbian Support
I’m having some trouble with the Symbian support. I’m building with SymbianSR1Qt474 and with QtMobility 1.2, which is “not yet mature enough for ovi store”, so it probably has some issues on it. Everything is build on top of QtMobility APIs so the Symbian should also be supported when the QtMobility 1.2 is officially distributed to the Symbian devices.


  1. Pzkfw5 says:

    I don’t understand what is said up here, but the thought of iCP Symbian support makes me a very happy chappy

  2. IdeaDence says:

    guy do emulator Sega \ Genesis! This will be a boon for owners of S ^ 1, S ^ 3.Sorry for my bad english))

  3. sq says:

    lol @ their website
    how can i “FORGET MY PSP” when not even the goddamned xperia play is able to emulate a PSP? as the owner of a galaxy-s who has seen the emulation capabilities of the platform, i must succinctly say “lol, no”
    and at $74.99 even a dingoo seems like a more sensible (and pocketable) choice. but anyways, congrats on another job well done.

    • Summeli says:

      I also have galaxy-s, and it’s the whole android big “meh” for me after meego. I also have PSP and I haven’t used it for two years. My PSP is the 1st gen device, so it’s way too big and heavy to carry on pocket, and I haven’t even bought any new games, so no wonder that I haven’t used it lately 🙂
      iControlPad is a very nice gadget if you’re changing your phone often (it works on keyboard mode, so it should just work on most phones). Soon there will be quard-core ARMs etc. so the capabilities of a phone will get better eventually 🙂

  4. Lucian says:

    Summeli if I install the Qt 4.7.4 your emulators will continue runing?

  5. Nander says:

    Have you tried how well the N950 fit in between the clamps? Do you think the iControlpad will work well with an N9?

  6. ideadance says:

    really do genesis emilator,for s^1,s^3!

  7. ideadance says:

    do emu genesis!!!

  8. NightStalker says:

    Please PSX Emulator for Symbian^3!!!!!!!!!

  9. assss says:

    fuck S3,work on genesis emul!!!

  10. Wagbr says:

    Any news about symbian support?

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