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Pokemon Platinum On gpSP

You’ll need Platinum ROM (GBA Converted) and VBA (Visual boy advance for windows) for this hack
Here’s short description how to do it:
Step 1 : Drag the Pokemon Platinum game ROM, To VBA (visualboy advanced)
the emulator should open starting the game
Step 2 : Click Options on the top left corner, hover you’re mouse over emulator, then save type it normal will be on Flask 64K Change it, click on Flask 128K
Step 3 : Start playing the game (Z = A//X=B Space speeds up the game) make your character name and go all the way until where you wake up from your dream. once your inside your room in the game press Enter and go down to Save and press Z and save the game.
When you do this, the saved file should appear on your desktop named “Pokemon platinum GBA version.sav”
Step 4 : Tranfer the VBA bios file to phone (and set it later at gpsp file settings)
Step 5 : Transfer the Save file to your ROM folder with the same name as the ROM into your phone. For example if the game is named as “Pokemon_platinum.gba”, then save the save file as “Pokemon_platinum.sav”
Open gpsp4Symbian, set the new bios and play Pokemon Platinum 
(PS. You cant make a new game, just press continue you can make multiple save files, you won’t ever need to make a new game because you didn’t even start )
Thanks for Mshadowzzz at


  1. Eliecer says:

    wowowowowowow thanks summeli and Mshadowzzz

  2. DaniloDLI says:

    Great news!
    Dude, you just made the NDS emulator for Symbian born here.
    This will be noticed in several sites and blogs that I follow.
    Thanks for this first step, Summeli!

  3. Deividas ibianskas says:

    Bro…can u make a nintendo ds emulator for wont be anyhard for u.plz plz plz bro make it ..ok bye tq bro

  4. Eliecer says:

    this is not a single original version of NDS is a hacked version of pokemon ruby gba ​​modified
    sorry for my english 😛

  5. rob says:

    this is for nds version ???

  6. rob says:

    the gba version i completed

  7. NightStalker says:

    Thanks, Summeli, but the link is fallen! please other link to Rom!

  8. NightStalker says:

    Step 4 : Tranfer the VBA bios file to phone (and set it later at gpsp file settings) understand! please help!

  9. rusz says:

    help, i cant download it anymore, plz some one re-upload it ?

  10. Banjo says:

    Can someone do all these steps and put the finished file in a link?

  11. balram says:

    How does one convert a nds game to gba??

  12. chrono says:

    rusz psst plz help i can’t figure how 2 do this+___+

  13. Alberto007 says:

    When I try to start game, screen shows only white screen, can somebody help me to solve this problem? PS: from where I can get VBA bios, because in emulator folder i cannot find it

  14. Kirk says:

    I downloaded VBA but could not find the bios file

  15. MA says:

    tanke you Summeli
    pleae make s^3 emulator for nitendo 64
    please please please please please please

  16. aaa says:

    this is not even a real ds to gba port. its just some hack people make

  17. Fanuel says:

    please make video please summeli! i try all step and always white blank Please make a video THANKS ^^

  18. Fanuel says:

    or can you make gpsp symbian use save 128k please answer ^^

  19. Amitiel says:

    may i have a stupid question , its there any way to play nds pokemon heartgold by gpsp , just want to sure there is no way 🙁

  20. Jess says:

    Sumelli rocks. Keep up the good work genius

  21. ashxtrem says:

    just download this app it on open browse to rom
    3.change save type to flash_type and save size to 128k bits
    4.check both add save patch and reset on send
    the file will be save in the address on top in my case its c:\
    6. copy the file to phone and start gpsp..njoy

  22. hans says:

    Hey Summeli thats a great newsss! but the platinum converted file doesnt exist it was in
    what should we do now? i dont know how to convert ds rom to gba rom! pls help!

  23. Hans Hofmann says:

    can i use gameshark codes if i play this hacked version of pokemon platinum? and I noticed that the rate of wild pokemon appearing in the game is very high. and the pokedex is kinda wierd, the information about the pokemons are mixed up, for example Pikachu the info is not pikachu but charmender :/ .

  24. In Zelda Minish cap for example, when entering the character name at the start it locks up. The only way to get out of it is to ssh and kill gpsp.

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